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March 1



ACIM Lesson 60 Review of Lessons 46 – 50

Second hour prerecorded

March 2



Lesson 61 “I am the light of the world.”

Discussion of killing ants and mice

Caller Susan

Caller Audrey

Caller Roma

March 3



Lesson 62 “Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.”

Caller Ellen awesome how many teachers we have now. Suggested reading the book “A Thousand Names for Joy: Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are” and she has a new book “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie

Dr Tim offered to create a synergy and amplification by looking for the similarities of different teachers saying basically the same thing.

michael and Jeanie shared her process over the last couple of days. And how the CBM tries to come back online. Observe yourself in operation.

Zach Bush monologue of having 3 people die and he brought them back and they asked “why did you bring me back? I was finally fully accepted.”

michael read from Why Again chapter on Evidential Mind

Caller Lisa, got a message from her Mom that her daughter is only getting 4 tickets to her college graduation and her son is graduating from High School and she is not invited to either event. She was aware of her thoughts but hey were deep darkness. michael said the truth about you has not changed. She said she is 9 miles from her boys and has not seen them in 11 years. How is she supposed to live if she never sees them again? michael asked how many of her ancesters (only 3 generations) did any live without pain and trauma?  Thoughts in the mind create your evidential reality and we create aborrent experiences. Point is being the ‘early adopter’ to change the generations. You’ve moved light years and you have been cleaning it up. Energetically and genetically you will open the space even if you never see their faces again. MindShifter: It is safe and easy and healing and I am OK even if I never see my children again. She told him she trusted his choice. michael suggested to be open a new communication with him by text or phone and shift from fear and loss ‘never see you again’ to acknowledge the sweetness of his being and your experience of him and that everyone in his life is made of the same stuff and connection and communication is safe and healing. michael offered with his past experience of bias by his father he could have created the thought Mom doesn’t want to see me again and is in the same pain. She said she has always been the better person, what about herself? Moved into the victim role. Give it up, it may not produce what you want but the lifetime message might be the change. I hear you and have seen the injustice and can not fault you to make a case for that injustice or forgive it and live as the presence of love regardless.

We watched the movie “Love Story” and they repeated Love means never having to say you are sorry.

March 4
Lesson 63 The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.

Two hour show began 2 year ago today! Thank you Dr Tim for hosting that 2nd hour AND for being cohost the 9+ years prior to that. You are a blessing.

Quoted from The Way of Mastery (3rd chapter) definition for forgiveness: To forgive means to choose to release another from the perceptions you have been projecting upon them.

Dr Tim walks through a worksheet on himself (a web video call triggered indignation and anger as well as sadness and fear).

Caller Ellen.

michael discussed denial that then builds an unconscious and we create our world. There are no innocent victims.

Continued reading of the Evidential Mind (chapter in Why Again)

Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind (1977) – they used signs to communicate with the aliens and Jeanie found herself doing the signs during her process time. Research after “The solfege hand signs (also called the Kodaly hand signs or the Curwen hand signs) were originally developed by John Curwen, but popularized through their use in the Kodaly method. The idea behind the solfege hand signs is simple: each tone of the seven-note solfege system is given a shape for the singer to make.”

Caller Julie in OR as a musician, the measure is a word she is familiar with. Measure is a certain set or amount of beats so one composer can understand what another composer says. Most music is 4 measures or 8 measures. When she is teaching music the 5th measure is a link of one phrase to another so it flows. Measure by measure is layering of sounds that supports the melody, harmony and held together by rythym (usually 2 or 4 beats). Some composers do 5 beats – interesting and not easy to coordinate. “Take Five” old jazz piece. Hand signals stands for the universal scales 12 tones, tempered or measured to match Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do – every key can be Do and then measured from there. Can reach all different levels. Music is Sound /Language directly from God. Five notes apart.

