Discover Your True Nature…LOVE!

“The seemingly solid wall between me and Spirit is proven…to be nothing but a wispy cloud.”

“The seminars Dr. Michael Ryce is doing are directly related to ACIM and have been very helpful to me in removing the fear and hostility thoughts that block our natural Love state. In what I am hearing from others, their experience is similar.

He is teaching and showing how to work the Course…and more. How to apply it to everyday life. How to extend it to others.

Explaining how we are not a body, through scientific evidence…recognizing and removing pain, sickness, and suffering…connecting to our Being…clearing and opening the conduit of Love, who we originally and naturally are.

Through the ideas and process he is teaching, I have already uncovered patterns in my life that I have used to generate fear of Living. The thoughts and process that uncover these patterns also invite healing. Each moment I spend in healing is bringing me closer in seeing that there was never any reason for the pain. It simply goes away. It was my own mental process that created it.

The seemingly solid wall between me and Spirit is proven again and again to be nothing but a wispy cloud. A mirage. An imagined blockade between what I AM and what I think i am. I simply have to produce a very small willingness to take a tiny step into connecting with Being. The blocks to my willingness have been in the form of fear. (When will I have time to do the things I’ve habitually cluttered my “life” with, or think I “have” to do? Who will be upset with me if I don’t follow their plan?) The fear disappears as soon as I take the fist willing step.

My “fears” revolved around moving my residence. Ultimately, I own my life…which is really a choice of how to direct my energy. I don’t want fear and hostility to be that director. I can direct my energy towards completing my move to the house later. My stuff will deteriorate at the same rate regardless of which room it’s kept in.

A Teacher is in town. No need to make travel arrangements, book hotels, and live out of a suitcase for a week. I encourage you to examine your priorities and see where learning to live Life more joyfully and peacefully fits. This is what these teachings are doing in my life. I believe they will for you too. Here are some links to his site. Also Unity’s site for specific seminar information. Please come out and learn more about what it means to be Alive, how to share that Life with others, and become a conduit to resonate the Love we all have to pour out into souls thirsting for the connection.


(A teacher of the Course in Miracles)

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