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August 1



Dr Tim spoke to caller Jill about the Power Person dynamic related to being ultra stressed and that we will automatically do what the PP did that we hated most.  Stay with the little girl who thinks “mom is scary when she goes into a rage.” focus on the breath and allow your energy to flow. Visualize the breath dissolving the blocks and tensions, it is the allowing state to feel it instead of blocking it. Step into observer position.  She said she feels really small and mom’s rage filled the space.  Babies are so open because it is safe to be that open because they were created that way.  You are a competent creative adult with an awesome son.  Let go of the false conclusions that it was not safe to be open.  Jill thought of her son who lost his father when he was a newborn and wanting to protect him from the agony of everyone around him and he is OK.  Dr Tim stopped her, he is so much more than OK and you are so much more than OK.  Conclusions not formulated in infancy but the intensity experienced is later given labels.  The being you helped create is magnificent.  Yes we have moved through some intense energy fields but let go of the old conclusions and move into the questioning.  Keep breath moving and cancel the goals and watch. Jill sees where she thought it was her fault that he died and yet she wants to laugh at that very thought.

Sustained Incoherence – Bohm  “Thought doesn’t know it is doing something and then it struggles against what it is doing. It doesn’t want to know that it is doing it. And thought struggles against the results, trying to avoid those unpleasant results while keeping on with that way of thinking. That is what I call ‘sustained incoherence’.”

Be as gentle with yourself today as you would be with your newborn.  Drink plenty of fluids. Gratitude and willingness for this process. Healing a bloodline.

Dr Tim acknowledged that yesterday was a big piece of work for Jeanie too and thus a ‘home run’ for many.  Jeanie shared a little of her continued process.

michael spoke of one candidate, Marianne Williamson, running for President who is actually talking about being Love and media is making derogatory comments about her.  However the people appear to be supportive, she was the most Googled aspirant after the debate  We need to live as the presence of Love not matter what happens in our world. A story told in The Gentle Art of Blessing by Pierre Pradervand. Wild Bill said, “In my practice I had seen too often what hate could do to people’s minds and bodies.  Hate had just killed the six people who mattered most to me in the world.  I decided then that I would spend the rest of my life–whether it was a few days or many years–loving every person I came in contact with.” His decision was not made out of any religious belief but because he had witnessed (as an attorney) how love regenerates and how hate destroys.  Love fuels our very cells.  In any situation where we cannot hold to love is where our work is.

Jeanie shared with michael what she had told Dr Tim.  And where yesterday she was talking about trusting God, a video popped up this morning, it was a reminder that God is lifting me up. (see on Jeanie’s Facebook) or

michael spoke of Hacksaw Ridge and the promise we could walk through the battlefield and not be touched.

Caller Susan B., family reunion coming up. Her daughter and grandson are in a great space together working through.  Jeanie’s ‘accidental’ processing yesterday was great.  Mining her memories by writing is similar to my own journalling. The need to control in order to feel safe was an amazing piece.  Perfect for her new MindShifters Group. michael said in the CoDependence workshop he speaks toward the psuedo solution of the need to control. Glad to hear people are Googling Marianne Williamson. An old, old issue: husband Tim and I went for a walk. Tim goes slow and she goes fast – tortouise and hare. Susan said she makes a ‘to do’ list and crosses it off. Pressure to get a certain amount done so I can – what? michael said the to-do list creates stress which motivates.  There is good stress and bad stress.  Discussion of the pressure to perform. Ticket to life – the work counted. MindShifter: “I deserve existence, and to experience myself as the worthy presence of Love, just because the Creator put the breath of Life in me.” Another psuedo solution is if I am just good enough or do enough then I am worthy, we have a belief that the Creator’s creation of me is not enough. The Creator is the underpinning of our life.  Everything else is based in a lie. The rest of your ‘so I can’ could be to be accomplished, to look good, to be premo. Susan said she felt a tremendous sense of well being when she was working with that woman the other day and can see this being her new purpose.

Jeanie shared from her chapter ‘Who Am I?’ that my doing for approval was my identity because just being was not enough so then when told my help was not needed then who am I? Nobody.

Susan shared that Jeanie doing her purpose of being there for Arya is so moving (letting HeartLand go and stay in Bristol).  She often thought that just doing for the family did not count. MindShifter: “It is safe for me, and I fully approve of myself as a human being when I do absolutely nothing and it counts.”  Philippians 2:6-8 YShua thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself humble.

August 2



Dr Tim gratitude for those participating in this work and being part of the show and accessing the archives.

Dr Tim will interview Mitzi Montague-Bauer Monday on her book Journey: A Mother’s Account of Love, Loss and Spiritual Healing Mitzi Montague-BauerMitzi Montague-BauerMitzi Montague-Bauer  they are dedicating their time to assist in Mental Health issues (website in development It will not be during live showtime but Dr Tim will edit and them make it available.