Caller Susan B. worked with Kodaly hand signals and children learned music so quickly. 2,4,8 stops but 5 is a link and a guarantee of more energy – 5th keeps it going. 5/4 time is dancy and lively and perpetual. 1,2,3 then 1,2

michael added there is a touch healing form called a Solfeggio frequency – pure sine waves.  Jeanie’s body did that for at least an hour. The joy and presence and sweetness was so palitable.

In Aramaic what is translated as heaven can also be translated as expansion.

“Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” –Luke 6:38

March 5



Lesson 64 Let me not forget my function.

Lesson 65 My only function is the one God gave me.

Lesson 66 My happiness and my function are one.

Caller Celinda

Caller Ann

Caller Susan B discusses her thought she needs to help her grandson when he is asking the same thing multiple times. Functional medicine psychiatrist. TeleHealth ex. Julia Britz

michael begins chapter 8 on Projection and Externalization – internal process projected on something outside. There is an actual World (capital W, created by the Creator) and the world (lower case) we think we see with our eyes is our reality not actuality. The world “…will remain no longer than the thought that gave it birth is cherished.”  See ACIM What is the World – 16 parts on our youtube channel

Caller John in MI shared his updates and therapy and needing to stop smoking.

Caller Ann offered support for John. Her husband (who passed) did not stop smoking soon enough. This community holding the space.

Suzanne Tucker and Conscious Parenting

Cathy from FL in chatroom has an abcessed tooth and asked for a MindShifter :”I am now willing and open to find the deepest guidance possible in healing what is happening with my teeth.”  michael offered infections in the teeth can be a challenge to the brain and heart and understands not wanting to do antibiotics then it might be wise to take an antibiotic. Then rebuild your microbiom and then repopulate probiotics in your system. Then look at what do you not want to say in your life?  Bob in Australia also in chatroom suggested she use MMS – check  or  Bob also suggested to search Jim Humble MMS (it is sodium chlorite).

March 6



March 7



March 8



Lesson 67 Love created me like itself.

Caller Ellen

Caller Magda commented on her EGO self pulling her higher self away from experiencing Being, Dr Tim says that is like an ant pulling an elephant away from water it wants. Step back and observe your thoughts and the denial, the truth is the thought connected to the goal of always being blissful and perfect. Self-sabotage that things in her mind reemerge. Use 4 questions and turn-around of Byron Katie’s work. 1) Is it true? 2) Can you absolutely know it is true? 3) How do you react when you believe that thought? 4) Who would you be without the thought?

michael shared going through a breath session, and thought of the burden we carry and to forgive but arrived at the knowledge when we allow the active presence of love to come in then it is joyful to forgive with ease and grace.

Caller Susan B, had brought up an old issue about people throwing up in public (and being ostracized) and now she herself is not feeling well and telling self it is a healing crisis but it is not fun. She wants to fix things and can’t and tells herself she can’t stomach it.  An older MindShifter: It is safe and healing to do what I want to do (instead of what she feels she should do).  But she doesn’t think what she loves to do (her doodling) is on purpose. michael shared throwing up while doing energy work on Jeanie while she was processing her MindShifter: It is safe and healing for me to be in the presence of someone who is throwing up – or to be the person who is throwing up. Asked about fasting. She does not have luck with fasting due to blood sugar problems, michael said look at unresolved grief.

michael read from chapter 8 on Projection and Externalization

Caller Julie about the ‘eyes do not really see’ but she is scheduled for external option of corrected lens. michael said he knows several people who have gone through that surgery and it has been very beneficial. If your life is going to be better to visual correction immediately then go for it. Who knows how long it would take you to correct it doing your work. Doing her purpose offering music with others (ie offering input to Jeanie’s message about measures).  Mentioned using the Avacen and has felt clearer and slept well.

March 9



Lesson 68 Love holds no grievances.

Joan mentions in the chatroom the Grievances activity in Laws of Living.

Caller Ellen, Susan and Mary

Technical difficulties with BlogTalk Radio during 1st hour.

