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April 1



ACIM Lesson 91 Miracles are seen in light.

Caller Susan discusses with Dr Tim. Why donate so much of your time for others to do this work? 5 hrs/week on radio show and 3 hrs a week for support groups.

Caller Dianne in MN, first commented on our mention of “Call the Midwife” show on Monday and Tuesday. She is a nurse in delivery and often resonates with this show. Jeanie said it is more than delivery of babies but the loving support the midwives are to the women (and men) and that is what creates the space for healing on the show and for me /us watching it.  She then asked for assistance in a worksheet on wanting to preserve a farm in her area and the city council not recognizing something important here. It is open and spacious and beautiful and was also part of her childhood. She was sad and then really angry. Now feels really stuck. She talked to Doug and he pointed out that beauty and openness is part of her whole life. michael said she touched on stepping stones and kept going but he thought intuitively – does this have more to do with your mother, father & brother’s farm and not this particular farm? She mentioned the family’s poor decisions and michael saw a link with the council not making good decisions (or choices) and then she went to her own poor decisions. Linked to former husband, moves, relationships. michael asked if it is connected to ‘loss over poor decisions’ – she made a hmmm sound twice so michael asked her to tap in. She went unconscious to making a sound. michael said it sounded primal to him and he thought of a woman who did a primal sound and could not speak. Interpretted as deep, deep grief, unspeakable loss. In her choice to stay with her husband for so many many years while he drank, she gave up her biological time to have children and now the opportunity for grandchildren – loss of faimly. Family is important to her. She made the sound again and michael asked her to tap into what she feels: feels ‘really old’ and ‘I am too small for anyone to understand what I need” – ties in with her brother not understanding what she needs or hear her input. This is a hydra. 77×70 and each of these aspects is a hydra worksheet. Go back and listen to the show and write each direction – probably not really the farm but powerless, not get them to understand, etc. These are underlying issues of the heart (unconscious) and then your power will fow into these other areas and you’ll find your voice in these other areas (the horse farm, family farm, family money). Breathe through it and ask what does this mean? Somedays in overwhelm, too many issues to manage in her life, taking care of Mom, etc. Easy to fall into the drug of busyness. Place to reaffirm your commitment to do a daily piece of your work.

Caller Cecilia, having so many break-throughs it is beyond belief. michael offered our work has not changed your life, it is YOUR work. You are stepping up to the plate and doing what you needed to do. Acknowledge yourself. Then michael pointed out she is doing her Power Person behavior of not acknowledging herself. Discuss some work around events with her neighbor and he would not acknowledge what she was asking for. michael said if you want it to be safe for others to acknowledge you then you have to acknowledge yourself then you send out a different message to others. This is like our past caller, this is a hydra.

michael read from chapter on Blockage of Truth –

April 2



Lesson 92 Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.

Lesson 93 Light and joy and peace abide in me.

Lesson 94 I am as God created me.

Dr Tim talks with Tim B. about anxiety. Tim B began trying to figure it out instead of trusting the process.  He asked,”Isn’t the goal in #7 supposed to be feel better, more strength etc.?”

Chatroom Lisa asked “I’ve always classified “anxiety” as a thought, would you explain for me why it’s a feeling?” then said “Ahhhh it’s un-ease that I can feel overall. I’m using a thought to drive anxiety. Got it” michael discusses thought disorders that reflect as chemistry in the cells (feelings). Feelings are reflections of thoughts.

Caller Doug, feels like when he gets on the show he is putting his disfunction out into the world on a global domain. A challenge for him, reluctant to do this. If it helps people to grow then great. michael said ask yourself is this coming from fear? Work on your fear and listen to your inner-tutor on the appropriateness of what I say on the internet. His current worksheet, object of attention is Dianne and he is being blocked from expressing love. michael stopped him and offered he is in denial, nothing can block him from love.

michael read in chapter of Blockage of Truth, pg 50 in Why Again – 4 sets of diagrams Macho Man and Nice Woman triggering each other. Conscious and Unconscious levels.Then read the Life With Tools and Life Without Tools

April 3



April 4




Happy Resurrection Day! (aka Easter)

April 5



Lesson 95 I am one Self, united with my Creator.

