Discover Your True Nature…LOVE!

“Unlike any thing I’ve experienced and it seems to have lasting effects!”

Michael and Jeanie,

The first week of workshops, three weeks ago, was something! The field trip on that intensive Saturday, was unlike any thing I’ve experienced and it seems to have lasting effects. Thank you my friends for encouraging me to go. I am so glad you came back on this past Sunday. I was feeling like I didn’t quite get enough of the energy, the lessons, all of it. Last night’s meeting was very good, the group dynamics and energy brought up some more stuff and healing. It’s good and seems most folks there are excited.

I’ve celebrated Easter many times, as a good Catholic, and in that Unity Church kind of way. But this Easter, I’m really getting resurrection from the dead, in a whole new light of understanding, and surrender in a new way. It’s good, very good, and powerful good and I wouldn’t have had that without your invitation. Thank you…You’re on the pages of my gratitude journal and in my heart.

Love you. Regina

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