Caller Ann had to look at her sexual abuse resonated by a movie “Indian Horse” on Native American children taken from their parents and put in so called Christian schools run by white man. They abused them terribly. Discussion of low-life perception. Amazon movie

michael reads from Why Again chapter 8 on Projection and Externalization

Painful construct with hostility and fear at the root, will be low level perception. When we cancel the goal, the perception collapses and we bring the hidden part forward into the presence of love it dissolves. WE will have more accurate data and we will be better able to protect ourself. Don’t judge by appearance (in your mind).

Guilt is holding onto a thought disorder from the past. Ex. my father told me I was wrong, sister said it is your fault. Michele in chatroom said she is saying the montra “I am innocent’ Jeanie shared that was what she herself said outloud in her breath session the other day. Time to release guilt on this planet.

Caller Ron B, daughter is turning 16. He shared he has done well with the tools and in his current work situation there was notice a new boss was coming in and he was triggered. He was wanting to post the “I Am Somebody” and he found a folder with papers he wrote in 3rd grade. He wept and wept for that little boy who thought he had no value. michael said get a picture of yourself around your son, Ronnie’s age and take it and the I Am Somebody and read it to both little Ronnies. Let go of the abuse and have that picture in hand and go face to face with Dad and let him know he did not deserve the pain of passing that on to you either. MitakuyeOyasin is in the Lakota language that translates “we are all related” or “all my relations”  His 4 year old will say my anger knocked my love over. Or will say I am not love I am angry. So he is still aware.

michael explained the filters over the mind

March 10



Lesson 69 My grievances hide the light of the world in me.

Caller Joan. Dr Tim gave her a MindShifter: “It is safe & healing for me to be wildly successful.”

Caller Tim B worksheets around driving, treadmill or anything that is asking something of him – threats in day to day life and same goal of wanting to be a small child again and being taken care of. michael offered it is just underlying fear and you are putting the cause on anything. Perhaps as a child you did not feel you were taken care of and have an addictive need to be taken care of. MindShifter: “It is safe & healing & I, Tim Bingham, will thrive even if I am totally abandoned.” he remembers being left to his own devices to deal with another issues. MS “My own devices are powerful enough to cause me to thrive.” Get clarity of what your resources really are (touch into more of the truth about self and who his being is).

reading from book Why Again on perceptual world according to the content held in the mind around the trigger. Take responsibility for your own mind/thoughts and then change can take place with forgiveness.

Question from Thippaya in Thailand, chatroom, she has a friend who has cancer, how can she use a work sheet to help her? part of the mind is involved in ‘physical’ issues. We are an energy body and 2 energies involved – integrative (build us up) and disintegrative (tears down)

Caller Patrick McGhan, shared a current experience which led to not being treated fairly or treating others fairly. Stand in trust and treat yourself fairly. Relisten to the archive and where your voice changes do some work around.

Caller Roma, been ‘diagnosed’ with Rouleau where red blood cells stick. Jeanie did a quick search and it says it occurs when the plasma protein concentration is high,

Shared Jeanie was breathing and getting in touch with ‘holding on’ and got a message (referrenced in Concussion) from a woodpecker that it was supposed to hold on but she was not.

March 11



Lesson 70 My salvation comes from me.

Caller Tim B

Caller Ellen. Discussion of those moments where time or space seems to change or pass unnoticed. Then “miracles” happen.

Caller Ann, remembers that study where “happy, brilliant children have plenty of blank staring time.”  Discussion of Plans or Visions (say for 10 years out) verses setting a Goal (to be completed in the next waking period) to reserve your resources until needed for current behavior today. Staring at sky and not realizing time even passed, that is reguvenation period which is needed daily and perhaps a day taken every week. Include that time in your planner. Conversation on ‘don’t have to…’ ‘won’t happen’ etc. ‘not controlled’ and go to the other side and name what you want. Is there really time?  Contemplating on whether there is time will not change it … more important is framing and setting my life goals instead of allowing others to manage it.

michael reading from Why Again and then discussion of being in the space to receive the messages and a whole new meaning appears.  ACIM lesson says “I have given everything I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place] all the meaning that it has for me.  What this means is that everything that happens around us or to us has no meaning. It is without any meaning at all. Completely neutral. But we usually don’t see things that way. We usually see them with some sort of judgment, like good or bad.”

