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December 1



December 2



Caller Susan B talks with Dr Tim about taking the Course in Miracles literally and ‘only the EGO wants to know God because it thinks it is separate from God’  Dr Tim said everybody has good questions and yet some people have a resonance. Invitation to Susan to be Dr Tim’s co-host. She accepted in an unofficial fashion, not locked in.

Your cells are listening

Jeanie spoke of Dr. Daniel Amen speaking on H&F (Home & Family) Hallmark channel about brain types and nourishing your brain type. What to do nutritionally, physically to improve the brain. Dr Amen is using his book “Change your Brain, Change your Life” and taking the knowledge into schools. Take a free quiz

Susan spoke about cross-crawling for brain development. There are exercises that can be done as an adult

michael said Laws of Living works with Regulatory Speech a lot, words tell our physiology what to do.

Susan spoke of her grandson’s episode of drinking. Social-Emotional skills are improved with cross-crawl. michael suggested

“Unicorns are Real: A Right-Brained Approach to Learning” by Barbara Meister-Vitale

Question: can one have a holy relationship with someone who is not interested in the work? michael said it is inside.

One test to recognize if what you learned was true. Are you at perfect peace when you think of anyone? Do they have perfect peace when they think of you? (ACIM lesson

Caller Randall from Florida. Sent michael 4 chunks of piano music to work with on poem. (the visit to Nashville keeps getting postponed)

Jim Farmer (former HeartLander) Request for prayer for a great-grandchild Madison who was born Friday and diagnosed with a heart defect.

December 3



Dr Tim said his job is to get to the place where he can feel the loving energy and support before he offers it to ‘them’ in facing their pain or fear. In every relationship I am responsible for my behaviors and choices.

When is it ok to stay or leave a relationship? Need to set boundaries. Henry Cloud and John Towensend book “Boundaries: When to Say Yes and How to Say No”

Caller Susan B. mentioned that some do not even recognize the abuse. Dr Tim pointed out that many of the abused think it is their fault they are being abused. recommend a book “The Verbally Abusive Relationship: How to Recognize it and How to Respond” by Patricia Evans

Discussion of the marriage oath being love and cherish not beat and abuse. It requires consistent input and clear support from outside ‘the system’ to bring the truth to light and productive change to take place. Yet each person has to take responsiblity for their half of the equation and lovingly hold the other responsible for their half.

Jeanie added when she was in an abusive relationship only his mother knew (besides me) what he was doing and her response was “Stand by Your Man” once finally freed of that situation it took 30+ years to face it and heal it.

AA has a statement “keep coming back until you feel like coming back” Terry Bowling has adapted that in doing worksheets.

michael offered a ‘holy relationship’ is a choice with or without the other person participating. You have no control over what the other person thinks but you do have input. For the other person to have peace when they think of me means I have released all the emotional strings of attachment that pulls that resonates in them. Otherwise they would not be playing it out with me.

michael discusses with caller Lucy how holding to the energy of vengence and defense will draw in attack. ACIM Lesson 153 says in my defenslessness my strength and safety lies. Lucy said it seems stuck on the grief thing that nothing is working. MindShifter that it is safe to look at the origin of the pain. May be whole Sicilian generational issue. Francois Fenelon “Worry is the cross which we make for ourselves by over anxiety.”

Caller Joan comment on earlier chat about Mr. Rogers – his ability to be totally present and hold space.

December 4



Dr Tim has discussion with Jill from Wilmington on what one is feeling is from a past experience. Be willing to watch what comes up and be open to the insight and intuition if I just ask to be shown. Keep the filter in place that everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have.

Hold the space for Arya – she has an ear infection. Her doctor is open and said ‘let’s not do antibiotics’ and Ryan came over to get food grade hydrogen peroxide to put in her ear.

michael discusses Rakhma and Khooba – filters in the mind.  After we learned she had this ear thing going on, michael had a goal to hold her and nurture her and do energy work on her and when we got the call that her Mom was keeping her home, he saw his intent was loving but his own fear based perceptual mind turned to ‘oh no we are missing her today’ and not getting to fulfil those goals with her.  Next piece of work to cancel the goal and watch consciously where his thoughts went.

