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October 1



Technical issues with BlogTalk – either

Dr Tim continues the conversation with Susan B. concerning the Placebo Effect.

Caller Jack from Asheville NC asked what book they were referring to (“Suggestible You: The Curious Science of Your Brain’s Ability to Deceive, Transform, and Heal” by Erik Vance)

michael discusses forgiveness which collapses our false perception and have direct access to the errant content and be restored to Love (Being). Direct people to “Start Here” on and the HeartLand Forgiveness App

Text from Julie Haverstick that Tom Meyer (in Theodosia) was just airvac to Springfield with heart issues. Hold the space.

Caller Julie from Oregon, has issues due to standing her ground. She has principles and does not choose sides or label herself and people don’t seem to like that. Do not know where to be. Care about people but does not care about political, etc. Would like to see people united instead of divided. michael offered cancel the goal for people to agree with you and ask yourself, ‘how does it look like my life when people do not agree with me.’ She said she would like others to also be ok to not agree. If politics seems to divide you and another, cancel your goal to be connected. Do worksheets around the belief it is ‘hard’ – Jeanie says it is like ‘tug of war’ if you are playing (pulling back and forth) and you drop your end of the rope then the game changes for them too. Energetic Devotion.

2002 Movie: Catch Me If You Can – all about distraction, forging lives and bank checks – Spielberg movie with DiCaprio and Hanks. Frank Abagnale Jr (true story) was such a con man that his skills were needed by FBI to solve cases. Chatroom Bob from Australia noted that has been the way since the Romans, keep the masses distracted while they pursue their own agenda

michael read again his writing “Love Mistaken” changed to include the subtitle “The Journey Home” (will be included as a PDF in the next Newsletter)

To set up a listener account on BlogTalk

Jeanie’s Viewpoint the first year she was introduced to this work

Support Group Information

Laws of Living begins on Valentines Feb 14th and ends on Leap Year Day Feb 29th – uses the Socratic Method of words and unconscious and asking questions. Regulatory Speech. Shakesphere said ‘my words fly up and my thoughts remain below’ we can observe our speech and learn what’s underneath.

October 2



Dr Tim spoke with caller Magda

Matt Kahn talk “The Will of Your Heart” YouTube

Jeanie directed people to   where they can access all the worksheets and lots of information (MP3s of special shows and parallel to 12-steps)

michael spoke of a man who was introduced to this work years ago when he was a lawyer but became a Unity Minister. Now back to doing the wake-up sheets.

Insanity of the culture and pardoning people – that is not forgiveness.

michael offered following the example of Y’Shua and carrying your cross. That is what keeps you from experiencing the active presence of love. People do meditation and ‘inner child’ work etc but if they do not go inside and forgive then it is like spraying airfreshner on the trash can… you must eventually empty the trash.

Text asking our take on charging for doing the forgiveness work verses for free.  Jeanie offered multiple verses in scripture that stresses the servant is worthy of his hire and you are not to withhold pay (Luke 10:7,1 Timothy 5:18,Matthew 10:10,Leviticus 19:13,Deuteronomy 24:15) Jeanie does one-on-one sessions charging $80/hr and assists people often for ‘free’ There is a balance. We are not counselors or therapists – we are doing spiritual mentorship. Following question of doing it on the phone? michael also mentioned the person needs to be invested.

Caller Joan in Birmingham with Jamie and Beth in the Support Group meeting. Peter (Sweden) was her accountability partner at HeartLand and they stay in touch holding each other accountable doing wake-up sheets. Peter has had an eye issue and now she does (connected). What is it WE are not willing to see or look at? michael offered resonance in a committed relationship (friends or intimacy). Am I hiding anything in this? (little affirmation from Arya)

Invited people to use the HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness App.

Patrick Quinn is planning on coming to Laws of Living in Abingdon, VA – there is a dialysis center there.

