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April 1



Caller Dahlia, Dr Tim directed her to Be-Attitudes and CoDependence worksheets, How I am going to apply my advice to them in my life?

Caller Angie

Caller Dahlia again. michael walks her through a worksheet on Mom and that she talks about her great-granddaughter in glowing terms and seems to forget that was once me.


April 2



Caller Jurate

Caller Angie, ‘Truth makes the illusion shiver’

April 3



Dr Tim has great discussion with Susan Bingham around a ‘friend who wants her to dive into the muck and dispair with her.  From A Course in Love “Give what you hope to receive.”  The friend asked how were things with you? And she responded great and shared what was great. Then the friend seemed upset.  Can respond, it sounds like that’s a difficult place without getting into the sympathetic sharing. Would it feel loving to offer something of value (and the friend did not accept it) or would it feel loving to dive in to the pain with her. Stop the thoughts of making amends – you cannot make her happy or sad.  She responded from her pain whereas you responded from love.  Susan’s worksheet was for her friend to ‘like her’

michael shared his process during the night and into the day today. It began to open during the conversation with Angie yesterday when she referred to past ancesters wanting to come through.

Caller Angie, discussed her fear and terror triggered by her dreams.

Caller Grady, on walk with his wife and no people. Celebration: two of his girls are very interested in developing a Pagra with him and creating a new relationship and now they want to have a meeting to create a ‘sibling’ group with their other 2 siblings doing the same between them. Grady said he sees that teaching this is going to be so much easier than he thought.  He can see new dynamics with his wife. Can see the connection with other disciplines and they make more sense. Dreams and intuition both in waking and sleeping period. The biggest change is where he has created mountain tops and silos and now joining them together to a greater understanding and powerful expression.  “Report Card” conversation.

Caller Angie thanked Grady, she had never put the emotion in 1C on the wake-up sheet.

Caller Ron Bleakney, at the end of the first hour Dr Tim shared what this work is about – clearing out the junk. Shared an experience with his 3 year old son on both of them feeling upset / anger and working through it.  michael suggested watching the “Inside Out” movie.  Then shared calling his Dad and said he had a memory of when he was accepted into college and his Dad shared going into the basement and crying (he never knew that had impacted him). michael pointed out the connection of Ron opening the space with his own son and then he was able to connect deeper with his own Dad. Healing generations.  Desire to be righteous verses desire to be right. He has ‘a list of things his wife needs to correct’ and he needs to address them with her – realizes he is not perfect and needs to allow for her to not be perfect either. michael asked do you want to share with her for her sake or for your sake? Ron said for his sake – michael said then that is your work.

April 4



April 5



April 6



Caller Joan

Caller Magda

michael reads from WebMd under cold and flu symptoms and solutions to boost immune system: get enough sleep, daily exercise, improve diet (eliminate sugar, eat more fruits & veggies), too stressed (meditate), too isolated (strengthen relationships), lost your sense of humor – all reflect Aramaic forgiveness. michael’s detailed notes in PDF or Go to

Movie: “May I Be Frank” Frank stumbles into Cafe Gratitude, a Raw food café in San Francisco, and meets Ryland, the café’s manager. Ryland asks Frank, what is one thing you’d like to do before you die? Frank answers ‘I want to fall in love one more time, but with a body like this, no one will love me, because i don’t love myself.’ Watch as Ryland, his brother Cary and best friend Conor, help Frank take on his weight, health, relationships and loving himself in just 42 days. One scene he gets into an argument and when rage is not enough he jumps up and goes to the fridge (his drug of choice was junk food).  

Peter Mayer “Holy Now”

Caller Susan B. discussion of a new state of being

PBS special on an organism called the “hydra” that lives forever 

April 7



Dr Tim walks Yolanda through a hydra worksheet on being triggered by Dr Tim’s story. Resonated memories of being enslaved, being colored and not being mindfull of words and their power.  Dr Tim apologized and thanked her for pointing it out to him.

