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  • "Unlike any thing I've experienced and it seems to have lasting effects!"

    "Unlike any thing I've experienced and it seems to have lasting effects!"

    Michael and Jeanie,

    The first week of workshops, three weeks ago, was something! The field trip on that intensive Saturday, was unlike any thing I've experienced and it seems to have lasting effects. Thank you my friends for encouraging me to go. I am so glad you came back on this past Sunday. I was feeling like I didn't quite get enough of the energy, the lessons, all of it. Last night's meeting was very good, the group dynamics and energy brought up some more stuff and healing. It’s good and seems most folks there are excited.

    I've celebrated Easter many times, as a good Catholic, and in that Unity Church kind of way. But this Easter, I'm really getting resurrection from the dead, in a whole new light of understanding, and surrender in a new way. It’s good, very good, and powerful good and I wouldn't have had that without your invitation. Thank you...You’re on the pages of my gratitude journal and in my heart.

    Love you. Regina

  • "I am proof that forgiveness and using these tools can absolutely transform a life."

    "I am proof that forgiveness and using these tools can absolutely transform a life."

    ...One year ago I attended the Co-Dependence to Inter-Dependence Intensive workshop with you or you were instrumental in encouraging me to attend.  I would like to share with you my experience.
    One year ago I arrived at Palm Coast broken, sad, angry, and frankly, suicidal.  I was lost in my story as a victim of an abusive childhood and a recent painful divorce after 22 years of marriage.  I had been on countless antidepressants & antianxiety medications for many years along with a lifetime of therapy.  There were times I found brief relief only to fall back into deep sadness, anger and hopelessness.  Throughout the workshop I remained skeptical, resistant and at times confused.  What I now know is that I was building the brain cells I needed to heal the clutter that kept me stuck.  As I continue this work the periods that I fall back into old patterns have become less and less and I am able to return much quicker to a place of balance and neutralness.
    This is what I know for sure and has remained consistent throughout my continued healing:
    -When I speak of something outside of myself that is the cause of something inside of myself I am avoiding the very thing that can lead me to healing another layer.  When I am in pain I have work to do.
    -I cannot simultaneously take responsibility for my life while blaming someone else.
    -Anytime I allow a goal to become greater than my reality I disconnect with my being/my source and connect to hurt, sadness, anger and my nonbeing self.
    -No one else has to change in order for me to feel good.
    -Finding love outside of myself was not the answer.
    -Forgiveness is not about letting our self or someone else off the hook.  Forgiveness is the tool we use to go into ourselves and remove hostility, rage, grief, fear, pain, sadness, and trauma.  As these are removed piece by piece all that is left is the presence of love. Using this tool and experiencing this love and healing has changed my life.  
    This is what healing and forgiveness has looked like for me:
    -I have renewed a healthy relationship with both my daughters. I have also reestablished a continuing relationship with all three of my siblings after a very long period of disconnect.
    -My youngest daughter who has experienced some challenges has started using this work.
    -I have shifted from anger and disdain towards my abusive mother to a place of compassion and responsible communication.
    -I established communication with my ex-husband and my former friend  (whom are now engaged to one another).  This is something that at one time I thought absolutely impossible.
    -I have had many people ask, “What are you doing? I want what you have” and multiple comments on how my eyes appear to have changed.
    -I am off 9 medications for various illnesses ranging from high blood pressure to depression, anxiety and a muscle disorder.
    -I have achieved freedom from debilitating memories and flashbacks of sexual abuse.
    -I have an amazing network of new friends that have become family.
    -I love my life and am hopeful and excited for the future.
    -I have wonderful support in this work and am grateful for the loving friendships that have come from this.
    I have also had some remarkable blessings:  
    -I have an awesome new job where the owners do the work themselves.
    -I have a beautiful new living space that is precisely what I had envisioned for myself a year ago.
    -Multiple amazing instances where an individual has generously given me countless hours to learn to be an expert in the very things that have been a challenge for me.
    -I was given a brand new car, yes, a new car.
    This work is certainly not always easy.  But I am proof that forgiveness and using these tools can absolutely transform a life.
    Love to all of you,
    Brenda Wood

  • "The seemingly solid wall between me and Spirit is proven...to be nothing but a wispy cloud."

    "The seemingly solid wall between me and Spirit is proven...to be nothing but a wispy cloud."

    "The seminars Dr. Michael Ryce is doing are directly related to ACIM and have been very helpful to me in removing the fear and hostility thoughts that block our natural Love state. In what I am hearing from others, their experience is similar.

