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Are you ready to receive the satisfaction that comes from helping others? Not only will you receive gratification from facilitating a weekly SUPPORT GROUP meeting, you will also enhance your own growth and understanding. The best way to learn this work is to teach it. We want to support you in supporting others. As a result, we have taken one of the tools michael teaches and adapted the name to our support group program because it so aptly describes our goal for the planet. The goal and purpose of MindShifter® Support Group is to provide a safe, local venue for people to learn tools michael has developed and receive support in using these tools to work through their issues. The most important aspect of this unique new program is you. Your commitment to help bring the tools of forgiveness to every mind on the planet will make the difference. We want your input. If you have any thoughts about how we might support you and your group, please let us know. The MindShifter® program includes the following:

Go to the MindShifter Radio Archives for January 10, 2013 - the show covers starting a support group.

If this program excites you, kindly write or e-mailyour:


HeartLand Retreat Center
ATTN: MindShifter
273 County Road 638
Theodosia, MO 65761
(954) 205-4996
Click here for letters from those active in support groups