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HeartLand 2023

  • Location HeartLand, Theodosia, MO

2023 HeartLand Season has been cancelled

We had originally planned a 16-day Food, Fun, Forgiveness and Work program to get the buildings and grounds ready – we do work projects during the day and have class at night. Followed by a 9-day Why or a 17-day Why Teachers’ Training or 16-day Laws of Living. There was also a Steiner Waldorf group who considered using the facilities but had to change their plans.
However, without enough commitment from participants, we have chosen to cancel the 2023 plans and let it go this year. 
We do need to spend a few days or a week fixing the roof on Eternal Support, if you are willing to come help contact michael or Jeanie ASAP.
We will plan another online intensive for later this year. Watch under Schedule.

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