    He is teaching and showing how to work the Course...and more. How to apply it to everyday life. How to extend it to others.

    Explaining how we are not a body, through scientific evidence...recognizing and removing pain, sickness, and suffering...connecting to our Being...clearing and opening the conduit of Love, who we originally and naturally are.

    Through the ideas and process he is teaching, I have already uncovered patterns in my life that I have used to generate fear of Living. The thoughts and process that uncover these patterns also invite healing. Each moment I spend in healing is bringing me closer in seeing that there was never any reason for the pain. It simply goes away. It was my own mental process that created it.

    The seemingly solid wall between me and Spirit is proven again and again to be nothing but a wispy cloud. A mirage. An imagined blockade between what I AM and what I think i am. I simply have to produce a very small willingness to take a tiny step into connecting with Being. The blocks to my willingness have been in the form of fear. (When will I have time to do the things I've habitually cluttered my "life" with, or think I "have" to do? Who will be upset with me if I don't follow their plan?) The fear disappears as soon as I take the fist willing step.

    My "fears" revolved around moving my residence. Ultimately, I own my life...which is really a choice of how to direct my energy. I don't want fear and hostility to be that director. I can direct my energy towards completing my move to the house later. My stuff will deteriorate at the same rate regardless of which room it's kept in.

    A Teacher is in town. No need to make travel arrangements, book hotels, and live out of a suitcase for a week. I encourage you to examine your priorities and see where learning to live Life more joyfully and peacefully fits. This is what these teachings are doing in my life. I believe they will for you too. Here are some links to his site. Also Unity's site for specific seminar information. Please come out and learn more about what it means to be Alive, how to share that Life with others, and become a conduit to resonate the Love we all have to pour out into souls thirsting for the connection.


    (A teacher of the Course in Miracles)

  • "The rewards are life-changing!"

    "The rewards are life-changing!"

    I have been studying Michael's work for 20 years, and just found Vimeo Group: Forgiveness on www.vimeo.com. I want to share my experience with Forgiveness as Michael teaches it. I first went to Heartland in 1991 at the very onset of my spiritual quest. I have a serious father-hate that was, at that time, 15 years old. I returned to Heartland several more times, for as much as 23 days of intensive work. Every time, we worked on my father-hate issue and every time Michael told me that I had to find a way to "see him differently" in order to forgive and be released from the hate that was in my heart. I kept repeating that I couldn't see it differently, because the way I saw it was the way it really was.

    Then, one day, sitting on the floor at Heartland, listening one more time to Michael say "see it differently", I asked him how to do that. He said that was my work to be done. I went into serious processing and all of a sudden, I saw a little 5 year-old boy...he looked familiar. I realized this was my father at age 5. He was crying....his strict German mother (unloving) who had been left by her strict German father (unloving) with 5 children to raise, was there behind him. I suddenly saw that he had no love at all in his little life, and that he had no role models for what it was to be a loving parent. I allowed him to climb up on my lap and I nurtured him and made the biggest leap in my life....I was able to put my arms around this little father and say "Daddy, I love you". I had tried to say this, at Michael's urging, many times over the years, but each time I choked on the words and almost vomited! Seriously, I was unable to say these words ever in my entire life. But here I was, sitting on the floor of Heartland, 20 years after the death of my father and after 50 years of nurturing in my heart the serious case of father-hate.....saying the words "Daddy, I love you". Needless to say, the breakthrough was amazing! Michael walked over to the tea-bar where all the mugs brought to Heartland by attendees were hung. He searched and searched and finally found the small white mug, with primary color letters spelling out the words "Daddy, I love you" and brought it to me. He said to me "Now, this is yours." To this day, 18 years later, I still own this mug.

    I have moved to Central America where I enjoy active retirement, and this mug has come with me in my carryon luggage...I will never let it go. It represents to me the healing power of forgiveness when, as Michael says....."It's not letting someone off the hook for what they did to you...it's seeing it/them differently". Thank you, Michael...for this, and so many other valuable lessons in raising my vibration, and finding peace in my life. You are an angel. So, if there's not much happening here....and if there's not much energy moving in your life to lift you to a higher vibration....take Michael's words in WHY and do the work.....the rewards are life-changing. Visit the thread here http://vimeo.com/groups/forgiveness/forumthread:246560

    Love & Blessings, Penny Ripple

  • "I find myself smiling and laughing and enjoying life the way I did in my early childhood."

    "I find myself smiling and laughing and enjoying life the way I did in my early childhood."

