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February 1



Dr Tim ACIM lesson 32 I have invented the world I see

“Now that the truth has been told, there is room for love.” line from Mass Appeal

Caller Susan, healing physical symptoms due to error in thought or trauma that remains unconscious and reflects in physiology. Refer to Jeanie sending Louise Hay info on arm pain: carrying the world’s problems. It is true she takes on everyone’s issues and attempts to solve it however she tells herself it is a healing crisis and yet she can’t trust it. michael said once you have the experience and see the load come off then you can believe it.

Caller Scott, received a call from his brother that his Dad left a skin cancer go for so long it has now matastasized and he has to see an oncologist. Regarding his own illness, he realizes it is a defense and he uses it to be safe. And has to do with his father (his Power Person) and being sick kept his Dad from attacking him. Fear God will attack him as well.

Spanish page on the website has expanded (thank you Nene)

February 2



Dr Tim ACIM lesson 33 There is another way of looking at the world.  Look at a way that avoids upset.

Caller Magda

Caller Susan

Caller Ellen – when she hears a siren or 911 looks at emergence – becoming present – not emergency. Relax and be present.

Chatroom discussion: “This one is challenging to me. This means I’m invited to see the absence of my three children differently and the “cause” being my former husband and me being the victim and my children being victims”
and “My father “lost” 2 children to divorce and he used that as an excuse to be sadistically abusive. Definitely generational.”

Caller Audrey, shared experience with change concerning her son since doing this work.

“Ground Hog Day” movie with Bill Murray “Why Is This Happening To Me …. AGAIN?!”

Request for michael to define resetting of Rakhma & Khooba to get back to the space of Love.  These are filters over the mind. see chart

Caller Roma processes being a ‘performer’ and ‘I am nothing’

February 3

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Dr Tim ACIM lesson 34 I could see peace instead of this

Caller Susan discusses with Dr Tim ‘the pain body’

(technical difficulty show cut off after 30 min. See second set of links to pick up the last 1-1/2 hr)

Caller Susan asks about the technique of hitting trees, Bataka Bat Therapy, primal screams, etc. about expressing anger and frustration. It was determined that it leads to fueling the rage. Process was replaced with creating a sacred space to defuse the anger. It is a habit to want to save others and keep them from ‘suffering’ is that habit an addiction?  Dr Tim gave the definition, Addiction: The compulsive use of anything to block from feeling my pain (numb me out from that pain) or to keep me from seeing and acting on my highest guidance.

Caller Ellen, expression of emotion (sadness or rage) because of involvement in the story just adds fuel to the fire of false beliefs but emotions can come up as a healing crisis (release of suppressed energy) just witnessing the event. Allow it to come out – the expression is healing. Energy moving has information for me – what do I do with the information?

michael reading in the book is taking Richard through a ‘feeling exercise’ identifying emotions and sensations in the body and to go to the pain and soften and let it loose.  Thoughts generate feelings (emotions).

Denial is thinking or speaking that something outside of me is the cause of something inside of me. Denial will keep us stuck in the past reality structures.

Caller Grady said the setting of Rakhma and Khooba yesterday was perfect for him. Using it in his teaching of the Be-Attitudes too.  Feelings are sensations or output of the thought. When R&K are properly set we are in a space of cleaning up the CBM and then the higher faculties can come in and give us a taste of the event. Enlightened Perception. Then regarding the Be-Attitudes, instruction set for returning to Being.

Caller Julie M. shared an experience of listening to Dale Allen Hoffman’s CDs on the Aramaic – Home in Emptiness (Be-Attitudes)

This statement before each Be-Attitude more accurately carries the lost meaning of Jesus’ word -TOUVEYHOUN: God implanted in your mind neural structures which will guide you when they are active. If they are active, you who follow these instructions will come into conscious possession of and be able to use this latent guidance system, designed to make available thoughts and actions that will increase your happiness and well-being:

Caller Peter (Sweden) had experience and his perception went down a road, saw and caught himself, stopped his mind, aiming for conscious active love but felt artificial.  Can say I want to bring this love forward but the mass in CBM fights against it. The process is one of the Truth of who you are wrestling back the control of your mind and body.

