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Listen to MindShifter Radio with The Forgiveness Doctor, dr. michael ryce

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June 1



Dr Tim

michael will be posting a list of things that you can do to boost your immunity. Let go of the fear but be aware. Watch his Facebook page.

Caller Joan shared how her 9-bit mind created a reality and she caught herself. michael caught her on saying ‘working on it feverishly’ change it to ‘diligently working’ and give instruction for your body that keeps you healthy and well.

Caller Celinda, has a cataract issue. MindShifter: “It is safe and healing for me to see and correctly perceive everything that happens in my life.”  or “… has happened in my life.”  Jeanie offered Louise Hay says it is an issue with seeing clearly or seeing self (having ‘I’ problems)   michael corrected her on ‘forgiving myself’ that is pardoning but leaves the judgement and what needs to be healed in tact. Explained true forgiveness. Discussion of saying ‘I am sorry’ change to ‘I apologize’ – matter is light energy solidified and focus on one thing gives amplitude and as a co-creator you support in increasing the issue. Say ‘I am here for you. I understand your pain.’

Person in chatroom said they have difficulty meditating and is that self-sabatoge? Jeanie talked to them about Breathing and michael said more importantly is forgiveness.

June 2



Happy Eternal Day Jeanie!

“Your Brain Hallucinates Your Conscious Reality” by Anil Seth

Dr Tim discusses a presentation by Mark Manson

E.J. Seals-Jackson e-book “Living From Within”

Caller Susan, asked about Candida and detoxing. michael spoke of microbiome

Take time for self during ‘low times’ during detox.

Discussion of the app C19 by Mass General Hospital – a symptom tracker. michael said just be aware what you buy into.

mind-energy becomes physiology (neuropeptides)

Caller Celinda also deals with Candida. Spoke of MindShifters verses Affirmations.

Caller Michele, read Bill6666 – COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act116th Congress (2019-2020). If article brings up fear do work but be aware.

June 3



Caller Randall given a MindShifter regarding the way people see him. It is ok for people to see me negatively.

Dr Tim suggests Ibram Kendi book “How to be an Antiracist” – be aware of destructive patterns and response patterns to change behavior and have a positive impact. This is one of six books recommended. Be part of the solution. “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” by Michelle Alexander is another David Whyte interview “On Being” with Krista Tippett – we are always creating our experience of life

michael speaks toward being careful what you buy into – if the conversation (from them or you) is based in hostility and fear then the story is a lie. Laws of Living – similar conditions in two minds can activate each other without any words being said. First clean up your mind. There are forces that want to keep the drama and trauma going. We are here to make it something else.

Caller Susan, a question about meditation and forgiveness. Meditation is the stilling of the mind and the purpose of the mind is to eliminate stress created by a goal, so cancelling a goal is a stillness. May only last a second but the more persistently I cancel goals the more I drop into a quiet space and let my mind be still.  Mindshifter: “My slipshod practice always produces exquisite results and the presence of Love.” Addicted to my iPhone – picked up too much and spend too much time on it.  MindShifter: “Being addicted to my iPhone heals me of that addiction.”

Cytokine Storm may be fueling the covid deaths also see

Standard American Diet (SAD diet) leads to a weakness that makes people vulnerable

Caller Celinda, expand on what Susan was saying. Was bulimic for years. Now has to stay with a strict diet or she would go through the same.  Drinking and sugar are avoided. Was vegetarian for years and got sicker. Followed Dr. Peter D’Adamo work on blood type mostly, has to avoid dairy and grains and processed foods. michael spoke of ‘adapting’ to many things but that does not mean it is ‘right’ for us. Do worksheets on grief.

michael suggested Celinda listen to

June 4



Caller Susan and Dr Tim discuss Abraham collective and we being on the edge of creation. Step into and enjoy life.  Refer to the conversation a few weeks ago with Yolanda speaking of what is or is not real, and being aware of injustices in the world and be aware of own creation. Susan’s nightmare is not real but the thoughts about it and what I make of it (upset, anger, emotions) is real.