Caller Magda, definition of denial is thinking or speaking that something or someone outside us is the cause of what is happening inside. What if we know that but there is still a part (denial, dissociation & blame) that believes they are cause and then overload happens. Solution is to recognize I am one individual in a long chain of generations and probably won’t be done today. It is bigger than me and I will be patient and chip away as I can. Magda gave an example that last week she was in a loving space for a couple days and will then find herself becoming angry with herself, discouragement for letting CBM pull her back. Not overwhelmed but her goal was to always feel the love and joy without having to do to maintain. michael said cancel the goal to be perfect and done.

Bob in chatroom said “Sometimes I AM happy, and sometimes I AM sad, but, I AM always content.”  we don’t have to give the meaning to sadness.

Caller Julie, her friend George back in hospital. MindShifter for feeling inadequate to tell George about the Avocen and then to overcome fear around her upcoming surgery. Part of wanting to rescue him.  michael said he would call George. Lens surgery on Monday 10AM PST.  MindShifter: “Knowing I have selected the best doctor available, I gently and willingly turn the care of my eyes over to him, and listen to the guidance I receive and do my part.” might mean if you are guided to up your Vit B3 or C or eat extra oranges to build your vitality and immunity. And send us a text so we are reminded to hold the space for him and for you. You are going in for an upgrade, more clarity.

To Hold The Space – example

HeartLand will not be opened this year, again due to Covid. We will probably schedule another 14-week intensive equivalent to a 9-day Why and a 9-day Teachers’ Training.

March 12



Lesson 71 Only God’s plan for salvation will work.

Lesson 72 Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.

Lesson 73 I will there be light.

Callers Susan B and Ellen – virus removal tool.  And we go in stages, shared michael had an opening and was given the message he could stay there but his body would burn up. Continue to do our work to build vitality. Layer by layer.


Caller Magda, is EGO and CBM the same? Software is the EGO and Computer hardware is the CBM – very closely connected but not the same. Feel we are more and more moving to critical mass.

Caller Celinda, been in desert doing retreat work. Ask if we are the programer?  We are not to figure it out.  michael said our task is to prepare the soil (Adamos) to receive what is already in store for us – to make it ready. We are to create a space (in me) for the wholeness to enter.

Being functional – so heavenly minded as to be no earthly good.

michael referred to movie “Gods and Generals” and there is a line delivered that if the North wins this war (Civil) then the country will belong to congress and bankers.  We are taught (brainwashed) to be good commercial servants. The world has a use for you and you are to fulfil it. Bring into expression your purpose of being here – new set of skills and a different world. While making a living in commerce (to pay bills), make time (a tithe of time, intelligence, money and energy) to develop beingness.

Caller Susan B. what about blocking people who trigger unease? Example: radio show or facebook page, interact a number of times but if repeated hatred and vegence then yes I will block them.  Everyone has the right to say anything but I have a standard and have the right to say not on my show or my page.

March 13



March 14



March 15



Lesson 74 There is no will but God’s.

Caller Ellen

michael reads from Why Again

Caller Susan asks about ‘we are all one’ then how do we cope? We are individualized not separate.

Must trust the process and the outcome the people we love create. michael shared how he told his daughter “I don’t agree with what you are doing but I trust you know what you are doing.” and released her to the Creator.

michael read part of his insight on ‘locked in bone’

March 16



Lesson 75 The light has come. First hour was prerecorded interview from 2019 with Corinne Zupko (author of “From Anxiety to Love”) talking about the inner therapist. Do you want to heal or do you just want to fix? You have to uproot a belief or thought that we are separate. Not separate from Love. She used to have anxiety and panic attacks and her healing is profound because she is willing to question and replace thoughts with Love. From website.