February 4



Dr Tim ACIM lesson 35 My mind is part of God’s. I am very holy

Caller Susan

Question: does the ACIM refer top Rookha d’Koodsha? The Course calls the Holy Spirit but refers to the same power within.

Caller Magda – if you overload yourself with goals it is easy to go into PP behavior.

Caller Joan

michael ends with a meditation of expanding your light (meditation separated on MP3)

February 5



Dr Tim ACIM lesson 36 My holiness envelops everything I see


Replay during the 2nd hour – Rory (5th grader) does a worksheet on the show.

February 6





February 7





February 8



Dr Tim ACIM lesson Lesson 37 My holiness blesses the world

Lesson 38 There is nothing my holiness cannot do

Lesson 39 My holiness is my salvation

Caller Ellen shared working through her anger (doing a worksheet and calming down) then asking her neighbor to do the right thing (clearing snow).

michael reads from the book Why Again  – cause is not outside of you.

Caller Judy Phelan, just moved north of Douglas County (1 hr from HeartLand) clearing out a storage unit. Her neighbors are young and drugs and listening to Ellen helped.

Jeanie read an email from a lady in a codependent relationship with one she is dependent on and yet he is abusive.

Caller Susan, thankful for the weekly links. Asked about todays ACIM My holiness is my salvation.  michael shared the message he got when breathing on Saturday, that every time you clinch your jaw you set that energy in bone, and everything set in bone takes time to heal.  Then he began thinking of the pain and suffering set in bone in his past generations.

February 9



Dr Tim ACIM lesson 40 I am blessed as a Son of God

Movie / Documentary on Tom Shadyak “I AM”:

Dr Tim talks with caller Ellen, in school her classmates did not like her because she always made 100% and thus there was no ‘curve’ in grading. Cooperation not competition.

michael reads from chapter 5 of Why Again.

Thippaya working on the Purpose worksheet.

Caller Audrey went to a ACIM class and they think this is all a dream that the world is not real.  Go to our YouTube channel and watch What is the World?  The world of false perception is the image in your mind.

Caller Michele in Mexico was walking around the neighborhood and there are dogs coming out at her and she was aware of fear coming up. And she kept thinking send love and they still bit her. How do you drop the fear? “Trust in Allaha and tie up your camel.”  Recognize you may not have been 100% successful but you stayed conscious and was aware of your fear.

Caller Susan said she had a reaction to their second shot that was extreme. Drink plenty of water and breathe, it could be a healing process.

February 10



Dr Tim ACIM lesson 41 God goes with me wherever I go.  “The Course in Miracles Experiment” by Pam Grout

Dr Tim played a prerecorded show for the last 30 minutes. On Special Relationships. Regulatory Speech – regulates my mind.

Caller Nene shared from an interview she did and her meditation.

michael read from the Why Again book chapter 5 “the cause of pain” and what works to resolve the pain. Drugs can cover or lessen symptoms but does not heal. Feelings are a feedback mechanism to what you need to see.

“Each moment of Love, Each moment of giving, Each moment of joy, Is a moment of living. Each moment of anger, Each moment of lying, Each moment of fear, Is a moment of dying. All our moments add together, Like the digits in a sum, And the answer tells us plainly, Whether life or death will come.”

Jeanie read the explanation of “How this work follows what Y’Shua (aka Jesus) did/said” can read it for yourself at

Caller Ann requests support for Nancy Dock who broke her wrist.

App called “Spreaker” and type in MindShifters and there are our shows.

Julie H. texted to hold the space of support for them near HeartLand as it is freezing rain and 27 degrees.

Closed with a meditation

February 11



Dr Tim ACIM lesson 42 God is my strength. Vision is His gift

Caller Susan B. MindShifter: It is safe and healing for me to live a peaceful happy life even when my children are suffering. Or just write/journal the raw belief that any mother who can’t make her children healthy and happy deserves to be punished. What is blocking you from doing the most useful things?

Discussion on Ho’oponopono

Caller Michele, generally men use sex to get close and yet women need to get close to have sex. Working with a couple and they had an agument and later he wanted to be intimate and she did not want to because of the way he had treated her and she withdrew. Is this a consequence of the argument or punishment? And then he has feelings about her withdrawal. michael offered it is a blame game and they need to take responsibility for what they feel themselves – internal work of forgiveness and then use the responsibility communication tool. Their desires are one when they are coming from love. What about accountability?  If I function out of pain then any attempt toward holding one accountable will fail.

