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Listen to MindShifter Radio with The Forgiveness Doctor, dr. michael ryce

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March 1



continue conversation on MindShifters

Dr Tim shared from his Support Group last night.  Beginning Monday, the MindShifter Radio Show will be 2 hours with Dr Tim will be doing the radio show from 12:00-1:00 followed by the regular show from 1:00-2:00 (eastern time).  Zoom Thursday Support Group, usually 1-3 people in the room with Dr Tim and then up to 7 people on Zoom.  Dr Tim explained Zoom as a web platform conference.

Everything is in motion to expand the work around the globe.

Caller Tim B in PA, experienced anxiety about driving and thoughts of wrecking the car, he is doing the MindShifter on his father and the thought came that he was back at 8 years old having a temper tantrum wanting his father’s attention. He went to therapy etc around his anxiety and never healed, just “became a scholar of his own misery.” He realized his father was a good enough father and did the best he could, want to heal his rage towards his father.  Has a fantasy of being that age and smiling at his father and recognizing the good things.

Caller Judy P., report on her MindShifter. “My addiction to _____ heals me.”  She likes being alone and creates scenarios that she is alone.  And she has one ‘accident’ after another that creates her being at home alone. When she grew up she was the oldest of 12 children and helped her mother raise the others. Never had her own space.  michael gave her another M/S: “It is safe & healing for me to simply choose to be alone rather than have to create a reason why I can do it.”  When she was about 9, she and 3 sisters went to live with their father and stepmother (Mary).  The atmosphere was much more staunch and controlled than when with their mother.  The family was split, ate separately and went to different churches, etc. Want to move through all this that is coming up – safely.  michael gave another MS: “Mary always cherished me and my sisters deeply, treated my sisters and I well, and supported my relationship with my father.”

Caller Julie Haverstick shared her healing opportunity of not being able to breathe and seeing herself as a black woman in an apartheid who was killed for speaking her truth. When she processed through this her energy shifted and she taught with clarity.

March 2



March 3



March 4
(the 2 hours are listed as 1 episode)
Two hour show begins at 12:00PM with Dr Tim Hayes and then 1:00PM with dr. michael ryce – Who do you want us to have on the show?  We are getting a list of tools and practices we can use to usher ourseves into a deeper richer experience of our true nature as Love.

Dr Tim introduced two full hours of the forgiveness tools and spoke of having guests on the show like Guy Finley (who just emailed Dr Tim that he would do an interview) new book “Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together”

Caller Roma, expressed gratitude for Tim doing his own part of the show.  Ram Dass lives in Hawaii and they say he is in the process of transitioning.

Caller Mary R, spoke of the experience with Dr Tim in the Support Groups.


michael asks What needs to change for you to be connected to wh you are? We are here to support you.

Caller Ken from Birmingham, called for a MindShifter (3-4) see the list at MindShifters page.  Then he asked about the 1st Law: YShua said have Rakhma (not Love) for your neighbor.  It is a filter over the frontal lobes of the brain over intentions.  Intentions are raw material for goals which move behavior.  Activate that filter (ie newborn). The three filters can be seen at

Jeanie shared a lady she worked with was dealing with issues of relationship with herself and her children. And she picked 3-9 which is about being in a committed relationship.  No coincidence. Jeanie also shared about “journaling” the forgiveness worksheet as a letter to Yahweh (her name for God) verses filling in blanks.  Also use the FREE APP “HeartLand Aramaic Forgivness”

Someone in the chatroom wanted to know what is a MindShifter and what is the benefits? michael explains resonance and motion of energy. A MindShifter is a frequency that will move what is in you that you maybe have hidden from yourself for years. They picked 2-8 “My birth was a loving, gentle and wondrous experience.”  The body/mind unit stores everything. Jeanie shared her son remembering his twin sister.

Someone had asked why dig it up?  Shared the story of Ryan and going unconscious doing laundry and unconsciously it was around a cat getting killed in the dryer when he was 4 at the babysitter’s home. He said he did not remember that but it had “run his life” – michael said why clean your house?