With the tools it is inevitable that life will change.  Interrupt the pattern and it is guaranteed to change.

HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness app. Free.

Inside Out – powerful movie (2015) about how inside the mind we have ’emotions’ – primary star is Riley and Joy was the emotion from birth. Over time Sadness, Fear and Disgust and Anger show up and wrestle for control over the control panel. Due to events in her life she shut off and to heal was to honestly face the issues, embrace it and then let go and return to Joy.  Learn the energies and realize what is driving behavior. Cancel goals.  Good lead to doing the Drag-on Cling-on Game (within the app)

Caller Magda, regarding ‘Disgust’ being a major emotion? any number of emotion could be in there. it is about taking responsibility for our emotion. Be aware of the purpose of the emotions.  Jeanie added in the end when Riley embraces her sadness and is honest about what’s going on it opens the space for her parents to admit their emotions too.

michael talked about the play Mass Appeal … now the truth has been told there is room for real love (and healing can happen). Being can show up.  The last part of the Commitment is “If anything unlike LOVE comes up, I will hold us in my heart and listen as I learn to speak, experience and be RESPONSE-ABLE for my own realities. I am here for and with you. I promise to keep communication open and keep LOVE conscious, active and present AS WE HEAL, CELEBRATE LIFE and GROW TOGETHER!”

Glad Magda’s dental surgery went well. She expressed gratitude for the support.

Caller Julie in Oregon, acknowledged Jeanie’s work this week. Marianne Williamson – the truth resonates. She is introducing thoughts never heard before. When I choose Love it wakes up the Love in everyone.

16-day Laws of Living in February in NE TN / SW VA – contact

Caller Darren from Scotland, needs insight.  Planning to move and everything going great, then at the last minute there was a change (death of owner).  Not angry but disappointed. michael offered there might be anger underlying to look at.  Asked to explain the neuropeptides and receptor cells.  The neuropeptide is the mind energy (thought chemistry) and it will gravitate toward the cell that holds that energy (resonance). Healing crisis, ask have I been doing more right things, just before had I hit a new level of vitality, increase in elimination and craving drug of choice.  michael shared the story of the woman craving ice cream.  Important to do 2 hours on a MindShifter?  Not required but the more intense ones allow more time and if your mind is in resistance to writing then stick with it.  Arren is converting the videos to a streaming quality so they will be digitally available.

Jeanie posted on facebook a teacher had a display in her classroom “Meet the Wizard Responsible for Your … choices, grades, success, words, actions” with a mirror above each word.

August 3



August 4



August 5



Caller Jill.  Dr Tim gives the example of baleen in whales – a filter feeder system (vertical plates) in the mouth of the whale that filters the nutritious from the non as the whale scoops through the water.  Take what feeds you and let the other flow on through. She said it’s like the armour she’s been wearing thinking she protects herself, has spikes on the inside.  Dr Tim said the cultural conditioning says it is illogical to be open but that is the only way to go back through the fear, pain, grief confusion. Thankful for the support, move through more quickly. I want to feel better. Maul (Mouth) of the Dragon

Life with Tools, Life withou Tools from michael’s book

michael spoke of the pain and trauma in the world (political, shootings) – meditation to send love to the suffering and hurting. Walk through the image of a child behind a dumpster and it bites and scratches, would you continue to attempt to save the child? Be committed to bringing love to the child.

Caller Susan B., question about Job who lost everything and God replced all. michael said Job said what he feared most came upon him. God said to Satan look what you made me do. Satan is the resister. Job was receiving as he asked. His true state of being was always there. When Job lets go and his being is restored it was made new.

August 6



Caller Susan B. and Dr Tim discuss direct observation instead of beliefs.  Example of football game. IT IS THE INTERPRETATION I PLACE ON THE EVENT THAT CREATES MY EMOTIONS.  Same event (the game) and yet one team and their spectators leaves happy (supposedly because they won) and the other leaves upset or angry or sad (supposedly because they lost).

Jeanie offered when Ryan played football for TN school and Gabby was a cheerleader for the VA school and she got excited when Ryan made a touchdown and her school mates expressed anger toward her for being a traitor. What if everyone was happy for everyone … how different the world would be.

Caller Lucy, about letting go of the past. Expressed thanks and gratitude for the tools and support. She felt ‘her nose was against the wall’ and could not move forward.  michael offered to release the pressure to be done instantly. The next level down will not surface until your vitality goes up the next level.  When there are no conscious thoughts how can you let go of the past?  Breathe and stand in the space. All of the above! michael suggested two exercises…Love Exchange three times a day and Breathe connected breath every morning and every night. Then you are empowered to go to the next level of weakening the trauma response.  Jeanie had suggested Lucy do wake-up sheets on the victims, the people mourning and the shooter (her upset was triggered by the Ohio and El Paso shootings this week). michael suggested listening to yesterday’s show about Job and recognize that when I am restored to Being then everything is brand-new again. Does not mean I’ll be thrilled about the event but I can avoid being lost in the pain and trauma triggered by the event.