Caller Ellen

Caller Audrey shares an experience of awareness, not explainable in this 3D  dimensional world.

michael reads from chapter 9 (page 52) Blockage of Truth

Read an email we received from Angela in Kenya

A self study CoDependence Intensive, includes Personal Code Evaluations and approx. 83 hours of Live Video. Support through the Radio Show. $600.00 and then you will be able to upgrade to the next LIVE 14 week intensive (another 28 hrs) for another $600. Welcome to be part of any future online CoDependence intensive.

SoyDelicious and Coconut Milk ‘ice cream’ some without sugar. Also NutPods creamers. Non-dairy.

Caller Susan discusses the words of Y’Shua on the cross whether in anquish or bliss.

Caller Roma said Y’Shua was actually physically dying so his words would sound anquishing.

April 6



Lesson 96 Salvation comes from my one Self.

Callers Ellen and Susan discuss with Dr Tim do we have a mind that is opposite from the body? We have created the illusion that we are mind or body or good or evil.

Jeanie shared going into another level of her process after watching Call the Midwife (resonated when she was 19 and pregnant and her husband was doing drugs and women) and she was told ‘Will’ is her next measure (she was told she would awaken in 5 measures). Will is one of the Five Smooth Stones  She’s been living out of willpower all her life. There are also 5 things Will manages: Frame, Select for Immediate Attention, Set, Maintain, Cancel. There is definitely aomething about the number 5.

Caller Joan asked about the episode we watched. Call the Midwife Season 8 Episode 7.

Caller Susan about the PP Worksheet. Distraction. Movie: Catch Me if You Can

April 7



Lesson 97 I am spirit.

Dr Tim and Susan discuss relationships. The truth of your life will bring so much more than you can plan out.

michael talks about the file folder links. Once you open a file you have to process through every link. A few days ago, Jeanie had processed getting out of willpower (which she has done to control her life) and open the 3rd measure for her of being with the gentle faculty of Will instead.  All her life she had been controlled and felt her PP did not trust her and to over compensate she tends to be OCD which can be OCB (a blessing) and she always gets a lot done. She dreamed this morning of being an airline stewardess (which she wanted to be growing up) and her needing to take care of everyone on the plane, making sure they were safe, buckled, etc. In sleep the veil is more open to bring up what is in the unconscious. Will begin journalling dreams. Dreams are a reflection of

michael reads from the book. Holding onto Blame and when confronted to Blockage of Truth people turn to drug of choice to keep it hidden. Hold Breath, caffiene, nicotine, anger, junk food.

movie: May I Be Frank  Young people from Cafe Gratitude work with this man and make a documentary of their work (on eating, thinking and healing). They have removed all his junk food and later when he gets into process and confronting conversation with his ex-wife, first he goes into rage then gets up and walks into his kitchen (to get his junk food) and then closes the refrigerator because there is only real food in there. Be aware when you want to use an anesthetic.

michael explains the veil being closed. Opening the barrier (the veil) between sub-conscious and unconscious. Most live above that barrier but at night it opens and more information is available. Tendency is for issues to come out in a distorted or symbolic way in dreams. Will do a deeper dream analysis in the Laws of Living intensive. Be more aware and create consciously instead of repeating old patterns from the past. Statements like “I don’t know why that happened.”  “Why did I do that?” are an indicator of unconscious creation.

Article on twins born prematurely and one twin was failing. They put the babies in the same incubator and the stronger on put her arm around her and the baby began to thrive. The power and presence of Love and touch.