Julie Haverstick is gifting 10 weeks (1-1/2 hr session each) of one-on-one sessions for those preregistered for FFF&W or an intensive.  Contact if interested.  16-day FFF&W begins May 31 and our 9-day Why Again intensive June 19  The season will be abbreviated unless participation interest increases in the other intensives

Caller Tim B in PA shared following the experience.  michael said 77×70

(show cut off conversation with Tim B)

March 5

Listen to 1st Hour

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Listen to 2nd Hour

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Dr Tim Hayes 1st hour


michael announced changes at HeartLand this summer (see schedule and then told about a young lady in the 5th grade (10 or 11 years) who has set her purpose to take forgiveness to the world. She is doing a class project teaching calming (forgiveness) to her class.  During Easter intermission she is going to call into the show to walk through a wake-up sheet to use the audio in her class display. We have invited her to Why Again and Teachers’ Training in support of her being the first teacher her age.

Caller Roma asked for clarification around God gave us free-will and gave us curiosity – innocence.

Caller Tim B in PA, asks what about the devil and radical evil forces in the world. How can that be a thought disorder? Demonic force seems to be fierce and worldwide.  michael offered an example in Charles Manson who is the personification of evil and the devil. If we could speak with him we would find he was an abused young man and decided he was going to be just as evil and hurt others like he was hurt.  What about going into say a hospital and feeling the energy?  If we feel it then it is ours.  michael spoke of YShua and the woman with the 12 year issue of blood. He said her faith made her whole not himself.  Jeanie shared the story of the disciples in the boat, storm. Do we walk water or sink? We can’t change the storm but we can control where we focus.

Question: How did you come into the Aramaic? Rocco Errico, Aramaic scholar was dthe first introduction, then meeting Dan MacD who owned the Khabouris Manuscript.

March 6

(the 2 hours are listed as 1 episode)



Dr Tim Hayes 1st hour

Caller Magda, thanks to Dr Tim for doing this additional hour, thanks to Julie for working with herself and Chuck, this work saved their relationship.  Question, how do thoughts that are ‘off the mark’ impact physiology?  Dr Tim referred to Bruce Liipton cell biologist.


michael 2nd hour continued with Magda’s question, this form is moldable and changeable, look at Arya who has almost doubled in size in 6 months. The Creator made us in his image but with free will.  What do you do with your will?  When you think a thought it produces a neuropeptide that circulates your system and lands on a cell that has a matching receptor site and the cell replicates the neuropeptide.  Living with the chemistry of your thoughts.  You can choose the thoughts / the energy.

Caller James from Houston (friend of Brenda in Memphis) on the list for a kidney transplant.  Attempting to get in shape so when the kidney comes in I’ll be a good receipient.  Goal to climb El Capitan in Yosemite.  Tell Brenda that they have been friends 40 years this month.  “repairyourkidneysnaturally” app gives daily guides for rebuilding and healing your kidneys.  And do work around what you are pissed off about. “HeartLandAramaicForgiveness” App too

Caller Linda Westman, the kidney information was worth a pot of gold.  Coming to the intensive, cover a whole series of tools.  Symptom of heaing is confusion. Willingness to keep on.

Caller Kenny in Birmingham, was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago, I have been doing the work and allowing myself to feel the grief. A few days ago was told they could not find the cancer.

Caller Michelle, on a cruise in Antigua.  Met a friend, Michael from San Fransicso.  He got on the call – looking for tools to handle issues with family and them not supporting. michael gave the input that it is what is inside not outside that is moving. Explained cancelling the goal for their support and remove the root of your pain.

michael completed the show by explaining the changes at HeartLand for the summer.

March 7



Caller Magda in MO,

Caller Mary R in IL,

Caller Linda W. in AL, what is Love?

Caller Patrick McG in FL, shared

March 8



2nd half – a stretch of silence – technical difficulty

Chatroom asks about the scripture in Luke 22:36 Jesus tells the disciples to get a sword??? YShua said if you live by the sword you die by the sword. He was advising them to be prepared for what was to come after his crucifixion but not to fight.

Caller Susan is anxious about not sleeping – voices in her head – worksheet on not getting enough sleep.  Then replace wih an enlightened goal – to surrender entire being to God and allow it to be? michael quoted “for a lack of vision my people perish” – sounds like you got the vision, the direct order from headquarters to surrender.  Some cultures have a pattern of 2nd sleep – sleep a little then wake up then go have a 2nd sleep.  Susan said they are working with refugees who have sicle cell anemia – voice says “I am taking care of the child” not your job, just stand as conscious active love.  michael suggested they get in the sunlight – D3 is a neural steroid – darker skin needs more.  Time of 11am-3pm UVB is strongest.  Or get full spectrum lights or suplement D3

Caller Kenny – explain the unforgivable sin – the error that leaves you stuck in unforgiveness.  What about the 144,000 enter in heaven – a little leavening leavens the whole loaf – critical mass.  What about the devil? michael said satan in Aramaic is the resistor.