Watch “Amish Grace” based on true story of healing and forgiveness  Takes place in PA Amish Schoolhouse in 2006 where 5 girls were killed and 5 injured and how the parents dealt with their pain.  michael offered that Lucy’s tears

michael read a poem Joan posted in the HeartLand WhatsApp group.  “She just let go!” by Safire Rose

Caller Joan, had her check up and all of her bloodwork was awesome!

Discussion of taking supplements that are whole food based for deficiencies. esp. Magnesium. Green Powders. Protein Powders. Avoid whey.

August 7



Caller Susan and Dr Tim discuss family belief systems limited verses living aware in direct observation.

Dr Tim shared a story of a Mom and son and the unconscious creation in life. We need to open our mind to conscious creation.

Jeanie explained the CoDependence worksheet.

michael spoke of trauma unresolved showing up in life years later.

Anthony de Mello parable of the man who invented fire

Caller Roma our past draws to us. Unclutched – no future in the past.

August 8



Caller Angie, thankful for the reminder to step into a different experience by using the tools. She had some back pain. Dr Tim speaks of Dr. John Sarno’s work and that he summarizes the lack of oxygen and blood flow to areas of the body creates discomfort, it is the physical manifestation of the mental and emotional.  Discuss the Truth you are love and nothing has ever decreased your value.

Matt Kahn says there is no way to ‘vibrate at a low energy’  The Way of Mastery, lesson 21, like the MindShifters, give a week with each statement and see what comes up example: “It is not possible for you to be without Love” Enter into a deliberate purification.

Jeanie offered about death

Angie asked about dreams MindShifter: “It is safe & healing for me to live in the light of awareness both when I am awake and when I dream.”

michael started with talking about developing this community based in love and using the tool of the “Love Exchange” – close your eyes and breathe and intensify the love and send that love to the whole community. Then in particular, send it to Ari Budnick. Breathe! Hold to that space of love – shared the news that Ari has passed away. Send love as he moves on in his journey.  Hold the space for his sister Devora and her husband. michael is on his way to Chicago to participate in the graveside ceremony.

Jeanie shared she was Ari’s breathing partner many times over the years and it was awesome to watch his body while he breathed. Looked like aliens in his belly and his forehead moving up and down. His singing the Bear Song.

Caller Julie in Oregon. Loved creating in the kitchen with him and he was able to bring everyone deeper into the experience of Love during an exchange. His body was big but the space he held and his love was majestic.

Caller Joan, his side-kick in the kitchen, had so much fun with him.  No matter ewhat was going on he stayed connected and laughing and tried to teach Brad camp songs. Anger is triggered in her – how dare he spend that time and have her fall in love with him and then he leaves. Grateful for him.

Caller Magda, thank you for introducing the news this way. Support in receiving it.  Ari was more than the best chef, he was so talented, a wealth of information, a ballroom dancer, a generous person with a heart bigger than any building he was in.  He was a brother and added so much to our lives.

Caller Angie, thankful she stayed off the side of the road just now, sent pictutres of Ari dancing with Tyler in the kitchen. Such a blessing to have been in North Carolina and HeartLand with Ari. He was a blessing and a healer. Revel in his joy in the kitchen and preparing food.

Devora said the service is at 2:30 tomorrow (Friday August 9th) graveside only, Rosehill Cemetery, 5800 North Ravens Wood, Chicago, IL

Ari came 1996 to Food, Fun & Forgiveness and he was outside working and came into kitchen and said I would be more useful in the kitchen doing food and that was the beginning. Then the last conversation with him was he said he can’t cook with measuring spoons & cups.

Caller Julie Haverstick said he was always so much joy in the kitchen and a major contribution to HeartLand and her life.  Years of memories with him.  Good time this summer and see him knowing how cherished he was by all.  He could taste something and know what it needed.  His creative process was wonderful.

Magda attempted to capture recipes for the Raw-Cipe book and the hours holding him tight to get the recipes down for our book.

Caller Sue Taylor, he was so kind and his eyes were fabulous. He knew when to speak and when to not. He was part of her healing around loss when she was at Oak Island.  When we saw Ari sitting and looking at the food and its energy and like he was talking to it.  She would say she did not like some food and he would say well you have never tasted mine. And she ate everything. He contributed to the sessions too.  The food was like communion, sacred.

Caller Susan D., last memory was driving to the airport with Ari and he was so kind to Lucy as she was experiencing car sickness and taking an icepack and telling her to put it under her shirt. He was totally present with her. He was a friend, a buddy, laughed with him.  The first time she was in the kitchen with him, he gave her comfort that she was fine to just be, the same as those who knew how to chop. Her taste buds will never be the same.  michael told her that Ari would say ‘Our Susan’ or ‘Our Nancy.’  He would allow her to stir the Agar.