Caller Susan B., amazed at how Tim’s eye is returning to normal after a cataract surgery. Encourage Magda with her issue. Susan shared how well Tim B.’s intuition is kicking in and he is great at tapping in to help people identify their wake-up sheet goals. “Healing Crisis” is an awesome term for people who are experiencing symptoms to know it is not disease process.

October 3



Thanks Michele for filling in for Jeanie



October 4



Caller Ann in FL said she would be doing the Laws of Living from her home while we are doing the intensive in Abingdon, VA

Ernest Holmes “Love is within us. It cannot be destroyed. It can be ignored. To the extent that we abandon love we will feel it has abandoned us. Denying love is our only problem, and embracing it is the only answer. Through the power of love, we can let go of past history and begin again. Love heals, forgives, and makes whole.”

Caller Susan B said her Tim had cataract surgery then another procedure and has lost most of his sight in his right eye

Someone who does not believe. If what I say is not true then one is left in turmoil but if what I say is true and you go along with it then what have you lost?

Caller Roma still struggling

October 5



October 6



October 7



Caller Jill from Wilmington processes an example of being kindergartener and asking her Mom for a hug and getting a ham sandwich. Must have messed this up. Not good at intimacy.  MindShifter: “It is safe & healing for me to know that I am good at intimacy, it comes naturally to me and is safe for me to explore it in many relationships.” And with late husband, must have done that wrong because I picked him. Thinking it must be me as a kid because a parent can’t be wrong and yet now that she is a parent she can see that she does do it wrong as a parent too. Step into recognition that healing cross generational is happening and the blame is unproductive. You are in the midst of dismantling the pattern. Be as gentle with yourself as you would be with your son as a baby in your best moments not your triggered moments. Sylvia Boorstein process.

Caller Tami in PA thank Jill. Helped her with the same issue.

Caller Susan B. invited Tami to join them in the Support Group. Shared Tim B.’s vision is returning. Opportunity to ‘look at’ things.  Inner Wolf or Inner Leper – ACIM lesson 280 “What Limits Can I Lay Upon God’s Son?”

October 8



One tool used persistently and consistently with willingness will undo the energies within you that are ‘off the mark’ – it is the tool of forgiveness.

Caller Lucy,

Caller Tim B., his vision is impaired still. How do I address ‘what do I not want to see?’ MindShifter: “It is safe & healing and I am truly willing to embrace and see everything in my life.”

Caller Jack in Asheville, NC is a physicist and understands resonance and says thanks for setting him up with Grady as an accountability partner.

reference to Dr Tim interviewed Pierre Pradervand on MindShifters’ Radio on April 9, 2019

Cathy in chatroom, had dental work done and abcess surgery yet has ongoing issues. MindShifter: “It is safe and healing and people approve of me when I speak up.” or “It is safe and healing and I love it when people speak up and express their true thoughts to me and I embrace or receive them graciously.” or “It is safe and healing for me to hear and speak the truth.”

October 9



Dr Tim processes with Jill as she shares a communication between her son and her mother. Progress and healing.

The What’sApp Group reminded michael about teeth and mouth health that there is “oil pulling” where you put a teaspoon or two of oil (unrefined coconut or other unrefined oil) in your mouth and pull it between your teeth, swish around for several minutes and spit it out in a trashcan not the sink. Can also use food grade hydrogen peroxide then rinse your mouth afterwards.  michael discribed brushing the mouth.  Avoid toothpaste with flouride. Cathy in chatroom said thanks for the reminder about pulling.

Caller Jack what about adding an essential oil to the coconut oil. Absolutely.  Shared being on a call with a lady and will be using the gentle art of blessing with her.  Ten years worth of work in 20 minutes with this technology.

