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Our APP Privacy Statement


We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of all information provided by users of our App. We created the following policy guidelines with a fundamental respect for our users right to privacy to guide our relationships with our users.

If you check ‘save to our mailing list’ ONLY your name, email and phone will be sent to us and we will add you to our database.  This information is sent to us via email and is not saved within the APP or sent by the APP.  This is for our use only, we add you to our mailing list for our newsletters and notifications. We limit the use of your name, email and phone number to our personal database and we will never disclose or share your information with any third party.

If you do not check ‘save to our mailing list’ then your information is discarded along with your WakeUp Sheet.

The APP is FREE.  We do not advertise or sell on this APP and therefore no financial information is ever needed or collected.

There is no way to set up an account through this app.  Your information is totally private!

NO ONE has access to any work that you do on this APP, it is accessible only to you. We do not store it in any way.  IF you choose to save the PDF, the WakeUp Sheet will be saved ONLY TO YOUR DEVICE. When you close a WakeUp Sheet it is deleted and cannot be recovered by anyone through this app.

This APP is designed to enrich anyone’s life regardless of age.  There is a game included called “Drag-on Cling-on” to guide children (or adults) in releasing what they hold inside and ultimately the goal of healing into the BEING we are all designed to be. To live a full abundant life. We will always be in integrity with our thoughts, words and actions in the development of our APP.  Again, if you check ‘save to our mailing list’ ONLY your name, email and phone will be sent to us and we will add you to our database for the sole purpose of sending you our newsletter.


  1. Hi I am Yinka’s book club member. Your teaching has been so powerful now I am starting to do the worksheets while I am travelling from work and home.

    Very appreciative of all your support.

    Thank you 🙏🏻

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