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Radio Show Archive – October 2018

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October 1



HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness App has the current 7-step wake-up sheet and an abbreviated version and now includes the “Drag-on Cling-on Game” on both the Android and the iPhone. Working with the developers in India to get the online wake-up sheets to match the app and to add the Drag-on Cling-on Game to be played online as well.

Watch the video of the Great Dane mimicing it’s owner doing lunges – your children also mimic what they see you do.  What brain cells are they building?

ACIM lesson 272 “How can illusions satisfy God’s Son?” Illusion means measured. As you measure it will be measured unto you.  Functioning out of non-being mind will never give satisfaction.
ACIM lesson 273 “The stillness of the peace of God is mine.”
ACIM lesson 274 “Today belongs to Love. Let me not fear.”

Opening discussion with someone about starting an additional show 1 hr a week, Thursday evenings from 10 to 11 PM Eastern Time. It is with a syndicated talk radio show that broadcasts globally. It iwill be a shared time /cost, they currently use only 2 hours out of their 3 hour time slot and there is a chance we can share the cost and take their third hour.

Dr Tim shared being at an event and meeting a gentleman who has two children and three grandchildren and is working at improving his life by being at the event and yet said he felt he had nothing to show for his life. Tim invited him to change the words he used and change his perception and his experience of life. That one exchange made it worth the conference. To spot the false conditioning and help someone shift their perception.

Ted talk with Anil Seth your brain hallucinates

Ted talk with Lera Boroditsky that our language (genetics and society) shapes how we think

Jeanie offered too Gaur Gopal Das youtube channel his talks about changing your thoughts, living real life, relationships and more. ask your question to be addressed on the radio show, then you can listen to that show and hear your answer (michael will respond only with the date it is addressed)

We cancelled the Intensives in Kitty Hawk and we are using one week as family vacation and have two more weeks available if someone wants we will make a good deal.  We paid the exchange and would like to recover some of our funds, we do get to save the points if needed. contact Jeanie if interested.

Caller Julie from Oregon, heard on radio how ministers and families get overburdened and burn out. It would be awesome for them to have this work as a study to give them tools. michael said burn out in all helping professions (treachers, nurses, doctors, etc) it is the stress rate and not having tools to handle their own issues and yet they draw people who have the same issues and it is an energetic grinding. If anyone knows where a door might be open and an invitation to pass through the doorway we are open.

Caller Ann in FL, is direct observation the same as reflective listening?  Dr Tim said referring to reflective listening, Michael Bolton, “People Skills.”  Reflective listening is more about what you already know, what one is conditioned to think. Direct observation is constant questioning of every conclusion in my mind.  The thought or the word is not the thing being experienced. We need to live in the question, asking to be taught, to see in each moment.

October 2



ACIM lesson 275 “God’s healing Voice protects all things today.”

Dr Tim availing himself of archives today, listened to the one where Susan B. did a worksheet on her terror.  Reminded him, he can keep himself distracted looking at past experiences instead of looking at what is inside.

Caller Yolanda, invited her former spouse to “join the family” and do the 8 week Laws of Living to gain some tools for himself and do some work there at the house and also reconnect with his grown children who he has been estranged from. She had issues around his past drug and alcohol use and abuse and made the stipulation that there would be no use during this time.  michael stopped her in her regulatory speech and she said No use … focus is on the use. She got what she asked for – singular focus on what you don’t want and you get it.

Yolanda wants to offer $20/month to help support this work. Saying it outloud to firm up the commitment. Invites others to add to this. michael said thank you that is particularly helpful right now as we are doing projects that pay out but does not bring in income. Donate button on website.

Dr Tim said change the way you are speaking, speak in first person and catch yourself when you say ‘you made me…’ and do worksheets around it. Easier to catch the outward blame and focus inside.

Caller Susan B., said the terror has gone away. Spoke about the play and the impact with someone from her church.  Reading Mitzi’s book and it is powerful.

October 3



Blog Talk had issues with their call-in number and nobody could call in. Apologies. Called the show off after about 12 minutes.
October 4



Reviewed ACIM lesson 275 “God’s healing Voice protects all things today.” make the switch to listen to His voice. we can develop the skill to choose what we attune to and allow to run us – Love or hostility and fear.
ACIM lesson 276 “The Word of God is given me to speak.”
ACIM lesson 277 “Let me not bind Your Son with laws I made.” In The Course’s context, like Einstein, we are not separated so the offspring of the Creator is human life (son and daughter).  Laws I made are not the truth. The Truth (capital T) is a Universal Truth / Law not rules of man. The only Law that governs is Love.

Caller Roma, a friend returned from being in Alaska for a while. An opera buddy has agreed to watch Don Carlo with her tonight, potential enter into a relationship. She asked for explanation of perfect love. michael offered it sounds you might be entering relationship and that is not love, however, arrive into the relationship as conscious active love and reflect that light together.  Love is a state of being not a verb (what you do to another). Roma said she has been closed off toward relationship and in doing a wake-up sheet she felt her whole physical body opened. She realizes she can be open without expectations.