Caller Doug, comment on how her life and motivation to ‘make everyone ok’ is somewhat everyone’s drive. What if we all got past that driven place and lived an inspired life, the whole planet would be different. michael spoke of people that are driven are also often in the blame game, all dynamics to be resolved in ourselves an then come out as the presence of love and do things to serve humanity because that is what we do instead of the compulsion to do. From unresolved pain and guilt or from Love. The blame game is a clue as to where it is coming from even though the behavior is the same. Nature of true being self to serve others.

Caller Susan, in the PP worksheet and talking about our needs. Shelter, food, rest and contact. When does a preceived need become a goal? What is a need? michael said the threshold of awareness would direct. Something that has been a goal and is now an unconscious demand of the world. Jeanie shared what happened this morning with Dad. A couple of times this week Dad really did need to get to the restroom and Jeanie pulled his walker around so he could get going quicker then this morning he said “Move my walker.” like a demand not a need.

April 8



Lesson 98 I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.

Book: The Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Caller Linda W. lack of trust of medical field. Glad she has these tools.

Caller Susan B, has taken vaccine. Dr Tim said this show is about ‘if I encounter some ideas and then generate sadness, fear, shame or resentment’ Grievance as the course says. Then I am not seeing accurately. Dismantle the judgement (different from discernment).  She said whether or not it is the vaccine or the color of the cars, she does have a fear that one side is wrong. What is she not learning from this? When you have the realization that the world is going to hell in a red car and have fear then you use the tools. Dr Suess “The Butter Battle Book”  some butter their bread on the upside and those on the other side of the wall butter on the downside.

michael reading about Blockage of Truth and addiction (caffeine, nicotine, sugar, etc) to ‘protect us from pain’ actually is an anesthetic. It takes commitment and work to clean up the patterns we default to.

Caller Susan asked about the new power person worksheet, current situation driven by PP dynamics from a 4 yr old. Then shared a new connection and her friend’s enthusiasm around the tools.

Asked about stepping away enough to observe. The PP worksheet opens the space to look underneath what we are observing to disassemble it.

‘Felt needs’describes goals elevated to a high level demand.

Anxiety is a factor in alzheimer’s disease. People who avoid repeatedly looking at their life.

Caller Judy P, asked about women just knowing. michael said it is awareness and connected to our goals and senses but is not just assigned to women. She feels men have tunnel-vision. Look at projection to that thought around ‘tunnel-vision’  Then she said she seems to be going from one worksheet to another with no rest – hydra. michael referred to Job and his process was so intense he asks for an intermission long enough to swallow his saliva.

michael read his ‘locked in bone’ message. Are we willing for our whole bloodline to come through our process.

April 9



Lesson 99 Salvation is my only function here.

Lesson 100 My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.

Lesson 101 God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.

Dr Tim has a discussion with callers Ellen and Susan. Way of Mastery speaks of the one and only purpose. “The only relationship that has any value in your life is your relationship with your Creator.” The other relationships will never be without that first.

michael read from Why Again

Discussion of absorbing the dynamics of a Power Person’s behavior and later when the conditions are met and the energy field is open, they will literally pour out the energy they took in years or decades before. “Why did I do that?” Behaviors based on the level of stress.

Jeanie had to step away her Dad became confused. Hold the space.

Caller Doug, doing wake-up sheets and feels like he is in big process and restructuring going on. Had a discussion with Dianne this morning and he has a sense that he can’t make Dianne happy and she suggested that is related to his Mom. michael added nobody can make you happy or unhappy. His thought is he would die if Mom was unhappy with him. He has to be a good boy. MindShifter: “The more often I do behaviors that bring up displeasure in my Mom, Dianne, and myself, the more deeply I am cherished and get support for full aliveness.” His unconscious mind said ‘that is a good way to get killed.’ It feels very deep. Die is a self-punishment thought very often on his worksheets. michael suggested in genetic history there may be someone who did kill themself. MindShifter: “It is safe, healing and life enhancing for me to surrender to the authority, and it enhances my prosperity.” michael said it sounded like a measured, purposeful breath. Doug said he thinks if he surrenders in relationship that his life will end…that is throwing a monkey wrench into relationships.  Doug said it felt more like political authority taking his home, did not connect it to authority Mom or Dianne. michael said if you have a belief that surrendering to whatever Mom (or Dianne) tells me to do then it will cost me everything. Fighting your own unconscious dynamics. When you give it all up then it will be returned to you in ways you cannot imagine. Relisten to this portion of the show as you do worksheets,

Jeanie offered he is in a storm and it is up to him whether he sinks or walks on water in the midst of the storm.

