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May 1



Jeanie asked for feedback for a gentleman she is working with

Caller Susan

Caller Magda

May 2



Dr Tim callers Magda & Susan

Jeanie shared my reality is true about me, it might be true about them and it might not.  Make a list of choices (to do or not to do) and the potential results of that choice then decide which result you can live with.

1. You may wonder why it is so crucial that you look upon your hatred and realize its full extent. ²You may also think that it would be easy enough for the Holy Spirit to show it to you, and to dispel it without the need for you to raise it to awareness yourself. ³Yet there is one more obstacle you have interposed between yourself and the Atonement. ⁴We have said that no one will countenance fear if he recognizes it. ⁵Yet in your disordered state of mind you are not afraid of fear. ⁶You do not like it, but it is not your desire to attack that really frightens you. ⁷You are not seriously disturbed by your hostility. ⁸You keep it hidden because you are more afraid of what it covers. ⁹You could look even upon the ego’s darkest cornerstone without fear if you did not believe that, without the ego, you would find within yourself something you fear even more. ¹⁰You are not really afraid of crucifixion. ¹¹Your real terror is of redemption. (ACIM, T-13.III.1:1-11)

2. Under the ego’s dark foundation is the memory of God, and it is of this that you are really afraid. ²For this memory would instantly restore you to your proper place, and it is this place that you have sought to leave. ³Your fear of attack is nothing compared to your fear of love. ⁴You would be willing to look even upon your savage wish to kill God’s Son, if you did not believe that it saves you from love. ⁵For this wish caused the separation, and you have protected it because you do not want the separation healed. ⁶You realize that, by removing the dark cloud that obscures it, your love for your Father would impel you to answer His Call and leap into Heaven. ⁷You believe that attack is salvation because it would prevent you from this. ⁸For still deeper than the ego’s foundation, and much stronger than it will ever be, is your intense and burning love of God, and His for you. ⁹This is what you really want to hide.

3. In honesty, is it not harder for you to say “I love” than “I hate”? ²You associate love with weakness and hatred with strength, and your own real power seems to you as your real weakness. ³For you could not control your joyous response to the call of love if you heard it, and the whole world you thought you made would vanish. ⁴The Holy Spirit, then, seems to be attacking your fortress, for you would shut out God, and He does not will to be excluded.

4. You have built your whole insane belief system because you think you would be helpless in God’s Presence, and you would save yourself from His Love because you think it would crush you into nothingness. ²You are afraid it would sweep you away from yourself and make you little, because you believe that magnitude lies in defiance, and that attack is grandeur. ³You think you have made a world God would destroy; and by loving Him, which you do, you would throw this world away, which you would. ⁴Therefore, you have used the world to cover your love, and the deeper you go into the blackness of the ego’s foundation, the closer you come to the Love that is hidden there. ⁵And it is this that frightens you.

5. You can accept insanity because you made it, but you cannot accept love because you did not. ²You would rather be a slave of the crucifixion than a Son of God in redemption. ³Your individual death seems more valuable than your living oneness, for what is given you is not so dear as what you made. ⁴You are more afraid of God than of the ego, and love cannot enter where it is not welcome. ⁵But hatred can, for it enters of its own volition and cares not for yours.

6. You must look upon your illusions and not keep them hidden, because they do not rest on their own foundation. ²In concealment they appear to do so, and thus they seem to be self-sustained. ³This is the fundamental illusion on which the others rest. ⁴For beneath them, and concealed as long as they are hidden, is the loving mind that thought it made them in anger. ⁵And the pain in this mind is so apparent, when it is uncovered, that its need of healing cannot be denied. ⁶Not all the tricks and games you offer it can heal it, for here is the real crucifixion of God’s Son. (ACIM, T-13.III.2:1–6:6)

T-13.III.9. Save him from his illusions that you may accept the magnitude of your Father in peace and joy. 2 But exempt no one from your love, or you will be hiding a dark place in your mind where the Holy Spirit is not welcome. 3 And thus you will exempt yourself from His healing power, for by not offering total love you will not be healed completely. 4 Healing must be as complete as fear, for love cannot enter where there is one spot of fear to mar its welcome.