Caller Ann and Elizabeth, grateful they were there together three years ago. The experience with Ari was phenominal. The pictures we took by the pool with him in his chef coat, singing the Bear Song, him putting the ‘taste’ on the back of your hand. She shared finding a molded squash up on a shelf and asked Ari why would someone put that up there and he said I quit asking why a long time ago and stopped trying to figure it out. Elizabeth said there was a connection with Ari as soon as I walked in and saw him at work. She said he was a game changer, the conversations they had in the kitchen was so healing (not always just about food). Today on Facebook was memory pictures with Ari. He has a legacy in our family. Thanks for introducing him to all of us.

michael said Ari’s mom introduced him to this work from her experience at Creative Health Institute. He changed to raw food to help in his mom’s healing from breast cancer.

Caller Don offered condolences and said he was a larger than life person. Ari was a conductor in the kitchen with a symphony of various players. Amazing

Cohost Tim said the year he was at HeartLand that there were 3 Tim(s) in the kitchen and Ari said he was now Dr Tim.  Recipient of big bear hugs and lots of fun with him.  He would be such a huge loving presence for people.

August 9



Double standard… we want to tell others how to change their life and get invested in their doing it but dont want them to tell us what to do.

Caller Susan B said she thought of a double standard like Ari was so big and yet so joyful. If she were that big she thinks she’d be miserable. Dr Tim reminded her one cannot judge by the outside.

On MindShifters Academy on processing grief saying goodbye to good people.

Self honesty is the greatest act of love.

The Way of Mastery lesson 1 “The Way that Calls You Home” and lesson 2 “You Create Your Experience”, etc.

Like the ripples in a pond, they hit the other shore and come back to you.

Caller Linda R. shared how blessed she was by getting to know Ari.

Caller Rex, Ari made him in charge of sliced tomatoes.

Caller Peter, remembers when he and Tania were there 22 years ago. Its like thinking of Cinderella and her rags turning into a beautiful dress, Ari added salt to the chocolate sauce and made it absolutely fabulous.  Tania was in charge of the kitchen that year but Ari graciously assisted and taught.  Ari told michael he was delighted with the new connection with Peter.

Caller Grady said Ari was gentle yet held a firm hand of the kitchen, he was part of the team, Grady said he himself has been in food business for years and Ari was humble. Ari embodied the Commitment. He opened his heart to everyone. He was a ‘servant leader’ and a gift of love.

Caller Roma, so glad michael is participating in the service for Ari. She said when she was in the Food Fun Forgiveness & Work Program and that she avoided the kitchen until michael reminded her of her commitment to the kitchen. She said Ari was so understanding and gentle.

Caller Darren noted it had been exactly one month today since they did the trip to Springfield and how he rode with Ari and Ari’s GPS took them down wrong roads and Ari just stayed jolly and made it an adventure.

michael read the poem “Death is Nothing at All” by Henry Scott-Holland

August 10



August 11



August 12



Caller Roma

Caller Avery, been in a relationship for a year and yet catches her mind thinking obsessively towards others. Is she trying to make the relationship work against the grain? Dr Tim asked how she is doing the wake-up sheets? On herself or another? Has she done any on staying faithful in the relationship? She is detached which triggers his sadness. Helpless in helping him with his pain. MindShifter: It is safe & healing for me to be in a deeply committed monogamous relationship. or It is safe & healing for me to understand everyone has their own journey and have to deal with their emotions. She got it ‘I am the only one I can heal with my work.’ They’ve been in codependency. michael spoke towards monogomy.

michael willing to access and remove every disintegrative energy and whether I make it or not is irrelevant to the Truth.

Y’Shua sweated blood (detoxed) in the garden and came out empowered. He showed a different truth – if you live by the sword you will die by the sword. They could not keep him dead – he rebuilt his body. Restoration to the state of love.

Michele asked michael to discuss ‘missing’

Caller Judy shared working with Ari and learning to handle the kitchen and spoke of his ability to waltz. Appreciation.

Caller Roma.

Caller Ann.

August 13



Caller Roma

Caller Camille, discussion of ‘loss or grief’ in the event of a death. Accept and process and support others who have a different experience. Dr Tim said learn to live in the question and be the space of love. True thought comes from the Divine. Most people just resonate energy from within and do not ‘think’. Suggestions: Rainer Maria Rilke poetry and also Eben Alexander YouTube “Eben Alexander: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey through the Afterlife”

Jeanie directed listeners to the HeartLand Fundraiser (thank you Susan Darnell for initiating the idea) and thank you to all who are donating to the cause

michael addresses the adult in denial and telling a child “you make me so mad.” and the load that puts on the child.

Caller Patrick Q., before one has anger or rage first there is hurt. The hurt is primary to deal with? michael offered anger is an anesthetic to keep one unconscious of the hurt and thus they do not deal with it, but yes once they can get past the anger or drop it for a moment they will then see the pain.  So usually requires some forgiveness around the anger to be able to see below it. Prefers the breathing and love being present over the worksheets but sees how they will reorganize the mind. Shared a testimonial of his physical health since HeartLand: walking without getting out of breath, released 10 lbs and dropped 2 sizes and stopped some pain meds. Got home and most reactive programs came back into play. He used the ‘allow the pain and open’ and laugh.