Chapter 6 What is Reality?

Caller Grace, if someone is threatening to kill me on a regular basis then my responsibility is to work on myself and then call the police or mental health assistance? michael said, if you are in danger the first thing is to get out be responsible for your physical safety whatever that means. Thought disorders that resonate to bring on abusive relationships repeatedly, want to put out the vibe ‘I know who I am and ready for someone who knows who they are and we are ready to play.’ Not been able to get him help (a vet with PTSD) but now want to get help for self. Can’t ‘figure it out’

Caller Roma felt such compassion for Grace and began to cry – I don’t know why. Is this just compassion? Compassion is not about tears but holding Love conscious and active for them. When tears come there is an underlying situation maybe unresolved. She thought of when her parents fought, had a goal as a child for them to act in a way that reflected love and caring and not hurt each other. She touched into grief and scary. Wants Grace to be happy.

February 12



Dr Tim ACIM lesson 43 God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him

Lesson 44 God is the light in which I see.

Lesson 45 God is the Mind with which I think

Caller Audrey, stuck and needs help doing a worksheet about her son. He was in service and only had 2 months left and wanted her to come to Hawaii to see him and her husband said no. She had money to complete her RN and could have booked a flight to see him. He was a pilot and was killed. Now she thinks she was selfish to put her own goals first instead of seeing her son. If she had known of course she would have gone. Dt Tim asked her what has triggered this today?  Unsure. Dr Tim asked how long ago did this happen? She replied over 25 years.  Dr Tim walked her through the sadness and guilt.

2nd hour, played a prerecorded show from Oct 25, 2019 Khabouris show – discusses the validity as a source for this Aramaic work. (the MP2 is on our website at

February 13



Happy Eternal Day michael!


February 14



Happy Valentines Day.



February 15



Lesson 46 God is the Love in which I forgive

The true hard work of love and relationships by Alain de Botton

Caller Susan B. I cancel my need to be right. I cancel the specific goal for this worksheet. And have now found the answer to the Truth challenge on the PCE.  Belief that I cannot be happy if my children are unhappy. Stop and let my mind deliver what is in there. Key memories of my son as a newborn, and he did not breathe at first. Her take away was she wasn’t attentive to him and swore that would not happen again. They put him in a box to keep him warm and oxygen increase. She did not touch him for a day but lied that she did take him out and put him on her chest.  She kept this lie.  So she bought into the belief that she can’t let him suffer now.  Then she made a breakthrough with her son and that it is OK to let him not breathe. She feels free.  Dr Tim offered every secret (not same as privacy) that I keep feeds my ‘sickness’ of unworthy, wrong, etc.

Then shared doing a worksheet with her grandson and he got it so quickly.

Recommendation: the book “Tribe” by Sebastian Junger

Caller Doug, we have an idea that certain ideas are better and judgement over those ideas which do not have as good an outcome. Some train of thought says all ideas are equal. Different lifestyles for loving others in the world. He was raised that a relationship between a man and woman was best and there was a judgement that any other thinking was wrong. How does one sort out that everything is equivalent? Prefers the acknowledgement that a particular way is better. Dr Tim said looking for acknowledgement from outside is creating a prison of your own making. I hold my opinion to myself if someone does not agree with me.  MindShifter: “It is safe and healing for me when people I trust and respect do not acknowledge my viewpoint.” Need more liberty within myself instead of fear of speaking what he thinks.

Jeanie offered integrative and disintegrative energies. Drinking water is better than drinking acid – fact without judgement.

michael offered it sounds like ‘being rejected’ happens when it is taken personally, goal of being accepted and respected. Forgive and then you can take another person’s opposing opinion and be OK with it instead of feeling attacked or not acknowledged.

michael reads from chapter 6 What Is Reality

Workshops we have on DVDs are now available on MP4 as a streaming view not a download and is half the price of the DVDs

Symptoms of Healing (MP3s that go along with this can be found under Worksheets to Print

michael is in Sarasota, FL working with Dr. John Lieurance (who is in the intensive) who wants to bring forgiveness into his practice.