Jeanie shared expressing her Love towards a person she previously would have exempted.
Caller Susan shared her daughter stepped through her fear and introduced her new husband to her former. Luke gave a speech.
May 3




2nd hour replay “Empowered to Heal Part 2”

May 4



Mind Goal Management

Getting the Stress You Need

Caller Peter from Sweden, asked about being able to hold the space when his father passed 6 weeks ago. Peter had made a commitment to be present with his Dad but why not as readily able to get in that space with his son? It is not an action of the mind but when you have cleared enough ‘noise’ of drama, pain and trauma you will be able to be that space with him too.

Jeanie shared about “letting” her Dad go 6-weeks ago too

michael shared the experience of being asked of his ancestors to clear the darkness. Fruit of your work.  Look what you were able to offer your son in the conversation with your Dad – he knows what is possible.

ACIM says “exempt no one from your love” let’s change that to “embrace everyone in your love”

May 5



Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawning, Fainting Modes – stress management – setting and cancelling goals.  Goals use up resources.
Discussion of pollinators.This weekend michael and Jeanie are going to a ‘festival of Trilliums’ in northern VirginiaHeartLand is not going to happen this year. No one fully committed to participate, will hire a local to fix the roof on Eternal Support (building).
May 6





May 7





May 8



Celinda suggested a read “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Caroline Myss

Our trip to Front Royal to see the Trillium flowers at their peak (4,000 sq ft all native species of wild flowers), then stopped at Crabtree Falls on the way back

watch “Why Lawns Must Die” on YouTube

Caller Susan, tells of an opera she wrote, story of a Yara (witch) who beguiles young men and then kills them, the fiancee of this one young man sang into a conch shell and said listen to it instead of the witch because her love was more powerful.

Healing Crisis –

Update on her grandson

May 9



Dr Tim will be reaching out to Educare Foundation on Pierre Pratervan’s Dream or On Your Mind Podcast Pradervand “Gentle Art of Blessing” shared coming off of the ‘drugs’ we use to keep from facing the pain, the painful reality is still there to be faced. And if something is ‘in your face’ then you can deal with it. There is an automatic suppress mechanism in us that if we are not vital enough it will not come forth.

Caller Joe, wrote a Commitment to his partner.  michael offered one change “forgive myself” to “pardon myself and forgive the realities in my mind” michael read Joe’s Commitment he personalized, the one from the website, to his partner.

Link to Commitments (to you, myself, children, business)  In 13 languages including English of course, in Chinese |Dutch | French | German | Greek | Hungarian | Italian | Japanese | Russian | Spanish | Swedish | Thai

Power Person dynamics

POWER PERSON WORKSHEET – who is your power person and what did you perceive their needs to be and how has it played out in your life? (PDF format)  Listen to the excerpts (MP3s) of the radio shows from April 10 & 13, 2020.  Also, MP3 excerpt from July 6, 2020

Difference in forgiveness and pardoning.  When triggered and anger comes up (for example) forgive and stay connected to Love and keep your Commitment.

Caller Susan, referred to Dr Tim working through “A Walk in the Physical: Understanding the Human Experience Within the Larger Spiritual Context” by Christian Sunberg  – explain the physiology of Love.

Teilhard de Chardin says “Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.” Revise slightly to the awareness of the presence of God takes us to joy. 

Shared / asked about doing a worksheet on her therapist, not aware of any anger towards her or her mother. If I could rescue her/them then she would approve of me and give me attention. Words automatically ‘no anger towards them’ Shakesphere said ‘my words fly up but my thoughts stay below.’

“Miss Americana – Taylor Swift” documentary she acknowledgement was that everything she ever did was to get applause / praise / approval from family and audience.

MindShifter: “It is safe and healing for me to look at all events of anger in my life, particularly my Mom.” She shared she knows there are times she felt rage, at safe things like a dish or cabinet door, not safe to be angry at Mom.

May 10




2nd hour an interview done by Dr. Lou Corletto with michael and Jeanie “Healing Power of Forgiveness”

May 11



Dr Tim discusses with Susan change the term of “garbage” in your life to Love of God in search of self and we are the energy of creation expressing in form.

michael talked about a person speaking of adoration of God and yet condemning the creation. More appropriate to emulate God and hold accountability without condemnation

Caller Susan, there is a power within, connection to God, listen to its guidance. Discussion of muscle testing, tells your body what it needs. Develop the skill to go direct to source. Be responsible for your life.