Caller Celinda, comment to Susan from Tim’s show. Thinks she is finally getting it, the difference between what is actually happening and what I think happened. The ‘figuring it out’ is often not in my arena, too big for me. Celinda said she thinks the thought is creator, emotion is fuel and the body is the bus – so who is driving? michael did a slight correction that the Creator is God Love and the thoughts are a mechanism within creation. She asked about ‘the garden of eden’ – michael said we never left the garden we just pooped in it and now we need to clean up our mess.  We were given freewill and can create a whole world based on any garbage we want to.

michael said look at the ‘lies’ of the world: one big one being ‘aging’ and thinking it has to do with ‘time’ – it has to do with energetic integration.  Another is that love is something you do to another or get from another – it is what you are.  Another is that you get physical dis-eases from another – its energy.  Another dogmatic group’s lie, to identify yourself as a sinner – the Creator created you in his image of Love. Sin means off the mark, ie white bread is sin. Evil is off the target all together. Another is ‘sex is dirty, save it for the one you love.’

Question in chatroom, Lisa is going to hot yoga (100-105 degrees) and she is healthful but concerned about Bob and his taking immunosuppressants.  michael said Bob needs to refrain from contact with all the stuff going on to protect himself without an immune system that is optimal and Lisa going in and out of Bob’s space needs to definitely distance to protect him.

Another comment in the chatroom, a person said there is proof that aging happens over time, his girlfriend is not as appealing as before.  michael said there is absolute proof that if you put energies in over time that are disintegrative then it impacts the physical appearance in what is called aging but it has to do with the quality of energy not time itself.

Revelations says ‘for he who overcomes will not taste of the second death and will become a pillar in the temple and go out no more’ we can reverse it and stop killing ourselves.

June 5


Caller Susan B discusses her support group with Dr Tim.  Offered a person to potentially interview on the show. The meaning of the word ‘Racist’ is not a label for a person but is a descriptive term (thought, action or policy).  If we address the label we can’t change it but looking at the analysis of the thought, statement or policy can change. For hundreds of years we have turned a blind eye because of the dehumanizing policies. Wake up and see the profound depth where a change can be made.  Look at Powerful-U

michael assured us that it is possible to take a mind in hostility and fear and turn it into a mind of love and peace…. but it takes work and commitment to the change.

Caller Judy asks about the emotional release technique. Cuts the strings to the instant emotional response in order to do something different. We need to clean up our genes – practice and time.

Discussion in the chatroom about the destructive forces and craziness in the world right now. Difference in acting in fear and out of intelligence. Be aware and take precautions.

Caller Celinda, did the MindShifter on safe to see and perceive correctly. Most of what she wrote was revelational and was excuses why she could not heal and why her life was so full of business. Did the wake-up sheet and sees it as a covenant with the Creator. Sees she ‘shoulds’ on herself and the rest of the world. Clarity.

Caller Bob from Australia, 68 years young and staying young. Words are spells, cast them wisely because the universe is listening.  His perspective is that the Beast is dying and knows its era is over and desperate to control. Thus the destruction we see.  Our nature is to love each other not kill each other. Move into the age of integrity instead of power. michael gave the example of spring cleaning and during it is a mess.  Bob said heal ourself to heal the planet, the outside is a reflection of the inside. Generations have been programmed and misdirected and cleaning out the skeletons creates a temporary mess. michael offered there is more global availability of food, water and caring than before. Get out in the sunshine and grub around the earth. People are more considerate.

End punishment. People need to be held accountable and maybe removed from the community (behind bars) but that does not mean punishment. Hurting people hurt people. Healing people heals people.

SIN self inflicted nonsense.  People so steeped in pain and want to experience love (their being) and don’t have a tool for the end of their suffering.

The myth: Good guy kills the bad guy and is the hero. Y’Shua shows something different.