April 10



April 11



April 12



Lesson 102 I share God’s Will for happiness for me.

Caller Ellen,

Caller Audrey speaks of her “fall” and michael reminds her she just reached a new level of vitality and was able to face the next level, it was NOT a fall at all. Followed by discussion of the conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind.

Video Link to the 2 hour Responsibility Communication PRACTICUM from Saturday April 10th, available for FREE for 2 weeks via this link The link will be deactivated on April 26th and the MP4 will become part of our MP4 catalog under a different link (for Only $20). Plan to set another ‘extra’ class so Magda can give follow-up and answer questions.

Caller Joan, shared the PowerPoint Presentation with her daughter this morning.

Caller Celinda, shared an experience that was resonated and her hydra

April 13



Lesson 103 God, being Love, is also happiness.

Caller Susan asks “why would we not want to listen top our highest guidance?” Dr Tim says because your highest guidance might clash with a belief you have built yourself around.

Dr. Tim’s website has been updated

Someone in his office spoke about AA programs, some believe if you are in AA you shouldn’t be on radio shows or speak out about what they do. She felt Alcoholics Anonymous should be renamed to Aloholics Humility. Principles are about humility not about staying anonymous. Move from fear to love. On there are several links, about similarities with AA and this work, go to

michael continues reading on Blockage of Truth

Video Link to the 2 hour Responsibility Communication PRACTICUM from Saturday April 10th, available for FREE for 2 weeks via this link The link will be deactivated on April 26th and the MP4 will become part of our MP4 catalog under a different link (for Only $20).

Caller Bridgett, refer by Roma, she is Electromagnetic Sensative. michael asked what sort of things has been traumatic that might be making you more sensative? Married 27 years and broadsided by divorce he had planned. He was in work position where there was a lot of electronics and technology in the space, then there was following, surveying, etc. Judge sided with her former and she lost everything. She was forced to be homeless. Devisiveness, lies and manipulation and turned the children away from her. What did she do to create this? michael asked about her younger life. She was an out-of-wedlock baby and her mother hid her existance for 7 months. She had to live up to her Mother’s expectations and the churches ‘approval’ to make up for her beginning. michael pointed out the energy pattern she carried into her marriage. Until those rejection and unfairness energies and stressors are resolved they will continue to playout in your life. Once the stressors are reduced the sensitiveity very likely will lessen. She asked how does it look to let go of the goal and yet ask for accountability from her former for fairness. You are Love! The rest is a fraud perpetrated by the world disconnected from Love.

Caller Cecilia, feels she needs more help. michael had mentioned Dr Bruce Lipton she did a search and he does Psych-K. She is shaky, figures she is doing so much work but it is 24/7 and it is interfering with her passions (things she is doing), First thing that shuts down is her throat and her voice and thus she isn’t doing well with her voice coach. michael mentions Job and his intensiity, he asks God for an intermission long enough to swallow his saliva.

April 14



Lesson 104 I seek but what belongs to me in truth.

Caller Ellen

michael began chapter 10 Ancient Wisdom

Caller Celinda, continued sharing her experience from Monday’s show.

April 15



Lesson 105 God’s peace and joy are mine.