Can get the e-book “The Story of the Yara” – A Fairy Tale of True Love from Brazil as an e-book on Google for .49

Her sister does what she does to get what she wants in life.

MindShifter: “It is safe and healing and I love it when Mom uses the riding crop on me.” Maybe do the Commitment with Mom (her picture). Or get with someone who resonates your Mom in you and have a dialog with her.

Misplaced energies come together as a belief.  Thought disorders that come together and add energy to each other and becomes a belief.

Hear My Voice Book Club Chapter 3 today at 3:30 eastern time link below:

Topic: Hear My Voice Book Club – Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 898 9401 2819   Passcode: 54321

“What did you see?” the mind creates perception based on content. CIA ( has done studies to find what creates the best perception so their agents do their jobs the best they can. They found that we construct reality based on one’s own perception – we do not record what we think we see. “…construct  their  own  version  of  “reality”  on  the  basis of information provided by the senses, but this sensory in-put is mediated by complex mental processes that determine which information is attended to, how it is organized, and the meaning attributed to it. What people perceive, how readily they perceive it, and how they process this information after receiving it are all strongly influenced by past experience, education, cultural values, role requirements, and organizational norms, as well as by the specifics of the information received.” page xxi in introduction of CIA’s Center of the Study of Intelligence, “Psychology of Intelligence Analysis”

Refinement: information that comes in through the 5 senses resonates the content that is already stored in the mind and genes. Interpretation of our own minds.

“What we ‘see’ tells us more about our minds than the world we think we are looking at. Tends to be more a function of power than truth.

Movie “Notebook” quote “We sit silently and watch the world around us. This has taken a lifetime to learn. It seems only the old are able to sit next to one another and not say anything and still feel content. The young, brash and impatient, must always break the silence. It is a waste, for silence is pure. Silence is holy. It draws people together because only those who are comfortable with each other can sit without speaking. This is the great paradox.” ― Nicholas Sparks

May 12



When you are healed – you are never healed alone.

michael discussed what happened in the Book Club yesterday going over chapter 3.

Responsibility for Sight in ACIM – “This is the only thing that you need do for vision, happiness, release from pain and the complete escape from sin, all to be given you. ²Say only this, but mean it with no reservations, for here the power of salvation lies: ³I am responsible for what I see. ⁴I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve. ⁵And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked. ⁶Deceive yourself no longer that you are helpless in the face of what is done to you. ⁷Acknowledge but that you have been mistaken, and all effects of your mistakes will disappear.” (ACIM, T-21.II.2:1-7)

Forgiveness uncovers the unconscious part of the mind. Create Consciously instead of unconsciously.

The mind gives evidence on demand.

Jeanie shared part of chapter 1 from “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer, the ‘Voice Inside Your Head’ how to become the thinker apart from the thought, be the observer.

Caller Ann, shared a Charlie Brown cartoon, Charlie blames the kite.

We are in charge of what our own mind does.

May 13





May 14





May 15



Dr Tim talks about Richard Schwartz “Internal Family Systems Therapy”  We have multiple aspects from out genetics.

You are the one you are waiting for. “What you are looking for is already in you…You already are everything you are seeking.”― Thich Nhat Hanh
Attributed to St Francis of Assisi is the quote “The One you are looking for is the One who is looking.”

“Art of Discernment: Making Good Decisions in Your World of Choices” by Stefan Kiechle

The Next Generation Space Telescope – they are seeing so much more than the Hubble, more than we ever imagined.

James Edwin Webb (October 7, 1906 – March 27, 1992) was an American government official who served as Undersecretary of State from 1949 to 1952. He was the second Administrator of NASA from February 14, 1961, to October 7, 1968. Webb led NASA from the beginning of the Kennedy administration through the end of the Johnson administration, thus overseeing each of the critical first crewed missions throughout the Mercury and Gemini programs until days before the launch of the first Apollo mission. He also dealt with the Apollo 1 fire.  In 2002, the Next Generation Space Telescope was renamed the James Webb Space Telescope as a tribute to Webb.

Jeanie offered we had talked with 4 different people last few days and the theme is around “belief” and whether that makes something happen or not happen

Brain cells. Build a mind that knows how to respond for your best interest.

Understanding Liberty verses freedom. What works. What does the presence of Love feel like? Physiological joy.