Rene Descartes said, “If you are a real seeker of truth then you must, at least once, doubt all things.”

michael posted a drawing in the CoDependence Group WhatsApp. Anyone who can explain the picture gets a free Aramaicisms.

Caller Cecilia worked with michael in Dayton, OH back in the day and could not get it. It took her 20 years to get it. Did a worksheet this morning, her neighbor is getting too ‘friendly’ and she has incredible fear. What came up was events with her grandfather and father. Part of survivors of sexual abuse group.  Realizes this is a repeat pattern coming into her space and wants to be responsible. Essene is her spirituality. Says if you live in love and forgiveness then fear, depression and anxiety can’t live there. Looked up Radical Forgiveness and realized Colin Tipping’s work came from (and he acknowledges) dr michael ryce.

michael suggested she use, MindShifter and explained how it works ( by resonance. He gave her the M/S: “All of the men in my life have always appreciated me, for speaking up and asking them to keep their hands to themselves.” A release of sadness came up, heat and water pouring out on the page. This is the beginning of a detox of the offenses to you. This is the undoing.

Then there will be a second tool for a strengthening. Responsibility Communication (michael offered an example of what the letter might sound like).  Listen to Angie who faced similar situation

Developing a deeper compassion for those who did the behaviors. Releasing the victim mentality. Doing it for the generations. Daughter can also give feedback on the letter but sit with you as you do the worksheet. Hold the space – example  Hering’s Law of Cure – Homeopathy

Healing Crisis – symptomatic – or Disease Process?

March 17



Lesson 76 I am under no laws but God’s.

Caller Susan with Dr Tim about her arm going into pain when addressing a topic, probably getting close to the cause. Until one feels safe enough to look at what they have labelled in their mind as too tramatic. Refer to TMS (tension myoneural syndrome) or mindbody syndrome the name given by Dr. John E. Sarno

Caller Julie gave update on her eye surgery – went very easy and well.

Caller Doug, refer to yesterday’s show and it was a great show. It brought things up for him and going further into what it means to him. Initially thought it might be useful to give caution to the caller.  When two people are processing and they have an awakening to the love in themself and they see each other and think they are ‘in love’ with the other person. He realizes he is having challenges in his own relationship and in talking with a female friend he felt some level of emotional needs being met by this person instead of his partner. Careful that you could be on a slippery slope and fall into something deeper. Must be awake. michael offered what a load of pressure you put on a partner to think only one person could meet all our emotional needs. They do need to be disciplined that the only place they go for intimacy is with their partner. Example in energy work, or as a therapist or a support person, you MUST be in integrity with your sexuality. A person in process has the awakening and they are ‘in love’ and can put great pressure to express that love to the helping professional.  My mind can only go into support not intimacy with a client or another person.  Integrity means in thought, word, action or appearance any intimacy goes only to my committed partner.

Conversation of challenges in relationship(s) and taking the geographic cure. michaelk offered at a higher vitality your relationships are the perfect place to bring up denied data … don’t make me look. Ask, am I experiencing dissatisfaction? am I in a place of love and peace? If it is my fist clinching then it is mine not hers. If I am at peace then maybe I do need to move on. You will have in your relationship the characteristics you desire WHEN you become that. Ask are you driven or inspired to do what you need to do?

Non-being pain is up and has chosen to stay in the relationship because there is a lot to learn here and grow. The non-being content has gotten in the way and neither one is meeting the other’s emotional needs. Opportunity loss and suffering for each of us. michael asked ‘this form of suffering you are putting on her/him, did you know that quality of suffering vefore you met?’ you would say yes – the suffering is inside each of you (dissociated suffering in your own mind) triggered by each other but they are not the cause. Projection.