Caller Joan in Birmingham, suggested to do work around her voice condition. michael suggested wake-up sheets around fear of speaking up, ie in marriage or as a child. MindShifter: “People fully embrace me and cherish me deeply when I speak up, especially when there is conflict and I am always safe in doing so.”

michael read “Will You Make the Difference?!” from his book ….
“Tell me the weight of a snowflake,” a hawk asked a wild dove. “Nothing more than nothing,” was the answer. “In that case I must tell you a marvelous story,” said the hawk. “I sat on the branch of a fir, close to its trunk. It began to snow. Not heavily, not a raging blizzard, no, just like in a dream, without any violence . Since I had nothing better to do, I counted the snowflakes settling on the twigs and needles of my branch. Their number was exactly 3,741,952 when the next snowflake dropped onto the branch—’nothing more than nothing’ as you say—and the branch broke off.” Having said that the hawk flew away.The dove, since Noah’s time an authority on peace, thought about the story for a while and finally said with resolve, “PERHAPS ONLY ONE PERSON’S VOICE IS LACKING FOR PEACE TO COME ABOUT IN THE WORLD.”

If you have a Blog Talk account (which is free as a listener) you can write in the chat room, a link is on this page to create an account

Caller Susan B. the course says ‘have faith in nothing’ michael said he hears it saying cancel all the beliefs you hold to as your perception can never tell you the truth about the actual world. Be open for the inner voice to show you. Do your work, do not believe it, just do it. Forgive and collapse perception and be open (create a space) to be taught the truth.  You can take action, to hold accountability, based in love not hostility or fear or threat.  Report on Support Group and they had 8 people, one man volunteered to do his work out loud and two women saw themselves doing the behavior of his female partner. One woman began giving advice to him and Susan stopped her.

Caller Tim B did the MindShifter on what he did not want to look at and he saw the way he was forced out of lawfirm and the anger over it and done wake-up sheets on it but not at peace. What to do? michael shared about working through the time he had a chef serve raw chicken and the reaction. Responsibility Communication with the ‘partners’  ALL THE ABOVE.

October 10



Dr Tim referred to David Bohm “The general tacit assumption in thought is that it’s just telling you the way things are and that it’s not doing anything – that ‘you’ are inside there, deciding what to do with the info. But you don’t decide what to do with the info. Thought runs you. Thought, however, gives false info that you are running it, that you are the one who controls thought. Whereas actually thought is the one which controls each one of us. Thought is creating divisions out of itself and then saying that they are there naturally. This is another major feature of thought: Thought doesn’t know it is doing something and then it struggles against what it is doing. It doesn’t want to know that it is doing it. And thought struggles against the results, trying to avoid those unpleasant results while keeping on with that way of thinking. That is what I call “sustained incoherence.””

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein

michael offered connecting to the active presence of Love first and forgive the rest.

movie: “Collateral Beauty” with Will Smith he loses his daughter and goes into depression and writes letters to Love, Time and Death. His coworkers hire actors to be the three characteristics and respond to him.

Caller Tim B conversation of remembering an issue in a MindShifter and forgetting it in a wake-up sheet.

Caller Susan B anxiety over her son and grandson’s issues.  The flu is an extention of a cold, it is a healing process. Find a way to open eliminative channels not suppress the symptoms. Reference to letting go of the need to fix it for everyone else and allow them to experience what they choose. Be gentle with yourself, take measures needed and yet be aware. Mention Tina Louise Spalding channeling Jesus and Ananada.

Y’Shua sent everyone out by twos in order to have accountability. Kept them humble and hear truth. Must have someone you trust enough to feed back to you.  Expand the space of love within for anything that triggers less than.

Caller Robin in PA, just discovered this work a week or so and found intriguing that it goes back to the Aramaic. She stepped back and used strong concordance definitions and now wonders if any of it is accurate.

October 11



Dr Tim processes Jill from Wilmington, NC

Skype integration is under maintenance today.

What we repeatedly do is a habit.

michael read his poem again.

Joel Goldstein, a friend in Nashville TN, is going to set background music.

