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Support Team 2008 Update!

As I say each year as an intro, for those who have never been to HeartLand, all of the buildings and locations on the property have names. It is a fun part of the whole experience at HeartLand. Stay in a cabin called Peace or Love or Harmony or Happiness, maybe work in the office called Grace or be part of the Support Team and live in the Treehouse (not really in a tree but is two stories) or Eternal Support. You will visit michael and jeanie in Heaven (their home) and see the bookstore called Blessings. Attendees go to

 workshops, exercise and eat in the Heart Center. Come to an intensive or become part of our team and experience life in a whole new way.

michael and jeanie went on the road the end of September 2007 and did not return until July 2008. We held some events closer to home in Mountain Home and Fayetteville, Arkansas then we did a 3 day mini-intensive in North Georgia. We traveled to North Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, and Oklahoma (where we were under a blanket of ice and delayed the workshops for over a week). Then we ventured further west to cover several cities from San Diego to San Francisco, California. We took two weeks off in all that for the Christmas holidays with our kids & other family cruising around Hawaii. The family left and we stayed to do workshops on four different islands. Tough job, huh? someone has to do it. 🙂 Then on to Oregon, Illinois and Memphis before returning home. A lot of miles and we just about covered from one end of the states to the other.

Work month began full speed and we thank everyone who had a part…

Opening all the buildings back up and preparing them for occupancy. There were roofs to be checked, general cleaning up, plumbing to be flushed and leaks repaired. Sheetrocking some walls, and painting – the kitchen received some more attention this year.

David heads up the HeartLand Support Team! It is a big task to keep up with all the projects and assign people to work on different things and maintain a balance of what needs to be done first. He performs his tasks with such love and integrity and supports us at every turn. David sees things that needs to be done and just does them. He also holds workshops locally and travels with michael when jeanie can’t be with him. Thank you for representing us so well when we are on the road!

Tom, Randy, Paul, Chris and Irene were all here for a brief time each but their contributions were “Love Made Visible”.

Kathleen, who came in 2007, did not stay through the intensive season as originally planned; however, she did some tremendous work while she was here (see Support Team 2007 too). She worked in the kitchen and the gardens and organized Heaven’s library shelves as well as painted the walls brilliant red and taupe and arranging the artwork into beautiful arrangements. She did sheetrock, patching and painting ceilings and many other tasks.

Terry Bowling birthed the idea of taking some old oak planks that had been piled up under a tarp for years and planing them down to boards and reflooring Heaven. Kathleen began running them through the planer and once ready the whole community took up the carpet and began the task of fitting, gluing, sanding, sealing and finishing the floor. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOOD FLOOR YOU HAVE EVER SEEN! Thank you Terry, Brandi, Tim, David, Patrick, Julie and everyone else who touched one of these boards with this loving goal in mind. We are blessed.

Jerry has been such a support in new computer systems and ideas. Jerry also researches and then comes up with solutions to property issues…a big one this year was using sulpher with corn starch to dust around the buildings and then dust shoes and feet to keep us free of ticks and chiggers. Awesome results! He is also the man behind the plan for HeartLand’s newest project “Rice Hull Buildings”. Go to Rice Hull Building for more information. He has the foundation dug out for the first building which will service as a utility building and will be shaped like a Tpee. The second building will be for meeting / meditation and will be a pyramid. We are excited about the possibilities this project holds. The first load of hulls was delivered in October and bagging begins.

Julie again headed off the major task of weed wacking and raking the property before and during intensives. She assisted jeanie in the final touches to the cabins and then Julie and Brandi washed up all the bedding once everything was over (this is like every washing machine in the local laundry mat).

David and Tim and Brandi transplanted the fruit trees and have prepared the greenhouse and garden areas for cultivating. This was a giant task as the weeds had taken full possession of the land along with the rocks that seem to multiply from the ground faster than you can remove them. They are preparing for the winter planting in the greenhouse. Thanks to Jack and Uta for the guidance and assistance in this project and for supplying us with such awesome basil during the summer. Thanks to all who went to pick too.

Joy, although not on the Support Team, gathered recipes all summer from the kitchen, typing in the computer to be added to the current Raw-cipe book. Thank you Joy for keeping up with those fast cutters in the kitchen.

David and Jerry revamped Patience to be utilized as the shop for HeartLand’s new “cottage industry” – building AutoSprout machines. Go to for more information.

Thanks to Ari Budnick for traveling down here from Chicago to head up our kitchen. It is always such a pleasure and blessing to be fed physically and spiritually by his presence. He is such a leader in the kitchen. Tim and Brandi took over after Ari left and the attendees of the intensives said they were phenomenal raw chefs – you did good! Thanks to all – Tim and Brandi, David, Jerry, Julie and everyone else who assisted in the kitchen this year.

Zy and Raleigh joined us just after the intensives and have settled into school here in Theodosia and are on the basketball team. They made friends quickly and are learning to juggle school, a new social life and their tasks here within the community. They have stacked wood, assisted in the kitchen, they have been seen on roof tops and in the gardens. Way to go guys!

Loading, unloading and fixing our van for travel are additional tasks Jerry and David have handled.

Tim, Brandi and the boys repaired the roof on Patience and then put a new tin roof on the pump house. Everyone was involved when the waterline from the well sprang a major leak. Other tasks have been: digging ditches, finding drain lines, chopping wood for the winter, repairing stove pipes and water heaters, preparing the Big Chill to be used this year in addition to the Little Chill (these are walk in coolers / freezers for those of you who have not been to HeartLand), dehumidifying the kitchen and getting the sprouter room and dehydration machines set up and going. Life is never dull here – there is always something asking for attention.

Chuck has joined us again. He came for an intensive and then let us know he wanted to come back for the winter. You are always a welcome sight, Chuck! His skills went into motion from the moment he arrived. He offered massages during the intensive. Then he began repairing the tractor mower, working in the garden, assisting with the mechanics of the van and helping with other building repairs. He’s also good in the kitchen.

Of course there are still other projects to be completed. Please consider attending Work Month 2009. Michael and Jeanie will be on the road during work month however the Support Team is here and prepared to lead the workshops each evening in our absence. The work goes on. See Schedule.

Besides Julie and Patrick who live here permanently at HeartLand, we have 6 people committed to doing one of the extended programs (1 year or more) with 2 more coming in the Fall 2008 for a shorter time frame. David and Jerry both say they are here to stay (meaning this is now their home). It is becoming a real close community of like minds working together, processing together, holding the space for each other. But there is still room for a few more to join us. See Support Team Super-Intensive for more details on extended programs. Any carpenter / builder / handyman or office types ready to take a year off from the world to have the most healing experience of your life?

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