Caller Michael T, trip went well, enjoyed grandchildren, opportunities to learn forgiveness. When is questioning OK and when is it too much? dr. ryce offered sometimes people want to make a statement and phrase it as a question hoping to get agreement. Intellectual information is the mind of man, when it starts asking questions it will continue interrupting and doing its thing until the last question is satisfied. Live in and as the presence of Love. What the mind thinks it knows is a mere shadow of the Mind of Christ. We need the intellect to get out of the way and shut up, stop interfering so we can let Being direct. Ask self, was I questioning to debate or to get agreement. Letting go opens the space for the next level to happen.  Discern and know when enough is enough.
The Course in Miracles has a test for determining your process: When I think of anyone am I in a state of perfect peace? When they think of me are they at perfect peace?
So if you are attempting to hold the space of love during a conversation and the brother’s irritation / frustration is up and it is challenging to keep peaceful, there is still internal trigger.
“The holiest of all the spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.” ACIM chapter 26: The Transition, vs 6
“Think but how holy you must be from whom the Voice for God calls lovingly unto your brother, that you may awake in him the Voice that answers to your call! And think how holy he must be when in him sleeps your own salvation, with his freedom joined! However much you wish he be condemned, God is in him. And never will you know He is in you as well while you attack His chosen home, and battle with His host. Regard him gently. Look with loving eyes on him who carries Christ within him, that you may behold his glory and rejoice that Heaven is not separate from you.” vs 1
“Open the curtain in your practicing by merely letting go all things you think you want. ²Your trifling treasures put away, and leave a clean and open space within your mind where Christ can come, and offer you the treasure of salvation. ” (ACIM, W-164.8:1-2)
May 16



Jeanie read some from chapter 2 of “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer, “Your Inner Roommate” – it is inside not outside of you.  michael came on to parallel this to the forgiveness work.

Caller Cecilia, shared doing work around her previous generations. Never healed alone. RESPONSE-ABILITY COMMUNICATION RULES revised 2018 from COMMUNICATION, Did You Hear What I Think I Said? (PDF format)
Respons-Ability Communication Letter – David (PDF format)
Respons-Ability Communication Letter – Joy (PDF format)
Respons-Ability Communication Letter – to a Massage Therapist out of Integrity (PDF format)

What is the bottom line that opened for you (neighbors was killing boring bees because it is destroying their deck).Matthew 18: 21-22 Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?” Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.”  Forgive not my brother but as to what my brother brings up.

Caller Susan, what to do about her blood pressure and cholesterol. Intermittent fasting.  MindShifter: “It is safe and healing for me to be decrepit and hang around costing my family millions” Creator says he only has good things planned for you.
Louise Hay Blood Pressure: – High: Longstanding emotional problem not solved.

May 17



Hear My Voice Book Club is going chapter by chapter of “Why Is This Happening To Me ..AGAIN?!” book

Jeanie read some from chapter 2 of “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer, “Your Inner Roommate” – it is inside not outside of you.  michael came on to parallel this to the forgiveness work.

Communication is interaction between two – there are words running in your head right now, who is in there with you?

“I have given everything I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place] all the meaning that it has for me.” (ACIM, W-2)

Collapse the internal process in the presence of love and there is a mutation of the patterns.

There is no instant healing to years of internal dialog and insanity of hostility and fear.

Blame game: that what is happening inside of me is someone else’s fault. Was there anyone in your life that used Responsibility Communication instead of Projection Communication? “How did that make you feel?” Should be “When that happened what came up for you?” Forgive means to remove not let yourself or someone else off the hook.

The word (Mind Energy) became flesh. John 1:14

“The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles” by Bruce Lipton

Caller Celinda, glad we are reading Michael Singer and making comments

Caller Julie, looking forward to the StillPoint Breathing this Saturday.  Good to see people are picking up on the work from different sources but personally prefers to stay with the ‘roots’ from the Aramaic.

This Saturday May 20th at 11:00 Eastern Time is Monthly Still Point Breathing –  We meet via Zoom the 3rd Saturday/Sunday of each month.

May 18



We each register different meanings for words and phrases. Do your own work.

Jeanie read some from chapter 2 of “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer, “Your Inner Roommate” – it is inside not outside of you – personify this inner roommate to an outside person and spend the day with them.  michael came on to parallel this to the forgiveness work. EGO edging God (Love) out. The ‘voice or roommate’ takes us away from what we really want.