Caller Susan B spoke of the poem and it being a song

Joel Goldstein, “the singing dentist,” was song director at HeartLand years ago and wrote many songs about his experience in this work:

Why Is This Happening To Me Again?!
Stuck In My Story
Peace on Earth In Our Lifetime (this is sung at the close of every intensive)

October 12



October 13



October 14



Dr Tim talked with John and Lucy.

Caller Julie acknowledge Jeanie’s voice.

Caller Patrick Q. let go the thought of being ‘superman’ and doing more than I can.  Will continue dialysis until they say different.  MindShifter: ” … to decode the energies with which I have burdened my kidneys.” It is a skill-set. Patrick said he appreciates all the expressions of Being and supporting him in not just staying but healing. Touching to have this support.

Caller Lucy question on setting a goal in #7 toward a stranger and what about cancelling it at night?

October 15




The 2nd hour of the show is a replay from March 31, 2014 explaining the tool of Aramaic Forgiveness

October 16



Dr Tim spoke towards these tools not being up for debate yet they are always open for observation.

Caller Jack – asked Dr Tim to discuss the topic of the Love Exchange –

Caller Susan B, a friend called this morning ready to commit suicide and yet she refuses every tool offered.  Drove over and crawled in bed with her and held her (a type of love exchange) and she shifted but this is just enough to live another day or two.  Dr Tim offered there was something going on with her voice, what is she not wanting to express? MindShifter: “It is safe and healing for me to be aware of and find a way to express all my anger at my friend in this set of circumstances.”

A time for absorption and then a time to radiate and it has a different impact on self and others. Jeanie added there is a section on workshops too from her view 

Susan asked Jeanie about her sleep

Thought from ACIM:

October 17



Caller Magda, she (as many people) thinks about taking care of others and doing for others and very often she came last (if there was any energy left). Dr Tim said the Commitment to MySelf is one of the many Commitments (see all at … Dr Tim read “I Am Somebody” ( she realizes the child within her needs that one too.

Y’Shua invites us to have life and have it more abundantly.

Acknowledged Grady for his book group, going over Why Is This Happening To Me Again?!

Invite everyone to hold the space for James Morrison (used to live near HeartLand) who is having health challenges. There is a Facebook “go-fund me” too.

Caller Julie from Oregon, discussion of healing every mind, heart & being on the planet and that it began with the need to heal self. “Holding the Space” and “Love Exchange” michael walked us through a love exchange with each other, no matter the space or time, see

Discussion of a 10 year young child, Rory, who has chosen forgiveness to be her life purpose and she did a research project on it and then did a radio show of being walked through a wake-up sheet. The result was all fees for everyone (not just for Rory) were done away with. Show was April 9, 2019

michael spoke of Rukha d’Koodsha.

Caller Grady, is the light we imagine going out to others the same as Rukha? And what does that illumination do to hostility and fear in us?

October 18



Dr Tim discussed Rakhma and Khooba with caller Susan B. It is perfect love. Jeanie added the poster of the schematics of the Filters of the Mind, filters over intentions and perceptions

michael shared the space he was in today with Arya’s presence and was finally able to read the poem/meditation straight through.

Step 4 “I choose Love, my ESSENCE, which stirs the love in everyone involved.”

Caller Jack, when Y’Shua was born, lived and died a Jew. And “Jesus” is Greek meaning Hail Zeus. Abba means ‘daddy’ – met michael at the older facility (old house) in Asheville with Rev. Chad O’Shea

Caller Robin from PA, asked about the scripture where it says times will be ‘so bad’ that even the elect may be deceived.  michael offered the energy system has ‘symptoms’ when disintegrative energy goes in and on the way out the syptoms look the same (healing crisis). When old generational patterns come up the healing crisis is deep (Y’Shua sweated blood) and even the elect can get tricked and lost in the process of healing. Jeanie said she thought of a person we have encountered this year who has taken the worksheet and left the forgiveness part out, claimed it as their own creation and leading people astray. And they are blindly following, like Jim Jones, people thinking what he says is from God himself and go to the extent of drinking the koolaide.