Caller Ellen discuss ‘giving’ – book ‘Give and Take’ Dr Tim

Prayers for support for Jeanie’s Dad issues

Caller Susan spoke of her ‘getting rid of’ people

Caller Julie in OR, her partner wants to get the vaccine and Julie doesn’t want to and is concerned she may lose him. Process. MindShifter: “It is safe & healing for me to function in and as the presence of love as I face every opportunity to learn forgiveness, including my close friend wanting to take the COVID Vaccine.” Appreciation shared to Jeanie. Julie said she is also CoDependent and tends to ‘go along’ to keep peace. michael said everyone has to make their own choice and also strengthen their immune system. Ask for guidance what you need.

Ended with connected breaths

April 16



Lesson 106 Let me be still and listen to the truth.

Lesson 107 Truth will correct all errors in my mind.

Lesson 108 To give and to receive are one in truth.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping – go to Gary Craig, founder. Free information.

Laura McKowen book “Leaving the Bouncy House of Social Media” the struggle with alcohol mirrored the tug-og-war with social media. It distorts perception of the real world.

Desire to be right. Let go of thought disorder that being right means being safe.

Dr Sarno Tension Myositis Syndrom (TMS)

Dr Tim’s Blog Post March 2019 where he dealt with a business relationship where he realized he was being taken advantage of and Dr Tim had invested a lot into this program/relationship. The letting go relieved his physical pains.

Jeanie shared she has received the message that her 4th measure is Safety and it is safe to remember mentally and emotionally and for the body to re-member (reconnect) and move from survival to living, thriving, and begin dreaming (you can’t dream when you are in survival mode). And facing every atrocity and false belief. Let go of the coping strategies (control, freeze) and feel what is real. Safe to sleep again.

“Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind” by Candace Pert, PhD – body/mind connection – emotions literally transform our bodies and create our health

michael reads from Ancient Wisdom chapter – forgiveness, remove the unconscious dynamics and life becomes more joyful and dis-eases disappear, yourself and others become more easy and fun to be with and we create consciously. The person who will not face their past are doomed to repeat it. Forgiveness empowers us to face it all and process it out and you become free. Out of the desert into the promised land.

Caller Roma experiencing the glory of Love. Getting ready to do StillPoint Breathing. Explain the difference than regular breathing…no stopping point. Describe what happens at the points where we usually stop? Resistance.

Video Link to the 2 hour Responsibility Communication PRACTICUM from Saturday April 10th, available for FREE for 2 weeks via this link The link will be deactivated on April 26th and the MP4 will become part of our MP4 catalog under a different link (for Only $20).

This CoDependence Intensive is coming close to completion and we are going to create a package of total self-study of the videos from the past 2 intensives will be $600 (including 2 Personal Code Evaluations). Then when we do another live Zoom intensive you can apply that $600 to the cost of the Live intensive.

michael explains the PCE

Caller Magda, rewatching the video, it was absolutely magnificent and your (michael) ability to stay focused and catching my projection and redirecting the communication to Responsibility. It is our culture.

April 17



April 18



April 19




Lesson 109 I rest in God.

Dr Tim plays the interview with Laura McKowen. You cannot please everyone. The tale of Don Quixote told of a man unable to face the harsh realities of life, and so retreated from sanity and created a safe fantasy world in his mind, where he saw windmills as monsters, and himself as a noble knight from centuries long past. Where one had quests and dreamed an impossible dream. Tilting at windmills is an English idiom that means attacking imaginary enemies. 1. It is not your fault. 2. It is your responsibility. 3. It is unfair that this is your thing. 4. This is your thing. 5. This will never stop being your thing until you face it. 6. You cannot do it alone. 7. Only you can do it. 8. I love you. 9. I will never stop reminding you of these things.” ― Laura McKowen, We Are the Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life

Caller Cecilia asked about step 5 where we cancel the goal to see the Truth about me and the object of my attention. Hold to the Truth of who you are and stand connected to the presence of Love and it creates dissolution to the unresolved pain that has kept me from experiencing who I am. Now if he were alive you might confront him and hold him accountable but from Love instead of hostility and fear. Open the healing of the bloodline. No punishment but hold him accountable? Forgiveness makes you free but holding him accountable because they need to be accountable for their behavior not because of your own fear, hostility or pain. Laws of Living. Punishment thoughts are my work. You may have pardoned them but doing your forgiveness work is about your pain and when you did your work you were able to look upon their picture from a different state.