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” ― Albert Einstein

Max Planck a German theoretical physicist whose discovery of energy quanta won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918, says we are nested frequencies.

To feel good about any conclusion, the mind will make something up.

SYMPTOMS OF HEALING revised 2019 What does it mean to be willing to go through the symptoms of healing?  What’s the difference in dis-ease process and a healing crisis (PDF format)  Listen to excerpts from April 2020 radio show MP3 where michael explains a Healing Crisis and additional info on MP3 of May 4, 2020. Also, about thoughts and emotions becoming physical radioshow October 22, 2020 MP3. Another discussion on healing through past (even generational) issues and focusing on healing not symptoms January 27, 2021 MP3.

The “roommate” will convince you to drug yourself to keep from looking inside. Jeanie ‘confessed’ she caught her inner voice trying to convince her to stop and get Starbucks and then arguing with herself that she did not need it.

Caller Joe, said he caught a similar one where his inner voice said “feed the dogs before significant other comes home and sees he did not feed them on time.” Doing a worksheet this morning he saw the roommate saying ‘something is wrong with you, you are a fraud or actor’ Spin-off by the roommate into self doubt. Then wakes up and says that is not true, be the witness of the false evidence appearing real. Choosing the internal compass. Consistently be the witness.

Fear of Redemption “You may wonder why it is so crucial that you look upon your hatred and realize its full extent.”

POWER PERSON WORKSHEET – who is your power person and what did you perceive their needs to be and how has it played out in your life? (PDF format)  Listen to the excerpts (MP3s) of the radioshows from April 10 & 13, 2020.  Also, MP3 excerpt from July 6, 2020
POWER PERSON DYNAMICS – runs you based on the level of stress

May 19



1st hour pre-recorded show – Pierre Pradervand 5-8-2023

TMS (tension myositis syndrome) Dr Sarno “All the Rage” back pain is unresolved rage

Caller Joe – the dividing line of being focused on the external world and then moving deeper to the internal. Motivated by choice or by pain.

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”― Carl Jung

Gaslighting is the subjective experience of having one’s reality repeatedly questioned by another. What about your inner roommate questioning your own reality?  Movie” GasLight, the husband is causing his wife to think she is insane.

Power Struggle of Life instead of going into the silence and together move through the issues that arise. Take the Commitment into the sanctum with yourself – rescue the soul from darkness.

Physiological Effects of Emotional Suppression

Dispose of (forgive) from yourself – not forgive yourself

Caller Magda, if there is no attachment (fear, pain or anger) to an event then it is just an event observed. If emotion is attached then the event is a trigger for what needs to be faced. Often Power Person dynamic. Could be just an interpretation of, no offense meant. Jeanie shared that with her Dad “leaving” that was his behavior for his own issue (and survival) and he had no intent towards me but I interpreted it as he abandoned me. So I took on “leaving” to survive.

Caller Peter, Power Person dynamic. Like Hank Williams Jr song “Hank, why do you drink? Hank, why do you roll smoke? Why must you live out the songs that you wrote? Over and over Everybody makes my prediction So if I get stoned, I’m just carrying on An old family tradition”  Conversation and connectedness with Tania was great last night and this morning new stuff surfaced.  Vitality is strengthened with two connected.  Wanted to be the best and be perfect and let Love reign.  The pain of knowing the answer and yet can’t fix it.  Dissolve the inner voice, the inner dialogue from generational pain.  In my defenselessness my power and safety lies (ACIM).

May 20





May 21





May 22

Listen to 1st hour

Download 1st hour


Listen to 2nd hour

Download 2nd hour

1st hour pre-recorded show – Laura McKowen 4-13-2023 talks about addiction: including addicted to the familiar and to judge. Crimping our view down, our vision is so narrow that we are missing opportunities. Sobriety: getting sober from or completely refraining from a particular behavior or substance. Go to

Conditioned – autopilot – is useful in some instances and other times it is counterproductive.  Live in the question without demanding an answer.

Laura’s two books are “We Are The Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life” and “Push Off from Here: 9 Essential Truths to Get You Through Life”

There was a glitch between 1st and 2nd hour thus 2 different links to the left to listen and download

Jeanie read the remainder of chapter 2 of “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer, “Your Inner Roommate” – practice awareness and self-observation – to remove the troublemaker you have to want to free yourself from the inner roommate.  He says your will is stronger than the habit of listening to the inner voice. First become conscious of the predicament then commit yourself to your inner work as if your life depended on it – because it does.

