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March 01, 2012 – Memorial Day 277 (refer to May 30, 2011) –
March 02, 2012 – Memorial Day 278 (refer to May 30, 2011) – Aramaic Friday #1 with Dale Hoffman. (See also the five Fridays in Jan. 2013) His website is Dale shares how he began working with the Aramaic language first through michael’s teaching of Aramaic forgiveness. Changing things inside ourself, not outside of us. Use the tools and see the results it produces. Non-being has to be dismantled for real Being to live, for real human-life to show up (we have to get out of our mind). See Jill Bolte-Taylor Stroke of Insight video about her left-brain stroke and seeing the world as it is.
March 05, 2012 – Memorial Day 281 (refer to May 30, 2011) – michael guides Julie through a worksheet and the hydra effect – creating additional worksheets (on self-sabotage), make excuses, lie to myself, guilt, avoid my work by keeping everything uncomfortable at bay / at a distance.
March 06, 2012 – Memorial Day 282 (refer to May 30, 2011) – Explanation of “the money changers” – perpetual transmutation of radiant energy – the temple is your physiology and your transmuters will take neutral events and change them into something of fear or hostility. Rumi said “All pain in the presence of love becomes medicine.” We are here to hold love constant, active and present while we continue with yesterday’s worksheet with Julie – so she can transmute what does not belong in her structure.
March 07, 2012 – Memorial Day 283 (refer to May 30, 2011) – michael conducts the show from a canoe on the Ichetucknee River in Florida.
March 08, 2012 – Memorial Day 284 (refer to May 30, 2011) – Adam continues his process and asks for support. Identifying the Terminate and Stay Resident factors from the Power Person.
March 09, 2012 – Memorial Day 285 (refer to May 30, 2011) – Aramaic Friday #2 with Dale Hoffman. (See also the 5 Fridays in Jan. 2013)
 His website is

March 12, 2012 – Memorial Day 288 (refer to May 30, 2011) – Delve down into our unconscious and know that it is safe to face and remove what does not belong in our Being of Love. Be willing to go through the symptoms of healing physically, mentally and emotionally. And choose to stay connected. New 7-step worksheet under download worksheets.

March 13, 2012 – Memorial Day 289 (refer to May 30, 2011) – We are considering renaming “Support Groups” to “Work Groups” because there is work to be done. Many people want to sit back and be supported but do not want to do their own work. Conversations around thoughts of “work” – it is up to us as to what we make of it. Intensity and Challenging can be fun.
March 14, 2012 – Memorial Day 290 (refer to May 30, 2011) – Forgive the hostility and fear in you and your situation will change. Like “tug-of-war” if one person drops their end of the rope then it changes the game for the person on the other end whether they want it to or not. Consider all the tools, the forgiveness worksheet, the commitment, etc. to make the needed change. Gandhi said we must be the change we want to see in the world. michael discusses the four things that may happen if you are doing your work and the other person is not.
March 15, 2012 – Memorial Day 291 (refer to May 30, 2011) – We set goals for what we want from others and yet often we don’t recognize where we are violating the same within ourselves.
March 16, 2012 – Memorial Day 292 (refer to May 30, 2011) – Aramaic Friday #3 with Dale Hoffman. (See also the 5 Fridays in Jan. 2013) His website is – Discussion of the Be-Attitudes from the Aramaic and reference to Way of Mastery. Touveyhoun was translated as “blessed are they” but it is so much more than a blessing. Covered Be-Attitudes 1-3. Focus on the breath (Rukha) and everything changes!
March 19, 2012 – Memorial Day 295 (refer to May 30, 2011) – Several callers share their experiences with this work. Dr. Andracki moves forward in LasVegas and Pahrump NV – he sees this as the only thing that really heals. Discuss the importance of the breath in this work.
March 20, 2012 – Memorial Day 296 (refer to May 30, 2011) – Kevin calls in. His son, Nathan, took a turn in life that now places him in prison. In the last two years, he has taken a look at his life and realized he needed to make a change. He began using the Forgiveness tools. He is now a mentor to others incarcerated. He is teaching anger management, substance abuse rehabilitation, and came up with an idea to help inmates on preventative basis and the prison is agreeing to implement “Silver Living” maybe statewide. He moved from resistance to ownership of his life. Looking at choices instead of decisions. Reminder to all parents, do your work on what comes up for you, and watch from a place of love what unfolds in your children’s lives.
March 21, 2012 – Memorial Day 297 (refer to May 30, 2011) – Walking Tony through a worksheet on trusting his inner self. Resistence to looking inside. Addiction to Blockage of Truth – i.e. I don’t want to look at my pain so I won’t look at Truth.
March 22, 2012 – Memorial Day 298 (refer to May 30, 2011) – Actuality and Reality – we create our world. People are awakening more and more and around the globe. Jeanie discusses leaving or withdrawing is pain by choice.  
March 23, 2012 – Memorial Day 299 (refer to May 30, 2011) – Aramaic Friday #4 with Dale Hoffman. (See also the 5 Fridays in Jan. 2013 )His website is – Continued discussion of the Be-Attitudes from the Aramaic. Brief summary of the first three Be-Attitudes: Allow ourself to feel the blessed essence of God coming from us is our natural state. To be home within Breath (Spirit) and empty to everything but Being Life. Continue with Be-Attitude #4 – 5
March 26, 2012 – Memorial Day 302 (refer to May 30, 2011) – Explanation of the words of Y’Shua: “eat my body and drink my blood” means to totally grock (fully comprehend) what he taught. “Eyes to see and ears to hear” means building brain cells for storing new information. Cary asks for clarity on doing a worksheet on a feeling / issue. Pets cannot refuse the energy their humans possess.
March 27, 2012 – Memorial Day 303 (refer to May 30, 2011) – Demons within or demons without? If you have no resonance with the “demon” then there is no where for that energy to land. Do your work… it is all an inside job. Caller Susan says “someone else really is making me feel the way I feel.” michael explains you can’t feel something that is not already in you.
March 28, 2012 – Memorial Day 304 (refer to May 30, 2011) – Susan calls back in and says it still feels like the outside person is the cause (even though you say it is inside of us and belongs to us). michael explains the trigger and the hydra effect and walks Susan through a worksheet on relationships.
March 29, 2012 – Memorial Day 305 (refer to May 30, 2011) – The Blame Game and Judgment has been going on a long time. We need to forgive what is inside of ourself. The Creator is the awesome presence of love – always – past, present and future. Come out of denial by letting go of the language “you made me….”
March 30, 2012 – Memorial Day 306 (refer to May 30, 2011) – Aramaic Friday #5 with Dale Hoffman. (See also the 5 Fridays in Jan. 2013) His website is – Continued discussion of the Be-Attitudes from the Aramaic – Be-Attitude #6 – 8. A completely sound and purified mind that supports the active presence of Love, from the heart (unconscious). It holds only the frequency of love which means cleaning up the generational databank. Through service, work effectively to produce peace and understanding, you will be called the children of God – an open channel. See this translation on our website at The Be-Attitudes. Then the 8th Be-Attitude says if you do these other seven, you may be persecuted for righteousness’ sake but yours is the kingdom of heaven. Everything unlike love must come forward from the unconscious for healing and it may be pointed at you. Be committed to come from center – from Truth.

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