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October 1



Lesson 274: “Today belongs to Love. Let me not fear.”
Lesson 275: “God’s healing Voice protects all things today.”
Lesson 276: “The Word of God is given me to speak.”Byron Katie says “I only suffer when I believe my negative thoughts.”Caller Susan, shared they received their Sudanese lady last night. Speaks a dialect of Arabic but does not read or write even her language but they are managing to communicate.Caller Susan, grandson Jacob being kept in hospital for another 20 days, he was taking LSD and pot and other things. Releasing his apartment and may take him out of school. They have taken him off of Rx drugs too. He says LSD is essential for him.’Socialized’ big issues in school used to be chewing gum and throwing paper … it is now bullying, rape, drugs, fights.
October 2



October 3



October 4



Lesson 277: “Let me not bind Your Son with laws I made.”

Caller Ellen, Dr Tim said we need to move into the practicality of ‘what I am doing is not working so perhaps I will try something else’ … without judging what I did in the past as wrong.
Example of the loss of someone or something you really love (tears). Breathe deep and train your body that this is not life or death, no need to go into fight or flight here. Next, Richard Moss process, what thought am I using that generates such pain.
What are you making this loss mean? Support and stay there, keep the breath moving and allow the emotions without going into the story.

michael talked about the way our minds work and the idea of a MindShifter (a thought around which you may hold negative thoughts, surface, process and release). Law of Resonance – set up frequency that resonates something from braincells in response.
he explains how to do the MS by picking 2 numbers (1-3) and (1-13)

MindShifters List: on MindShifters page

Flyer for the MindShifter StillPoint Breathing Membership:

We are designed to live for eternity. The first one in the first month’s Ever-Expanding MindShifter Tool: “Each time I open, face and heal another issue in my life, even though it may be physically, mentally and/or emotionally painful, I take one more step into vitality and eternal life.”

Caller Mike, the energy of another can give you the boost of vitality or the resonance of anxiety or nervousness. People mess up in their own mind, kill themself. michael added YShua said the power of life and death are in your words. Live the words of Love with ourselves.
Power Person dynamic. The PP has more power over you than you do, they are not functioning as love and you perceive it as survival. ‘You will never be good enough.”You will never meet their expectations.’ Not true. You have as much intelligence, clarity and power as anyone who ever lived including Jesus Christ. You are created in the image of the Creator (Love).

The caller asked how michael got started in this work. First 25 years he survived on inhalator and pills but he knew around the age of 25 that he had to do something different to truly live.

Is YShua’s work part of the Talmid? YShua was a Jewish Rabbi, spoke and taught in Aramaic, the GrekoRoman world needed to call him something else to be acceptable. Their god was Zeus, hail Zeus…Jesus was a more acceptable name.
God sent out his breath – it is our connection to the Creator. StillPoint Breathing is the Whole Breath, process through the blocks.
Mike asked why do people get nervous? An underlying theme. Some people use a drug or stimulant to hide their nervousness.
Book “10% Happier Revised Edition: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works–A True Story” by Dan Harris

October 5



Lesson 278 “If I am bound, my Father is not free.”

Dr Tim announced the Integrative Mental Health Summit, Friday through Sunday, October 8 – 10th,

Interviews tomorrow: Richard Moss (Inside-Out Healing and The Mandala of Being) and Sean Perry (founder of We R H.O.P.E., Helping Other People Everyday, bringing mental health coaching to children)

Caller Magda, Gabor Mate MD uses the example of a trigger sets off the explosive if the explosive is there.

Yesterday Julie texted MindShifter 1-1, “I deserve love just because the breath of life was put into me.” Rewritten to “I deserve to experience myself as Love just because the breath of life was put into me.”

There is now a monthly MindShifters & StillPoint Breathing Membership. See flyer
1 session: $150
3 sessions: $375
12 sessions: $1,200 or ($900.00 if paid in advance)

Reading from Why Again book, discription of Love. Use the tools and have a personal experience personally experienced.
Beauty, sweetness, awesome, joy, presence – who you are, not what one does to or receives from another. Newborn IS love, they are not loving you.

Laws of Living with Dan MacDougald in the Atlanta prisons. One prisoner (a murderer) really saw what Dan was doing and became Dan’s protector.

Look to the lives of the fathers, ours are but a shadow of theirs. Generational patterns passed down. Unconscious creation. StillPoint is the opening of the veil to the unconscious.
Native Americans say “Mitakuye Oyasin” meaning “For all my relations.”

