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I have been studying Michael’s work for 20 years, and just found Vimeo Group: Forgiveness on I want to share my experience with Forgiveness as Michael teaches it. I first went to Heartland in 1991 at the very onset of my spiritual quest. I have a serious father-hate that was, at that time, 15 years old. I returned to Heartland several more times, for as much as 23 days of intensive work. Every time, we worked on my father-hate issue and every time Michael told me that I had to find a way to “see him differently” in order to forgive and be released from the hate that was in my heart. I kept repeating that I couldn’t see it differently, because the way I saw it was the way it really was.

Then, one day, sitting on the floor at Heartland, listening one more time to Michael say “see it differently”, I asked him how to do that. He said that was my work to be done. I went into serious processing and all of a sudden, I saw a little 5 year-old boy…he looked familiar. I realized this was my father at age 5. He was crying….his strict German mother (unloving) who had been left by her strict German father (unloving) with 5 children to raise, was there behind him. I suddenly saw that he had no love at all in his little life, and that he had no role models for what it was to be a loving parent. I allowed him to climb up on my lap and I nurtured him and made the biggest leap in my life….I was able to put my arms around this little father and say “Daddy, I love you”. I had tried to say this, at Michael’s urging, many times over the years, but each time I choked on the words and almost vomited! Seriously, I was unable to say these words ever in my entire life. But here I was, sitting on the floor of Heartland, 20 years after the death of my father and after 50 years of nurturing in my heart the serious case of father-hate…..saying the words “Daddy, I love you”. Needless to say, the breakthrough was amazing! Michael walked over to the tea-bar where all the mugs brought to Heartland by attendees were hung. He searched and searched and finally found the small white mug, with primary color letters spelling out the words “Daddy, I love you” and brought it to me. He said to me “Now, this is yours.” To this day, 18 years later, I still own this mug.

I have moved to Central America where I enjoy active retirement, and this mug has come with me in my carryon luggage…I will never let it go. It represents to me the healing power of forgiveness when, as Michael says…..”It’s not letting someone off the hook for what they did to you…it’s seeing it/them differently”. Thank you, Michael…for this, and so many other valuable lessons in raising my vibration, and finding peace in my life. You are an angel. So, if there’s not much happening here….and if there’s not much energy moving in your life to lift you to a higher vibration….take Michael’s words in WHY and do the work…..the rewards are life-changing. Visit the thread here

Love & Blessings, Penny Ripple

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