Caller Randall, cancel goal for technology to function perfectly and heal frustration. Interested in getting the recording.  michael will be heading to Nashville on Tuesday to meet Joel (HeartLand’s former music director) to record with some musicians.

Caller Roma, to bring your frequency down to use words for others to understand. Music however is frequency and is beyond words. The state of ‘no mind’ is purifying.

Forgiveness is about cancelling goals not pardoning the person who triggers us.

ACIM passage from lesson 184 The Name of God is My Inheritance: “It would indeed be strange if you were asked to go beyond all symbols of the world, forgetting them forever; yet were asked to take a teaching function. You have need to use the symbols of the world a while. But be you not deceived by them as well. They do not stand for anything at all, and in your practicing it is this thought that will release you from them. They become but means by which you can communicate in ways the world can understand, but which you recognize is not the unity where true communication can be found. Thus what you need are intervals each day in which the learn­ing of the world becomes a transitory phase; a prison house from which you go into the sunlight and forget the darkness. Here you understand the Word, the Name which God has given you; the one Identity which all things share; the one acknowledgment of what is true. And then step back to darkness, not because you think it real, but only to proclaim its unreality in terms which still have meaning in the world that darkness rules.”

Symbols of the world are words. Don’t believe our words, use the tools and experience it.

In Hawaii, Aloha is hello and goodbye and they do forehead to forehead and breathed each others’ nasal air – same as Rakhma (frontal lobe of brain).

Darren will take the audio/video, recording and the words and combine them into one video.

October 19



October 20



October 21



Caller Peter from Sweden went into in deep process while waiting for his mic to be turned on in the switchboard. He felt fear come up but felt the community holding the space.
October 22



Thank you Michele for filling in for Jeanie

Caller Grady with questions from book study.

October 23



During 2nd hour, michael is recording in Nashville so we replayed April 5, 2019 show with 10 year old Rory doing a worksheet.


October 24



The recording was postponed by the studio until next week.

Dr Tim walked John from Lansing MI through a worksheet.

Caller John from Asheville

Jeanie invited people to Join Our Mailing List (for newsletters)

michael spoke towards cleaning up the generational energies and then for Love to come into full expression.

Announcement of summer intensives schedule set.

Reinventing our process since we are not on the road for the 2nd year in a row, caring for Jeanie’s Dad an keeping Arya Reign three days a week.  Looking at streaming and other ways besides touring.

Caller Peter from Sweden, referred to speaking to his son and saying time and space was an illusion and realized that is what Monday was like when he was in process. Spoke to Jean yesterday and she mentioned she thought she could not listen to Peter’s pain then realized what was surfacing in her was her own pain and stayed on the show.  Mentioned Tuesday with Grady Love and his book club questions, even during intensives Grady’s questions were so precise and on point.  Peter said he was in Love with Love (in the cabin called Love with Grady Love) being Love during the intensives.

Caller Grady, speaking with Peter, Tuesdays with Love! Grady said he would increase his focus for Tuesdays. He is excited about Laws of Living and use of Regulatory Speech. The tools are so simple and yet effective. Living from mind-set of Love and breathing. Everything rides on the Oreta. Question: when love is present, the non-being mind is still there, is it just the constructs and goals that dissolve? Need a vehicle to address the world. michael offered the objective is to put the mind as the servant not the master. It is a great tool and is needed but if it runs our life then we are in trouble. Grady offered to Peter that he brought out in him the best, mutual thanks. Maintain Love and consciously exchange with each other. Darren included in this loop as well as Susan & Tim Bingham (the Love boat).

October 25



Caller Camille

Listen to past interviews

Jeanie pointed out links on that may not be clicked often and invited people to look around the site.  HeartLand schedule is on the site now.

michael discussed the Khabouris Manuscript and Laws of Living. The Aramaic forgiveness is the tool to remove energies that do not belong then ‘being’ is what’s left.