June 6



June 7



June 8



Five suggested readings:
“White Fragility”
“The New Jim Crow”
“How to Be An Antiracist”
“Dear White America: Letter to a New Minority”
“The Nickel Boys”Dr Tim and Susan B discuss seeing accurately.

michael speaks toward Aramaic language.

Chatroom question: Can you say more about the uniqueness of the Aramaic language and that it did not evolve and that each symbol represents essential elements?

Another chatroom question: I was wondering about the tightening of the jaw when sleeping, are we holding something? MindShifter: It has always been safe & appreciated by everyone in my life, that I freely and lovingly speak what’s on my mind.
Caller Celinda suggested documentary “Won’t you be my Neighbor?”
Caller Magda had a question about expanding the depth of that tool. Take responses to the mindshifter and turn them into a mindshifter. Explain?
June 9



Caller Brandy, worked with Michele, she has relationship issues which she knows began with her Mom and thinking she had to take care of her Mom (who now lives with her). Her Mom is taking a medication and Brandy is a practitioner so she asked if her Mom knew the side-effects and her Mom went into defense.  She cannot communicate with her Mom without her going into an arguement. Lot of grief.  michael showed her how she has made monumental progress and there is still work to do. When you come out of a family system and culture of denial and not being responsible and you are the first one to do that, you are taking on all the generational issues too. Discussed the ‘vitality meter’ and when reach a new level of vitality, the next layer of junk will release. We will draw in someone who can trigger it.

Symptoms of Healing (pdf)

Also listen to past shows where michael explains a Healing Crisis and

Caller Jack in Asheville, the first 5 verses of John explains creation, Y’Shua is God and the Creator of all things. Awareness changes the day.

Caller Tim B about a dream he was driving and could not keep his eyes open yet he drove home listening. michael said for him it is saying listen to your higher faculties and in the past they have discussed his eye sight, he is ‘seeing’ differently.

Caller Celinda, working on being a day person instead of a night person. Did worksheet on safety, rage and fear, sadness and grief on her Mother (thank you Brandy). Celinda did an amends with her Mom before she died. Sees that her little Celinda issues began with her Mom and Mom is the holder of those memories.  MindShifter: “It is safe and healing for little Celinda to thrive in safety, healing, sweetness and abundance.” new practice to write and breathe at the same time. Cutting breath off is saying there is something in my CBM I do not want to deal with. Another MindShifter: “It is safe and healing for me to deal with the ‘bigger, meaner’ issues and turn it all over to the Christ-mind.”

Shared that we were contacted by a lady who wants to translate the PowerPoint into Thai

Please donate to support this work

June 10



Caller Doug processes with Dr Tim

Caller Magda shared an insight into her own unconscious racism.

Jeanie shared a story of Ryan at age 4 saying a certain child was different but it was that he wore glasses not that he was black.

michael added a definition for prejudice – ignorance formed by the mind, sophist artfully manipulates thoughts into conclusions. We have been brainwashed and not easy to move through to the truth.

Caller Kerry L shares her insight that healing herself is the way to help heal the world (the violence and racism and all the current issues) and now feels hope. Inclusion. Whiteness. Stolen land. Discuss “do not sell the earth” and the planet having rights.  Mostly just calling to say how grateful she is for this work. We must all work together.  Book “The Great Remembering”

Documentary “The Need to Grow” about saving the soil and saving the world – be part of the solution

Caller Celinda, “Trees for the Future”

John at will be getting in touch with michael. michael spoke of wanting to use HeartLand to teach kids to be farmers. Magda & Chuck are growing ancient crops too.

Jonas Salk said most important is to be a good ancestor

Leviticus 25:23 says you are not to sell the land

Jeanie shared the storm and do we walk on water or sink?