Caller Nene, spent 3 hours doing her work yesterday. Completed her third MindShifter and watching the videos and Breathed for almost an hour. Opening new paths to put her life on purpose.

Caller Ann, what is the process when one doesn’t drink enough water? Dehydration slows things down. Book “Body’s Many Cries for Water” by F. Batmanghelidj – it plays on the brain activity. Half the body weight in ounces is ideal. First quart of water in morning before eating food.

Caller Julie H, zero degrees and windchill is 15 below and it is snowing.

Question in chatroom: what recommendations for brain health?  Search Dr. John Lieurance and the Regenerative Medicine Center. Doing stem cells and lots of cutting edge stuff.

michael shared when he was breathing, it is the movement of love through us that is life. Think about places where you withdraw or avoid the flow because you think someone (or yourself) doesn’t deserve it. Look at where you think hostility or fear is in order and know it is your mind’s lies. Strengthen the active present love within you. No matter what someone does we can hold to the space as a true human being.

February 16



Lesson 47 God is the strength in which I trust.

Prerecorded show during 2nd hour. Replay of August 3, 2017: Profane becomes normal and insane is acceptable even among the world leadership.  michael said he watched the TedTalk on an experiment with someone in a chair, their right hand on a table and left hand on table but hidden from view by a wall and a fake hand visible. The experimentor is stroking both hands, the right hand and the fake one and then someone comes in and stabs the fake hand and the person reacts as if it was their real hand. Hypnotized that quickly.  Hitler said make a lie big enough and tell it often enough and people will believe it to be true. (Anil Seth – creation of perception is our own best guess based on the reception of sight and sound and touch and our own history.)  We create our perception, one based on outside events and one from inside ourselves.  Our outside world is based on best guesses from stimulation within neuropathways.  The stimulation coming in is not as important as the beliefs and guesses we make about that.  Our belief about who we are is all guesses created by guessing about stimulation, regulated by creating homeostasis and safety.   Then caller Tracey, asked for the explanation again with a real life situation about emotions verse thoughts that ‘organize’ the world we see.

February 17



Lesson 48 There is nothing to fear.

Lisa in chatroom talks about Hank Wesselman PhD book “The Bowl of Light: Ancestral Wisdom from a Hawaiian Shaman” His website is

Caller Ellen discusses adaptation / over reaction to rage and pain. Deal with what underlies the rage (usually pain or fear) and it will dissolve as well.  She was always in rage as a child and never addressed it. Now afraid of the rage. Dr Tim shared his processing of the 3 year old and the 21 year old Tim. Ask to be shown. It is bigger than ourself. We can respond without the emotion, the action is protective but the emotions are debilitating but can be good feedback. Negative emotion says there is an errant thought I need to look at.

michael reads more in Why Again – difference in reality and actuality. We don’t see with our eyes but generate our reality from the past. Richard had a ‘protect self goal’ and ready to attack when the waitress removed his cup of coffee (he thought she was taking from him) but she was giving him a fresh cup (supporting him). ACIM says your part is to return your mind to the point of the original issue that created the pained perception. Cancel the goal that is operating the mind at the moment and then ask/ allowing Rukha to clean it out. You have to let go before Spirit takes it. Begin with a surface goal then go deeper to the core of the issue.

Refer to Ben Underwood who lost both eyes to cancer at age of 3 and used ecolocation (clicking his tongue) to ‘see’. Passed away a week before his 17th birthday (in 2009) from the same cancer.  Eyes are the frequency receiver. Ben used a different receiver. We have many faculties and receivers.

Caller Roma what is the process that brought the understanding that anger as a drug? It is a way to anesthesize ourself.  Rakhma (frontal lobe over intentions) and Khooba (back of brain over perceptions) are filters in the brain. It is innate operating part of the mind that can be exercised by will. Then it becomes a choice. When both are set then it is Perfect Love.