michael continued with Yolanda, sounded like resentment which is a 77×70 for her.  Recap conversation with Dr Tim using the story of the Black Wolf and White Wolf and it triggered Yolanda – she resents the equation of black being evil, negative or dirty and white being pure and good.  She did a worksheet on Dr Tim being the trigger, her goal was for Dr Tim to be more mindful and respectful. When she cancelled she felt confusion and her head felt full. (michael reminded her that confusion was a symptom of healing) She did not feel better at the end but felt a different energy. michael offered he could not fathom the trauma – it is beyond language – holds the space to strengthen and open the energy window to heal these dynamics of prejudice.  She felt overwhelm and asked for a MindShifter. May be resistence but can’t go further.  M/S: “It is safe and healing for me to embrace the pain of my generations, and my own life, in love.”  When we get off the show go to the mirror and restore to love by doing a Love Exchange with yourself.  If someone holds love present and active while someone else accessed their pain and trauma then healing happens. Magda texted Jeanie that they were holding the space and wanted to connect with her.

Caller Lucy, also has to do work on her generational (Russian) issues and Jurate suggested word links.  michael offered two:  Heritage = Automatically Healing  and  Generational Trauma = Melting

michael shared his new definition (in this work) for prejudice: Prejudice is ignorance formed by the mind into foolish perceptual construct that defies sanityPrejudice is ignorance formed, by the mind, into a foolish perceptual construct that defies sanity, ignores Truth and bases its conclusions on errant presumptions and careless “thinking.”

The stock and trade of the Sophist, which has its roots in an ancient Greek cult that specialized in training, for big bucks, the children of the wealthy how to lie, and, while lying, develop the skill of making their lies appear true, thereby controlling and manipulating the mass mind. The Sophist is skilled at falicious “reasoning” that artfully manipulates arguments into conclusions that make it difficult to perceive the falsities relied upon in producing the errant, though logical looking conclusions.

Movie: “JoJo Rabbit”  Jojo is a lonely German boy who discovers that his single mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their attic. Aided only by his imaginary friend — Adolf Hitler — Jojo must confront his blind nationalism as World War II continues to rage on. He learns to love the Jewish girl and release the insanity he had held in his mind.

Lucy said this is so complex and people must be patient, not everyone thinks negative when they say something that triggers another.  michael said the one who is more aware needs to take the first step to hold love present, and be more forgiving and gentle even with self when old traumas come forward. We (humanity) is coming out of such darkness we need to be the space for healing to occur. The night michael watched that movie JoJo, he went to sleep holding love and sending it to Hitler and his followers and then our country.  It is time to change the game.

Jeanie read an email from someone wanting to know michael’s thoughts around the virus, 5G and other insanity today.  World’s #1 Psuedo Solution is If I can just figure this out.  The insanity right now and wondering which conspiracy theory is true will not be the answer. If we each come back to wholeness and function from who we are and then the mind will enter into a purification process and then things will take on new meaning. If everything you look at seems disturbing the nyou are holding disturbance in you.  Show up as active love and become the transformer.  Dissolve what is insane in me and come back to wholeness and things become Holy – feeding the nature of Love in me.

Played the song Peter Mayer “Holy Now” listen to the lyrics.  Or download the lyrics.

michael directed people to “join our mailing list” to receive our newsletter.  We are working on one that will be titled The Study of Health is much more profitable than the study of disease” watch for it.

April 8



Dr Tim

Caller Tim B asked about awaking this morning and being in hostility.  michael offered the goal is more like wanting Dad’s attention and thinking he was rejected and the anger covers the pain.  Going deeper.  Tim asks why so strong when he wakes up? The barrier weakens at night and so upon awakening we can look beneath the barrier to the truth.

Caller Jack, michael invited him to write his Power Person’s story as if them and see what comes up.

Caller Peter from Sweden, listening to Mr. Bingham, Peter said his father was not mean but did not give attention. Peter was ‘not seen’  When he saw Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood and loved where Mr. Rogers stopped what he was doing to greet the reporter. He saw him as important.

Bob from Australia offered “my dad never spends any time with me, therefore he does not love me, therefore I AM unlovable and it’s all my fault, hey?”

April 9



Dr Tim and Susan B discuss getting lost in the experiences verses holding love through them.  Stop and breathe.

Caller Jurate said yesterday’s monologue was for her. She lives in questioning herself. She is aware and catches herself but where does she go from here? Tends to hold in and not allowing herself to have her emotions come forward. Dr Tim said practice being in ‘allowance’ and do 5 minutes every hour to be aware (or practice being awake in the moment and doing direct observation)

Caller Magda shared some thoughts of being a child and not getting attention and interpretting that as not being worthy or loved. MindShifter: “It has always been enjoyable when people ignore me, discount me and assure me I have no value.” (explaination of a MindShifter).  Another technical question, using What’sApp

Blind men describe an elephant from their limited perception. ( one experiences the trunk, one the back, one the footm one the tail and they each think they know what an elephant is.