June 11



Caller Patrick McGhan asked for the difference in projection and perception. Perception is generated by the mind (CIA says the mind generates it does not record our reality) Denial then moves us to dissociation from the real cause – we blame someone or something outside of us – strengthens the energy in me (mad, sad, etc) The more energy and amplitude strengthens the waves and sends out to bring in someone or something to show it to us. When they resonate (for example) anger, we are dissociated that it is ours and we project the content into my brains image of you.  Apply forgiveness and it collapses perception.  The construct is based on goals. Cancel the goal (the driver) and the errant perception collapses.

In the culture of denial, everyone believes it is someone elses fault. When presented with truth stress goes up. Know “when to duck and when to hold the mirror up” they will want to behead you (ie John the Baptist).

Conversation about Y’Shua’s demonstration of functioning as love in the face of the enemy.

Caller Roma, appointment tomorrow with a friend who is close to passing. The Breath is Life.  The Creator sent his breath. Presence in the whole breath is Love. Death Doula. Jeanie shared the conference with the Jewish man speaking said are we alive because we took our first breath or first spoke God’s name, and when we die is it because we take our last breath or quit speaking God’s name?  Aloha.

June 12



Dr Tim works with Cyndi around sadness about feeling left out and anger from being young and not having coping skills. You can’t figure it out just use recognition that upset is not about this moment but what is stored from the past. Cancel the goal and soften into the process. Worksheet, breathing and ask to be shown.

Caller Jack said his partner left and now he has no one to share with. Does worksheets in his head. michael offered ‘slip sliding away’ and writing will give you access to the deeper parts of your mind.

‘Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ character is in the mode of ‘don’t make me look’ and we want to see the subtler parts.

Caller Roma spoke with her former who she had a baby with and they lost her, wanted to be clear with her own grief before going to visit her friend who is passing and hold the space for her.

We have 20+ Reality Management (Forgiveness) Worksheets on line

Persistent, consistent, conscious use of the tools

Caller Bo from CA, why does it keep happening to me again? What do I do? michael directed her to the website, download book and start doing worksheets

Caller Jack, speaks of not being present when his daughter was born and not seeing her in 20 years. michael offered there might be a connection with others not being present for him.

Caller Celinda went through a worksheet around her daughter after birth and her milk shutdown. michael asked if that would represent extending nurturing to her

June 13



June 14



June 15



Pre-recorded show with Dr Tim “Truth is a Pathless Land” (53 minutes)

Caller Susan B. ask for guidance in addressing a friend who does not want to do this work.  Breathe instead of holding your breath.  Own you are in fear and frustration when you talk with her.  MindShifter: “Facing and communicating the absolute truth to ________ heals my fear and frustration.”  Maybe ask her for support in the frustration that comes up for you.

Movie: “Spies in Disguise”  Cocky spy Lance and nerd Walter team up to save the world and Walter works to convince Lance there is a more peaceful way to save the world.

“A Course in Love” later version of ACIM – more heart space instead of head space.  michael said the teacher is inside of you and to be in the space to be taught is great. Every contrast you see points to this truth – when my mind holds to separation and conflict then what is my work to come back to love and connectedness?

Caller Celinda gave a report on her worksheet. Different goal. Discusses the 3 take-aways from the Messiah Syndrome

“CoDependence to InterDependence” online intensive. Beginning Sunday September 13, 2020 from 2 to 5:00 PM and then pick another evening and do one more hour for 14 weeks (ending December 13th).  Included will be 2 PCE and a StillPoint Breathing session (facilitated online) and a bottle of Breathing Supplement.

June 16



Pre-recorded show with Dr Tim’s interview with Dale Allen Hoffman (52 minutes)

michael explains Aramaic forgiveness verses ‘letting someone off the hook’

Wake up from the dream

Caller Tim B asked about fantasies / day dreams. Can be useful and the same as the perceptual constructs of the mind. If they are off target do worksheets about what is beneath it.

Caller Susan B question from Course in Miracles. michael talks about the first and second death. Love does express through us as a feeling.  The light is brighter so now we can see the darker parts of ourselves.

Caller Celinda on ‘not enough’ –

Sensitive periods in life when we are open to learning certain things faster.