Forgiveness is one part – the undoing – and then a second part is to do the strengthening/cultivating the Love in you. When I really truly trust and let in the physiological presence of Love, my mind cannot generate constructs and we just process the raw energy underneath it.

March 18



Lesson 77 I am entitled to miracles.

Life unfolds. Events happen and I have a choice how to respond.

Responsibility Communication – healing first then problem solving

Caller Doug, fully onboard we want to be a love based mind not our false perception that someone else is cause of our problems. Commitment says ‘I am here – for and with you’ michael said every individual has to make the choice for themself but for him he has taken ‘leaving’ off the table. Doug said his goal is to make the software platform for how he operates in his life, most productive for himself. He is going to be here, never leave unless sure we are not leaving for carbon based reasons. michael offered he is leaving a backdoor open to leave. Bottom line ‘I am totally committed to you unless someone better comes along, you become the bad guy and I am the good guy.”

michael discussed creatorship

Bring creative love into this world. Cultivating a relationship with the being I am.

Spiritual bypass – open and allow God to do the rest.

March 19



Lesson 78 Let miracles replace all grievances.

Lesson 79 Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.

Lesson 80 Let me recognize my problems have been solved.

Someone asked Dr Tim how many worksheets would it take to be done with an issue, key factor is willingness. He referred back to an archive on August 27, 2014 Dr Tim was triggered and then on August 28, 2014 he shared his process working through that issue with dr. ryce. This work is carte blanche free and is the most efficient tool(s).

Books: “We Are The Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life” by Laura McKowen and “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle

Watch “Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality” by Anil Seth on YouTube

Be in this world and not of the world. Catch it early and choose to look inside and perception changes. The need to generate negative emotions is dissolved. And a whole host of different responses are available.

michael read from Why Again book

Caller Audrey, shared physical symptoms coming up after doing worksheets (past abusive life experiences) remembered being tied up in the basement as a child, and when she was 60 her mother telling her she was an embarrasment to her, internalized that she is not OK. Grew up that the world was not safe. Explain the trigger and projection. Each worksheet peels another layer.

Explanation of the drawing michael presented to the CoDependence Intensive group to decode. Audrey shared what she had said in class the other night. Caller Magda, if we are on the right channel (Love) then our perception is clear. TV is the expression and only one frequency can enter at a time. The right note/frequency by an opera singer will shatter the glass, resonance causes transfer to happen and there must be resonance to reflect into our world. Our cranial structure and the sutures in the head adjust to open the antennae the chance to realign and be the receiver it was designed to be. The alignment of the antennae will bring in the frequencies we need to function out of Love. When distorted the organs are not fed with the frequency needed to be healthy. Nene had responded in the Facebook Group.

Caller Magda, sleep study this past week and found she had disturbed sleep the whole week before.  Worksheets around trusting and letting go of control over the situation, and release worry. She felt tension increase in her arms and was able to release it. Thinker apart from thoughts, feeler apart from feelings, actor apart from actions. Medication does not produce specific thoughts.

Song “You can Relax Now” and “How Can Anyone Ever Tell You…?”

It is safe and healing for me to die and I may choose to live instead.”

March 20



March 21



March 22



Lesson 81 Review II: “I am the light of the world.” and “Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.”

Caller Ellen

Caller Susan shared the distress (OCD) is different from normal neurotic. He said ‘if you don’t answer me right I am going to jump off a bridge.’ Dr Tim said there is a reason people recommend you don’t negotiate with terrorists. People who threaten to hurt themself or another are in a lot of pain. You should make a corrective maneuver not negotiate. While there is client privacy, if Dr Tim has a client that threatens to hurt themself or another he is mandated by law to report it (varies from state to state – abuse, homicidal, suicidal – to prevent harm).