Caller Joe, feels things are murky. Feels insecure and thinks his significant other wants to control me. Or does she? Other times it is bliss. michael said denial is when we blame someone or something outside of us for what is going on.

“As the light increases, we see ourselves to be worse than we thought. We are amazed at our former blindness as we see issuing forth from the depths of our heart a whole swarm of shameful feelings, like filthy reptiles crawling from a hidden cave. We never could have believed that we had harboured such things, and we stand aghast as we watch them gradually appear. But we must neither be amazed nor disheartened. We are not worse than we were; on the contrary, we are better. While our faults diminish, the light by which we see them waxes brighter and we are filled with horror. Bear in mind, for your comfort, that we only perceive our malady when the cure begins.” ~ Archbishop François Fénelon

RESPONSE-ABILITY COMMUNICATION RULES revised 2018 from COMMUNICATION, Did You Hear What I Think I Said? (PDF format)
Respons-Ability Communication Letter – David (PDF format)
Respons-Ability Communication Letter – Joy (PDF format)
Respons-Ability Communication Letter – to a Massage Therapist out of Integrity (PDF format)
“Forgiveness is the removal of density.” Julie said in the

StillPoint Breathing Saturday.

MindGoal Management worksheet –  ‘Will’ is a gentle, spiritual faculty different from the world’s cheap copy of willpower.  “Will” manages your mind (instead of your mind managing you), “Will” can do five things: Frame a Goal, Set a Goal, Select a Goal for immediate attention, Maintain a Goal and Cancel a Goal (this is covered in detail in the DVD “Getting the Stress You Need”).  Goals are what create stress and drives behavior. Design your stresses on purpose to achieve your purpose

Legalization of Pot and the effects on your brain alcohol 

Bob from Australia noted in the chatroom he gave up rum and coke a week ago with no drama or trauma (had not been an alcohol free day for 15 years prior)

Caller Cecilia, met someone who began to tell her story (my story) – why do we stay in the story?

May 23



1st hour pre-recorded show – Carole Murko 4-20-2023 her website is
Jeanie read part of Chapter 3 of “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer, “Who Are You?” Also, shared from an Intuitive Development Intensive asking a partner “Who are you?” and “Why are you here?”

Caller Joe B., has trouble verbalizing to his partner by responsibility communication. michael offers energetically we have to process through what keeps us from verbalizing. Moved from interaction (external) to inner personal action.ACIM says let go all the things you think you want, your trifling treasures put away (cancel the goal), and leave a clean and open space for Christ (mind) to come. That is where the instructions are given in the experience.Take a slice of the pie but there are other slices to be had. Undo, forgive, take another piece. External to the internal is a flip side of a coin. The question is “Is Love active?”  Fruit of compassion, patience, generosity and active love.

Caller Michele, offered Joe a MindShifter

May 24



1st hour pre-recorded show – Brooke Siem 5-9-2023

2nd hour pre-recorded Book Club Worksheet process

May 25



1st hour pre-recorded show – Guy Finley

2nd hour pre-recorded Why Again 1 hour Workshop

Chapter 4 in Hear My Voice Book Club

May 26



1st hour pre-recorded show – MS Radio from 5-10-2023

Jeanie shared her experience this week in a healing crisis.

michael added new insights regarding healing and dehydration. And why the blood tests show Mono and yet not active. Energy is ‘passing through’ but not buy into it.  Severely symptomatic but not an ‘active’ case.  Watch what you buy into.

Caller Susan, shared the graduation and family events. Has been on the Keto diet, as body adjusts to no carbs, lots of symptoms. Her doctor is pushing to take Statin drug. Her cholesterol and glucose have not changed yet.

Caller Lucille asked about hostility and fear and how to release it? Identify the goal. Cancel the goal. Asked about Rookha d’Koodsha

May 27



May 28





May 29



1st hour pre-recorded show – Dale Allen Hoffman

Jeanie read the last of Chapter 3 of “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer, “Who Are You?”

Shared Arya saying “Cancel that thought!”

michael shared about Memory (this is Memorial Day, aka Decoration Day)
Thought moves and the mind converts the thoughts to pictures – replicates according to goals what is in you that the out there resonates
Focus on the dead, dying and death is focus on the past and blocks the awareness of their existence.