Caller Diane in Minnesota. Sitting on something big and not knowing where to start. (michael added that with the worksheet you can start anywhere and don’t have to complete each thought) Asking a question, in interaction with your power person did you find yourself in the position of not knowing where to start or what to do or what to say? She said when her partner has all this content about lost and confused and how to deal, etc. can usually hold the space but today she had an appointment and it gave her time to check in with herself. Realized she had goals for him to get out of debt and be able to be financially stable. She feels what she did with her Mom trying to fix it for her when she put out all her stuff and found herself carrying the burden. She thinks her goals will never get met when he doesn’t even think there. How can she help, what suggestions can she make, it is not her problems why does she need to fix him?  michael suggested issue might be around competency, wanting them (partner and Mom) to be competent enough to handle it.  Jeanie added, victimhood is often a drug of choice to not deal with what is going on. People thinking life is always against them, they can’t get ahead, etc. being a victim has a pay-off like someone else will fix it. And then thinking other people’s feelings are more important than my own. Saving the world could be our drug of choice too.  Jeanie shared a worksheet she did on clutter and realized where she did not feel like there was room for her or she was not important enough to have space and she gets lost in the stuff. So straightening up the external clutter keeps me from looking at the internal chaos.  michael gave a MindShifter: “It is safe healing and preferrable to take care of myself.”  Suggest she wants to escape from the lack of competence and responsibility. When handled within then you can say ‘I wish you would be competent / responsible right now and if you can’t be then I hold the space for you.’ because there won’t be a trigger for you.  Weaken until it is no longer an issue for you.  Another MindShifter: “It is safe and healing for me to be totally incompetent.” Laughter and screech. or “It is safe and healing for Doug to show up in my life as totally capable, competent and wealthy.” Laughter. is a skelatal site now and setting up to offer courses. Working on getting certified to offer CEUs to participants.

explanation of a MindShifter

Caller Julie M from Oregon. Liked the MS about taking care of myself, a people pleaser and wanting to get along and set self aside.  Began an exercise program, riding a bike then swimming, working out and eating better but needs courage to stand her ground and not slip-slide down the judgmental slope her partner does. It is so easy to lose her way. Getting the braincells but then it is about maintaining and furthering the work. Still considering the Laws of Living intensive in February. What happens with the kitchen since we lost Ari? michael said several people have said they would help too but still looking for anchor person.

December 5



Caller Mary R discusses with Dr Tim the topic of setting the goal to have an awesome day and then a ‘person shatters her perception’ and the day goes the opposite. The universe will give you what you ask for – what your focus is. If you hold anything less than your constructive goal, it will bring to you everything that brings it up for you.

Jeanie discussed the re-inventing of the way we are operating since not ‘on the road’ – support is appreciated. Go to and watch for changes.

michael introduced the app again and the support of this radio show. The lack of forgiveness is the root of all the turmoil in the world.

We watched the movie “You Again” (2010) last night which was perfect for understanding perception and repeating patterns see

Caller Susan B. in writing a worksheet based on her being Luke…got stuck. michael suggested asking internally for permission then breathing into his skin write what his perspective is. Example, Luke feels terror or sadness and allow it to unfold. She said a thought came right away. Also, write his life story as if you were him. Quote by Francois Fenelon (1651-1715) “As the light increases, we see ourselves to be worse than we thought. We are amazed at our former blindness as we see issuing forth from the depths of our heart a whole swarm of shameful feelings, like filthy reptiles crawling from a hidden cave. We never could have believed that we had harbored such things, and we stand aghast as we watch them gradually appear. But while our faults diminish, the light by which we see them waxes brighter, and we are filled with horror. Bear in mind, for your comfort, that we only perceive our malady when the cure begins.”

