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“I left a new person!”

Prior to meeting you on January 12, 2008 at your first workshop in Honolulu, HI, I had just experienced a separation from a long term relationship. Although it was anticipated and a mutual decision, actually putting it into action was difficult. The day before your first workshop, I had to ask my partner to leave my house, since I was unable to handle continuing to live with him as we separated. Sunday was beyond difficult; however, for some reason despite being resistant to attend services that day, I somehow found the motivation. I was a broken, and skirted suicide as I have had suicidal ideation in the past. I attended your workshop, “Why Is This Happening To Me Again?” and was impressed by your concepts and the continued workshops offered me tools for what I needed to do. Following your first set of workshops, I fell into a deep depression and became hopeless to the point of again not wanting to live. When you returned and I attended “Getting The Stress You Need” I left a new person. I opted to sign up for the StillPoint Breathing workshop, and left there a completely different person. I am anxious to become engaged in our support group to continue practicing and continue experiencing the breathing and forgiveness. I have since continued to deal with the sadness of the separation; however, have a new outlook on the situation and have been transformed to seek living in being vs. non-being. I am a counselor and have attempted to begin incorporating your ideas and concepts into my group presentations. Your work is truly a gift to the world, and in the manner you create an opportunity to experience it without cost is truly a gift from Y’shua. I was compelled to support you with everything that I had. You have truly given me a spirit to continue putting the tools that you have taught into practice. Bless you and Jennie for your dedication to changing the world, one being at a time.

T in HI

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