We have the birthrite to live out of the Mind of Love.

Breathe deeply, experience the truth of who you are, may show up as a light in each cell. Look at that light expanding beyond the cell itself to all other cells.
There are individuated, seemingly separate, cells within one body. Notice any blocks in your body and breath into that. Your physiology is designed to incarnate the active presence of Love.
You need to work through what is stored in physiology (coming from the lives of the fathers). Watch, with your inner eye, that light spill over to the other cells. Send the light of Love to others in your life.
The truth is you are blessed and you are the created essence of the Creator’s Love.

October 6



Lesson 279 “Creation’s freedom promises my own.”

If I have a negative thought or emotion about someone else, I can know: 1) it is a lie / falsehood 2) it is from the past 3) if I take an action I will throw negative energy into my life and will not make the situation better but worse. Stop acting and speaking. Be-attitudes tell us to Breathe, Soften and Release it to let it flow through you. Then maybe I can perceive accuratelt.
Restored to love, calm, peace, allowance, with an absence of resistence and fear and tension.

If driving down a curvy country road at night and my lights go out, I must stop the vehicle. Not go further until I get my lights back on.

Cancel goals, restore attention to breath, ask to be shown how I am creating it, what interpretation am I placing o nthis moment?

Gentle with compassion for self.

michael explains immunity and functioning as your purpose. If you move into hostility and fear the reducer organisms do their work. Like putting compost in the garden and if it is healthy it will be reduced to soil. If the garden is not healthy the compost will rot.
We need to function out of being and health and increase our immunity. Life doesn’t want us to destroy ourself and we will draw in experiences for opportunity to heal. We are creators.

Continued reading from the Why Again book – michael asks Richard (the character in the book) when have you done the things you regret? When in a mind of fear and anger. Driven by resonates or by choice? When in the state of Love you make the best choices.

Mahatma Gandhi said “The greatest help you can give me is to banish fear from your hearts.”

Jeanie read a post about an elderly couple and that Love is all there is. (Posted on Facebook)

“Near Life Experience” many report being asked “How did you do functioning as Love?” They come back with a different purpose than before.

Y’Shua said Life and Death are in your words. What are your words?

Caller Judy, thoughts about how we get dissociated by distraction. Quote “The gods live on less than they all.” Prevelent to her is people who live with the smallest footprint on the earth are taking more responsibility and living well.
More time to do what we are here to do. Y’Shua said don’t store up where moths and rust consume. Another idea “those who have and want more are the ones who are poor.”
Statement on Kale, put in ziplock bag and freeze and can use in smoothies.

Documentary “I Am” filmmaker Tom Shadyac (producer of Jim Carey films) changes his life

October 7



Lesson 280 “What limits can I lay upon God’s Son?”

Caller Susan shared with Dr Tim how things were going with her grandson and how she was handling it all.

Jeanie shared how she marks the days off the calendar so her Dad knows what day it is and she failed to mark yesterday off so even she thought today was Wednesday (her reality) and it is really Thursday (actuality).
Fantasies can be useful (ie time, days, hours, months) then others can be deceptive and destructive (thinking you can love another).

Gandhi said “we must make the injustice visible”

michael said add or it becomes sophistry (we are being lied to and they make the lies look true). Example: the millers (those who ran mills) could take the neutrient part of the grain and sell to the pig farmers, the left-over ‘poison’ (white flour, with no nutrients) is sold to people. Madison Avenue sells it as good for you.

Caller Dusty referenced the quote ‘Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.’ (In a 1948 speech to the House of Commons, Winston Churchill paraphrased philosopher George Santayana)

Caller Julie in OR shared doing the Teachers Training skit with Bill C. a few years ago and how funny it was, will send it to us for our archives. Finds herself in resistence to doing the mindshifter and realized in her relationship and their arguing. He was arguing from the place of pain that she wanted to fix and he is crying out for love (ACIM). She was too. She went back over and they just held each other.