Discuss difference in pain and suffering.

The brain or mind replays what is in it. It is an instrument but is not the source. If parts of the instrument was damaged there is still the ability to bring new parts active. Example of his Mom having a stroke and michael working with her to rewire a different part of her brain to do what the damaged part had done (ie walking).

Practice rewriting lyrics to the songs you hear. Tonality and sounds cannot resonate suffering unless there is suffering within the listener.

Caller Tim B. some improvement to his eye. michael explained the Bemer device.

 December 6



Dr Tim had callers Julie from Oregon and Susan B.

Jeanie asked the communicty to hold the space. Shooting at Pensacola Naval Base, my nephew TJ is there and my brother and sister-in-love have not been able to reach him.

michael says 90% of your mind is hidden from you…we have been taught to live in denial. We basically tell our mind to not show us something is ours and we blame another, then information is hidden and we are unconscious.

What we think we see is just a construct of the mind. Forgiveness is removing energy from within that does not belong allowing us to see.

Caller Tim B and Susan B

Caller Ann in FL

December 7



December 8



December 9



Dr Tim had great questions, discussion on ‘A Course in Love’

Caller John from MI, testimonial about doing work around the 10 year old in their Support Group that triggered his frustration and doing a breath session and realized it is his stuff around his own treatment towards his stepson.

Caller Shelly, trust issues, torturing himself. michael suggested wake-up sheets around himself being trustworthy.  Why can’t he settle the trust issues? Shelly said he used to project the trust issue out towards others and now he points it to himself. michael said as a birthright you should have been treated gently, lovingly, and with integrity by parents and others you should be able to trust to care for you. Did you have that? Energetically violated by people you should have been able to trust. It may be a 77×70 issue. Shelly said he is feeling it physically in his chest and stomach too.  MindShifter: “It is safe, healing and rewarding to trust fully even people who are untrustworthy.” He gave a testimonial of his son calling him and even saying he appreciates him and the example he sets. Discussed the symptoms of Healing Crisis vs dis-ease process.  Confusion is part of healing. After going through you will have more clarity.

Question from chatroom to discuss that MindShifter more – “fully trusting even people who are untrustworthy.”  michael explained a mindshifter. Trust is a part of being that flows naturally from being. michael gave the example of “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” is interviewed by a man who is untrustworthy and yet Mr. Rogers is just the space for him – the space of trust.

Caller Tim B. looking at a picture of his Dad and Mom when his Dad was about 70 and doing a love exchange with them and it is powerful experience. How does the Love Exchange work?

December 10



Dr Tim with caller Susan B. about the love exchange. She said it was huge. Dr Tim said no you make this SEEM huge.

TOPCAP Love – Total, Perfect, Conscious, Active, Present Love

Caller Brianna, expressed how the same crazy is going on in her world but she is OK. Jeanie reminded of the story in scriptures where the disciples are in a boat in midst of a storm and YShua invites Peter to step out on faith, as long as his focus was on where he was going he walked water but when he looked at the storm he sank.

Refer to yesterday’s show about the Love Exchange. Felt her ‘inner snark’s hackles’ go up thinking of being love to one who is untrustworthy. Establish self as love first in the morning and then if during the day I am triggered then I see where my work is. michael referred to “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” once more. Then he explained the Love Exchange

Jeanie offered doing the exchange in the mirror with one hand on your heart and one on your reflection’s heart. Susan spoke of the disqust of her appearance. Apply the idea of beauty to yourself as you did your grandmother.

Refer to “The Grace Card” movie where it speaks of the slave owner who gave a card to his slaves … “I promise to pray for you every day and ask for forgiveness, grant you the same and be your friend always.” Grace is a component of forgiveness.

James Twyman, also known as the Peace Troubadour, “The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking” or “Emissary of Light” or “Emissary of Love: The Psychic Children Speak to the World” Click or tap to follow the link.”