Chatroom asks about the Aramaic scripures or translations.  Rocco Errico & George Lamsa

March 9



March 10



March 11



Julie has an 11-step wake-up sheet she adapted for the Pay-It-Forward Program – download  read more about her Pay-It_Forward


March 12



Dr Tim shares with caller Linda R. that we need to live in the question … our safety does not come from “being right” … a conclusion we gathered as a child.

There is a direct link on our website to the MindShifters’ Academy site that Dr Tim has created …

Look at the HeartLand schedule

michael explained the 3-day Personal Code Evaluation training and the 17-day Why and Teachers’ Training.  The 3-day PCE has the prerequisite of either having done Teachers’ Training or Laws of Living.  The 9-day TT has a prerequisite of having done the 9-day Why.

16-day Food, Fun, Forgiveness & Work – arrive May 30th.  A work program, economy program.

Jeanie is staying in Bristol to continue assisting her Dad and keeping Arya Reign.

Caller Joan from Birmingham.  Explain sub-conscious and unconscious mind. Unless we deal with what has been pushed into the unconscious it will run our lives. (example of Jeanie’s son Ryan, he could not consciously remember it but an experience of a cat dying when he was 4 yrs of age was impacting him at 30 yrs of age).  MindShifter: “It is safe & healing for me to look at and work through every issue I ever had with _____.” (put name of person in the dream)

Caller Susan in PA, explain “don’t be concerned about what you eat or drink” michael said be aware but don’t add fear. Another question, things bagged and wrapped in plastic, huge issue.

March 13



announce Dr Tim will be interviewing Guy Finley next Tuesday

movie “Run the Race” powerful piece of healing but it looks like someone’s death. One reviewer said it was a bummer of an ending, but there is no conceiving of what it will look like through active love instead of hostility or fear.

Caller Linda question about the Battle of Armageddon.  michael explained the battle between BEING and non-being. The body is the battle ground, for the true being to live the self based in PP dynamics must die.  Bring it to Love.

2 hours a day we do Liturgy – our common work – people coming together and create a space of support. That is what this show is about and what the intensives are about.

these tools are replicable and get the same results (YShua said “the things I do, you can do, and greater” it works, does not require belief

Caller from Birmingham, forgiveness explaination

March 14



Edited 1st hour

Edited first hour of Dr Tim’s process

Caller Linda W. asked what’s the vision of this work or show? It is that people have access to these tools. Network of support.

Caller Susan D. appreciation. Asking the Spirit for the support I need.  Grateful for being usable support to others as Rukha comes through. And you are a true inspiration.  The inspiration is the nourishment that comes through the straw, I am just the straw.

Dr Tim said I do not understand what another needs in each moment or what Spirit has planned. Be willing to use the tools.


Next Tuesday during the 1st hour Dr Tim will be interviewing Guy Finley on his new book “Relationship Magic” in alignment with Healing Through Relationships.

Caller Kenny, had asked about the devil last week and you cleared it up, now would like to know if he is using the wrong name for God and does God take offense? michael suggested wake-up sheets on fear, God is not offended it is not in his nature.  Kenny said probably multi-generational fear.  Another question, he saw an apparition. Is he crazy? Dr Tim said no. michael said if it feels like a blessing comes with it then just be in that blessing.

Caller Linda W. wants to share the tools like the App but uncomfortable using social media. michael said he would send her some links. And do wake-up sheets around fear.  Suggest asking Julie during next session to share her experience of fear – it is powerful.

Caller Joan in Birmingham, first session with Julie was awesome. Still not clear on Step 11, creating a new vision. michael offered when you do a worksheet on an inanimate object (like distraction) you speak to it as if it were a person. Your goal might look like offering complete attention or you might reestablish the previous goal.  She said also, she now gets it when you talk about a hydra… there were many triggers came out of this one that she now will do wake-up sheets on.  michael referred to the mega hydra worksheet show with Magda February 6, 2012February 6, 2012

Go to the bullseye on and go to 3rd link for MP3s of Radio Shows where we walked someone through the wake-up sheet process (direct link is

Jeanie shared about journaling her wake-up sheets to Yahweh (her name for God). Suggested “Writing Down Your Soul” by Janet Conner.

