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January 1



Happy New Year!

Dr Tim spoke of ‘holy instant’ from the Course. Sit back and watch it go by as the observer.

Caller Grady said Dr Tim caught him in several statements of regulatory speech. grateful. And he said he was looking forward to Laws of Living.

Dr Tim gave example of being in a wreck and stopping his mind and (realizing he himself was OK) asking how can he be of service to the others involved.

Caller Grady said yesterday Susan B. said “I hope it works” and he can hear himself say the same thing, to move into the doubt scenario and ask what our role is, the need to fix things and correct people and their ideas, to punish – all counterproductive.  Susan is trying too hard to fix the grandson’s situation instead of allowing.

michael offered one statement is what the mind wants to do based in past and the second is advice from Being. Use the mind as a servant not a master of your life.

Caller Tim B. What could he say to his grand children to set in deeply the principles of the work? michael suggested to sit with each one individually and do the love exchange with them. Emphasize they are LOVE. And perhaps himself has not always shown that love and wants to do it differently. Or send a Commitment in their lunch box or back pack signed by Grandpa.

Caller Randall M asking does he need an intertainment attorney? Explained his predictament. Then discussion of reality and actuality. Imagination is the ability to image into the world that which we are inspired to create. The non-being mind’s cheap copy is fantasy (saying it would be nice if … but never put legs under it).

michael continued speaking of another of the 5 smooth stones (in spirituality) – true perception, more accurate about the actuality the Creator created.

January 2



Caller Yolanda is triggered with prejudice issues around black not treated fairly (at least not like white are treated).  She hears in this work that her interpretation of what is going on is from inside of her. and not congruent with what she believes that it is outside of her.  Dr. Tim says there is violence and racism and inequality, that is actuality.  In the scenario you described in most places that is what happens. That is why it is so important to use the tools to respond to those actualities.  If I do not control my emotions with a mind seeing clearly then my behaviors will be off target and not obtain the result desired.

Ask an attorney and they will tell you that they want the witness to be in hostility or fear because that is when they make mistakes.  We want the highest and best input that my mind can muster, it is my own mind that generates the hostility or fear about the outside event.  Dr Tim repeated the car wreck experience (from yesterday’s show) and he was able to take a breath and access the situation and his own physical situation and walked into the situation asking himself how can I be a blessing here and serve others.  We can address it with clarity and highest guidance and taking responsibility for the emotion I create.  Another person jumped out of their car raging.  Focus on what we can control.

Jeanie added the story of walking on water or sinking – the storm still rages, nothing changes in the actuality. Where is your focus.

Dr Tim walks her through a worksheet on anger, racism is rampant in society. Not intellectual but emotional, what thought generates the rage? Punishment for them to feel the pain too. What goal? For people to understand the racism and how much pain and suffering it triggers – so it can be resolved (includes the idea of people being heard and understood). BREATHE into the most loving and safe thought (joyful and happy memories) until you feel the shift. Cancel and Breathe and Soften.  Tension in shoulders. Emotion is now fear.

Jeanie took over at step 6C when have you not been understanding or have been judgmental toward another or yourself? she thought of a student who she gave an incomplete and was probably not sensative.

The anger is a false bravado to cover the fear and pain.

Jeanie gave example of the video (or movie) that was light flickering on the screen and vibrations from a speaker and yet nothing was actually happening in your space and yet you were so upset over what you saw and heard. It resonated past experiences for you (ie your son being arrested).

Read the story of Love by Choice – holocaust survivor who chose to love instead of hate

Yolanda gave the example of a young man who nobody seems to like. Confrontation and challenges everyone. Was going to call his Mom, conference with him there. She was very triggered and Mom understood. Walking back to room and did selftalk to do something different, connect to Love and Breathe. Then she noticed they were both wearing black and orange and said to him ‘hey realize we are wearing the same colors?’ and he smiled and then she smiled. Went to a different space. (Jeanie referenced Love Dare from movie ‘Fireproof’)

Caller Susan B. thank Yolanda for being willing to tell about her hurt and anger and frustration with white people. Most of us in this community are white and we need to be reminded and corrected of our error. Jeanie gave the example of Ryan in daycare seeing a child differently not because he was black but because he wore glasses.  Hidden prejudices. Many generations back. In my book I go back to Native American issues and abuse.