October 8



Lesson 281 “I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.”
Lesson 282 “I will not be afraid of love today.”
Lesson 283 “My true Identity abides in You.”Dr Tim is speaking at the Integrative Mental Health Summit today through Sunday (
His hour is prerecorded from December 2015. Enjoy a Summary of this Workmichael talks about Adam going into a deep sleep – never says he woke up. Then the Mind of Christ (Love) came in. What goes against the Mind of Christ? The AntiChrist – had a number 666.Everyone has a different reality about any actuality. Reality is stored in our Carbon Based Memory (6 electrons, 6 protons, 6 neutrons)The mind telling you anything based in hostility or fear is telling you a lie. Playing out its content from the past and you overlay it on a present moment experience.MindShifters & StillPoint Breathing Monthly Membership see flyer on Clarifying Love -Personal Code – the Commitment (see today has Bob in Australia and Thippaya in Thailand and Cathy in Florida (going to Columbia tomorrow)Caller Julie, anger is up, regretting that she chose to trust the ‘science’ and have eye surgery instead of doing her work. Does not have her remedy promised.
Realizes she has to heal her eyes – what does she not want to see. Needs to read the Commitment to Self. michael suggested doing work around betrayal by authority.
michael mentioned Magda doing work on ‘deserving’Caller Magda, Respons-ability Communication in online class where she and Chuck did the Communication together. Made commitment to read the Commitment to each other. Made quite a difference in their relationship.
Sweeter and smoother. But like all the tools, have to use them.Julie said she realized she is holding back on her truth. MindShifter for Julie: “Telling the truth quickly heals all abandonment issues for me and supports closeness in my relationships.”
Working on a generational Asperger Syndrome. Can be a means of healing and not identify with it. Fear of being weak. MindShifter: The authorities in my life have always been, and always will be, impeccably trustworthy. She immediately thought I need to be impeccable.Cathy would like a MS on having a double tooth abcess. Oftentimes, teeth have to do with no speaking. Look at speaking truth, honesty with self and intentions, MS: “It is safe and healing for me to speak my truth and I always gain approval for doing that.”Thippaya presented her first presentation and she cleared up issues at work with her boss. She has a friend who was at the presentation and is depressed. How can Thippaya use the worksheet with her friend? Depression is anger turned inward (and is an anesthetic) and under the surface is pain. Forgive the anger and confront the pain directly. What are the thought disorders?
The breath is a big key, perhaps she will join you tomorrow.And Thippaya wants to do more on her purpose as coach or consultant rather than her director work for living. Would like a MindShifter.
Suggest you do Purpose exercise.
MS on Monday, need to talk more.
October 9



October 10




October 11



Lesson 284 “I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt.”

Jeanie opened by talking about walking on water in the midst of the storm. We all have storms in our lives, are you walking above and through it or are you sinking?

completion of Clarifying Love chapter in Why Again book. (can read book online at

michael read the Commitment (can download at

We build a false self with a Personal Code. Stress is caused by setting goals, forgiveness happens by cancelling goals, go to the root and remove it.

MindShifters Membership see details at

Caller Dusty, asked about goals. There is a workshop titled “Getting the Stress You Need” see diagram at

we will continue tomorrow with this question on goals

October 12



Lesson 285 “My holiness shines bright and clear today.”

Book “Lizards Eat Butterflies: An Antidote to the Self-Help Addiction” by David Martin

Dr Tim went over 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership (
Living in Your Genius by Jim Dethmer, What are you commited to? Consciously or Unconsciously.

1. Responsibility
2. Curiosity
3. Feelings
4. Candor
5. Gossip
6. Integrity
7. Appreciation
8. Genius
9. Play and Rest
10. Opposite of My Story
11. Approval
12. Enough
13. Allies
14. Win for All
15. Being the Resolution

Caller Dusty. Continued conversation on goals. We have energetic patterns that influence our lives.

Movie “Temple Grandin” an autistic woman who became one of the top scientists in humane livestock handling. (

michael shared a story of a man at an intensive doing a worksheet on his cow. Perfect example of the energetic influence we have in the world.

Mongolian Throat Singer on the Voice was fabulous

Why Again reading

October 13



Lesson 286 “The hush of Heaven holds my heart today.”

Robert Greene Quote: “You must value learning above everything else.”

As you’ll remember from our Quick Guide to Conscious Leadership, below the line leadership occurs when a leader is closed, defensive, and committed to being right. On the contrary, above the line leadership occurs when a leader is open, curious, and committed to learning.
Ask am I above or below the line?

Allowance, acceptance, humility – being in ‘presence’ above the line.

Feedback and results we are getting in our life.

Caller Ellen, recognize you have drifted and ask ‘Am I willing to shift?’ And change your posture physically as well as mentally.

The greater the challenge, the more important the lesson.

‘Gentle Art of Blessing’ MindShifters Academy interview with Pierre Pradervand from 4/9/2019 (

michael reads from Why Again, Inherited Patterns. Power Person dynamic.