Caller Jack, last night with men’s group and brought up The Course in Love (Christ mind and Holy Spirit) went over well. Then confrontation with partner. Needs to be accountable that he reverted to his angry voice. Procrastinating doing worksheets and the love exchange, michael invited Jack to get the mirror and do the exchange now on the show.

Caller Lucy said she can relate to Susan and the Love Exchange.

The Laws of Living – living in harmony with the universe

December 11



Caller Jack needing to do a worksheet but his worksheets are in the car at the end of the driveway snowed in. (Part of procrastination)

Caller Shelly offered to Jack to ‘be aware’ of the resistence

Jeanie offered for the Christ-mass spirit (not buying gifts) can be shared on Angel trees or Nursing homes. Told the story of being a Santa for someone else in secret ( Also suggestions of writing a ‘certificate’ that requires your time not money, example babysit or massage or whatever

michael spoke of withholding love because this or that is insane.  Everyone deserves to experience themself as love – it is our birthright

difference in forgiveness and pardoning

The frequency is in the seed and reproduces after its kind. There is a set of instructions in the seed telling it what to turn into – ie the acorn will always be an oak tree. Marcel Vogel and the DeLaWarr Camera (

Caller Shelly, the story of the desert mind, needs to be changed to a tropical jungle? michael spoke of the Andracki’s oasis in the Mahave desert. Shelly said sidewinders and tarantulas in the desert.

michael is enroute to Nashville, TN

Caller Joan,  asked about the DeLaWarr camera.  michael said we need to be able to ‘decode’ the frequency inside us (the camera decodes frequencies that are already there). michael explains the ‘right-hand rule’ in electronics – every energy induces a flow of current and resonates the same energy in another.

December 12



Dr Tim speaks with caller Lucy about manifesting. Ask to be shown and be open that we ‘don’t know’ instead of what we ‘think’ we need on a physical level.

Asking for emotional state. Physical? Mental? Spiritual state? Create effort equals resistence. But have in mind ‘how I want it to be.’ And it doesn’t seem to get answered.

Jeanie reminded the scriptures that we ask amiss.  It is not our mouth that asks but what we hold inside is the asker, universe bring me what I need to heal this part of me.  People using positive affirmations won’t change the outcome.  Trashcan needs to be dumped or I can spray airfreshener.  Ask to be shown and be open to I do not know what I need.  Everything is given before we ask if we are open enough to receive and let go of controlling how life goes.  One time in my life I felt I needed to control my space to be safe and that I locked myself in the box with my inner demons.  Lucy said asking physical universe verses emotional or spiritual. Jeanie said it may be delivering it to you exactly.  Jeanie gave a personal example, physically, the base of my skull hurts and I do pray for and envision my neck to feel better and be healthy and whole and to wake up with no pain.  The Creator says OK you got it, it is well and whole but you must remove what is manifesting as the pain – what is in your unconscious? Answer ‘why am I clenching my jaw at night?’ Started wearing a guard for last 3 nights, my jaw is purple inside where I am biting down. When asleep the unconscious barrier is more open.  Creator is absolutely answering me, neck is 85% better but the guard is preventative but not dealing with the cause. Creator gives us situations so we can get back in balance. People want it to just be better and not look at the problem. We have to look at what is in front of us and eventually the whole picture will come together, like putting a puzzle together, we KNOW what it will look like in the end but not sure where each piece fits in the whole. Example of the couple who one did work and one did not and was waiting for critical mass and they would just get it all at once.

Caller Julie added, from Dale Allen Hoffman and applying the Aramaic to life, when you pray keep in mind the answer is in entirety, Rukha knows how to untie our unconscious network we built. Be connected to Source and follow the inner tutor. Getting what we need we just need to remove what is against it.  Stop having to be right or it be a certain way. The guy probably won’t recognize the lessons, it may not be all ease and grace. Change perception, go easy on self. Gently and with respect.