Susan said her grandson is now binging and purging. Jeanie offered it is like cutting, a way to control something as they can’t control the internal pain.

Caller Sam B., what an awesome show – raw honesty is where healing takes place.  Jeanie suggested Sam see the documentary ‘Come From Away’

January 3



Caller Joan from Birmingham, discusses with Dr Tim things with a lot of momentum behind it requires to be slowed down before it can be stopped.

michael suggested people watch “Gander’s Ripple Effect: How a Small Town’s Kindness Opened on Broadway”

In Aramaic neighbor means anyone you think about.

Power Point on YouTube:

Caller Yolanda. michael explained that being angry about a situation adds energy to the situation. House divided against itself.

Example I dont have to understand how tires are made, or brakes, or the engine in order to drive the car. So you do not have to understand all the whys and hows to use the tools.

January 4



January 5



January 6



Dr Tim discusses with Shelly the issue of not receiving responses back from his partner (calls or texts). Gives him a MindShifter “It is safe and healing and I love it when someone I care about does not respond to me.” (Shelly had challenges reading the MS back to michael.

Shelly’s conversation continues with Jeanie & michael. What if she does not respond to his texts or calls? Is his happiness dependent on her? Jeanie offered there sounds to be some mistrust in the mix too.  michael gave Shelly another MindShifter “When ____ does not respond to me the thoughts I think are __________”

Caller Tracey in Nevada (Dr Andracki client) is suicidal and depressed and new to this work but how do you get to where it is OK and just ‘love yourself’ michael explained LOVE is being. It is who you are. michael said her happiness is not outside of her. She wanted to know where to begin and michael sent her a text with several links. As follows:

~  The Five Aramaic Keys to having life more abundantly: Click or tap to follow the link.
~  Listen to hear a live, profound example of how the 1st Century Aramaic Forgiveness Process IS DONE: Click or tap to follow the link.
~  And here is a link that explains, technically, how and why ARAMAIC FORGIVENESS WORKS: Click or tap to follow the link.
~  And, finally, here is a deep understanding of how the unsane mind works: Click or tap to follow the link.
~  For free support call, 5 days a week, from Noon to 2 PM EASTERN Time, 563-999-3581
~  For the world’s first Forgiveness APP type “HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness” into your APP store. It is a FREE download.

Caller Joan, her fear around the situation in Iran. MindShifter: “I easily stand as a space of love and bring healing to myself, the pained, traumatized, and enraged people of the world.”

michael walked us through the Love Exchange. And sending Love and Light to the world! Including our decision makers.

ACIM “The holiest of all the spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.” T-26.IX.6:1

Caller Shelly suggests people keep notes and write down the MindShifter and write.

Except for today’s goals, cancelling all goals in my conscious and unconscious mind and put them in plans for another day reduces stress and improves rest and sleep.

January 7



Dr Tim had a great 45 minute opening – recap of Alan Cohen ACIM made easy.

Caller Susan B wants to use the intro in her support group. Susan shared her grandson’s situation. And intervention by Zoom.

A friend having by-pass surgery today (Richard Eshelman) and Sam Brotherton having heart catherization today too. Hold all in Love.

michael spoke of the 2nd lesson in LOL is about vision and purpose.

Caller Julie in Oregon

January 8



Dr Tim discussed Alan Cohen ACIM made easy.

Jeanie shared her frustration and sadness over her Dad’s situation. He has lost capacity to think for himself.  Started to cry. Dr Tim offered breathe through it and be with the emotions.  May be old thoughts and feelings of being helpless in a situation triggered by the present experience.

