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Purpose Personal Power and Commitment DVD Front Cover 1 1 1 1


Purpose, Personal Power and Commitment Question:  I copied the Purpose worksheet in my note book and got up to the part of the secondary purpose at the bottom but not sure how to proceed from […]

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Wellness Through Stillness DVD Front Cover

Wellness Through Stillness

Wellness Through Stillness A 20-minute meditation that guides you through a progressive relaxation exercise that opens the natural energy flow of the human energy field. Once relaxed and opened, you will be prompted in balancing […]

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Rakhma – Khooba

Rakhma and Khooba Love Question:  Explain Rakhma or Khooba Love from the Aramaic. Answer: Depending on the filter set, a mind generates LOVING or FEARFUL or HOSTILE realities.  See The Schematic of the Mind poster […]

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Alcohol (article by dr. michael ryce) Please don’t shock the Aliens this year! ALIENS SHOCKED! 🌍 Part 1 — Aliens and Alcohol IMAGINE you arrived last night (December 31, 2021) from the Moon and are […]

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Marijuana and Other Anesthetics

“An anesthetic is any substance that induces insensitivity to pain.” (Oxford Dictionary).  We would add “Addiction is the compulsive use of any person, place, substance, circumstance, activity or behavior to keep from being aware of […]

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Emotions Explained (excerpts from Radio Shows): Shame Guilt Grief     Feeling Wheel and Emotion Chart at Also check the emotional charts at

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How To … Article January 2023

HOW TO UNLOCK OUR TRUE BEING WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME… AGAIN?! dr. michael ryce Our wounds often come from genetically inherited traumas — multi-generational assaults — that store unresolved pain and result in […]

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Homegrown Park

Homegrown National Park, is a grassroots call-to action to regenerate biodiversity and ecosystem function by planting native plants and creating new ecological networks. Planting Native trees and flowers, create a habitat that supports and sustains […]

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farm back yard in October

Healing From the Ground Up

💞 HEALING FROM THE GROUND UP! Here is an holostic outline of the real solution to virtually all of the challenges facing us as humans! Such massive benefits for just a little work… With a […]

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