Peter from Sweden has been doing worksheets and “indifference” is the goal is “I should care” michael said it sounds like a Power Person dynamic demand. (michael explained PP) and Peter saw it was his Mom and how she ‘turned to stone’ – he has a tendency to put goals together instead of 4 separate ones.  Began doing a sheet on his wife and realized he was doing the PP behavior, the offer at the end might be I will support you, I will give you full attention instead of being stoic. And his wife’s behavior is that of his Dad which triggers more.  The emotion is so familiar and it becomes invisible, like fish in water.

Jeanie referred to where feelings and emotions are listed. Indifference falls under the category of “Apathy” on the Emotion/Thought Chart, then on the Feeling Wheel Apathy is a subtopic of bored, sad and linked with Isolated, Inferior, Depressed and guilty to name a few.

March 15



Dr Tim explains to caller Susan B. to not see another person on a pedestal.  We are all just the straw where the flow goes through.

Caller Susan shared the experience she and her husband Tim B had with Julie’s sessions.

michael announcedthe summer season schedule.  And Jeanie noted that everyone coming to Food Fun or intensives and in the Pay-It-Forward Program with Julie had been sent instructions for the Personal Code Evaluation. Request they take the first one by this weekend.

Caller Camille offers encouragement for people to accept the program Julie Haverstick offers.

Caller Patrick had issues printing his wake-up sheet before working with Julie H last night. Has had issues with his wife and their grandson.  Shared some immediate changes since we were with Patrick last week and since working with Julie. She is amazing and was able to pull him back through and understand the worksheet at a new depth.  Shared what was going on with his grandson, michael offered it sounds like he is in overload and going unconscious.

March 16



March 17



March 18



1st hour Dr Tim had callers Magda, Linda and Brenda.

Guy Finley Relationship Magic  Guy Finley quote “The world I see is the world in me”

Julie’s Pay-it-Forward is FULL. The intensives are filling up nicely.

USA is 4% of the earth’s population and yet 22% of the world in our prison. We need critical mass to wake-up. YShua taught the world how to heal, people developed belief systems and now we have multiple sects who call themselves Christians and they don’t do the work.  We are designed to be and experience the expression of active love.  Brainwash of the culture, we sacrifice our “human life” and give up our being for something we think we want.

Caller Bob from Australia comment on the prison situation

Caller Grady. Walk through a wake-up sheet on the construction guys. Honesty. Hydra into 2 more wake-up sheets including following through with what I say I will do for my spouse. Self-imprisoned by hostility and fear.  The advice that gives us will always turn our lives to crap. michael asked what happened when Grady was a little child and did not produce the results his Power Person demanded?  Grady said his Dad was alcoholic and his mother ran the house like military, do or else.  michael asked who’s voice comes out of your mouth when stress builds? He replied his mother’s voice. Stress and procrastination.

March 19



Dr Tim interviews Guy Finley (new book: Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together) Guy Finley Relationship Magic  if you order the book through this link you will get a free 1 hr webinar and a 60 minute MP3 download.  About Life of Learning Foundation – sits on 16 acres in Oregon. Next gathering is “The Talks in the Pines” and The Online Wisdom School

Dr Tim read a portion of Guy’s book as an intro.

Guy spoke of being “asleep” until something stirs and then he is awakened and realizes his being and the potential of his consciousness already contains everything he will ever experience. Relationships of looking out the window or talking to someone he loves are all revelations that awakens a part of us and then we have a choice of how we respond to that revelation.  It either shows us a part we love or a part we want to hide.  Reject the trigger and reject that revelation.  There is no self without relationship, everything that does exist is there because of mutual dependency.  The world I see is not outside of me.  Relationships are an extention of ourself.  The experiences are our consciousness – if we realized that we would stop blaming others.  Allow the moment to do what is intended to do – to introduce us to ourselves.  We place the only limitations on the revelation of the moment.  When we feel threatened either fight or flight comes into action, we need the other person to be what we want them to be, to bring out the best in us. When they go against that ‘wohoo stage’ they bring out the “rest in me” which bothers me by pushing my buttons and blame you for pushing the buttons instead of accepting that the badges/ buttons were there already.  To break the pattern we must say “thanks I did not know that about myself” It is not you who is irritating me but you are showing me the part of me that holds irritation.  It is not our job to fix others, and there are limitations in us, the conditions required to show that level of unconsciousness and understand our resentment.  The thought that I had to be approved of to be worthy is a lie.  The problem is not the limitation I blame on you but to stop and look at the limitation in me.  We can become realized through the relationship.  Everyone in my life are manifestations of Love. As goes my attention there comes my experience!   Patience – suffering myself.  Deliberately (as best as I can) stop the pattern by not being part of the continuation, does not mean that is not in me. But stop in the midst and not identify with it but become the witness and endure the manifestation of my own lower consciousness until it fades from site (that self dies).  Crucifixion.  The mistaken belief of the authority of the master (internal) is the only thing that holds us.