Dr Tim added about manifesting.. movie “I Am” Tom Shadyac was producer of a lot of Jim Carrey movies, had lots of stuff and then he had a bike wreck and suffered post-concussion syndrome which is so painful many turn suicidal. He recovered but realized in the process that what ‘made him happy’ was not stuff. More content and satisfied being. Dr Tim said from his actual life he experienced the same contentment in trusting and working to create love and joy. Talks to thought leaders from specialties psychology, religion, scientific to get the answer. “I AM” documentary

Caller Judy P., thanked & acknowledged Jeanie, it helped to see things different looking at her father as her Power Person verses her mother. Jeanie explained what Judy was referring to, PP is not necessarily the ‘harder person’ example of her Dad who is a gentle soul but he would leave to go to the farm and what Jeanie does is wants to leave when stress is up. Judy said she heard a quote that “the God’s live on less than they are” does not mean pinch pennies, etc but to be more than material.  She spoke towards cleaning out and yet it fills up again. Bottom line right now is that anything that uses our efforts and energy will become something we might not want. Be conscious and responsible. Less is more.

December 13



Dr Tim discusses with Susan B about our value

In reference to yesterday’s conversation with Judy – I heard someone say “that the main reason we aren’t receiving God’s best is because we are willing to settle for less. And, as long as we can live with less than God’s best, we will.” Do you want more? Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually? Ephesians 3:20 says “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.”
God has so much more for us … EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY MORE!

Play “Love Restored” – you can go to our website and download the PDF and/or listen to the MP3 of the recording in Nashville, TN

Read text from michael.

December 14



December 15



December 16



Caller Susan B,

Caller Jack in Asheville, seen successful intervention situations. For self, couldn’t do it on his own.

Caller Cyndi, guilty and anger around the situation between visiting a friend (4 hrs away) over New Years holiday and her husband not wanting to go. Dr Tim offered she could go by herself, yet she wants to ‘blame’ him? Do worksheets on embarrasment about changing plans that are not even solidified yet. Matt Kahn says embarassment is an indication that there is a part of ourselves attempting to be seen and EGO is hiding it. Why do you resist life changes? The resistence is not productive. What is the harm if it does not work out? At least you reached out to connect. Nothing inherent in the situation that is created by outside of you. You will see what the fear or pain is underneth the embarrasment and anger.

michael reports from Nashville, 2 days of silent retreat and then breathing the gentleman who runs the facility, interesting to watch how as he got further away from the experience that his ego mind took over and he returned to prior behavior (not having the tools). He was willing to receive feedback and will probably come around to the work.

Until one has the braincells to hold conscious, active love it can be challenging to own the hostility and fear and remove that content.

Caller Tim B doing the love exchange with the picture of his father. Asked to have more explanation of the process. “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places” by Johnny Lee

ACIM says exempt no one from your love or you will hide a place in your mind where God (Love) is not welcome.

Explain how to ‘radiate’ to the other person? Use imagination.

Listen to Love Restored recorded music in Nashville ( will ask the studio for a remix lowering the music somewhat, many said it was too loud and overpowered the reading.

Caller Julie in Oregon, on Friday said some things off the mark about the recording. She has relistened and changed her mind about the music – it is perfect. Thankful for the openness of this show. What was up for her Friday was how she has denied her own talent from getting out like this. Projection from the pain of denial.

Caller Ann in FL, grand-dog sitting. Shared her daughter, Elizabeth, getting to the point of self-worth and speaking up and it assisted others who couldn’t speak up. Getting support of the system. Acknowledged how even as facilitators (michael, Tim & Jeanie) we continue to use the tools. Recognize to compliment and be done with judgment. Resonate love in gratitude.

December 17



The power of learning to live in the question. Once we draw a conclusion our mind goes into a shut-down state. Remain open.

