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In Jeanie’s View – Revelation

Peaceful lake

I don’t remember exactly when I wrote this but it must have been back in 2004 because it describes my hesitance to step into true purpose and the revelation given me by the Creator one afternoon.

I savor the magnificence of creation. I wonder how many people truly see what is right before them. I sit on a rock overlooking South Holston Lake in the mountains of East Tennessee – actually I am on top of the dam. I am sitting with legs crossed, Indian style, in anticipation of some enlightening vision or insight

. The sun is shining warmly on my back and casting my own shadow over the paper in my lap. The gentle breeze moves my hair across my forehead as if smoothing away any previous signs of skepticism. Pen in hand, I only hesitate – I came here to write – to deliberately capture my innermost thoughts or guidance.

It is 7:00PM, the sun will be setting soon which will require me to leave this place. It is a shame that someone else can control when one can and can not freely enjoy creation. There are people jogging down the path behind me, there are boats of laughing young people zipping by, there are cars cruising the road that crosses the dam itself. And yet for the next few moments I am lost in the essence of my setting and these distractions dim into my unconsciousness. I am strongly aware of the true harmony present in my being – such peace. Yes, the dam is a grand man-made construction but the sights I behold and what I experience – only God could have accomplished.

The water is gently stirred and moves toward the shoreline. If I listen, oh, what sounds I hear. The water laps against the rocks at the base of the dam. There is a family of ducks clucking as they circle near the edge. Birds fly by and the chirping from a tree nearby tells me the nest is full of life. A bee buzzes toward a cluster of wild flowers emerging between the rocks. How did that seed find dirt enough to take root in this place? I see a fish swim away, following the splash that announced its presence. The leaves of the trees make a refreshing, rustling sound.

While gazing across the lake, I acquire the subtle awareness of the air taking on a slight chill as the sun sinks lower in the sky. The energy shifts into a different power. The heavenly skies, which were crystal blue with swirling, white clouds just moments ago, are turning into a slate colored expanse. The mountains on the far side remain dark green but now with black shadows intermingling the scene. The change to the lake is phenomenal; a fog rises above the water’s surface giving it a mythical appearance. The tall grasses nearby sway in the wind, silently moving to an inaudible melody. I realize fully the sun’s affects on everything – whether visible or not – the evidence is undeniable. It is so quiet now.

Time and space is not a factor right now. There is a dimension of spirit here – I am one with my surroundings. I feel like I am in the midst of a parable – what is my Creator saying to me? There is nobody else here so He has to be speaking to me directly. The water is like my life – moving in and out – past and future – the shoreline is my purpose. It is immovable. I see the land’s edge as my threshold of discovery – yet I hesitate and proceed to go back and forth never going beyond the brim. I tell myself to listen, no, it is He who says, “Be still and know I am God.” – He is telling me to listen.

The sounds are from other living entities doing exactly what they are made to do. The water and trees do not resist the motion. The fowl and bees accomplish their design without faltering. I am the one needing subsequent guidance.

Like the seed finding sufficient soil to transform into life and bloom amidst the stones, truth will survive and change its surroundings. The circumstances in the world may be rocky but the effervescence of integrity and love will always remain alive. I must be about sowing the seeds of Truth. Like the fish that could have remained unseen, I must allow my presence to be known.

While mindful of my earthly surroundings, I have the awareness of my own energy shifting into a different power. The change is marvelous. I feel empowered. I understand that it is safe to proceed through my purpose. This is the beginning of a new journey. Jesus is the Sun, and the evidence proves that following His example affects everything visible or invisible. Remaining in the light of Love will dispel any shadows or doubts, and the world will transform and be colored in a brilliant array. The Holy Spirit is like the fog, all things appear differently when its presence unfolds and is invited into the crevices of our life. I surely see things differently and know that I too am moving to an inaudible melody. The stillness of my heart is serenity.

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