Caller Joel L. attended the Teacher’s Training a few years ago, did the 3 early memories and then set it aside. In 2017 started to drink again and do old habits he had not done in 10 years. Jumoped into doing worksheets and cleaning it up. Then started feeling scared and felt sick. Realized he was reliving the 3 early memories.  He now has clearer vision…in awe of the world around now.  Has a cough, lungs clearing. michael discussed a healing crisis and the symptoms include old physical issues.

Caller Shelly shared on his healing process. He did the two MindShifters and within 20 minutes his phone started receiving the calls and texts.

Chatroom asked where to find the show with the 10 year old girl  April 5, 2019

January 9



Dr Tim works with caller Tracey in Nevada (Dr Andracki client) follow up from Monday’s conversation and relating her suicidal thoughts with being 15 and her father keeping a gun by the door to threaten her if she gets out of line he will ‘take her out’ and now she’s doing it to herself.  Do worksheets from Mom’s perspective or from Dad’s side. He was acting out all he knew to do. Remember they were 17 when she was born, did not know how to parent, did not have good role modeling as a child. He did not know how to do what he wanted to do. She said more memories are coming forward. And she gets stuck when she gets to the part about ‘loving herself.’

Jeanie suggested she get a picture of herself as a 1 to 3 year old and keep it where she can look at herself and remember who she is – michael added love is not what you do to yourself it is who you are. You can experience yourself as love. Jeanie also added that the memories is a sign she is has reached a new level of vitality to be able to see.

Caller Joel said he chose to set an hour each day to do his work instead of going to the bar and drinking and smoking. When he did that (made the commitment) then all the addictions just fell away.  About 2 months into the work he got a big ah-ha. Did not realize it was a healing crisis that was resonating the past addiction to anesthesize from what was coming up.

Caller Craig, can’t form the question right now so will step back and listen.

Caller Shelly, michael addressed the Power Person dynamics and relationship substitution. Shelly also put out for everyone to donate to this work.

Caller Joel offered each person has to stop looking for someone to do it for you and be willing to step up and do it yourself. And michael offered we are here to guide and support.

Caller Susan B. said the 1st hour was amazing and been praying for Tracy since her call on Monday.  Then discussed the Zoom talk (intervention) with her grandson Luke. May have to do an actual intervention and pull him from school and put him in a facility.  Asking the community to hold Luke and Catherine in prayer.  Then she said her ACIM lesson today says to not hold him in his sickness. And don’t be part of his evil dream. michael said in Aramaic evil is incomplete. michael clarified ‘illusion’ does not mean something that does not exist but something that is ‘measured’ – Luke has measured into his own being the addicitions (drinking and drugs).  YShua could stand in the truth of who the person was (their perfect truth about them) in their space without judgment.  Jeanie added the story of the prostitute before YShua and he was able to show the accusers that held the mind energy of her error and send them away and then he told the prostitute to go and sin no more.  So what she did was sin (off target, not for her highest and best) and while YShua saw who she was (Love) and without judgement and without joining in the mind energy she purported yet he said “go and sin no more” in other words stop it.

January 10



The 2nd hour will be a pre-recording of Magda doing the hydra worksheet.
January 11



January 12



January 13



Caller Susan B discusses with Dr Tim a person who wants a special relationship. She “makes her feel cornered” wanting her to call every day. Susan has not taken the bait.100% responsible for the feeling, reality I create.

Jeanie said she also had a lady like that. Then guilty when she says ‘sorry I’m bothering you’

ACIM W-13.1. Today’s idea, a meaningless world engenders fear, is really another form of the preceding one which was I am upset because I see a meaningless world, except that it is more specific as to the emotion aroused which is fear. 2 Actually, a meaningless world is impossible. 3 Nothing without meaning exists.  Jeanie said the world between our ears is meaningless except the meaning we give it base on past experiences.  The World the Creator made is full of meaning.  It is the world (our reality) that brings up fear.

Caller Jack recovering addict wanted to say a few things toward being addicted.