Rookha d’Koodsha (elemental force of kosher) what is proper for humans Aramaicisms see Aramaic Fridays the whole year 2014 with Dale Hoffman

We now have streaming service of MP4s of all of our DVDs  Half price of the DVDs

Caller Susan B – seeing a chiroprator about her arm and he said ‘there is not a lot of consciousness here’ what could that mean? lack of energy movement. Be conscious of what is in the flesh. Acceptance can be another way of allowing the energy to move. MindShifter: “It is safe and healing for me to be in total wellbeing mode especially when my son is distressed.” She sent valentines to all her grandkids, Luke’s girlfriend wrote back and said Luke has a job and is mentoring a little boy twice a week.

michael is working with Dr. John Lieurance and the Regenerative Medicine Center.

February 18



Lesson 49 God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.

Dr Tim interview with Laura McKowen author of “We are the Luckiest: the surprising magic of a sober life” her return from alcohol addiction but her realization that radical honesty (Journey’s Dream podcast)

Caller Grace asks for support in a worksheet around her despair (her ankle was set incorrectly and she is in pain). Asked about doing separate modalities or did they interfere with each other, ie Karma, Psychic, etc.

Caller Susan said she had a friend who wants her to ‘try’ different things. She has done michael’s tools for ten years and reads other things that are in alignment. She has started books or movies and they don’t feel like wholesome input so she stops them.

Caller Grace asked about the Healing Process not being feelgood.

Caller Susan B. has a grandson potentially with Covid. Its easy to be safe and wishes everyone would do so rergardless of taking the shot or not.  And Dr. Tim is going to interview Marcella Pixley author of Trowbridge Road

February 19



Lesson 50 I am sustained by the Love of God.

Callers Ellen and Susan talk about the book “Science of Ascension: A Study of The Absolute” by Lillian DeWaters

Dr Tim says live in the question and ask to be shown. Ellen expressed gratitude for Susan introducing her to michael ryce’s work.

Recommendation of movie “Milton’s Secret” focuses on 11 year-old Milton Adams who is growing up in an uncertain world. With his parents constantly stressing about their careers and finances, and the neighborhood bully tormenting him, Milton feels his whole world is in crisis. But when his Grandpa Howard (played by Donald Sutherland) comes to visit, he discovers anxiety about the past and worrying about the future only make things worse and prevent him from finding true happiness moment to moment.

Under our products, we now have streaming of MP4s at half the price of the DVDs

michael is still in FL with Dr. John Lieurance – michael did energy work on the client while Dr John did stem cell recovery (they now call it ‘stem cell stillpoint breathing’). Presently getting a magnesium and ozone drip – super relaxed.

michael reads the end of chapter 6 (on Reality) from the book Why Again, Richard forgives his hostility and fear (around him destroying others as his mother did toward him) and can move more into thoughts and feelings based in Love. Unravelling unconscious realities and dynamics running under the surface. “Key Thought: we tend to become that which we hate.” and become that which we feared.

We are not designed to have unconsciousness within us – the veil must be rent in twain. Then we have access to all the information all the time (conscious and sub-conscious). Can download or read the book Why Again online (free)

Caller Scott, multigenerational issues. Can mimic the thing I hate or take a look at it and let it go. Get in touch with feelings and be with them as the observer rather than being so engaged you think it is who you are. “Become the thinker apart from the thoughts, the feeler apart from the feelings and the actor apart from the actions.” Breathe and look at the thought disorder that creates the feeling. You say I am protecting myself (defending) but exuding disdain and disapproval on others and self (like Dad did). Power Person dynamic. MindShifter: “It is safe and healing for me to breathe and be fully conscious of the disdain and disapproval my power person poured on me and that I have poured on others.”

Caller Jack asked about the stem cell work.

Caller Susan, watched Penguin Bloom and had to do worksheets about the display of loving space in the midst of the turmoil. Seemed false to real life. Memory of “touch” which was often out of place in her life yet she loves the chiropractor’s touch. MindShifter: “It is safe and healing for Tim and I to have a five H relationship (happy, healthy, healing, holesome and horney).” Went deeper, it was a relief when we got older and the sexual part was not expected. Space became safe.

February 20



February 21



February 22



Lesson 51 Review of lessons 1-5

Lesson 52 Review of Lessons 6-10

Lesson 53 Review of Lessons 11-15

Caller Ellen shared going through the Course in Miracles and that the world is not as we created. Shared her mother passed away yesterday and she is joyous knowing her Mom is at peace.

