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“I find myself smiling and laughing and enjoying life the way I did in my early childhood.”

My arrival home was awesome. My roommate Kay welcomed me home with fresh banana bread and a surprise. She had planted me a flower garden with bulbs that would come up year round. This was the same friend of 8 years who before the intensive I had not been able to get along with. Now we are very close friends and support each other every day. It’s awesome and miraculous!

The next day we spent discussing with community members how to help our neighborhood become more loving and spiritual. The talks were very confirming to me because I felt able to listen and communicate responsibly. The friends I had left 9 days ago had completely changed and became loving support for me and my forgiveness work. I went to visit a friend and when I got to the walkway at the top of the stairs, there was a man and woman holding a newly born baby. I said “what a beautiful baby and asked if I could hold her”. She was as light as a feather, a little dark-skinned baby who gazed into my eyes. I felt such a feeling of love and peace as I looked into her eyes. I said thank you to God for always giving me what I need to grow.

There are many miracles around my neighborhood such as a couple who had previously been living in the darkness of illegal drugs have made a complete turnaround and are now seeking rehabilitation because they do not want to lose their children. Yesterday, a man who did not live in my neighborhood, was going up and down my block trying to find someone who would give him drugs. Since drugs are suddenly drying up in my community at a mind-blowing speed, no one could help him. He became angry and drew his gun and pointed it at the man who had the healing and said “give me some drugs or I will shoot you.” Our neighbor told him he did not have any drugs, he did not do that anymore, and told the man to get out of this community, we dont allow guns in here, we have too many children here who could get hurt. By then, the police had arrived. Of course I had been holding a space of love for Kay, who had gone out to talk to the gunman and/or neighbors.

So many miracles are happening to me. I went to Tai Chi today for the first time and it was great! I am working on getting rid of all the aches and pains in my body. It is still quite tight, probably because its been this way for many years from holding in all my fear and pain. My new diet, reading and writing, mindshifters, etc. are increasing my vitality daily. One day I was singing a song in my sleep and when I awoke, I was still singing the same song…a new song that came from my spirit. I find myself smiling and laughing and enjoying life the way I did in my early childhood.

My dreams have been very meaning ful to me and I write them down in the morning. I have had one stillpoint happen during the night which was when I was singing the song:

I have finally come out of my dream
I will live this way forever
I have finally let go of my fear
I am with my Savior forever.

Here I am again being long-winded. I get so excited I just get carried away. I am holding a space of love in my heart for all of you, my dear friends. Thank you for being there when I need your support. You will be in my heart always.

– Linda

A 9-day Intensive particpant

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