Check out the books we have discussed on this show.

michael dropped a pakage off at Provident Films (

Jeanie opened the show that many people’s stress level rises during the holidays. Family = familiar = behaviors and past experiences.

michael joined us talking about what causes stress – it is not the holidays but the goals held. Forgiveness is cancelling the goal and thus reducing the stress and allowing us to see what is underneth. Power Person behavioral dynamic is linked to stress too.

Caller Julie,in Oregon, in a relationship where he does not want to do this work. He is under ‘holiday stress’ and is critical of her. She realizes as a child she was criticized and attempted to follow rules. michael said he hears the pain in her voice and the first order of business is to clean the lens she is looking through.  Grief and loss and sadness. She said she does not want to admit to herself that he might not be right for her.  michael suggested Responsibility Communication (see and samples and Feels she is in a defensive position with him. Cancel need to defend and cancel need to be treated fairly. Dominate energy is unfairness in the world.

Jeanie offered to Julie as much as she is clearing her throat that she might do some work around fear of speaking up or speaking her truth. michael added note the conflict: This may not be the right relationship and I want to keep this relationship. Confusion in your mind.

Skype caller began quoting scriptures. Said we were creating more confusion and we cannot talk philosophy and psychology but stay with the Bible. michael stopped him and said that is Greek and we work with the Aramaic work of Y’Shua.

Caller Julie, said this work is close to God as any work. There is a new way of hearing what Jesus taught and we are able to bring into our lives. She said she was not more confused. Has work to do on her confusion energy.

Caller Lien, discussed feelings in context, never in pain about something outside of you. The person outside of you triggers the internal pain. It is about cleaning up the parts of your mind and free yourself to create a supportive relationship instead of the same feelings within a new context.

December 18



Caller Susan B. discussing meditation with Dr. Tim. He said if you go into meditation with the end result already formed in the mind then you sabotage the purpose.

Jeanie googled it and they list 7 types of Meditation:
1.    Loving-kindness meditation. With the many types of meditation to try, there should be one to suit most individuals. …
2.    Body scan or progressive relaxation. … (michael’s Wellness Through Stillness 20 minute CD)
3.    Mindfulness meditation. …
4.    Breath awareness meditation. …
5.    Kundalini yoga. …
6.    Zen meditation. …
7.    Transcendental Meditation.

michael discussed StillPoint Breathing (breath awareness) and being open and soft and flowing. Avoid swallowing and no pillow where possible. Meditation is to be ‘out of your mind’ – once the mind enters with the questioning then it won’t stop. Takes practice to ignore the drive to either swallow or lick lips.

Susan said they are going Christmas afternoon to see an interventionist and attempt to get Luke to come out of school and go into a rehab for 3 to 6 months and really look at his life. Alternatives are death or jail. Self-medicating and binge drinking. She said she has an 80% success rate of getting the client to accept rehab.

michael spoke on idioms: words used to establish a meaning that is not deducible from the words themselves. Example “I have a frog in my throat.” someone who does not understand that would wonder how he got a frog in his mouth/throat to begin with. “Looking for a needle in a haystack.” Shared the story of telling the Russian, “I think he is really cool.” and the translator says “michael thinks you have a low body temperature.” translated the words but not the meaning. The context can be lost within a single language but when translating happens between languages then the mix up can go to a deeper level.

Caller Derek from MS, asking about getting a preacher in their 400 sq feet. It is an inside job, the work begins inside.

michael discussed the Laws of Living. The energetic eternal forces of nature that we can understand and operate within them or we can bump into them and get a jolt. Laws pertaining to money, to the land, to nutrition, to intimacy and more. See intensive flyer

michael discussed with caller Susan B asked about the ACIM “world” (reality in the mind) vs “World” (what the Creator created)

December 19



Dr Tim and Mary Raatz have a discussion

michael discribes what is Life and what is Love? Y’Shua says I came to bring you life and more abundantly. You will be the space for those who hate you and be kind to those who dispitefully use you. Then they asked Y’Shua how do you live a human life? What is the most important law? Greeks say Love God and neighbor as yourself. In Aramaic it is you will keep the filter of Love active in your mind when you think of God or neighbor in order to maintain Self (Love). Mind energy becomes flesh.