June 17



Caller Lisa shares her experience of jumping into a conversation and sharing from a first person standpoint and blabbing on and on. How do I not do that?  Dr Tim said Listen and do a worksheet to model it for them. Probably a goal of having people view you in a certain way or for people to value you. Cancel the goal.

Lisa continues with michael about a meeting tonight, looking at sexual abuse. michael spoke of being the space to create the safety for others to open and look deeper.  Bob in the chatroom said an abused child continues to love parents but not themself. Time to stop the generational pattern.

Caller Ann appreciate Lisa’s conversation. She realizes she can only be a role model and can’t ‘fix’ anyone else.

Movie: “Avatar” the line ‘I see you.’

When in CoDependence – they don’t see the other person, just see that person clothed in the attire of their past or their Power Person.

Caller Angie in MI, message from India, moving video of lady and her husband and their daughters.  The words about the space and being present. ‘Stillness in Motion’ being one in harmony.

June 18



Callers Doug B & Mary R & Jack, discussion of freewill.

Jeanie added an example of ‘freewill’ being like the GPS. God has a plan and the best path for your life but we can choose to do things differently and go a different path and the DPS does not beat us up for doing something else it just recalculates. Doug questions God having a plan for us. michael gave the example of the birds’ songs that was a frequency that feeds different plants. If the birds’ songs have a purpose in creation then why would you think you don’t have a purpose? The only thing that will ‘make you fulfilled’ is when you are on purpose…filling the function you were created for in the overall structure of creation.  Align our purpose, behaviors, thoughts, etc and life is fulfilled to create the perfect vision of what the world could be like. michael offered look at an authority issue in your life – you say I’m not going to do what someone else wants from me (even God).

Caller Celinda shares her perception of the Creator

Why are we here? To be Love. And forgive anything that is not love.

Caller Susan B regarding her MindShifter toward communicating with her friend the absolute truth. The French philosopher and scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin once said, “Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.” michael adds it is the awareness of the presence of God.

June 19




BlogTalk dropped Dr Tim and Ann in their conversation the last 5 minutes of the first hour. michael and Jeanie were unable to dial in as either host or guest and after about 10 minutes of continual attempts we gave up. So today’s show is only 55 minutes. Apologies. BlogTalk was notified.

June 20



June 21



June 22



Dr Tim and caller Susan B discussion

Apologies that we did not have michael’s half of the MindShifter Show on Friday but BlogTalk had technical issues and cut us off before the second hour.

michael explains the difference in true forgiveness and pardoning. What is the definition of denial? It is speaking or thinking that something outside of you caused any feeling or emotion in you. Listen to

Caller Cindy from Chicago. Shared her experience of having a friend cancel plans. Took a step back and looked at her own disappointment and yet was blaming her friend for the feelings she felt. Interesting to ‘catch herself’

Caller Roma, her friend passed away overnight Saturday night/Sunday morning. Discuss do people choose death? michael discribes decision (resonance) verses choice.

Caller Ann in FL, report on MindShifter “It is safe & healing for me to embrace my grief and be alone.” she spent 7 hours writing (off & on). A big dump of what she preceived as losses in her life.

June 23



Michele fills in for Jeanie on switchboard


June 24



Michele fills in for Jeanie on switchboard
June 25



Dr Tim spoke of the wake-up sheet and when you get to the part of cancelling the goal it is so you can experience a much broader reality than before.  Caller Joan said that it registered within her mind (finally) that there is a MUCH LARGER actualtiy and she is only experiencing a small part that is her reality. To ask to be shown and be enveloped in the wholeness of the actuality. And has access to the enlightened parts previously hidden.

michael said that is when transformation takes place that is unfathomable. The wholeness of the child then triggers such joy in us.

Caller Dr Andracki question about organizing and reinstituting a support group live instead of by zoom. michael said you need to take advice of CDC on social distancing, etc. Real issue is to commit to 2 hrs and get it back off the ground. Email announcement, calls to tell them its starting back up.