Caller Julie from OR, shared what’s happened since the Breathing Session Saturday. Aware and able to observe, more anchored. Allowing engagements, for ‘them’ to be where they are and me where I am. More inclusive.

William Shatner, the 90 year old actor who played Captain Kirk and three others went to the edge of space in a tourist spacecraft built by Jeff Bezos’ company.
His descriptors were that the change from blue to black is like life and death.

October 14



Lesson 287 “You are my goal, my Father. Only you.”

Caller Susan discusses her grandson. He was micro-dosing LSD and he thought he was creative and did not need sleep. Then he doubled it and crashed. He wants to micro-dose again. She wants him to do what he needs to do.
Lead by example, no influence whether they take it or use it, not an intervention. Be the best you can be and let go of the need to choose for them.

Humility – seeing the highest and best in self and another and act from there.

Jeanie explained micro-dosing is usually done in a guidance situation. Not just given to them to take as they please. He needs to process without the emotional attachment.

He is taking anxiety, depression and sleep. All regular medication realm. He is now manic. Susan is exhausted.

michael suggested the Avacen (congestion in the system) and get professional help. Medication is just a bandaid not healing the issue. If he would breathe it would be good. He may say he feels better but he is not processing.

His Dad is a big pill popper too. If he is asking for drugs by name then sounds like he is playing with them more than he says. Ask him to be tested to see what is residual in his body and detox.

He wants to walk and talk but she is exhausted and does not want this. He refuses to go into a detox type center. She feels she has no tools to help him, just herself.

He comes to her room at night, her thread is thin, she just wish he was somewhere else. Her daughter says she is going to AlAnon and she needs to be OK if he does not make it. Know it is not your fault, give him permission to go, treat your emotional blindness.
In 1 week he has pushed them to their limit.

Caller Ann, listening to Susan, reminded her of Rex and Mitzi Montague-Bauer and their situation with Journey their son. The Book: “Journey: A Mother’s Account of Love, Loss and Spiritual Healing”
go to

michael continues reading from Why Again. A mind in hostility or fear will always give you words, thoughts and rationalization that perpetuates the disturbance. Forgiveness interrupts those patterns to get to the truth of the moment.

meanings of a deer dying – ‘loss of innocence. graceful passing onto another life. need to reevaluate and rethink what is best for you.’ ‘some thing or some one or situation is sucking the life/energy out of you.’
‘shadow aspect of your persona. the need to defend.’
‘experience of self-doubt and insecurity’

digesting the self that needs to die, come into more clarity and power. Rukha is saying stay conscious as you digest the lower case self – to live you must die

Ram Dass book “Grist for the Mill” – allow students to come in and use them as fodder.

October 15



Lesson 288 “Let me forget my brother’s past today.”
Lesson 289 “The past is over. It can touch me not.”
Lesson 290 “My present happiness is all I see.”Dr Tim talking with Caller Susan B. regarding her grandson’s episodes. Directed her to PANS: Pediatric Acute-onset Neuro-psychiatric Syndrome
Helpful early intervention, go to, Cathryn Adams site is ETCH is Early Treatment and Cognitive Healthmichael added every little intervention may be the one that takes one to the next level of healing. All of the Above.
Instead of turning one over to the sorcerer’s apprentice. There is an identifiable flow to how the system works.continued reading, section on inherited patterns.Monthly MindShifters & StillPoint Breathing Membership. The next session is Saturday November 13, 2021 from 10AM to approx 5PM Eastern Time. Followed by a Support Meeting on Wednesday November 17 from 7 to 9 PM Eastern Time
October 16



October 17



October 18



Lesson 291 “This is a day of stillness and of peace.”

michael speaks about Power Person dynamics that automatically run our lives via our unconscious mind. Often began as a child.
Like Paul said in Romans 7:15 “For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I.”

Like the Statue of David and someone asked Michaelangelo “how did you do that?” He said David was there he just chiselled away everything that was not David. That is forgiveness. BEING LOVE is there we just need to remove everything unlike love.

Jeanie shared her Dad doing his first worksheet Friday during michael’s workshop with the Divine Science Ministers. He will be 89 next Monday and with Parkinsons Dementia and his worksheet was on being a child and his brother Bill getting him in trouble.
michael went over the worksheet. He saw that Bill did not respect anyone including their father that it was not just him. Then he saw that there were other times in his life that others did not respect him (not just Bill). He set a new goal to let Bill do what he does without involving himself. Bill had epilepsy and thus did not get into as much trouble. We must identify the goal that creates perception that carries the pain and cancel the goal

October 19



Lesson 292 “A happy outcome to all things is sure.”