Caller Magda, Chuck is doing well but has cold/flu symptoms and he categorizes it as healing. Thank everyone for prayers and cards and monetary gifts. She had cataract surgery Tuesday and had the bandage off yesterday and is amazed at how good her vision is, one is for distance and the other for close up. Incredibly grateful and in awe. Review her process: had fear and did worksheets around the fear. The goal she wanted was to have perfect vision and healthy vital visual results. Cancel that goal and saw each time it was: during the surgery the surgical team and I are in alignment and the outcome is perfect for me. Leaving it open ended, should she be specific on the outcome? The Cancer Center deals with physical, emotional, spiritual aspects. Chucks PSA has gone down continue in right direction.

Caller John in MI, in his Breath Session got direction to do worksheets on positive. How do you do that? We want each person to be alive, in a present moment experience not in the past. Look at goal that drives the ‘replicated’ past experience. ex: I want to feel that again.  Jeanie added, also, if you think something outside of you creates your happiness it is the same as thinking our grief or pain or anger is caused by something outside of us. Cancel and realize it is all inside.

Jesus the Christ – Christ is the name of an office he held – he had a full form connection to Love

Caller Tim B. how do you deal with a person addicted to something? Getting ready to confront his grandson. What do you discribe as an addict? michael said give them the tool of forgiveness and encourage them to use it. When they apply forgiveness they will drop their addictive behaviors. The compulsion to use a distructive substance is to hide the unrequited pain, an anesthetic. Once they deal with the pain they will not need the drug.

December 20



Michele Pischea filling in for Jeanie – thank you.
December 21



December 22



December 23



Dr Tim explained to caller Susan B. we can justify every level of abuse to us and others if we are not connected to Source.  Commit to doing 5 wake-up sheets a day for 40 days to change your life.

We have the choice to create consciously or unconsciously.  Make my home in the Breath!  Everything less than love is false and the lie guides our perception.  What is true cannot be threatened.

Caller John from Lansing. His brother came back from Vietnam pretty messed up (John was only 6 when he came back). They would hold him down until the doctor arrived. Brother passed a few years ago and John feels he has his brother’s anger and wants to know how to address it.  Do worksheets on the resonating anger that is in you and do work as if you were your brother.  michael mentioned the movie Concussion. The same damage happens in military personnel as in football or boxing. Dr. Omalu asked the ‘body’ of football player Iron Mike (Mike Webster) to assist him in finding the answers for what happened to him (discovered CTE).

michael spoke of stepping back and being the thinker apart from thought, feeler apart from feelings and actor apart from the action. When the mind communicates the meaning of things (and words) it makes it up from the past. Slow it down and observe your mind in action. The mind is a servant not the master.

Love is a noun not a verb… it is who we are not what we do.  “Looking for love in all the wrong places, looking for love in too many faces.”

Think of everyone who brought the presence of love to your life – who has loved you into existence?

Caller Jack in Asheville, confusion, am I in the past or present? MindShifter: “It is safe, healing and restorative for me to surrender all of my mind’s opinions about what I and others are doing.”  Is there anyone you know who is a model that could be a father figure in your life.

Ram Dass transitioned yesterday.

December 24



 Christmas Eve

Dr Tim shared doing a talk right after getting the news his elderly mother had a fall and his talk was infused with the energy of the news and the ripple effect was everyone was touched and shared tears. Powerfully and positively your choices impact everyone and you may not get to see the results.

Reference Silvia Boorstein’s process to restore self to kindness, ie to calm down … “I continue to suffer, stumbling around in stories of discontent, until I catch myself, and stop, and allow myself to know, and deeply feel, that I am frightened or confused or disappointed or angry or tired or ashamed or sad—that “I’m in pain!” Then my own good heart, out of compassion, takes care of me. It all happens when I am able to say to myself (I honestly do use these very words), “Sweetheart, you are in pain. Relax. Take a breath. Let’s pay attention to what is happening. Then we’ll figure out what to do.””