Mind Goal Management worksheet question what does it mean to “I have already framed and now set the goal to manage my goals for tomorrow.” a reminder to bring a 5th goal to use the sheet.  Goals create stress which lead to behavior to attempt to eliminate the stress.

Caller Peter in Sweden. why do the framing at night? michael said there is a phrase “sleep on it” and ask Rukha to give some guidance to the goals you framed, instead of jumping into it. Unconsciously setting a goal will create the stress, when you feel the stress then cancel the goal if the timing is not on target yet.  Practice.  Address Ari and how close Peter feels to him now, closer than when he was alive ever before.  He was so loving and joyful for others, maybe his physical vessel was not strong enough to hold all the love. Lesson to be present and live life fully every moment. Spoke of the HeartCenter in the center of HeartLand and Ari was magical putting the food together and was like the motherly love (the heart). Cherish the moments spent with him. michael expressed gratitude for the days spent with him this year.

Caller Susan D., shared a ‘praying mantis’ as a sign from Ari.  Shared Misty and Jonas and Jude being at HeartLand a few years ago and she travelled to SC to hear Misty play and felt like Ari went with her.

August 14



Caller Susan B., question about us being energy and not ‘real’.  Jeanie shared “Power of 10: Are We Alone In the Universe” video from micro to macrocosmos.  The minute particles within a leaf look like the expanse of the galaxies.
August 15



Emotions and ‘stuckness’ is an inside job, not caused by anything outside you.

Question: if I forgive this person do I have to go back into relationship with them?

michael addressed making people aware, educate and hold accountable. Take responsibility for own thoughts and emotions.

Caller Tracey doing well, update on move.

Caller Roma, went to see “Lion King” and the technology was amazing. Thought of the political situation we face today – the evil and lies. The behaviors were reflective of the cultural insanity where real-life is addressed. It takes looking at the truth to heal.  Accountability.

Caller Magda, asked about presenting to others how our words matter.  michael referenced the Lion King being all Computer Generated and no real animals yet we saw them laugh and cry and be good and evil, then said our words are the keyboard that drives the annimation in our minds. The ‘you made me mad’ creates a belief that is not real. Get out of the habit mind that believes it is someone elses fault.

August 16



August 17



August 18



August 19



August 20



Caller Yolanda asks for support, she is resistent to doing a worksheet on her own but needs to do worksheets around “anger because her son expects…” and she said she will ‘do it but not like it’ she resents it too. Jeanie offered her that she is angry and he is just the trigger, as long as she places the cause of her anger outside of herself she can’t change it. And offered that resentment is a thought and anger is a feeling.  michael offered her a MindShifter: “I really enjoy it deeply when the men in my life use and control me.” and a second one “The men in my life really enjoy it when I use and control them.” Do worksheets that it brings up. Unravel the past, some geerational issues and power person controlling you and the resentment around that and how you are copying your PP behavior by trying to control others. She asked who is her PP? michael walked her through looking at Mom, Dad, husband and son…look at them as a cherished equal and what would be your ….

– loving advice to your son? Treat your wife as an equal and that is how I raised him. Jeanie offered by ‘doing and not liking it’ tells him he can manipulate and get it done. It feeds back to you and to the wife the same way.
– loving advice to Dad? Treat women with respect and honor them. michael asked if she did that with them, she held her breath.
– loving advice to Mom? Don’t expect me to do things just because the culture demands it. michael ofered that is what you don’t want. Advice would be appreciate who you are and what you have to offer the world. Value
who you are! This came from watching mother be used and controlled.
– loving advice to former husband? Value me and I’ll value you. michael pointed out that is conditional, go purely there … value yourself.

michael said now start following your own advice. The body your mind shows you is not them but wants to get the advice to yourself. Giving advice to parts of your mind you have dissociated from. She went into tears. michael invited her to stay in the state of being she is in now.

Caller Joan in Birmingham, question about kidney stones. Taking the apple cider vinegar with the honey, how soon before or after a meal? michael said it is called Switchel and it is your drink of the day, make a quart and drink on it all day.

Caller Magda, during the day she can focus on the only thing that matters is ‘love’ and yet in the middle of her sleep she awakes with not good enough. What can she do besides ‘all the above’? michael said denial and dissociation – when I speak or think something is outside of me then I shut that off from my mind. Sounds like you have also suppressed it when you say “none of this matters, only love matters” there is still a ‘this’ that your mind still says it matters. And saying only love is the spray on the trashcan. At night it is coming up to be dealt with. MindShifter: “Dealing with the thoughts that I deserve only conditional love ….” She went into tears that she is the one making demands and placing the conditions. michael said there was probably modeling of this message. The church gave the message of the original sin that we do not deserve. And then teachers wanting performance. michael said you deserve to experience your being as love just because the Creator put the breath of life in you. In the movie ‘Brother Son Sister Moon’ the Pope tells Frances that ‘In our search for the original sin we have forgotten the original blessing.’ Yes we engaged in energy that is off the mark but we are as the Creator created us – love.