Dr Tim offered it is possible to release the judgment and ask to be shown and see things differently.

Caller Audrey, doing worksheet and surprised how much anger in her is coming up, needing to control everything. At least now conscious of the anger. Will the process get easier to let go wanting to control and become acceoting and trust that there is a divine order? Lotus blossom opening. Anger is an anesthetic and the next to surface will be the pain that lies beneath. Higher self is in the ‘now’ but the lower self is in the past. If we are not willing to look at the past (held in memory) we are condemned to repeat it.

Caller Grace, level 5 pain and overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. michael said overwhelm can lead to procrastination. Cancel the goal to know where to start. Step into the space where you embrace the pain, not saying to ignore it. Turning away and avoiding it is denial and adds energy.  Do a worksheet on I want this to be easy. Do the process on what you experience now. How do I separate past that created my personality with today?

Caller Tim B. when he cancels a goal why does it not take? michael offered 77×70 issue just keep going. Hydra. anxiety then frustration then never ending – all different variations of the same flavor. Thoughts of I keep coming up with the same goals and feelings. Thought of not being taken care of as a kid might be I don’t deserve it or I am not good enough. MindShifter: “I, my father, everyone in my life (including self) embraces and cherishes me even when I am a total klutz.”

Caller Ann in FL, doing her work and the ‘duh’ thought about herself around a situation. Subtle judgement of self, maybe given by Power Person.

February 23



Lesson 54 Review of Lessons 16 – 20

Dr Tim goes through a worksheet with Tim B. and what came up was a memory of being scolded when he was 8 yrs old by his father.  Dr Tim shared his process last week that he saw the link between his 3 yr old, 20 something and current age.

michael reads from Why Again book. discussion of discipline (properly taught) finishes chapter 6.

Caller Roma, rewatched “Designated Survivor” and the total destruction of the capital building and January 6th, 2021 we experienced similar. Wonder if movies move actuality in a direction we don’t want to go. Addicted to endorphins. Talk about appreciation for michael and the work.

Caller Grace question that so much is going on in the world – Covid, pedophilia, flouride in water, etc.  Resolve the drama and trauma within and become part of the solution. Collectively we create a different influence on what happens in the actual world, environment can shift too.  We impact the world in either direction.  When people wake up and shift what is happening inside then the outside can begin to shift too.

Comments in chatroom. Clear-shar has a son Zach who had an accident 4 years ago and has brain trauma and toxicity. And she also has trauma around it.

February 24



Lesson 55 Review of Lessons 21-25

Dr Tim assisted Susan B in doing a worksheet around seeing someone throw up in a store. Her disgust.  She mentioned her stomach hurts. It is where she holds fear. Jeanie offered the stomach also has to do with someone throwing up.

Caller Susan talks to michael about the 4-HY relationship and how it led to worksheets but also opened discussion between she and her husband Tim.

Support Group discussion around accepting the fact the world/country may be this way forever is a trigger.

Discussion of sexual fantasy – not having permission to enter another’s sexual energy without permission and not being in integrity with current partner.

michael reading from chapter 7 Why Again

Caller Grace asked about being willing to go through the physical, mental, emotional symptoms of healing when she is already in pain.

February 25



Lesson 56 Review of Lessons 26-30

Dr Tim gave the example that during a war there is one side called the winner and one is called the loser. By the same outside event one group is in joy and one group is depressed and sad. It is the interpretation we put on the outside event. When an event happens (loss of job, end of marriage, car totalled, broken bone) stop and ask “I wonder how this will work out better than I planned?” Catastrophic events can turn into blessings for self and others.

Caller Susan begins talking about the public throwing up, remembers a child in school being isolated and alone.  Then she talks about fear of death or non-existence.

Caller Magda shared her fear of clearing clutter (related to her dying and people seeing her mess).

Caller Ann back to Susan’s conversation. michael gives the example of perspectives of someone throwing up in public. Dismantling the childhood experiences of what does it mean if someone throws up publicly.

