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Archived Radio Shows November 2011

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Next week’s shows: October 31 – November 4 will be hosted by Dr. Tim Hayes and Carol Guy! Please call in and support them as they cover the show in our absence. We (michael and jeanie) will be out of the country for the week but will return Monday November 7th. I am posting the links ahead of time for the archives for next week – they will not be “live” links of course until after each show.

November 01, 2011 – Memorial Day 156 (refer to May 30th) –
November 02, 2011 – Memorial Day 157 (refer to May 30th) –
November 03, 2011 – Memorial Day 158 (refer to May 30th) –
November 04, 2011 – Memorial Day 159 (refer to May 30th) –
November 07, 2011 – Memorial Day 162 (refer to May 30th) –
November 08, 2011 – Memorial Day 163 (refer to May 30th) –
November 09, 2011 – Memorial Day 164 (refer to May 30th) –
November 10, 2011 – Memorial Day 165 (refer to May 30th) –
November 11 2011 – Memorial Day 166 (refer to May 30th) – Today is 11/11/11!
November 14 2011 – Memorial Day 169 (refer to May 30th) – Will we ever get clear enough that we won’t draw in something that triggers us? Our drive is wellness and wholeness whether it is in the physical, mental or emotional body. Life will send us people and situations to “bring it up” for us so we can heal.
November 15 2011 – Memorial Day 170 (refer to May 30th) – Just be love when faced with anything that is less than love.
November 16 2011 – Memorial Day 171 (refer to May 30th) –
November 17 2011 – Memorial Day 172 (refer to May 30th) –
November 18 2011 – Memorial Day 173 (refer to May 30th) –
November 21 2011 – Memorial Day 176 (refer to May 30th) – There is a group of 20+ people who have joined us to do 5 worksheets a day for 40 days – which will take us to the end of the year – together we will make a shift into the beginning of 2012.
November 22 2011 – Memorial Day 177 (refer to May 30th) –
November 23 2011 – Memorial Day 178 (refer to May 30th) –
November 24 2011 – Memorial Day 179 (refer to May 30th) – Happy Thanksgiving Day! michael reads an article from USA today. Attitude of Gratitude is beneficial physically as well as emotionally, spiritually and mentally. The key is to take it into every day life and not just at the Thanksgiving Day table.
November 25 2011 – Memorial Day 180 (refer to May 30th) –
November 28 2011 – Memorial Day 183 (refer to May 30th) – A youngman we know, Zac, committed suicide yesterday. The conversations today cover this topic with the loss and pain and the need for forgiveness on the planet.
November 29 2011 – Memorial Day 184 (refer to May 30th) – Art, the father of Zac, joins us today. He shares about his son and then explains his project of providing fresh water to the world. Visit his site Another listener calls in and shares her attempt at suicide and feeling hopeless in life.
November 30 2011 – Memorial Day 185 (refer to May 30th) – Satan is the resistor, the one who misleads – it is inside each of us. Pogo said “We have met the enemy and he is us.” The show opens with michael walking a caller through an issue where they wanted to place the blame outside themselves. Jeanie shares a break through this morning – doing a worksheet together with her son.

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