Caller John from Lansing, MI. michael said congrats on getting a Support Group going with Michele. John shared a breathing session yesterday and feels like his unconscious was forced up to conscious level and got rid of so much poison and anger. Never had anything so powerful as breathing. michael said in the original teaching that breath was baptism in the Spirit – the Pentecostal experience.

August 21



michael spoke of resonance and what we draw into our space.

Caller Julie H., called to share her experience with Ari’s presence at the same time as his funeral service in Chicago. Then shared when her parents passed and sensed their presence. michael mentioned how deeply Ari was there for HeartLand over the years. michael agreed Ari was going to be inspiring the kitchen and hanging around even in the future. Several people who worked with Ari have shown an interest in stepping up – Avery, Brad.

Caller Debra, last week spoke of pre-ancesters, has felt strong nudgings from great-grandother to write a story of great-grandfather for his healing. To share that my ancesters were human, yes had faults but much was the circumstances they were raised in and they were stern but we knew they cared for us.  And they are in our lineage. michael offered she might want to do worksheets around being ‘torn apart’ and acknowledged the task she has been given.

Caller Roma, every single human was born as an innocent new born and it often takes work to touch into that innocence.

August 22



Dr Tim spoke of Lesson 7 in The Way of Mastery that we are completely whole and safe just as we are. If that is true then why do we spend so much time in anger and fear? We are just giving our power away and how insignificant the problem is compared to the magnificence of the Creator.

Caller Joan asked about being ‘perfectly safe’ and what about people in war torn countries.  Spoke on Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor, his book “Man’s Search for Meaning” and then “The Gentle Art of Blessing” and Nelson Mandela’s life experiences.  Also mentioned the documentary of “Stress: Portrait of a Killer”

It is practical and highly beneficial to keep our focus on positive.  Jeanie shared the story of the disciples in a boat in the midst of the storm and YShua telling Peter to join him walking on water. As long as he stayed focused he walked water but when he began looking at the circumstance he sank. Nothing changed in the storm. His focus is what changed his situation. The interpretation we place on an actuality impacts the reality we create. Not saying the storm is not real.

Biography / Drama movie: Love & Mercy (2014) about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. He was very troubled and suffered mentally. His father was abusive and he had a therapist who took over his life and drugged him. Then he met Melinda Ledbetter and she basically ‘saved him’ through seeing him as who he truly was (Love). She did not identify him as the trauma and illness.

Caller Lucy, doing the love exchange.  Trying to ‘figure it out’ and it is not a skill you do to another.  Offer that we are designed to experience the love we are 24/7/365. It is a two-fold practice: 1) strengthen the connection of yourself as love through the love exchange and 2) weaken the hold the generational database has on you (drama, trauma, persecution) through forgiveness. Modelling of your Power Persons probably was not being love. Resonance by the presence of another being sending love and holding can assist you to unpack the energy in you.  She also said Lenny got the license he needed but there is still healing to be done around the ridiculosity. The pharmacist that started the issue with Lenny has now found his own practice in jeopardy and she is staying neutral. Then she shared that her drug is ice cream. After she did her work she noticed a ‘click’ and knew she was done and then afterward went and rewarded herself and had ice cream but it was not a craving or drive or anesthetic.

Message from Julie H at HeartLand, Patrick Quinn was going through dialysis and they found he had a heart issue. They put a stint in one artery and said that it was 80% blocked. Hold the space for his continued healing and for Julie as she supports him.

Played the song “Love & Mercy”

Back to the topic of being safe. michael spoke of YShua saying “I have none of that in my store” when the disciples attempted to get him to attack back.  He also said I am in the world but not of the world.  Hacksaw Ridge about a person functioning as love no matter what is in his world. YShua said if we are focused in God then we can walk through battlefields and not be touched. Also the story told in The Gentle Art of Blessing by Pierre Pradervand, the man who chose to be love and thrived in the concentration camp where others died (read at

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August 23



Caller Susan B, spoke of her daughter stepping up and removing herself from an abusive situation then went to fear around family discussion. Matt Kahn talks about communicate our needs not share our blames. Do work around your fear. Stay vigilent and refuse to go into blame and use the tools.  You can go into a protective action without blaming.  Keeping events secret won’t make them go away, the silence must be broken for healing to happen.  Outside events can happen and I can remain at peace.

Example of prosecuting attorneys do all they can, they want the opposing witness to go into hostility and fear because they will then make a mistake.

You can’t figure it out but forgive it.

michael in healing crisis working thru another level of his lung issues – the intensity of the summer and writing took him to a new level of vitality and now he is back to Bristol and settled down so it came forth for healing.