Joseph Campbell said, ”We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” – this is forgiveness

michael reads from Why Again – denial and projection cuts us off from our own power to heal. Enlightened Perception. Read online

michael had a flood of appreciation for Bill Corley (in mid to late 90s managed HeartLand) had input in font, layout, etc. mechanically put the book together.

Caller Cecilia, update on her communication with her neighbor last week.  Went unconscious under stress.  michael asked if her Power Person modeled the unconsciousness. Internal condition generated by goals. The event went amazingly beyond what I could have imagined. He tapped into my stress right off, and he had so many ideas to offer to heal and so much to share. When we got to the problem solving step he was OK to maintain distance. She felt like all the gears were trying to click in but her stress level kept her from doing the mindshifter. She spent 4 uninterrupted hours writing it. Experienced heaven on earth. The state of Being.

Caller Llenar Danita Bragg with ‘No Out There’ BT Radio show. Really resonated with first of the show that answered a question she has had for years.

Special Shows from last week

March 23



Lesson 82 Review: “The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.” and “Let me not forget my function.”

Michele switchboarded. Thank you.

Caller Susan gave a wonderful testimony of the intensives online

March 24



Lesson 83 Review: “My only function is the one God gave me.” and “My happiness and my function are one.”

Dr Tim discusses with Doug being in the flow

Caller Ellen

Rumi “the soul has been given it’s own ears to hear things the mind does not understand.”  Is darkness the light for your life?

michael read from book

Caller Susan refer to Byron Katie “A Thousand Names for Joy” michael said from the mind’s point of view we are separate and ‘care’ but we can bring to the space just being Love (presence will dissolve what is otherwise trauma) Our work is near us. The call – my work. ‘Doing’ verses natural expression of Being. Be out of your mind.

Caller Ann worked with her daughter yesterday on cancelling goals. Discussion of her daughter’s miscarriage. Resonated her abortion when she herself was in school. Jeanie explained the writing letters to the babies and then burn the letter and release it.

michael offered self study intensive information

March 25



Lesson 84 Review: “Love created me like Itself.” and “Love holds no grievances.”


2nd hour prerecorded

March 26



Lesson 85 Review: “My grievances hide the light of the world in me.” and “My salvation comes from me.”

Lesson 86 Review: “Only God’s plan for salvation will work.” and “Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.”

Lesson 87 Review: “I will there be light.” and “There is no will but God’s.”

2nd hour prerecorded

March 27



March 28



March 29



Lesson 88 Review: “The light has come.” and “I am under no laws but God’s.”

Dr Tim discusses with Susan and Ellen being honest about what they are feeling. Do worksheets and tap. Susan said she is facilitator not a therapist during the Support Groups. It is alright to feel. Permission to feel. Jeanie said she often cried in teaching women’s intensives. One woman told her to NEVER do that again. It brought up too much for her. Honest and open gives a better teaching opportunity by experience.

Jeanie and michael shared their 5 day sabatical and how they both experienced openings and greater understanding. In the new space there was no perceptual construct but processing the events ofthe past without the drama and trauma. The level of joy and presence of Love was monumental. There is a different place to live. Had tastes of this other place here and there over the years but this weekend was full blown. When doing energy work on each other, truly realized the antenae of the body brings the signal in when in alignment. Physiological shifts and then in the space to process the trauma not the energy of the trauma.  All the yerars of building brain cells made us ready to see the shifts this weekend.  Jeanie tapped into the first of the Five Measures she had been told back on March 3rd she would go through to Awakening.  The first was when she experienced leaving Being and accepting Carbon Based Memory lies – the sorrow and terror. The second was to Trust – michael, self and God.  michael laid back on Jeanie’s stomach and tapped into the safety and trust he had not felt since with his mother.

In the proper form, the structure of our ‘bodies’ is the antennae that captures love in our internal space. Hostility and Fear are non-existent when Love is active. Apply forgiveness each time anything less than love comes up.

In utero the jaw sits on top of the pelvis, they are energetically connected and what happens in one happens in the other. Resonance energy.