Prerecorded 2nd hour show: Getting the Stress You Need Part 1

October 20



Lesson 293 “All fear is past and only love is here.”

Prerecorded 2nd hour show: Getting the Stress You Need Part 2

October 21



Lesson 294 “My body is a wholly neutral thing.”

Dr Tim spoke of the book “The Dawn of Everything” published posthumously by David Rolfe Graeber
Article “Human History Gets A Rewrite” see

michael opened with talking about healing and that is different from treatment.

Quotes Albert Einstein and Maxx Planck – matter is energy whose vibration has been lowered to be perceptible to the senses. Nested frequencies.

Y’Shua said don’t judge by appearances. Can’t fix a reflection, must go to cause of the reflection. Like trying to fix a scar in the mirror instead of the face.

We stayed with the granddaughter of Niels Bohr (Nobel Prize for his work on the Manhattan Project) in Denmark and went to the Creativity in Science and Society Conference. 2013. Celebrating the work and life of Niels Bohr.

All the energetic patterns not based in love and accumulative through the generations reflects as patterns in ones’ energy field.

Why Again reading –

Last 2 days we played Getting the Stress You Need

Caller Shirley, shared her experience of her birth and growing up. michael explained the memories are there even if we do not recognize them. Can unravel painful moments and energetic patterns, breathe through and hold to present love.

Number 1 drug is ‘too busy’

Tithe 10% of your TIME (Time, Intelligence, Money, Energy) to what supports your BEING.

Best Podcast is iHeart Radio app

October 22



Lesson 295 “The Holy Spirit looks through me today.”
Lesson 296 “The Holy Spirit speaks through me today.”
Lesson 297 “Forgiveness is the only gift I give.”Prerecorded 2nd hour show: Why Again 1 hr Workshop
October 23



October 24



October 25



Lesson 298 “I love You, Father, and I love Your Son.”

Why Again, Inherited Patterns, Power Person dynamics

Overcome the inertia.

You can’t out give the Creator.

Requires an abundance of ‘cosmic grease’ or willingness – tomorrow we talk about Healing Crisis. Heads up notes…
What does it mean to be willing to go through the symptoms of healing? What’s the difference in dis-ease process and a healing crisis? SYMPTOMS OF HEALING revised 2019
Listen to excerpts from April 2020 radio show where michael explains a Healing Crisis
and additional info on MP3 of May 4, 2020 radio show
Also, about thoughts and emotions becoming physical radio show October 22, 2020 MP3
Another discussion on healing through past (even generational) issues and focusing on healing not symptoms January 27, 2021 MP3

Caller Dusty “Unconditional giveaway of beauty.” To hand something off to another, my physiology receives it first. And they might not be home for delivery which means it comes back to you.

October 26



Lesson 299 “Eternal holiness abides in me.”

Caller Ellen talks with Dr Tim

Colin Tipping took the Forgiveness work and created Radical Forgiveness. See the Origins of Radical Forgiveness acknowledgement
michael will be Key Note speaker on 11/11/2021 at 11:11AM presentation on Forgiveness in English and Spanish. Armistice Day – Day of Peace.
michael previously did an interview with Carmen Prestopino, a Radical Forgiveness Coach, and has been asked to participate this year. They said the last interview was the most listened on My Healing Choice. Capsule of that interview

Suggestion movie “Thanks for Sharing” – addiction of alcohol, drugs & sex – everyone before they fell off the wagon first went into pain then rage and when that was not enough they reverted to their main addiction

Suggestion Net Flix movie “Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam CJ Walker” she comes across issue after issue and rises to success. The first African-American Woman self-made millionaire. Knocking out thought disorders that she was not good enough, pretty enough, her cultural status, hardships, abusive relationships, etc.

Chapter 20 of Why Again, pg 135 Healing Crisis – must face the darkness of your generations and culture
Requires an abundance of ‘cosmic grease’ or willingness –

What does it mean to be willing to go through the symptoms of healing? What’s the difference in dis-ease process and a healing crisis? SYMPTOMS OF HEALING revised 2019
Listen to excerpts from April 2020 radio show where michael explains a Healing Crisis
and additional info on MP3 of May 4, 2020 radio show
Also, about thoughts and emotions becoming physical radio show October 22, 2020 MP3
Another discussion on healing through past (even generational) issues and focusing on healing not symptoms January 27, 2021 MP3

Y’Shua said to he who overcomes he will not taste the 2nd death and will become a pillar in the temple and go out no more. We are not designed to die.
It is your birthrite to change your genes.