Bought into thought disorders from your Mom (probably thought about herself) and believed them and carried out behaviors that were not in your best interests. Now conceive in purity and create in your life (immaculate conception). We come in as love and it gets knocked out of us. You are uncovering your original wisdom. Spiritual bypass not having to deal with what was happening. Jeanie had said stop the story and do your work, at 45 minutes. Shave off layer by layer until the story deminishes. It won’t be the driving need in your life.

Ancient Wisdom from Why Again,

michael breathed Jeanie Saturday, earlier in the week (which had its issues with Dad) was told the 4th measure to my expansion was about being Safe. Safe to remember mentally and emotionally and re-member in my body. Move from survival to thriving. Safe to let go of coping and feel what is real. There were a few moments of touching into thoughts I held about myself and my body and seeing things differently around mine & Mom’s relationship. But physically it was amazing. I felt like an open channel and the air was flowing through me. I felt like a caterpillar thurning into a chrysalis, a whirlpool pulled me out of the space then I saw like a blue web around me (like in the matrix) and I could push against it. I felt my arms and hands especially as vibrating energy and my finger tips were like a frog’s suction cups, the movement of blue, red, yellow and white splashes of electricity (if I touched my fingers like energy globes in a science fair, zapping and buzzing and moving towards the touch. This was so amazing and awesome. I wanted to stay there. I was not solid but was pure energy and could go anywhere with anyone. Pure love flowing through me.

Bob in chatroom, Why do people rant? they have rant within them and excess disintegrative energy in the brain and they want to express. Intensifying hostility and fear will be distructive. Move into Love and the same energy can be drained off.  Ranting can give temporary relief but not healing.

Caller Julie thanks for support Friday.

April 20



Lesson 110 I am as God created me.

“The Verbally Abusive Relationship” by Patricia Evans

“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray

Your power of creation use to create a better life for yourself.

Caller Susan, realized her ‘lies’ were self-protection, behaviors she has used so long, like talking in a ‘not real’ voice, not owning her power because she is not a good person or safe person. Came from listening to the talk with Laura McKowen ( Dr Tim offered a good catch. Laura saw she was not being honest in order to fit in. Susan said most women want to be acceptable, not saying no, not saying what is ok or not ok with self. Auto pilot to make other people feel good. If based in a lie then it is not good for anybody. Choosing to be loving from gut response?  Dr Tim offered Way of Mastery refers to undressing in front of a friend. 22nd lesson Self Honesty the Greatest Act of Love. To be so honest we share the deeply honest thoughts. Tinnitus – is this a lie that it can’t be healed? Louise Hay says refusal to listen, not hearing the inner voice, stubbornness  ( She compared to her son and giving advice to him. Dr Tim said this is like the CoDependency Worksheet – apply your advice to them to your own life Gary Craig EFT Tapping FREE

Bottomline Observations ( to be updated from 9 to 10 observations

dr michael ryce perceptual constructs of an event that may not be even slightly similar to the actual world. If the construct is a lie and we call it truth then we don’t have room for the real Truth. First examples of Blockage of Truth was with Adam and Eve talking to God, the serpent did it, the woman that you gave me did it.

Ancient Wisdom from Why Again book – engaging in energies that are off the mark (lies of family system and culture) Y’Shua wanted us to join him in energies that end suffering and restore our minds and perceptual system to the Truth of who we are.

“Amish Grace” 2010 movie about a true story from a 2006 actual shooting of Amish children in a schoolhouse and the ‘forgiveness’ offered to the wife of the man who did the shooting and then killed himself – Being the space for your neighbor.