Forty years in the desert – was not about being lost in the sandy place but lost in unconsciousness. The promised land is where we are fueled by active present love and to enter the Promised Land the old generation had to die off. Generation (genare) means causes. We need to get to where we have so weakened the trauma (hostility and fear)  energy through forgiveness that it can no longer take over and control us. Replaced by the physiological presence of Love. One of the things that have brought tears for him is all the wasted years and realizing what is possible. Not really wasted, doing the work to even conceive what we are talking about. Now we know whaty he meant by ‘there are so many things I would like to tell you but you can’t understand.’  Like banging out the dents in a car that has been wrecked before the total reconstruction.

“Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani” wasn’t dejection but for this you preserved me, Papa Papa for this you set me aside. It is our birth rite.

Caller Celinda, shared working with The Course in Miracles for 3 months but it is not her direction and is offering to anyone who is interested she would give the teachers manual and workbook to them. michael said send it here in VA and we will get it into someone’s hands who is interested. michael asked her what ‘my mind going down the rabbit hole’ a couple of times and she said her mind goes off in other directions and she needs to be more still with Spirit instead of thinking too much. michael offered Y’Shua had the tool for stilling the mind – Aramaic forgiveness. You cancel the goal that wants to drive the process instead of ignoring it.

Go to Matthew 5 and ignore the translation but go to the dictionary in the back and do the translation yourself – powerful exercise. It is a set of instructions of howto produce the result.

reading of last paragraphs in chapter 8 on Projection and Externalization – we tend to dislike or hate what we see in another that resonates something within ourself that we are wanting to get rid of and yet not wanting to look at. Does not mean we can’t hold another accountable for off the mark behavior but is about looking inside first and forgiving what is off target within.

Two words injected in Aramaic each time forgive is used … forgive as to your brother … not forgive your brother.

A whole new level of the presence of love in our home.

Caller Susan been doing her homework of listening to the videos from the last intensive and wanted more discription of the woman going from fear to love to hostility in relationship to her abusive husband. The filters lower in resonance when she gets away and she shifts to ‘I love him’ and goes back but then she remembers why she left but this time she goes into rage and she is no longer loving him or afraid of him and she takes him apart.

Discussion of addiction to our phones.

 March 30



Lesson 89 Review: “I am entitled to miracles.” and “Let miracles replace all grievances.”

EDITED Chapter 24 of the Why Again book michael walks the character Richard through a worksheet  and Richard’s worksheet (blank worksheet and the original worksheet from printed book

michael and Jeanie shared the continued process from last night about the loss of babies. And trust in being open to discuss what is up immediately

michael read beginning of chapter 9 Blockage of Truth – first order of business is to keep Rakhma active (frontal lobe)

Caller Celinda asked if Rakhma and Khooba are interdependent and/or interrelated. michael asks for support in setting both filters. Also is the gateway to the Christ mind. Working on her hydra that reflects out to everything in her life. Magda caught her wording on needing approval yesterday when she said she wasn’t going to continue the ACIM. michael offered we never said you had to do the Course. (thank you for sending the link to the Irish music concert)

Caller Susan asked about “Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani” which even the Greek says it was written in Aramaic. It is not about being forsaken but it is closer to one’s father – Papa Papa for this you set me aside. michael said he heard that twice during our weekend process and it was open to receptivity “for this you preserved me for this”. Being physiologically supported by the pure presence of love. Take a breath and let go and be with it.

Being fearful of being open and vulnerable to someone close (like michael and Jeanie have been). Mention of feeling abandoned when michael went to Florida and it opened the space to process and recommit to each other. Each step takes you closer. Rewire the instrument. Sounds like we have opened the space for Susan to join us in Trust. Write a letter to your Mom and tell her how it is now safe.

March 31



Lesson 90 Review: “Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.” and “Let me recognize my problems have been solved.”


Prerecorded 2nd hour on Similarities to AA Program



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