Caller Dahlia, get back to the raw experience and be the active presence of love and embrace that level of your mind and it will heal.

Caller Angie, wrote down Magda’s MindShifter and felt the whole intro was directed to me. michael asked her if she saw how important she was. “let it go” and then what if I fail? You will move from not important to the narrative that the blind man told me about failure.  She wants to get her son and her own words are turned against her and people don’t see her.

Shared ‘disappointing her parents’ when she got pregnant with her daughter. michael walked her through cutting the emotional attachments to the father of her daughter.

April 10



Dr Tim talks about structure helping create who he is. If he allows himself to release attachments to ‘identity’ built around rituals and habits of day to day life and do something different then being able to reach a peak emotional experience. Mind boggling, earth shattering experience but soon it disappears and they are back to the grind. With these tools (and your commitment to use the tools) you can change your life.

Way of Mastery says to be divinely selfish or self-wise.

Caller Magda, conversation of not having time to use the tools or not valuing it enough to use the tools or not valuing self enough to use the tools.  Dr Tim said I only ‘do’ what I value. If I create pain then I value the pain. We are called to be aware that we have free-will and can choose. We are not taught to make a choice. Magda offered ‘choose to not make a choice’ – to choose in activity is a choice and it has CONSEQUENCES.

Caller Derek, talking about ‘selfish’ – not the traditional meaning.  But what about doing something for someone else and then thinking maybe I really did it for me.  That thought is scary. Dr Tim offered we are all one and what you do to or for another you get the original.  michael added to the conversation that ‘denial is speaking that something outside is the cause of what one is experiencing’ so you hold fear and it is triggered by your thoughts but it does not scare you. Derek said going backwards he can see the cause, does he want them to see him differently? Is there some unworthiness there? michael said the action of forgiveness removes the underlying.  Second issue, his Mother who is disabled and trapped in the house and in another state and he has guilt about not being there to help. Feels overwhelming guilt and shame of not being a loving son in many ways.  michael said it is the same as the first question, guilt is inside of you and guilt will put a shadow over your highest state of being. It is a thought disorder, reflections about self and that something is wrong with self. You can be the space of love for her regardless of the distance. She repeats and he finds himself getting impatient. michael explained the Power Person dynamic that becomes part of our ‘non-being self’ and when we become ultra stressed we do what the PP did to use that we hated most.  His Dad did that to him and now he does it to Mom. Cancel the goals you hold for her.

Caller Lucy asked michael said only 5 people have approached and begun to deal with that core issue and begin to work through it,  michael offered Peter was one of those who had approached that level and working through it.

Caller Peter (Skype) asked about the virus.

Caller Roma asked about sin.

Caller Judy said cancelling goals is so powerful. Turn around with her daughter and the barriers that dropped away. Breathing. Church holding the space for healing in each life that has experienced the covid.

Caller Linda offered thanks for looking at my LOL homework and the suggestion to work towards self. She offered ‘sun downers’ – in the morning they are more alert.  They slow toward evening.

April 11



April 12




Happy Resurrection Day! (aka Easter)

April 13



Caller Dahlia, processes with Dr Tim something that her sibling has done that brings upset. He demands money from her and sends her videos that are extremely graphic and sexual. She said she ‘Forgives him’ Dr Tim said that is pardoning not Aramaic Forgiveness which is applied to the part of my mind that is creating the upset inside myself. First realize if your brother has a mental disability then he cannot process the same way. Refer to ‘The Gentle Art of Blessing’ by Pierre Pradervand and apply that toward your brother’s behavior. Cancelling your judgement that you think what he did is wrong. It might not be right for you but that does not make it wrong. Move from judgement to discernment. (gave an example of discernment and judgement) Judgement is saying it is immoral or unethical and it creates upset in you.  What is the emotion you feel or the thought you have? She said she loves him and realizes he is disabled. She feels sadness and guilt. She thinks he is capable of more than she first thought.

michael read a poem titled “Calling the Spirit Back From Wandering the Earth in it’s Human Feet” by Joy Harjo

michael went through a meditation

Caller Derek gave an update on his call with his Mom (92) from last week. Stood as love, practiced and was aware when he called her he was going to “just let it be.”  Each time got a little easier but he realizes he is not there yet. While he held the space and did not say anything he knew the thought of impatience was still there. He is still happy that he was able to be aware during the last 3 phone calls to her.

michael shared a research that was done with rats and a maze and how ‘critical mass’ happens or when anyone enters a field they pick up on the past work done in that field. Millions yet unborn will benefit from the work you do.