Callers Tim and Susan Bingham, how do we know the Khabouris is Aramaic and not a translation?

October 26



October 27



October 28



From Dr. Tim’s blog post: “We have a rare opportunity to help create a phase of the development of tools for expanding the work which began with The Jeshua Letters, and continued with The Way of the Servant, followed by The Way of the Heart, The Way of Transformation, and The Way of Knowing.  These works were all channeled by Jayem with Yeshua “dictating” the content.  It has been stated in many different ways that the purpose of these works, and this path, is to help birth the Christ Mind in everyone who is ready and willing. i contacted Jayem recently and asked if he would be willing to be interviewed for the Mindshifters Radio Podcast now that I am doing an additional hour of that podcast five days a week.  In response, Jayem suggested not just one interview but a series.  I was shocked and honored beyond words! I did a video call with Jayem on Thursday and we agreed to start brainstorming about the form, content, and goals for this project.  As I was asking to be shown what to do with this phase of the project it came to me to ask you, as people who have been on this journey with us, to tell us what would be of most use to you in helping you move your work to the next level. Remembering that the goal of this work is to help each of you create the space within yourself to connect to the inner wisdom that is available to all of us. This work is about journeying together towards the goal that has never moved, and is to be found within each of us! So, I would appreciate any thoughts you may have about the content, and format that you feel would be most useful to you, as a student of this work. You May email me at  or leave a comment on this blog post.”

Parameters on ‘free-will?’

Caller Roma. michael suggested listen to Father Ray Kelly sing Everybody Hurts Sometimes

October 29



Dr Tim shares focusing on ‘being’ instead of ego. Life is not happening to you (like punishment) it is simply unfolding.

Caller Jill from Wilmington

Caller Jack from Asheville shared about a healing on Sunday. Jeanie discussed with him about so called ‘healers’ that even Y’Shua said it was “your faith that made you whole.”  Watch putting your belief that someone else is a healer for your issues.

michael discussed the movie ‘Love and Mercy’ about St. Faustina (faustina-love-and-mercy) and her call to bring forward devine mercy to all. to link to all our newsletters (latest was sent out last night)

michael reread the latest edit of Love Mistaken, adding our holding the space. (will replace the reading on our site) the community of love and support.

Caller Grady (Tuesdays with Love) reminded everyone to hold the space for Roma (she goes to court today) then asked a question that came up when he prepared for his book group tomorrow night. michael addresses resonance, addiction and responsibility and stress. CoDependency. Victimhood and Hostility connection.  Universally present where you feel pain.

Caller Lucy. How do you do a non-specific worksheet? Resonance may trigger a feeling from the unconscious that is related to an event – can do the worksheet on the feeling without knowing the who or what is behind it. Example: just notice feeling anxiety and do not know what it is about but can do a worksheet on the feeling and cancel the goal to be conscious of what is behind it and let go of the anxiety and it may come forward what it is about.  Takes practice to develop the skill. (Jeanie thanked Lucy for letting her know about some broken links in the archives.)

Caller Patrick Quinn, at dialysis, his blood pressure is low and so his analytical processing ability is less. Had a great worksheet session with Julie and Magda on Sunday, their intuitiveness is great.

October 30



“The Way of the Servant” by Jayem – Love does these things and flows through. The servant serves by BEING the active presence of Love. A reflection in the world of the Creator. Stay in love & compassion even when stuff is up in our face.

Thirty days of gratitude begins (30 days to Thanksgiving)

Apologies, 3 callers using off language.

Caller Shelly, often challenging to ask for support but amazing when we ask someone to support us through what is up.

Caller Grady

Caller Julie from Oregon, “friendship with all life” book

Caller Susan B love is never touched by cbm just like the sun is not touched by the clouds, obscured yes.

October 31



michael asked the community to hold the space for multiple peope we know who are going through physical challenges.

Caller Sam Brotherton shares her experience with this work and how miraculous since her first intensive at HeatLand.



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