Thoughts are remnants of bits of generational past, replicated to replace the present. To claim your place as conscious creator there must be thoughts consciously flow through your structure into the world. Assisted by the Breath.

Most important function of Memorial Day is to reconnect with who you are as a human creator (if you haven’t created what you want, remove the part of you that you blame on everyone else and take responsibility for your creation)

“Death is Nothing at All” by Henry Scott-Holland
Scripture says absent from the body, present with the Lord.

Y’Shua said let the dead bury the dead and the blind lead the blind.

Caller Susan, going through a period of questioning. About her health. She is not herself, did wake-up sheet, concerned, afraid and curious about not having good blood sugar (diabetic) and high blood pressure.  She is getting her work archived in NY.  And the man, Michael, who lives with them is taking over more jobs, instead of moving to an assisted living thinking of having Michael be a caregiver.

She feels she is the observer – who am I? pure consciousness and awareness. Feels she may be ‘leaving’ yet is at peace.  She complimented Jeanie that she allows herself to cry.  MindShifter: “My Power Person always embraced me fully and approved of me especially when I wore my pain on my sleeve.”

May 30



Dr Tim back LIVE

Jeanie read the first of Chapter 4 of “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer, “The Lucid Self”

michael spoke on mind energy of Love and release the stresses. Sympathetic (survival) or Parasympathetic (relaxed) dominance state. Stay in balance.

Created a page on the website based on yesterday’s show “Remembrance”

Caller Audrey E., goodness and wellness. Shared an experience from when she was small. Imagination – to image in (one of the Spiritual faculties)

An email asked for details on meaning of Love in the Aramaic. Rakhma is a filter over intentions and Khooba is a filter over perceptions – set together is called perfect Love. Love is not a verb but is who we are.

Strengthen the skill of hearing the ‘still small voice.’

May 31



Dr Tim reading from “A Walk in the Physical: Understanding the Human Experience Within the Larger Spiritual Context” by Christian Sundberg and then added teachings from Guy Finley. You are a spark of the divine.
Jeanie shared working with Arya on Emotions being shadows of thoughts and change the thought can change the emotion. (would be a good game)Jeanie continued reading in Chapter 4 of “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer, “The Lucid Self” – Being aware – in the seat of your consciousness. Aware you are aware and being focused and not lost in your inner TV show.michael talks about Communication being an interaction between two. Who is in there with you?  The Course says “I have given everything I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place] all the meaning that it has for me.” The idea for today is very empowering. Because it is we who have given all the meaning everything we perceive has for us, we have the power to change its meaning.Tomorrow join us with the Global Book Club at 3:30PM eastern time zoom info at doing the lesson “Introduction and Advanced Understanding of ACIM” will show the video then have Q&A.  Wake up from the past and live fully awake and aware in the moment – untethered.
In the book “Why Is This Happening to Me… AGAIN?!” there is chapter 21 titled “Waking from the has bin”Awakened was one who had reached the office of the Christ mind – the “buttered one”Caller Julie, we can be ‘human beings’ or ‘doings’ or ‘having’ – going through storage and completing boxing things up. What is the meaning of all her stuff and the purpose.Caller Peter (Sweden) asked about ‘the original sin’ when he left his true being for a false self (belief).  The pain came up of not being able to ‘fix it all’ (refer to May 19 show). It is imminently repairable, change the thought. Power Person worksheet. Physiological Effects of Emotional Suppression chart
Was given a daily dose of disapproval from my father and now I am handing it out to my son.  That inner voice gives it every meaning.  Peter shared his father taking a cigarette when what he was dealing with was lung cancer, he was ‘completely wrecking everything’ and I felt he was sticking me with a dagger. When a child I watched Dad wrecking it with alcohol and could not fix Mom and Dad.  Responsibility Communication letter – look at the advice I have given Elliot and Tania – it is the advice that I need to follow.  When are you going to face that pain? Cancel the goal for what you wanted from Mom, Dad, Elliot and Tania.

Competition with archery wake-up sheet, pattern was ‘I can’t make it, I am not strong enough’ and see the carry-over even in life, can’t do it or handle it, don’t have what it takes, can’t fix it all. Cancel the need to be strong enough, to be good enough and to fix it all. Core issue – 77×70 – then the pain comes.

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