Caller Jack

April 14



Caller Derek

Caller Jack

Caller Jurate, Dr Tim shared a story of his mother getting negative, misplaced concern over others. Tim told her if he and she were going to talk it would be positive not negative, told her if she needed to commiserate then she would have to call her friends. And if she had to vent or be negative then he would remove himself and come back another time. Unless they ask about doing work around their upset.

michael explains difference in pardoning and forgiving and being love not loving.

Caller Susan B offers ‘instacart’ app they shop and bring you your groceries and you do not have to go out.

From The Course of Love question. michael offered with ACIM it is not about studying the Course or parroting the scripture phrases but about doing the work – forgiveness. Liturgy means ‘our common work’

Take 5 minutes every hour to meditate. Accept the new and leave the old behind, surrender to what is. Grandsons: Luke, Jonathan, Charlie. Walking with Jonathan and doing a verbal worksheet. One of the things he was taught is that he is valuable if he is right. Maybe ask ‘What if hostility and fear are indicators that our mind is using to create our reality?’ Get him to watch the Ted Talk with Anil Seth that we hallucinate our reality. – it is OK to be in error and his Mom will still cherish him.

Choice by Love story from website

Caller Roma feeling grief then turned to apathy while waiting my turn. michael asked what do you need to let go of? It is around the people dying and fear that the culture will break-out in violence. michael invited her to notice the extreme acts of beauty and kindness. Process what is in me about violence and then I can be the space for healing the violence.

April 15



Dr Tim talks to Yolanda.  Social injustice.  How we create based on our mind energy.  Refer to Pierre Pradervand who wrote a book, Messages of Life from Death Row, a compilation of some of the letters Roger McGowen wrote to Pierre and a few pen-pals during the years 1990-2009. It has become a source of inspiration and spiritual guidance to many across the globe with its messages of deep spiritual understanding. McGowen has been on death row in the USA for nearly 30 years for a crime we know he did not commit. Yet his is not a story of bitter recrimination and anger, but of compassion and forgiveness. He refuses to see himself as a victim, instead expanding on the theme of What if everything in my life happened for a reason? – and so begins a journey of spiritual awakening.

michael spoke of resonance and used example of TV shows coming through on certain channels. The key to a strong immune system is the active presence of a human life functioning as your power supply. This virus is not the cause of death.  Hostility and fear create a disintegrative system, one that is subject to the ‘clean up crew’

Time to be free from the mind of the world. The Creator said he gave us a mind of power and clarity.  Fear & Hostility are like blinders that keep us from seeing the whole picture. Forgiveness removes H&F and you return to choice and power.

Caller Peter, swimming in molasses. Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Body’ says flu, respiratory problems are fear base.  Then discussed his hip issues – support of everyone. Shared his dream of archery and joining in with the opponent as one. Said he can’t go it alone. michael reminded him of the support of this community breathing with him.

Caller Terry. Acknowledged Peter. Shared that Peter’s process helped him realize the grief and bitterness he was carrying toward another person and denied he was bitter.

Why do your work? To build braincells to make it meaningful.

Con = together and spire = breathe so let’s conspire … breathe together

April 16




technical difficulties at the beginning of the 2nd hour – thanks Michele for covering the switchboard

April 17



Dr Tim discusses with Susan B. about anxiety and fear (2 false conclusions) and any tension derived from judging myself or another, best use of my awareness of that energy is to direct it inside and realize it is my alarm going off saying I need correction.

Caller Julie in Oregon, amazing going through layers and reminding herself the healing crisis. Get out of the way and let healing take place.

Caller Angie

April 18



April 19



April 20



Dr Tim discusses with Susan B. the filter that we put over our thoughts.

Susan created her own MindShifter.