Jeanie shared Zach Bush MD talks about bringing patients back from death and they each asked “Why did you bring me back?” they experienced total acceptance on the other side.

michael reads chapter 7 Evidential Mind – light information is capture by the receivers called eyes and the brain generates its reality (the book can be read on line for free at  also in Dutch, German, Russian, Spanish, Farsi, French and partially Thai

CIA ( has done studies to find what creates the best perception so their agents do their jobs the best they can. They found that we construct reality based on one’s own perception – we do not record what we think we see. “…construct  their  own  version  of  “reality”  on  the  basis of information provided by the senses, but this sensory in-put is mediated by complex mental processes that determine which information is attended to, how it is organized, and the meaning attributed to it. What people perceive, how readily they perceive it, and how they process this information after receiving it are all strongly influenced by past experience, education, cultural values, role requirements, and organizational norms, as well as by the specifics of the information received.” page xxi in introduction of CIA’s Center of the Study of Intelligence, “Psychology of Intelligence Analysis”

Your eternal energy system can be destroyed by energies ‘off the mark’ that are put into the system. Hostility and Fear is disintegrative energies. False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR). Generates a construct that is a lie and if you believe it is truth then you tear your system down. Apply forgiveness and remove content other than Love and make a space for Love to enter your form- life more abundantly. Life is the movement of Love through your structure.

February 26



Lesson 57 Review of Lessons 31 – 35

Lesson 58 Review of Lessons 36 – 40

Lesson 59 Review of Lessons 41 – 45

Caller Susan B. It is safe and healing for me to never fix another’s problems.

Caller Grace discussed Buddhism and that her thinking was not accurate.

Caller Magda, regarding sugar as a destraction and a comfort. Went back to being swaddled and not able to suck thumb and then at age 4 was loading cereal with loads of sugar. These images are in my mind, awareness that this was where the sugar comfort began but no feeling. Dr Tim asked where in your life now do you feel you do not have support? Anger just came up that I was forced to seek something outside for comfort. Dr Tim said do worksheets as both the adult and as the child who feels no support.

Caller Mary discusses with Dr Tim about not being honest on the worksheet. Need to say what is true for us on the worksheet. If we don’t acknowledge our thought process we can’t be free from it, trap self by trying to ‘correct’ our thinking before putting it down. Dr Tim said it is the trap of sustained incoherence to figure it out, the core is to give it up and cancel the things we think we want and leave a clean and open space for the Christ Mind to come.

Caller Susan and Jeanie have a discussion on her doodles.  Susan read the Course lesson summary: I am not a victim of the world I see. I made the world I see. There is a way to see the world and see myself in the world. My mind is part of God (Love).  Then discussed letting go of your children to follow their guidance instead of controlling them.

michael gave Susan a co-MindShifter: It is safe and healing and I am cherished by everyone when I take responsibility for and heal the pain and trauma of everyone in my world.

michael read from the book on the Evidential Mind.

Caller Roma, the events politically (Trump coming back on the horizon), we fall for it and become opporsition. Won’t let anyone keep me from feeling the experience I feel after a worksheet. michael pointed out her regulatory speech. There is a part of your mind that is still allowing it. Need to take on the work at the level of martyrs. Old generational hatred and fear. Can be a space of love and hold another accountable.

Question in chatroom from Matthias: Request a mindshifter: I have a troubled mind with my team at work. I feel not included, they have a good connection and do not include other collegues like me. I want to be part of the team, i want to have a trustful and honest connection with my collegues, i want to feel comfortable at work. He came up with “It is safe and healing to be not part of the team” I feel triggered. I think it should always be a positive statement. michael offered not always and MindShifters are most often positive in order to access the part of your mind that disagrees with it. michael gave a co-MS: “It is safe & healing for me to be embraced fully as part of the team, as I am already.” and perhaps a communication issue MS: “I am always guided in my communication with my team so that deeper and deeper spaces of connectedness open.”

Caller Grace: agree with Mary, still trying to do the worksheet ‘right’ – michael said be gentle on yourself. PP demanded perfection and now your mind is demanding the same. Think back to raising your child and they misstep and fall on their butt, is there a point where you would tell them to never try to walk again? They are in a learning process. Transfer that insight to yourself that you are developing a new skill.

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