Peter talks about why we get so busy.

First chapter of The End of Suffering

Second chapter of The End of Suffering

August 24



August 25



August 26



Caller Susan B. with Dr Tim. Stress she feels when she sees an error and her drive to ‘fix it.’ Dr Tim suggested, in your 5 worksheets a day be sure one of them is on “the need to be perfect.”  This work is to allow me to see what I am hiding from myself.

Jeanie congratulated Susan & Tim, Michele and Joan for the newest support groups. michael offered possibility of another radio show to support the facilitators of support groups.

Discussion of the new e-book on Amazon for $3.33 “Why Is This Happening To Me … AGAIN?! The End of Suffering” when it launches we will ask people to support us by jumping on and getting their copy on launch day to promote it.

We are by nature creators. We invest our energy in what happens in our lives.  If we invest it in drama and trauma then we create more of the same.  Y’Shua talked about ‘a little elvening levens the whol loaf’ – he was talking about critical mass. When the predominate energy in humans becomes love the whole planet will shift.

Question in chatroom – a person in the group said it was too much information – what can she tell him? michael said you could say ‘It sounds like you are in overload. How does that look like your life?’ support him on doing a worksheet on overwhelm and overload (he is overlaying it on the wake-up sheet or forgiveness work). Dissociate from what part of the mind needs to heal. MindShifter: “It is easy for me to absorb mountains of information and remain centered, at peace and aware.”

Caller Joan in Birmingham, loves the video clip of Arya walking and stopping at the crack then reaching up her hands for help and it is there then with her focus changed she continues.  Appreciates the discussion between Susan and Dr Tim.  Same fear that someone’s grammar needs fixing.  Report on her support group, 2 people have been there every time and then there have been different people. And if nobody is there at start time she does her own worksheets. The support group gets her more committed to doing her own work.  michael said if he had not chosen to do this work / to teach it, who knows where he would be.

Caller Roma re: the culture not having the tool to remove suffering.

Caller Tim B. asks about waking up with an unknown issue that is creating anxiety. michael gave the MindShifter: “The natural state of my awakening each morning is to awaken to the experience of present love.”

Caller Lucy, thanks to Tim B for the question, it is for her too. Refer back to Magda’s call last Tuesday.  Needs more info on that. Denial and dissociation makes the problem unresolvable, suppression does not come from denial in the same way.  Lucy said she thinks there is something important about this aspect for her.  Dissociation is put away with a password and is not accessible (forgiveness unlocks it).  Willingness to be with the truth allows me to see the suppressed parts of my mind. People believe their own lies.

Caller Magda admitted to avoiding doing the MindShifter she was given. Thought: does dissociation have to do with blaming someone else outside us and suppression is blame ourself? michael offered an example of suppression, not wanting to admit to a behavior. Can be either. She committed to doing the mindshifter.

Question in chatroom about addiction to video games. See tomorrow.

August 27



Dr Tim discusses with Susan B. – humanizing the Creator is an endless trap. People take the ‘we are created in the image of the Creator’ and turn it around to think the Creator is like us with all our frailities. The original sin or original blessing. “Whatever Arises, Love That” by Matt Kahn

michael reminded all that we ARE Love – we cannot Love things. But to strive to be human – to be Love – to have a mind fueled by that Love instead of doing something we cannot do. Unconditional Positive Regard  “UPR does not mean you must like a person or approve of what they have done. What it means is that you respect the person as a human being with agency to choose how to respond to their situation and that no matter how dangerous or dysfunctional they seem to be they are doing their best.”

Susan B said doing 5 worksheets a day is ‘mind-blowing’ michael said remove the ‘oota’ braincells, love is present 24/7/365 but Joy is the awareness of the presence of Love (God). Practice having the presence of love at the same time that we are in the muck. Consciously choose to be Love even though we are aware triggers are there.

Jeanie responsed via email to yesterday’s chatroom question on addiction to games. An addiction is the compulsive use of any person, substance, circumstance or activity to avoid listening to and following our highest guidance or to anesthesize against feeling what is going on inside and communicating and dealing with it. So their games take them into a world that is not real because there is something in their actual world (or in their reality about the actual world) that they are wanting to avoid. Another thought is he may have too many goals and procrastinates by playing games and then does not get important things accomplished.  He may not know his purpose and thus is just flounders through life via games.  So explain all of that first, then consider which he needs, to do the Mind Goal Management (cancel goals) or the Purpose worksheet or forgiveness tool to face the underlying issues.  MindShifter: “It is safe for me to acknowledge and set aside my addiction and forgive what comes forward for healing.” or “Commitments are easy to keep, bring joy and fulfillment and serve the purpose of my life.”

