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Robert Sapolsky “is an American neuroendocrinology researcher and author. He is a professor of biology, neurology, neurological sciences, and neurosurgery at Stanford University. In addition, he is a research associate at the National Museums of Kenya.” (

Stress: Portrait of a Killer” full documentary which we have referred to for years.  Sapolsky’s video on being in Kenya every year to continue an ongoing research project he’s been working on for about 30 years now. This is the unique story of his Keekorok baboon troop, and how after the alpha males (the angry stressed members of the troop) died from tuberculosis, the remaining troop (mostly females) very quickly transformed into a very peaceful troop, and since then, a peaceful approach has become a cultural norm for them. A norm that has continued for 20 years now, and that also transforms other aberrant baboons from other troops that may wander into the troop. 

In another short video Sapolsky talks about choice: Would you rather be a high-ranking baboon or would you rather have friends? Peace / friends was better for your longevity than high dominance, terrorizing aggressiveness. Sapolsky says they were the perfect models for westernized human stress.

Stress Resources:

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A list of Frequently Asked Questions

AVACEN a form of physical forgiveness dr. michael ryce explains the AVACEN Thermotherapy Device and how it influences the parasympathetic activation. The AVACEN Thermotherapy device is an FDA-cleared, class II medical device, indicated for muscular relaxation at

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