Caller Celinda, you are a kaleidoscope. Same crystals in the container just takes a little twister to change the picture.

Listen to Father Kelly sing ‘Everybody Hurts’ – ends with ‘you are not alone’

October 27



Lesson 300 “Only an instant does this world endure.”

Dr Tim gives Susan B. a MindShifter: “It is safe for me to understand both the depth and breadth of my resistance with my work with Mira Rubin.” (

Guy Finley “Who I have been is powerless to take me any further.”

michael asked for all to hold the space for a friend, John Considine, a Unity Minister, who just sent a text saying he was probably leaving his body today. michael spent an hour talking with him about healing into being (whether he stays in his body or not).

We are given the attributes of God: Love

Healing Crisis process felt on 3 levels, symptoms of suppressed disintegrative energy, symptoms are experienced the same intensity as you heal as when energy went in. Physical. Mental, Emotional

Caller Ellen, discusses about holding the space for her missing cat. Healing Crisis may be working through the thought disorders that keep dragging you back into the pit. 1) she was a child and needed help and not getting it and 2) a past life in which she abandoned her baby and the thought that if she gives up on the cat she is abandoning him
Worksheet: “I want someone to be there for me.” and the feeling is grief and loss. What comes up is “I can’t do it on my own.” Goal would be: “I want to be able to handle it.” (Issues with her hands)
“I cancel my need to handle this.” ferret out what the thought is “not capable, not smart enough, not …”
“If I don’t I am going to die.” Spontaneous breath – that is where the breath moves and the veil is open and unconscious content is released.

October 28



Lesson 301 “And God Himself shall wipe away all tears.”

Announce monthly breath workshop on Nov 13th (followed by Wednesday Nov 17th)

Caller Ellen progress report on working through the experience of a ‘past life’ of commiting suicide.
She knew she had repressed feelings from childhood triggered by her cat disappearing. Many tentacles, be conscious.
michael said the presence of Love will disolve the disintegrative energy within a cell.

Caller Susan B, update grandson is doing much better, calling twice a day to mother and her, they have a two prong program 1) mental issues 2) addiction. Diagnosed ADHD and needs medication for that. Slowed down a great deal and has healthy mind back, not psychotic now.
Going to group sessions, forming friendships, seeing counsellor, eating well. michael offered ADHD is hyper vigilence from childhood. Trust environment and they can let go.

Glucose is required to feed the cells but not processed sugar, pulled from nutrients and pure food not toxic.

October 29



Lesson 302 “Where darkness was I look upon the light.”
Lesson 303 “The holy Christ is born in me today.”
Lesson 304 “Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ.”Dr Tim speaks with Susan about people having different ranges that are labelled as psychiatric. Far more varied than one answer.

Explore what is driving symptom patterns. When a change is made and the person thrives then we realize the diagnosis was just a word. Give each a place to express, not labelled as defective. Work with their individual genius.

Will be putting the last 2 days’ shows together under the Special MP3 links

Definition: Word, as a tool of communication. When words are being used they are indicative of an interaction between two. Notice there are words running in your head, who is in there with you? Telling you what anything means.

Why Again book: chapter 21 “Waking from the Has Bin” the meaning of words comes from the past – the ‘has bin’

When we cancel goals (forgiveness process) then perceptual construct collapses (like the towers fell into their own footprint) and we get to look into what is underneth. Drop back into the root (the footprint), the hidden dynamics and it can surface and be processed and healed.

Stored in physiology until we are open enough to release it.

ACIM Let go of the triffling treasures and leave a clean and open space within our mind for Christ (Love) to come.

Worksheets can all be downloaded at

Caller Judy, question on asking for being restored to many things. michael said seek ye first the kingdom and then all things will be added to you.
Moving into a new depth of comprehending what that means. Cleaning up the generations is a big task. Looking through geneology she sees the patterns before her and after her.
A person cannot give a gift if there is not one to receive it. Must be willing to receive.

Caller Patrick, people feeling ‘fear’ from constant use of fear on networks of communications. Anything if the person believes in it will return them to love even if the ‘remedy’ doesn’t work.
The diagnosis language from a doctor, then bought into by the patient, can create the disease. michael said anything can heal anything and anything can cause anything.

Dia-gnostic is two who do not know.

October 30



October 31





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