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“CoDependence / Communication Self-Study Testimonial”

Participant in the CoDependence/Communication Self-Study Intensive.
I have been working on my top 3 challenges. Got a note book and been writing a lot of the MindShifters, the word links, doing the reality wake-up sheets on the HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness app. The suggestions in each challenge I read and sit with and practice. I did re-watch the first 2 videos twice, and I’ll probably watch them again sometime soon.
So far my experience has been,  the work is very very effective and laser focused. I’m so amazed how it accesses such deep layers of the mind so quickly and efficiently.
My experience is that negative emotions easily discharge and are replaced with many positive experiences. Things are unfolding smoothly and sometimes  with some intensity. But my thinking is changing.
I was just curious about the honors aspect because I have started to get a lot of insight into my relations with others and why I place myself first and blowing things out of proportion, which has been mainly with a house I had renovated and the many challenges I have encountered in the past 3 years with that project. Good news is it all worked out and was worth it.
David J.  (January 2023)

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