Jeanie shared the deep depression that came over her last night, then during the night got the insight that it was an old depression (17+ years ago). Had been on medication for depression years ago. michael offered it is so important to have someone (ie a guru in the East) to remind you that with each peak experience of Love, it requires you be committed to do your work because there will be a new depth of what needs to be healed from generational patterns. If one does not remind you of the principle then what comes up could become the new normal of projected stories and get locked into the loosed pain that became available by the new level of aliveness. They would not let you walk away.

Caller Bob from Australia, on anti-depressant drugs for 25 years, all had the effect of depression and suicide. Swallowed all the pain and had panic attacks because of the feelings inside and the drugs just numbed that. Realized how truly powerful I am and allowed all those feelings, terror and pain to pour out. He is the expert of his life. Not mental illness, example PTSD, the biggest sin is to take the life of another person but if programing overrules your inner compass and you kill then there is spiritual pain as a result but it can be healed. ADHD is so simple, should do playground first to get the energy out then maybe they would sit still in class.  Life is a journey of who I truly am. Inner tutor is there to guide us all. Found soul-utions in his heart, the mind is looking for answers the heart already knows. Bob Eden “The Gift of Depression”

Caller Magda, thank you for pointing out when we reach a level of vitality then we drop into ‘everything is ruined’ was on top of the world and thought she had mastered it and then all of a sudden she was down and depressed. She realized she has let down on continuing with the Communication process she and Chuck did.

April 21



Lesson 111 Review: “Miracles are seen in light.” and “Miracles are seen in light and light and strength are one.”

Discussion of privalege of white

“Conscious Men: A Practical Guide to Develop 12 Qualities of the New Masculinity” by John Gray, Arjuna Ardagh, Warren Farrell (Foreword)

Callers Susan and Ellen

Caller Doug said the book “The Boy Crisis” by John Grey and Warren Farrell.  Hold Dianne in love, she is going through Covid, seems to be on the upside of it.

Caller Susan, Jeanie talked about healing the depression within 12 hours instead of the years when the energy was first put in the system, be with the truth of what is in the mind and then bringing Love forward and dissolving. Going to a new level of vitality and the next depth comes up. Willingness is key.

A friend taking a SSRI for depression and feels she is now able to be conscious and do her work. Using the tools. michael offered that treatment, being supported by the drug, while getting conscious enough to do her healing work is different than depending on the drug to handle the issue.  Commit to going off sugar again.

michael shared a letter he is writing to an aquantance who did the work 20 years ago and went into a rage when michael confronted his outrageous conspiracy theory.

reading from Why Again

NPK (nitrogen phosphorus potassium) added to soil and it supposedly produces good food.

Discuss Healing Crisis.

Caller Roma, shared planning the retreat for Science of Mind October 15 & 16. Looking to have michael and Rocco Errico as two participants. Will check that anyone can participate and not just ministers via Zoom.

Rocco and the Noorha Foundation is michael’s first introduction to the Aramaic

April 22



Lesson 112 Review: “Light and joy and peace abide in me.” and “I am as God created me.”

Thank you Michele for covering the switchboard.

April 23



Lesson 113 Review: “I am one Self, united with my Creator.” and “Salvation comes from my one Self.”

Lesson 114 Review: “I am spirit.” and “I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.”

Lesson 115 Review: “Salvation is my only function here.” and “My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.”

Dr Tim processes Susan. MindShifter: “There has never been, nor will there ever be, born a person who has more value than Susan Bingham.” Dr Tim has suggested doing what Sylvia Boorstein does with her method of nurturing self. “Sweetheart you are in pain…” (see Susan said she can’t do that. Can’t look in the mirror and see beauty.

Alan Cohen “Do You Remember Your Song?” African Tribe, when a woman is pregnant she goes out into the woods and waits to hear the child’s song and they sing it and then teach the tribe and they sing it to the child as it grows up. Susan in process and tears, this is the sweetest story. She doesn’t know if she had a song or if anyone heard it. michael suggested doing a worksheet as if she were her mother doing a worksheet on Susan as her child. Notice beginning of conversation was about ‘out there’ and now you are acknowledging it is in here.