Caller Magda, reinforced what Dr Tim says about the Archives being a treasure to access. Ex. relistening to Friday and redoing the same worksheets that she did in that show 7 years ago.

Dr Tim covered the second hour in michael’s absence – thank you!

January 14



Michelle Pischea called in to say she had a person come to her support group and it was obvious she had been doing her work while away. Awesome to see it in another.

Dr Tim said his father used to say “See one, Do one, Teach one”

Shared a story of an 18-month old doing the tapping on dad when she felt him tense up.

michael joined us and shared that in 40+ years of breathing people this was the most intense process. Hold the space for them and healing of family traumas. michael said he is mellow and in the zone himself.

Caller Julie in OR, said michael sounds awesome and connected…

ACIM says the world is meaningless and I have given it the meaning it has. Past content is resonated by a current event and the fear is contained as the root of perception and we put the meaning of the past construct on the current event. Courage to look and embrace the fear and then Forgiveness dissolves the fear.

Text from Michelle from her Support Group.  Discuss the difference when cancelling goals if it is fear based or love based goal.  michael said it is not the goal but what it resonates so it does not matter if it is fear based or love based. Cancel the goal and fall into the root of the pain, fear or rage that is resonated by the goal. People think they maybe should not set goals, no it helps your mind to set behavior to create in life.

Jeanie added about doing worksheets on thinking happiness comes from someone or something outside of you.

What about when you reset a goal at the end of the worksheet. Set a truly loving goal toward the object of attention (step 3 goal was for the object of attention to do) Step 7 from a space of love you set the goal like maybe being open to the universe and continue to do your work to remove the barrier between you and your goal in 3.

ACIM lessons are all about the undoing process – receptive space.

Question: How do you benefit from breathing someone else?

Bach said “we teach best what we need to learn.” Jeanie spoke about the CoDependence worksheet and getting the advice close enough that we see what we need to hear.

Last 4 minutes, meditation of sending light and expanding to fill the room and the city and state and country and then to another country and the world.

January 15



Dr Tim discusses egoic mind trying to figure it out and says it knows that I know how life should go and it is not the way it just went. “Way of Mastery” or “Way of Transformation”  the offering is that everything that happens as a flow of the creative force extending itself and the impact on me is created by the way I choose to respond to events. A tragedy or a wound or a blessing? Do I continue to pick at the wound and reopen it?

Example of Roger McGowen being convicted of murder and on death row since 1986 and although the case was overturned he is still in prison.  His story is forgiveness and compassion instead of bitterness.

Caller Jack, does a worksheet on his father and that as a child he never did things to satisfy him, pain and sadness, feels in his frontal lobe, punishment thought is obsessing over it and being stuck. Goal for father to support me in my choices in life. he saw that when his current partner screams or gets abusive it is reasonated. Loving goal toward father (and others).

michael speaks of conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind. Many times unconscious material supplants the conscious.

Responsibility Communication

Caller Ann in FL, asks about food combining and digestion.  See Rita Romano’s book Dining in the Raw Rita Romano great food combining chart included in our RawCipe book.

January 16



Dr Tim discusses with Susan B recognizing that we live in a culture that has almost obliterated everything except “physical” – including our calendar. Refer to Ian Lungold Mayan Calendar explained

No successes or failures add to or take away from who you are – LOVE

michael spoke towards his experience this last week at a retreat center north of Nashville.  He assisted in facilitating people in their process.  For himself, the focal point michael is looking at is going back to earliest training of electronics and physics.  Tuning fork and antennae required to receive a particular signal. What signal is showing up in your life?

Marcel Vogel and the DeLaWarr camera which registers frequencies when tuned correctly (ie acorn shows up as an oak tree)

Bob from Australia in the chatroom, spoke towards returning to indigenous land management. Tribal peoples taking over again.

Caller Randall, in Georgia, physical address for registration of cars, etc. (Jeanie offered if you have a POBox they often give a physical address as well.) And looking at June and michael’s schedule. HeartLand Schedule is on the website

Caller Joan in Birmingham, just spoke with Peter. She found a picture of herself holding her first baby. Grounds her in Love, conscious of the active presence of Love she is.