Go to Dr Tim’s blog and get a free e-book from the co-founder of, James Purpura

Sees a shift in her relationship with her music following the MindShifter she was working on and yet she is not done with the M/S. Dr Tim said it is a process and insight comes during the process and not just at the end.

Caller Jack referrence conspiracy theory of chemtrails

Caller Kerry Leigh, discussed her Power Person not punishing but yet withholding approval and now she is doing the same with herself. michael gave her a MindShifter: ‘It is safe and healing for me to continuously approve of myself even when I do something I disapprove of.’

Question from chatroom: Explain drinking water first think in the morning (to hydrate the brain) and why.  michael said practice potentially proves any theory, Paul Bragg was one of michael’s mentors and Paul drank only distilled water all his life and was healthy until a surf accident at 81 yrs of age.

Caller Roma, forgive the thought disorders that block trust then you will be able to draw people that you can trust. Then the belief that there will be future harm. She had the memory of ballet as a child and her teacher always holding a stick.  michael pointed out that was promise of future abuse if you did not do the proper behavior, and that terrorized me.  MindShifter: ‘No matter what my behavior, life always holds future beauty and wonder for me.’

Caller Lucy, refer to the conversation with Roma, always has ‘pending doom’ in her own work. Fear and anxiety around everything. Anxiety is a thought disorder that terror is inevitable. MindShifter: ‘Whatever happens in my life, life always holds the highest and best good for me.’ Lucy said the first thing that comes to mind is ‘I know that.’ but under the surface there must be something or fear and anxiety would not be part of your life. michael offered another piece. A child of 4 to feel terror when a teacher has a stick in their hand has to have terror already inside. Came to the party with terror.  Physical traumas as well as mental.

michael shared his physical process with his head and his hip and mental process and the memories that came were of his Dad ‘cuffing him on the ear’ and beating him.  Jeanie did energy work, he breathes, uses massage tool, Bemer, worksheets … so does use physical modalities as well as internal work.

Caller Roma, suggested doing worksheet in her original language

Caller Angie, amazing supportive conversation. Experienced migraine symptoms (generational issue) and when Lucy was talking about the ‘mouth’ she remembered having braces and also later sexual abuse. She asked about suppression of grief and loss.   michael offered cranial stress. will send a link to

April 21



Dr Tim “The Love I am and the Love I have is not limited to your ability to understand it.”

Caller Joan said Dr Tim’s laugh is infectious. Dr Tim said laughter is one of the stress relievers. Mentioned Rodney Dangerfield and how he did not know love. Triggers sadness

Caller Peter from Sweden. Sadness. Working on Dad issues.  Remembered when michael & Jeanie were here and I was going to ‘show you’ (father figure) that I was good and fine and successful and it really wasn’t. Dad is linked to hip pain. Craving for oatmeal that had not eaten in years. His grandmother used to make it for him. Does not see himself as successful. michael asked whose habit was it to misjudge you? Power Person? Peter said he was always wanting to fix things so everything would be well.  His Dad said the most important thing in his life was family and yet he drank it to pieces and his parents even divorced. He could not do it. michael asked him where he might be if he had not been aware and done what he has done?   Suggested probably a hip replacement. michael suggested worksheets around the oatmeal and see what comes forward.

Jeanie shared the story of Ryan and the babysitter’s cat being killed in a dryer when he was 4 yrs old. He said he did not remember the event. It impacted his being able to do laundry now. Gabby said he asks everytime they do laundry “where is the cat?” Unconscious driver.

MindShifter: “I, Peter Strinno, as the man in the Strinno family have always been outrageously accomplished in everything I undertake, especially to do with family.” He remembers his Dad leaving when they divorced. Like they all failed.  michael asked if Peter did it right Dad would have stayed? yep. Peter you are innocent.

Peter touched into being a child (innocent) passenger in the car and his Dad being drunk and driving. The fear and being tense – hip issue. michael acknowledged how Peter is one of the few he has seen approach and navigate through the Power Person issues and the original rage.

Caller Angie

April 22



Dr Tim discussion with Yolanda

Caller Jurate about doing worksheets productively. Dr Tim offers what happens in my life is my work for the day. Mentions the recording of Dr Tim walking through the worksheet and hearing for the first time about recognizing the strongest emotion.