    My arrival home was awesome. My roommate Kay welcomed me home with fresh banana bread and a surprise. She had planted me a flower garden with bulbs that would come up year round. This was the same friend of 8 years who before the intensive I had not been able to get along with. Now we are very close friends and support each other every day. It's awesome and miraculous!

    The next day we spent discussing with community members how to help our neighborhood become more loving and spiritual. The talks were very confirming to me because I felt able to listen and communicate responsibly. The friends I had left 9 days ago had completely changed and became loving support for me and my forgiveness work. I went to visit a friend and when I got to the walkway at the top of the stairs, there was a man and woman holding a newly born baby. I said "what a beautiful baby and asked if I could hold her". She was as light as a feather, a little dark-skinned baby who gazed into my eyes. I felt such a feeling of love and peace as I looked into her eyes. I said thank you to God for always giving me what I need to grow.

    There are many miracles around my neighborhood such as a couple who had previously been living in the darkness of illegal drugs have made a complete turnaround and are now seeking rehabilitation because they do not want to lose their children. Yesterday, a man who did not live in my neighborhood, was going up and down my block trying to find someone who would give him drugs. Since drugs are suddenly drying up in my community at a mind-blowing speed, no one could help him. He became angry and drew his gun and pointed it at the man who had the healing and said "give me some drugs or I will shoot you." Our neighbor told him he did not have any drugs, he did not do that anymore, and told the man to get out of this community, we dont allow guns in here, we have too many children here who could get hurt. By then, the police had arrived. Of course I had been holding a space of love for Kay, who had gone out to talk to the gunman and/or neighbors.

    So many miracles are happening to me. I went to Tai Chi today for the first time and it was great! I am working on getting rid of all the aches and pains in my body. It is still quite tight, probably because its been this way for many years from holding in all my fear and pain. My new diet, reading and writing, mindshifters, etc. are increasing my vitality daily. One day I was singing a song in my sleep and when I awoke, I was still singing the same song...a new song that came from my spirit. I find myself smiling and laughing and enjoying life the way I did in my early childhood.

    My dreams have been very meaning ful to me and I write them down in the morning. I have had one stillpoint happen during the night which was when I was singing the song:

    I have finally come out of my dream
    I will live this way forever
    I have finally let go of my fear
    I am with my Savior forever.

    Here I am again being long-winded. I get so excited I just get carried away. I am holding a space of love in my heart for all of you, my dear friends. Thank you for being there when I need your support. You will be in my heart always.

    - Linda

    A 9-day Intensive particpant

  • "I left a new person!"

    "I left a new person!"

    Prior to meeting you on January 12, 2008 at your first workshop in Honolulu, HI, I had just experienced a separation from a long term relationship. Although it was anticipated and a mutual decision, actually putting it into action was difficult. The day before your first workshop, I had to ask my partner to leave my house, since I was unable to handle continuing to live with him as we separated. Sunday was beyond difficult; however, for some reason despite being resistant to attend services that day, I somehow found the motivation. I was a broken, and skirted suicide as I have had suicidal ideation in the past. I attended your workshop, "Why Is This Happening To Me Again?" and was impressed by your concepts and the continued workshops offered me tools for what I needed to do. Following your first set of workshops, I fell into a deep depression and became hopeless to the point of again not wanting to live. When you returned and I attended "Getting The Stress You Need" I left a new person. I opted to sign up for the StillPoint Breathing workshop, and left there a completely different person. I am anxious to become engaged in our support group to continue practicing and continue experiencing the breathing and forgiveness. I have since continued to deal with the sadness of the separation; however, have a new outlook on the situation and have been transformed to seek living in being vs. non-being. I am a counselor and have attempted to begin incorporating your ideas and concepts into my group presentations. Your work is truly a gift to the world, and in the manner you create an opportunity to experience it without cost is truly a gift from Y'shua. I was compelled to support you with everything that I had. You have truly given me a spirit to continue putting the tools that you have taught into practice. Bless you and Jennie for your dedication to changing the world, one being at a time.

    T in HI

  • "The work you're doing is fundamentally needed to help shift the pain and suffering in this world..."

    "The work you're doing is fundamentally needed to help shift the pain and suffering in this world..."

    Hi michael,

    I am going to re-read your book, paying close attention this time around to my pain around emotionally distant loved ones. I like your new worksheet as well! I've printed numerous copies off the internet and will continue using them also. I think the work you're doing is fundamentally needed to help shift the pain and suffering in this world. It is a personal map for what each one of us can do to help bring about peace. Thank-you for making it so accessible! Is it possible that you may come up to Ontario and offer workshops? What could I do to help make this happen? Have a great time in March,

    Michele Sears, Guelph, Ontario

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