Caller Susan B. said the gremlin pushed 1 … Dr Tim spoke towards Eric Vance book ‘Suggestible You: The Curious Science of Your Brain’s Ability to Deceive, Transform, and Heal’ – chapter of dropping pebbles into the pool of awareness.  The infusion of someone else being able to maintain your wholeness in your stead. Susan asked about Lazarus after his ressurrection.  In John 12 it speaks of him reclining at dinner.  “The Lazarus life is a life of “unhurried existence.” We can be busy when we look calm, and we can also know a deep peace in the busiest moments of our day. The most important thing Lazarus did after his transformation was to lean next to Jesus. We must do the same.” (taken from  Hold the space for the family as they prepare intervention for Luke.

App HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness.

Helen Schucman wrote A Course In Miracles (1976) “The underlying premise is that the greatest “miracle” is the act of simply gaining a full “awareness of love’s presence” in one’s own life.”  Along with William Thetford scribing, took 7 years, editing by Thetford and Dr. Ken Wapnick (established The Foundation for ACIM). After Wapnick’s death the copyright went to The Foundation for Inner Peace.

Caller Magda, feedback for Susan and Tim that having the Bemer instead of renting is that you can use it multiple times a day. She wrapped the strap around the back and made sure the middle one was on the base of the skull (cranial base) and then wrap sides up towards eyes on side of face. It helped her remove floaters. Do once a day around back and then once across top. And the arrows refers to the spot only, the higher is 3x intensity chosen. Keep on lower for the eyes. Move to another intensity on the body only. Eyes is level 1 only.

michael explained what a Bemer is. Designed to strengthen health.

December 25



Christmas Day – both hours will be prerecorded shows so Dr. Tim and michael & Jeanie can enjoy the day’s festivities with family. Hope your day is blessed!

Dr Tim’s hour will be the summary show from 12/30/2015 and michael’s hour will be a replay of Christmas 2018

December 26



Dr Tim and caller Lucy have a discussion on ‘forgiving the pain that comes up inside of us’ then ‘pardoning the other person for what they did that triggered the mistrust’ and then what to do to rebuild the trust. Referred to Dr. Henry Cloud book “Necessary Endings: The Employees, Businesses, and Relationships That All of Us Have To Give Up In Order to Move Forward”

michael talks about thoughts becoming physiology (neuropeptides). In the beginning was the mind energy and the mind energy became flesh. Time has a different function – that of wisdom and youthing instead of ‘aging’

Caller Yolanda

Caller Roma spoke of mathematics of forgiveness.

so much focus on stuff but what is important is staying connected to Love (to Being)

Caller Julie in OR

December 27



Dr Tim’s hour is pre-recorded show from June 30, 2016 where he walked Jill (from Wilmington) through the process of a wake-up sheet. Powerful.

Michele is filling in for Jeanie during the second hour. Thank you.

December 28



December 29



December 30




Arya was not feeling well today so I did not take any notes during the show.

December 31



 New Years Eve

Discussion of the ‘fantasy’ of ‘time’ also other fantasies like believing that someone else ‘made you mad or sad or afraid or even happy’

Good to see Bob (from Australia) in chatroom – not been there for a few days – large fires in Australia.

Caller Susan B. did a MindShifter on letting go the fixing and be willing to hold loving space regardless of the other people’s choice. michael offered to do some work around the need to fix them (as those words popped out then part of the mind still goes there).

Caller Bob from Australia

Caller Yolanda, thank Susan B for being ‘out there’ – cherish her courage.

Jeanie offered something that was a gift towards her book during the Christmas holiday, a memory her brother shared that was not in Jeanie’s awareness at all because of being in survival mode instead of living life.



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