Caller Chuck in Theodosia, thanks to everyone who has supported him. Need MindShifter on not having enough money “I have all the time, intelligence, money, energy, wisdom and love I need to accomplish all of my aspirations.”

January 17



Chuck walked through the first part of a worksheet
January 18



January 19



January 20



Dr Tim had callers Jack and Randall

Chuck – completed the worksheet with michael.
Magda – commented on the change in Chuck after Friday’s Show

Susan B – son John puts on a mask – goal would be able to trust people, trust himself – thought might be Im not good enough or trustworthy

January 21



Dr Tim has several interviews coming up for Journey’s Dream, Inner Fire, “Healing at the Speed of Sound” by Don Campbell & Alex Dorman, Talking Back to Prozac” by Peter Breggin

Topics on table include abusive relationships (The Verbally Abusive Relationship: How to Recognize It and How to Respond), how cause is inside not outside, regulating verses regulatory speech

michael explains the poster from Laws of Living “Factors That Create Perception”

The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus 2 (1956),_Plus_or_Minus_Two

Caller Joan – speak toward difference in goals and intentions.  She is also coming to the intensive on the 12th. michael said so is Darren (who will rest after a 20 hr flight) and Jurate and Tom will come to assist with setting up the kitchen before it starts on the 14th.

Caller Randall

January 22



Dr Tim’s show is pre-recorded from March 14, 2019 (46 minutes) – awesome call of Dr Tim processing for himself. Caller Magda and Susan D both commented on gratitude for Dr Tim being willing & vulnerable enough to share his process & how he moved through by using the tools. Susan D expressed that Rukha is the teacher but Dr Tim is an inspiration. Gave the example of just ‘BEING THE STRAW’ and letting it flow through us.

2nd hour begins early.

Caller Randall, talks about ‘youthing’ – technology of aging verses youthing. Be in charge of your energy system.

Caller Susan B., has a friend who has ill health and needs words. The friend says ‘too dizzy to drive. in dispair. feel abandoned in the universe. how can this be my thoughts?’ michael offered perhaps she is listening to the show, ask how does it look like my life that I am in hopelessness? remove those things and instead of getting lost in dispair, get the mind to move towards resolution instead of reason for hopeless. he gives an example of rewording. No fault process. Start to shift.  An aircraft carrier has to turn around and go back and does not do it immediately. Inertia bound mind energy system moving in a particular direction can not be turned around on a dime but piece by piece we can change direction. When start to go into self-blame switch to blessing herself. (refer to Gentle Art of Blessing and the man who stayed healthy based on being love instead of fear or hate, see  michael led a meditation of love.

Caller Jack, ask for explanation on the Factors of Perception chart from yesterday. michael explained that the 9 bits of information in conscious awareness is what ‘recruits’ the data that creates our perception.  Everything is resonance – the governing law.

Caller Roma, what is the energetic of the sacrum? michael said it is the support. also creative energy.

January 23




Michele Pischea filled in for Jeanie – thank you

January 24



January 25



January 26



January 27



Dr Tim spoke with callers Joan in Birmingham and Jack in Asheville

Caller Shelly shared being on the other side

Caller Julie

movie: Wild

Best Monologue EVER Zach Bush

January 28



Dr Tim responds to a chatroom question “Please speak your thoughts on having tools, and doing your work as you go along, verses mining for things, intentionally, when things are going along just fine.”

michael discusses disassociation

Caller Terry B, the forgiveness tools are the best for opening up, drilling down and clearing out. Terry said michael had a big acknowledgement in the Celestine Prophecy book by James Redfield and then he and his wife attended a workshop at Unity in Sarasota and then attended the breath workshop and experienced something that ‘hooked’ him that it was the real deal.  Terry highly suggested the Laws of Living.  Also, listen to