Pain meets pain and connot resolve itself.  And as Love meets Love it multiplies.

Will pencil in another interview in the summer with Guy Finley.

Caller Linda, went to Guy’s website and saw the video of the button pushing demonstration.  Realized that due to this forgiveness work and consistent support she has tools to follow this demonstration. Learning she deserves this life.  Question on PCE about wisdom, is that when you have connection with your own soul.  If we do these sheets and uncover old CBM then what we become is more Christ-like. Connected to the higher vibration?

Dr Tim said he realized he was jittery and look forward to going back to the archives and listening again.

Caller Kenny, refer back to yesterday’s conversation about prisons and remembered visiting his father in prison when he was about 2 years old and then the part of himself that used to steal and regretting to confront that part of himself.  Eager for this forgiveness and holding the space of love.  He admitted he was a recovering addict.  Feels like a piece of himself has been healed and wanted to talk to the community here.  Grief under the surface.  Criminality and compulsive liar has been within him and survival and guilt.  His father died when Kenny was 5.  He has such a freedom right now and is grateful.

Caller Tim B. doing work around father and there is like a huge rock I cannnot move.  I loved him so much and wanted his attention yet I hated him.

Caller Gwen from FL.  In 2-1/2 yrs has lost so much (mother, brother, friend & dog) and goes into woods and cries and thought that showed how much she loved them.  But realized the energy pattern she has held herself in. Knows to truly honor them is to be loving and now feels such a relief and has more energy.

Caller Roma, such power of this community working together.  We all see from a different perspective and others can see where we cannot.

michael covered the intensive schedule

Donations accepted  FREE App

March 20



Caller Susan B. speaking with Dr Tim on potential guests.

Time to sacrifice your fear and suffering.

Caller Angie Bruce, shared what she is experiencing with her Mom and asking for support (michael shared that her mother has cancer and the family is supporting her to heal). They are all strong and know there is potential for healing but her Mom has presented her inner child dynamic of victimhood and tantrum of “not going to do it” michael offered cancer is the impact on cells and she needs to embrace the thought disorder and with the pure presence of active being (Love) it can dissolve. The gift at the end of her worksheet with Julie is “I am willing to be the space of love for my Mom and family.”  And Angie was resisting her mother’s tantrum energy.  michael gave her a MindShifter “It is safe & healing and I love it when anybody including myself, my mother, my daughter, my son and his father, have a temper tantrum.”  Another MindShifter “It is safe & healing for Mom to die and for me to remain totally connected to love if it happens.” You are not responsible for your mother’s cancer.   Early in life we are told “If you do this I will be happy” and we try but they are still not happy.  And give her permission to go.

Caller Tim B, one of his challenges is Love for Laws of Living, please explain.

Caller Kenny in Birmingham, still has a file with a memory of sexual abuse (witnessed his aunt being raped) and took survival. Wants to learn the technique to forgive self and others.

Caller Elizabeth from Michigan. awesome show.  When you feel called to help change the healthcare system and negate the insanity (disease care) – finishing nursing school. Held to Acts 3:6 “I don’t have any silver or gold for you. But I’ll give you what I have.”  Today on the radio show it clicked for her – there are not enough drugs or technologies to heal people but I can make the choices to do the work in my life and pass that energy on to others (that is what I have).  Many heal when given a drug not because of the drug but the care and support of the physician. The presence of love of the practitioner is what helps heal, it resonates that state of being in the patient.

March 21



Caller Susan B in PA

Caller Camille, driving and loved the conversation with Susan B. Shared new experiences with Robert and the work.

Caller Kenny asked about Judas and judgment.

Caller Jessica, “it is so frustrating” michael stopped her and explained denial.

Caller Cindy, massage therapist at chiroprator office, and at a fitness center, lots of frustration.

March 22



Caller Magda asked michael to read Einstein’s letter to his daughter again.