Open to opportunity of not knowing the answers

Caller Angie, asked about ‘mourning’ michael offered it is based in loss and what one never dealt with.  The first death is when one gives up ‘being’ and bought into the false self. True being is blocked out of awareness and the moment of intense rage. Rage at pain for unplugging from bliss, joy and aliveness and fuel by loss, pain, lack and trauma.

Caller Patrick McGhan, question for the day, from your naturopathic understanding of a healing crisis, explain the difference in dis-ease and the release process.

Healing Crisis will look like:

  • Physical – like any symptom you’ve had and low energy
  • Mentally – like any negative thought you’ve had and confusion (disinhibited)
  • Emotionally – like any negative feeling you’ve felt and depression

When symptomatic you can tell it is healing and not crisis

  • Have you been doing more of the “right” things in my life
  • Just before symptomatic did I hit a new level of vitality
  • Elimination increase moving load out of system so it becomes more vital (decrease during illness)
  • Crave the drug you used when the diseased process first happened

Patrick shares being in Korea and being forced to do what he felt was wrong. michael suggested watching Hacksaw Ridge to open the space for healing, know it is safe to feel the grief and tears. Allow yourself to be restored to being and knowing you are a healer.

April 23



MindShifter Academy Educational Material

Caller Nene shared that her parents had a group that met and as children they had to play with those children instead of choosing their own friends. michael offered her to create life out of satisfaction instead of dissatisfaction. And on not being heard. Came to memory her daughter told her “Mom you don’t listen to what I am saying.”  Call her and ask her to tell you what she wants to say.  Write a letter to Mom and use it like a MindShifter.  Nene said she felt heavy and in her throat.

Caller Lisa, has old drama and trauma from her days at HeartLand (pretend she has never done Laws of Living).  David would not let anyone read from anything at the breakfast table (ie ACIM, Abraham, etc) and she is so mad.  michael invited her to go further back, it is not really about David. She said she appreciates the richness Dr Tim adds in with his other studies.  And David would not change.  michael said your mind wants to cling to belief that it is what David did or said.  Ask what is the benefit or reward for holding on to the anger?  michael spoke of resonance and the tuning fork we draw in energy (maybe genetic) and we tend to be controlled by it.  Possible payoffs? Maybe feeling powerful with the accomplishment of ranting or it seems like controlling the situation. May seem that way but it was not logical (there was a reason to show what needs healing).  If I play the role of my PP then I can overcome another and have power.  And the fruits of their life is pushing everyone out. Non-being mind verses the creative being mind connected to source. Wants (goal) to be the loving being all the time.

Sarcasm is socially acceptable rage. It comes from the root ‘to tear flesh’ … spend time with the grievance sheet.  There is a huge bag you carry on your shoulders … would like to see you free of that and watch how you fly.

Has beautiful tools and people to support her and not applying self.  Shame self.

Caller Terry B. brought up a lot of memories because he was there at HeartLand too. Perfect environment – living laboratory of the work. Crazy time for all. Acknowledged Lisa because she was the most seriously engaged. She had respect for him. David went the extra mile to prompt Lisa into going deeper in her work. Lisa is still here engaged in the work while others came and went.  Then shared his favorite memory (also troublesome one) when he and Lisa were interacting and Terry threw a bucket off the roof surprising himself that he had to move past his anger.  He loved the projects and Chuck and Magda and Julie and Patrick and Jerry.  Great effort and love in action.  The projects and processing still carried with him.

HeartLand is still going after 30 years but will not happen this summer 2020 due to the incubation period of COVID-19 people won’t be travelling

April 24



Dr Tim references Lera Boroditsky and Anil Seth youtube videos.

Dr Tim expalins having a blockage and not be aware of what the real issue was with an interaction with another person. After doing worksheet he saw where he was unconscious, some part of his mind said he couldn’t go there. Later he was willing to go back to the person and clear it up.

Caller Angie in MI, talks about not feeling wanted. Asked michael about the exchange of DNA when intimate with another.

michael discusses the automatic decision system – the 5 smooth stones and use of Will. Difference in decision and choice.  example of David & Goliath

Caller Doug asks about michael’s comments on the COVID-19 and the closing of the play grounds and parks. micahel said it makes sense to not be out running around with this contagion and creating more deaths.

Caller Roses wanted explaination of Rakhma and Khooba and the difference. michael said they are the ’cause’ of the condition of love in the mind. Bringing active love into goals and perceptions.

