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2022 Coptic 2-day Conference

New Cycle of Awakening

“A NEW CYCLE OF AWAKENING: How to Thrive in These Transitioning Times and Reach New Levels of Growth, Expression, and Abundance”

dr. michael ryce speaks on Saturday Jan 8th at 3:00pm est on “Why Is This Happening To Me … AGAIN?!”

Registration at for only $25 for the two full days with 20 speakers. REGISTER NOW!

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Full Schedule:

Day 1 – Saturday, January 8, 2022

John Davis – “Creating a Better World” (9am)

John Van Auken – “Ancient Egyptian Wisdom for Today” (9:30am)

Ortrun Franklin – “Ankh – Key of Life” (11:15am)

Carl Franklin – “Creating your 5th Dimensional Life, NOW” (12 noon)

Bob Huttinga – “Why Settle for Average, Be AmaZing” (12:45pm)

Sherry Anshara – “Cellular Memory…Your Keys to Consciousness” (1:30pm)

Patti Conklin – “Your Body has Always Known” (2:15pm)

Dr. Michael Ryce – “Why is This Happening TO ME … AGAIN?” (3pm)

Cary Kirastar Ellis – “21st Century Superhuman Quantum Creators: Tools for these Transitional Times” (4:15pm)

Alan Tutt – “Awakening the Avatar Within” (5pm)</p>


Day 2 – Sunday, January 9, 2022

Mark Handler – “Guided Prana Awakening Meditation with Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl Concert” (10:15am)

Patricia Cota-Robles – “The Next Step in This Life-Transforming Decade” (10:45am)

Vincent Genna, MSW – “Has Ancient Wisdom Become No More Than a Library of Information?” (11:30am)

Diane Stark – “The Journey of Illusion vs. Reality (12:15mm)

David Schroeder – “Insights on Cycles of Change and Human Consciousness” (1pm)

Elena Gillespie – “The Psychopomp in the Hospital: An Ancient Art in a New Setting” (1:45pm)

PMH Atwater – “Glimpses of Beyond” (2:30pm)

Jennifer Patten &  Marlise Wabun Wind – “The Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel” (3:15pm)

Steve Krejcik – “Turn Your Pain into Your Power” (4pm)

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