Caller Joel, wondering what his niche is, perhaps working with veterans. Shared working with a gentleman veteran who is black and was raped by 4 white men and is now suicidal. People are saying to not be involved with that. michael will put Joel (in Pasco /county) in touch with Patrick McGhan (in Crystal Beach) who was a vet himself and spent 50+ days at HeartLand this year and he is committed to working with vets too. He was stressed when he got home, resonated his next level of work too. Teaching this work, we must realize we offer it and make it available but it is up to each person to ‘get it’ – that part is not my job.

FREE HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness App in Google Playstore or iPhone store

Caller John in MI, started Support Group with Michele last night.  Volunteer at old folks home. Is doing acts of kindness love? michael offered that acts of kindness are the result of experiencing self as love and compassion. Going for second breath session tonight.  This work has changed his life.

16-days of Laws of Living Intensive looks like it will be February 14 to 29, 2020 (ending on Leap Year Day)

August 28



Prerecorded 2 hours.

First hour is Dr Tim interviewing Mitzi Montague-Baurer

Second hour is a replay of a 2011 show with Dr. Lynne August – fabulous hydra worksheet. (michael & jeanie touring Washington DC)

August 29



Dr Tim discusses the step in the wake-up sheet about ‘punishment’ to the other person or myself. Joan and Susan both held the same question.  Dr Timm offered avoidance – self blame – beating self up emotionally – feeling guilty that you can’t fix it.  Jeanie offered one of the challenges in the Personal Code Evaluation under Love for Truth there is a question “What is the Judgment I am protecting/hiding from myself?” We are raised to be good and not punish. Drop that belief and see the truth. Jeanie shared that one worksheet she did was leaving was punishing them and staying was punishing herself.  Suggest it could be a flip of that and you staying in their space and enabling them is punishing them and leaving them to do it is punishing yourself or guilt is punishing self. michael offered leaving or separating or withdrawing is one of the greatest punishments.

Comments on yesterday’s recording of Dr. Lynne going from one topic to another in her worksheet – the hydra was powerful and her willingness was great.

From A Couse in Miracles, footnote from Atonement about ‘forgiving Jesus’  michael offered from the movie “The Passion of Christ” where Mary had to first look upon the time when Jesus was a child and fell and hurt himself and once she let go of the goal to protect him she was able to go to him when he fell under the cross and he said “behold I make all things new”

It is the confusion of the mind itself that makes things confusing. What does this person resonate in me that makes me think it is them.

Susan shared she is so happy (triggered) by her daughter calling several times a week and the conversations etc.they are having. michael said she is fulfilling the goals you have held for her for 25 years which brings forward the happiness of achieving the goal. Susan said she thought she let go of the goal and michael asked did you let go of the goal or just stopped asking for it? Cancel those goals and you will go to the next level.

August 30



Dr Tim Hayes’ first hour was a replay of November 7, 2018 show where Dr Tim himself did a wake-up sheet. And caller Susan B calls in with comments and questions.

2nd hour is live with dr. michael ryce. Discussion of the energy we engage in when faced with a situation – ie. is our being sad any good to one who is sick? Does being angry help a situation in the realm of politics or the environment?

Confirmation Friday, Feb 14 (Valentines Day) thru Saturday, Feb 29 (Leap Day), 2020 will be the dates for the 16-day Laws of Living Intensive, in Abingdon, VA the course looks at the idea of Law. Example of Law of Gravity is just an expression of how the eternal forces work and we want to come into conscious relationship with the law. To be informed and instructed.  Laws of Land, Sexuality, Finances, Health, etc. Then we can harmonize with the laws. The course has a multiple page manual with 8 essays and worksheets. Topics include ‘Why Again’, ‘Purpose, Personal Power & Commitment’, ‘Getting the Stress’, ‘Mindshifters & StillPoint Breathing’ as well as the Laws of Living.  We also look at dream interpretation, intuition, resonance and so much more.

Caller Peter from Sweden, can’t see the forest for the trees and there are always new trees … he said he is at the place of ‘needs time to swallow my saliva’ – michael explained it is what he calls process point. Can we stop the cycle for a time? michael offered all the right things are in place for healing and if you stop the cycle who knows if or when it will be in place again. Stay with it. Peter said he is amazed and ‘bows down to’ this work. MindShifter: “It is safe & healing for me to look at, embrace and heal the most (dastardly) degraded parts of my genes.” or “I have all the love, wisdom, time, money, intelligence and energy that I need to accomplish my aspirations.” His son came home (almost 20) and said he knew his purpose was to become enlightened. Takes about 5 years to actually comprehend it.

Caller Susan D., thought for Peter, one time for her it came up like a wave and she had to breathe before the next wave. The thought she had was let’s stay on the roller coaster and ride it.  The high vitality of the intensive and the What’s App connection there is still a level of vitality that is keeping us rocking. It is such a strong group supporting each other in their process and so everyone is seeing a shift. Congratulations on getting the Laws of Living set. It is a great experience to follow-up the Teacher’s Training with Laws of Living. It is more doable for her to teach. And the support of this radio show is great.

August 31





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