Caller Julie in OR, create wake-up songs. Acknowledge Dr Andracki, all the people who share on this show from his Support Group

Caller John about holding the space

Caller Jack

Announce, beginning on Sept 13th on Sundays for 3 hrs, then Tuesday evenings 1 hr – CoDependence to InterDependence intensive, will go for 14 weeks ending Tuesday December 13th. If register by July 15th will get 5 free DVDs

June 26



Dr Tim explains an eye for an eye. It is a limit for revenge with rampant rage and motivation. Justifying mass killing.  Put it in context.  Founding Fathers were trying to construct something better than what they had. Example of mistranslation when we dropped the bomb on Japan. see

Caller Doug talked about making better choices from a calmer space. What motivates people to make decisions that serves them and damages others. Working my emtions or feelings to be able to understand more. Dr Tim said you are trying to figure it out and that is a trap of the non-being mind. Conscious logical mind can’t figure it out. Observable universe can’t be described with words.

Step into the use of the tools and you wqill find yourself using more loving steps. ACIM speaks toward all events being mutual and you need do nothing but turn it over to the Creator. Become more active that produces results instead of ‘fighting against it’ Do the principle because you trust it and ask to be shown.

Caller Doug, from last night’s talk that you do not need to do anything and the present of the now. Doug asked then if you don’t have to do anything then what motivates you to do something about injustice. How does one flow into the energy to do difficult things without upset or ire. Internal condition – remove the upset content and reconnect and you will move into action from the highest faculty. Example of politics and action needs to be taken but my motivation is fear and driven instead of inspired to do the right things. michael rephrased how do I function from being instead of upset? All of the Above.

Three years of trying to figure it out hasn’t worked, so moving into the flow and working on self to restore more order.

Safire Rose “She Let Go”

Support Group for people who have been through Laws of Living every Wednesday 6:30 – 7:30 PM EST

Documentary/Movie “93 Days” about Ebola outbreak in Nigeria

Caller Yelena sees improvement in her life, still feels rage at times. Gave example of her Mom. Talkjs about death. MindShifter: “I look forward to being the sweet support that my Mother will need as she transitions out of her body and dies.”

June 27



June 28





June 29




Michele fills in for Jeanie on switchboard – replay Dr Lynn August in 2011

June 30



Be ‘result oriented’ – what is the impact of your choices or decisions on your life? Learn to live from direct observation and question everything?

Caller Kelly, feels ‘misdirected’ – new caller. Dr Tim directed her to the website and worksheets.

Caller Susan B, ACIM lesson today speaks of trusting your brother or sister as one with self. Attempt to see them anew, without referring to the past. Being genuine. She would like to be free but feels shackled to be seen as ‘special.’ Dr Tim offered she did a great catch to use it toward self. What fears, corrections of belief or dropping of patterns do you need to address to become more genuine? Go middle road, can’t keep everyone in your life (or need not if they are abusive, set boundaries) and yet you can’t get rid of everyone either. Question and do honest evaluation to make life better. A path may be right for them but not right for me, can bless them and go a different direction. Pay attention to actuality. Ex. AA suggests to change the people and places that draw you back especially in the beginning when you are weaker to temptation. Susan said she realized she is still in there thinking if she did enough worksheets she could conquer it. She must admit she can’t fix this relationship. Susan said there was a childhood tramatic relationship and so she continues to bring in the same. Dr Tim said look at thinking you don’t deserve healthy relationships.  It is all women, I collect ‘wounded birds’

Second hour is a replay of two shows with Michael Coughlin from 2015 (43+ minutes) then closure by Jeanie.

Purpose also suggest getting someone to sit with you and repeatedly ask you Who are you? Why are you here? and write your responses. Kelly said she felt misdirected, most people are not living on purpose and thus feel they are floundering.

Caller Susan B asked about Tina Louise Spalding

June 31





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