Power Point

Question on Responsibility Communication tool – Step 1 is commitment, Step 2 is objective of the event, Step 3 you identify your thoughts and feelings that came up in response and Step 4 you specifically say what you want to heal (your anger, fear) and Step 5 you ask them for their ideas for your healing (they may suggest you breathe or do a worksheet or they may just offer to hug you) then Step 6 you say what you think will healp (may be a worksheet with them sitting with you holding space) Then Step 7 is the problem solving (until I heal my fear I request you do this or that a little differently)

Chatroom suggestion: I had an idea for michael during the LOL session. Instead of monolouge, maybe he could synthesize, on the days he completes, the pages he went through and key points. THAT WAY, people could follow along at home with their materials, and create more synergy for the class as well as boosters for alumni.
Like he said, we all have our books!
Caller Susan B., the interventionist is open, the session had statements like “when you do this behavior, it made me feel____” needs your work incorporated.  michael suggested a Responsiblity letter.  Luke felt attacked.
January 29



Dr Tim and Susan B discuss “A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”” by Marianne Williamson it is from the heart while ACIM is head.  Susan shared getting a scathing letter from her grandson. michael explained that alcohol (ether) anesthesizes and knocks out all the inhibitors and he acts like his Power Person (his Dad).  Holding the space of conscious active present love.  Think of yourself as the newborn.

michael talks about a couple at HeartLand, the early adopters. michael shares some of his own grief reasonated when thinking of having a father who was not present.

A mirage collapses piece by piece. Your brain creates perception that is not there. Generates what is ‘expected’ until it is pointed out that it is not.  Everything based in hostility and fear is the same false perception and forgiveness collapses it.

Terry B in the chatroom “I would also recommend anyone involved with an active alcoholic or addict, read the DETACHMENT PAMPHLET – from Al-Anon- at least every day for 30 days continuousky to build brain cells around those concepts –

January 30



 Michele is filling in for Jeanie today, thank you.
January 31



January 31, 2011 we began MindShifter’s Radio.  Today is day 1 of our 10th year. Then, March 4, 2019 we began the 2 hour show, Dr Tim hosting the first hour and michael the second hour.

Dr Tim working with Jill in Wilmington about putting up a wall. Cutting self off from the part that needs healing.

michael discusses underlying moments of pain, brought into the presence of love and then cancel the goal.

Chatroom Matthias from Germany asks about setting the loving goal in step 7 and feeling fake. (That goal is for you toward them not for them to fulfil.) Cancel those goals at the end of the day. Reset later the next day if appropriate.

Caller Michele, the frequency of Love is stronger than fear & hostility but how can it transmute in a group? michael said YShua told us the first Law is you must have Rakhma active.  If for example, I have hostility or fear set and committed to the pain & trauma, you can hold the space of love for me and then I can’t hide it and I can face what comes up. But if I am committed to holding to it then it may not impact me much. Each person must hold to the active presence of love.

There is a legendary story of a man knowns as Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, who cured every patient in the criminally insane ward of a Hawaii`i State Hospital — without ever seeing a single patient.” Working on himself – Ho`oponopono

Movie: Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – Mr Rogers perfect example of being the space

Explain Holding the Space – refer to and

Holding Space  “It means that we are willing to walk alongside another person in whatever journey they’re on without judging them, making them feel inadequate, trying to fix them, or trying to impact the outcome. When we hold space for other people, we open our hearts, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgement and control.”

Peace on Earth in Our Lifetime by Joel Goldstein (singing dentist)

Caller Susan in PA  michael gave a quote “As the light increases, we see ourselves to be worse than we thought. We are amazed at our former blindness as we see issuing forth from the depths of our heart a whole swarm of shameful feelings, like filthy reptiles crawling from a hidden cave. We never could have believed that we had harbored such things, and we stand aghast as we watch them gradually appear. But while our faults diminish, the light by which we see them waxes brighter, and we are filled with horror. Bear in mind, for your comfort, that we only perceive our malady when the cure begins.
Francois Fenelon (1651 – 1715)”



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