Rakhma is a filter in the frontal lobe of the brain over Intentions and the gateway for Love to enter the human form and Khooba is in the back of the brain over Perceptions. Can’t have one without the other – interdependent and interrelated. direction fron Rookha

April 25



April 26



April 27



Dr Tim discusses “Process Point” with Susan B.  You’ve done enough work that when something comes up you can take a breath and a shift of focus and detach identification with ‘being right’ and it just falls away.  Understand the need to cancel everything I think I want and the doors open. “Effort” is a stopgap in the process – it is of the EGO. Live from the realization of the unity of all things and get to the space of ‘Do nothing and nothing is left undone.’  see

Not about the words but about the experience. How can I take a breath and know I am in perfect safety.

Caller Jack, continual student.

michael invited people to support us with a donation if this show and work has benefitted you. We don’t know what we don’t know yet.

Caller Susan, question about Luke. Interventionist says he needs to go to rehab before he can come back home. Luke’s younger brother is concerned. If he knew he could come home he might handle his own drug issues. Interventionist says keep the hard line.  michael said alcohol and drugs is his way to not feel and deal with what is going on.  Families have been torn to shreds due to a child involved in self-medicating.  There has to be an agreement but it is a judgement call.  Movie: Good Will Hunting when there was enough love then healing happened.

Caller Jack offered he was an alcoholic but his problem was really anger.  Enabling can delay the process. michael offered the granddaddy of all addictions is rage.

Movie: Thanks for Sharing – when hostility is not enough to cover the pain then they all turn to their addiction (sex, alcohol, drugs)

Caller Bob in Australia, the world is calmer and people seem sweeter and courteous.  Can hear the crickets. There is an overwhelming calmness. The ocean is clear and the skies are clear.  Has The Gift of Depression with Bob Eden (Facebook or

Caller Julie from Oregon offered to Susan B. to look at John Gray and Warren Farrell book (A comprehensive blueprint for what parents, teachers, and policymakers can do to help our sons become happier, healthier men, and fathers and leaders worthy of our respect) The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It –

All physical, mental, emotional or spiritual effects are indicators to go internally and forgive. Requires willingness to change your perception. Reality verses actuality.

Caller Tim B, got the insight that when he blamed his father it was really inside himself even as a child. MindShifter: It is safe & healing for me to look, see, and be responsible for every issue I have projected onto others.

April 28



Dr Tim’s hour is the pre-recorded interview with Pierre Pradervand from April 2019

Jeanie put links under the MP3s of special radio shows ( ) the excerpts from michael explaining to Derek the Power Person dynamic and michael explaining a Healing Crisis with Patrick

michael discusses Aramaic Forgiveness and denial and dissociation.

Caller Joan said thanks for not giving up on her. Her newest attempt at doing the LOL homework has been magical. Kept focused and not darting from one task to another. It is no longer a burden but a joy. Been aware of the memory of being given a task that was burdensome.  Making things hard and taking too long to accomplish something has been with her since the 2nd grade.  Can set goals and cancel, change to some new goal that may come up, nothing demands you complete a goal set that morning, can put back into plans for another day.

I live in grace continually – the ability to change my mind any time I want. Charles Fillmore (Unity founder) said “That is my understanding as of now and I reserve the right to change my mind.”  Scriptures say “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.”

Caller Julie in Oregan, realizes she does use coffee to anesthesize herself.  Discussion of coffee (caffeine) on the brain, watch the Youtube on ABC.

Suggestion switch to Teeccino Herbal Teas (coffee alternative) various flavors see

Keeping present and doing Aramaic forgiveness.

Caller Judy in MO, asked about coffee enemas. michael offered they are effective.  She asked about CBD oils.  No THC in them, the body produces some cannabidiols and this can supplement. Watch for higher integrity in production, some are not of good quality thus the benefit is less.  Judy shared an intuitive blessing given to her around her taxes and a solution to a problem.  True intelligence is your true mind and is always yours, we have just been taught to block it out. michael introduced that Judy has been part of HeartLand since 1989.

Appreciate people who are assisting us in making the work available on a global scale.

April 29



Thank you Michele for filling in for Jeanie on the switchboard
April 30



Thank you Michele for filling in for Jeanie on the switchboard


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