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AVACEN Medical Experience

Advanced VAscular Circulation ENhancement (AVACEN)

Experiences: Clinicians

Arthritis in the Hands

Robert Klein, M.D.

Internal Medicine & Rheumatology

Santa Barbara, CA

“She [my wife] had terrible arthritis in her hands. I had treated her with injections, with physical therapy, with splints…and nothing was really helping. I was really impressed. It has no side effects and many patients are able stop taking some of their medications.”

Safe and Effective

Nathan Newman, M.D.

Cosmetic Surgeon

Beverly Hills, CA

“When I started to test the machine in my clinic…I was very surprised how well and how quickly we saw a response in people. We’ve used this machine [for] over 5,000 treatments…it is safe, it is effective…and I recommend it to all my patients.”


Walking without Pain

Tony Allina, M.D.

Family Physician

Santa Barbara, CA

“I bought an AVACEN machine, tried it, and [have] been using it steadily over a year, year and a half. It has worked miraculously. I no longer take any Celebrex. I can walk without pain.”

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