Susan shared how her mother was beautiful and hid the fact she had facelifts. When Susan was caring for her Mom at the end of life her scars were obvious.  Then she said a book just fell off in front of her “The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World” by Melinda Gates michael said she has another book “The Mother and Child Project:Raising our Voices for Hope.” Emotions (esp crying) were not allowed in her home. The depth she adored her mother and wanted to help her but she wouldn’t be helped. This is the moment of lift, to go this deep.

michael suggested Jeanie read through Mom’s prayers (she is also working through Mom issues)

dr. michael ryce will be the guest speaker for Unity of Blue Water in Huron, MI this Sunday, April 25, 2021. Join us on Unity of Blue Water’s Facebook page. michael presents “The Ultimate Trojan Horse: And What I Can Do About War, Death, Decay and Suffering!”  Be sure to watch dr. ryce at 10:30AM Eastern Time.

Caller Dianne, doing worksheet around previous partner. He was drinking (hostility and neglect) and she couldn’t live that way yet did not want to give up on the relationship. michael said two different worksheets. One goal for him to go back to the attention and affection and one that you would be powerful enough or attractive enough to draw him back or convince him to get better.  To go back to the way you were, then I would know you are OK. Key words, something I can’t control. How did it feel when your PP controlled you. How do you choose Love at the end of the worksheet? ‘All of the Above’

April 24



April 25



April 26



Lesson 116 Review: “God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.” and “I share God’s Will for happiness for me.”

Caller Susan discusses stopping her Mom from apologizing to her near the end of her life.

michael spoke of a lesson he did back about 1984 for a Course class in FL. It is part of a 48 tape ACIM series. Doug Bingley converted them to digital format and we will have them available in our MP4 Catalog for streaming. They will be $7 individually or if you get the full set of 48 they are $5/each (or $240). If you buy the full set within the next 2 weeks (by May 10th) we offer a special price of $200. Tape #47 Healing Our Planet will be offered to radio show listeners with this link until May 10th.

Jeanie & michael had breathing sessions yesterday. Jeanie’s 5th Measure is incarnation.  Your BEING came in fully into this form we call our body to live as true active love.

Why Again pg 59-60 reading

Caller Audrey, shared a dream of the shower overflowing and 6 foot of water pouring out, washing away the old.

Caller George, in hospital 3rd time in 4 weeks, going on dialysis. Saw his Mom on dialysis.  Revived two or three times. Real challenging.

Caller Judy, expressing thanks for us and this work

April 27



Lesson 117 Review: “God, being Love, is also happiness.” and “I seek but what belongs to me in truth.”

michael reading from the book about projection and blame. Recognize it is yours and forgive it and heal.

Caller Susan experienced a similar depression like Jeanie described last week. Focus on where you are going not the circumstance (your storm). Realizes she is on ‘fix it mode’ with her grandson.

Unconscious thoughts direct behavior. We have to consistently persistently do our work even in the ‘good’ times. Too many people turn for help when they hit bottom and then let it go when life gets better. We have to continue the process, nobody is done with their work.

Incarnation – go back to the moment of holding a newborn child, tap into it’s essence – the presence of Love. If we came into a genetic bloodline with disintegrative energies (verbal, physical, mental abuse) then CBM comes online and it is too tramatic to stay in your “body” this work ios about removing the trauma and you BEING enter into your form and experience your physiology fully. A new level of energy as love enters.

April 28



Lesson 118 Review: “God’s peace and joy are mine.” and “Let me be still and listen to the truth.”
April 29



Lesson 119 Review: “Truth will correct all errors in my mind.” and “To give and to receive are one in truth.”
April 30



Lesson 120 Review: “I rest in God” and “I am as God created me.”

Lesson 121 “Forgiveness is the key to happiness.”

Lesson 122 “Forgiveness offers everything I want.”

April 31



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