Caller Jessica, assistance with a wake-up sheet and explanation of cancelling goal


March 23



March 24



March 25

Listen Part 1

Download Part 1

Listen Part 2

Download Part 2


Technical issues … show is in 2 parts: Tim Hayes’ first 20 minutes and then the rest of the 2 hours
March 26



Caller Magda

Caller Roma

only hurting people hurt people

My Commitment

the original rage is the loss of BEING

Caller Susan in PA interaction with a man that has triggered her to the max and now lots of physical issues.

Caller Peter from Sweden, when talking of “aging”

March 27



Caller Magda

Caller Angie wants to clear up the hate she holds for Jason.  Feels her life is threatened.

michael will be in Cincinnati on Sunday FREE Why Again workshop 1-4

Caller Kenny, is the EGO your AMIGO?  It shows us what we have hidden in the unconscious (where we need to work) but we are not designed to have an unconscious mind. So it can protect us until we are ready yet it can be a distraction.

We are now available on iHeart Radio and being broadcast on multiple stations.

Caller Grady in Charlotte, on my Personal Code, Evaluation, I have a low Love for Others and an inversion of Fear & Hostility.  michael explained that hostility is always secondary with underlying pain or fear.  With an inversion your scores say I do not have much fear but with a lower hostility score it says I am hiding something that is feared and not willing to look at it yet. Then how well do you maintain active presence of Love when in the presence of others (or self or truth) and the fear hidden is probably about others and that is why they trigger you so easily.  Grady says it will be a process to see what he is hiding because he does not feel he is doing that. michael said you can’t figure it out.

March 28



Caller Linda and Dr Tim discussing flight or flight or freeze and the ability to stay present and connected instead.

Dr Tim announced Pierre Pradervand will be interviewed on the show on Tuesday, April 9, 2019. “365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World” see  also, “Gentle Art of Blessing” see and and

Caller Jessica, update with what to do now, old programing to ‘make money’ verses trusting God. Am I doing it because I love it or guided to? What are the rules?  michael suggested first wake-up sheets to make money.  Shared his story of his personal experience of believing and trusting. Change the belief that to do spiritual work I had to be in poverty. Her father used to be a musician and due to pressure became a physician.

Jeanie added you must understand living on purpose – see worksheet  and the world will shift and things will be different.

michael will be in Cincinnati on Sunday FREE Why Again workshop 1-4

Summer Intensives: FFF&W, 3-day PCE, 9-day Why Again, 9-day Teachers’ Training  – flyer at

Announce Google Hang-outs and dial into the show FREE

Dr Tim shared a practice by Sylvia Boorstein of putting your hand on your heart and being gentle with yourself

Dr Tim created


Caller Camille shared a poem written by her father to her mother while pregnant with Camille. 79 years after it was written.

Caller Susan in PA, would love to have a copy to read of Camille’s poem.  Question: if she commits abuse or sees it, that is God’s will for me?  michael said “thy will be done” and if you choose to abuse it is ‘contained in God’s will but not his will’ you can originate insanity if you choose but he does not ‘source it’  You can pardon or forgive what the act resonates in you.  She spoke of sadness still remaining and can we ever not feel sorry?

March 29



Caller Roma

Caller Susan, asked about the scriptures and “missing” pieces. And that Mary Magdalene was insane. Dr Tim explained how the church chose what went in the canon of the Bible. michael added to the discussion and said YShua said the First Law was to have Rakhma and upon this hangs the law and phrophets. Must be connected to discern the scriptures. michael said everyone is insane with thought disorders.

Caller Nancy, just got off phone with Julie. What is up is that Cheryl (her sister) had her mom signed papers that Cheryl has total Power of Attorney. Trust issues now with her sister. How can one get beyond this? michael offered first cancel the goal to trust sister. Mistrust and pain must be cleared. Her sister wants to control.  Control is the need to protect self from PP dynamics. Generational.

Caller Marlene from FL, business settled in October and just reached out to son and he returned attachments from past mediation. Did she make a mistake reaching out? michael mentioned the song “There aint no good guys, there aint no bad guys, there’s only you and me and we just disagree.” Can you hold the space when his rage comes up? In order for relationship to happen chaos has to happen.

Caller Grady, had a session with Julie, lots of frustration for me. Trigger when Julie sent me a “report card” of our session and what we did or did not accomplish. She gave me mediocre C- except in avoidance and she gave me an A+ and it set me off big time.

Caller Roma, going to teach Why Again this Sunday.

 March 30



March 31





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