The reading in the Course and the proper connection to the show did not “make you delighted” … the source of your delight is inside.

Dr Tim said the session with a client this morning was so powerful. The past 2 sessions she turned the light on and exposed the PowerPerson dynamics and then she stepped into her work enough to break her part of the pattern long enough to recognize her husband is getting triggered into his PP dynamic too. She was able to hold the space of compassion for him while he attacked viciously (verbally) and when she did not respond he collapsed and pulled the cover over his head and sobbed. She saw him as a child in a childhood dynamic. She has opened the door, he has not walked through yet but to hear the movement from her staying the course and moving through the pain and interrupting her own pattern and offer support to her husband. Whereas she has not been able to see beyond her rage for months, once she hournalled about the underlying grief she was able to stand in the awareness and feel her grief trigger and refuse to pick up the rage.  michael offered to go back to the physical posture of an experience and it can open a pathway to heal as well.  Dr Tim said this client actually told him in the beginning that she hated him (Dr Tim) because he was ‘holding up the mirror’ but she was willing to stay the course. She is gaining her own insights and receiving guidance.  He gets to participate in these miracles twice a week at the support groups and has tremendous gratitude for everybody who will pick up the tools and actively apply it.

Jeanie mentioned opening the door makes it easier but still up to each person to walk through. Then asked (as an example) Jeanie is doing her work and Ryan and Gabby are doing things consciously will Arya still have to walk through or can we be done with an issue and she not have to face it? michael offered it can stop with us or her parents. Then Jeanie told of holding Arya while Gabby was with the doctor and in her sleep she began to cry, what can be so upsetting at 6 weeks old in her sleep? michael explained to the audience about Gabby’s fall and said the resonance with Arya could touch into pain that she has not experienced but is in her genetics.

October 5



ACIM lesson 278 “If I am bound, my Father is not free.”

continue conversation from yesterday, Jeanie offered that for the first time Arya had tears go down her face too.


October 6



October 7



October 8



ACIM lesson 279 “Creation’s freedom promises my own.”
ACIM lesson 280 “What limits can I lay upon God’s Son?”
ACIM lesson 281 “I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.”

Michele switchboarding. People calling in Roma, Susan in PA

October 9



ACIM lesson 282 “I will not be afraid of love today.”

Dr Tim mentioned his blog posts from January 2009 reposted Dr. Tim listed some of his favorite quotes from the book The Mirror Theory by: Betsy Otter Thompson.  Intention to promote this work and get exposure to these tools.

Caller Rex and Mitzi. Appreciation to all for this work. Refer to Facebook comment on sophists, please explain. michael explained the sophists taught the children of the wealthy to tell lies and make them appear true. Watch the movie “Rain Maker” (John Grisham novel) how the sophists operate and the difficulty in waking up from the lie they have been taught to believe and live out of.  Discussion of subliminal messages.  In the midst of all apparent darkness we must illuminate with love and light and conscious attention.  Eldon Taylor has several books about subliminal marketing and how to use the techniques positively for yourself.  Be willing to say to ourself “here is one of my minds lies” when any form of hostility or fear are present in our perception.

Caller Julie in Oregon, sophistry is a training that takes place in our minds, thinks they are also trained in debate (mind energy of components). A new meaning for BS how about “being shown”? We get to the second half of a wake-up sheet and we are aware in what we are shown instead of blindly following. michael offered debate is to beat (like hit on one). Distorting power of the way you want it to be will often lead to debating to get what they want. Can’t win through that game.  And yes it is time we are willing to see the truth.

October 10



ACIM lesson 283 “My true Identity abides in You.”

Michele switchboarding.

October 11



ACIM lesson 284 “I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt.”


October 12



ACIM lesson 285 “My holiness shines bright and clear today.”

Jeanie had no cell service or internet, Dr Tim covered the switchboard.

October 13



October 14



October 15



ACIM lesson 286 “The hush of Heaven holds my heart today.”
ACIM lesson 287 “You are my goal, my Father. Only you.”
ACIM lesson 288 “Let me forget my brother’s past today.”

Michelle switchboarded.

October 16



Appreciate all the blessings and expression of support.  michael is in St. Louis assisting Christa and Aaron in moving on top of dealing with the incident of Aaron’s 13 year old daughter taking her life last week. Aaron found notes from kids at school that said “stop talking about it and go ahead and kill yourself we don’t want you here anyway.”  Vicious language.  William James said three things that were important: kindness, kindness, kindness.  Look at the modelling for the children, from the top leaders down to parents and teachers, the kids are just playing it out.  How do we engage in and remove any energy that is off the mark?

ACIM lesson 289 “The past is over. It can touch me not.”  We tend to hold mind energy of the past is true for today. If I hold to past then I am stuck in a disorder from the past and can’t experience the present moment. We must forgive, remove the energetic dynamics based in hostility and fear.

Dr Tim shared from a lecture on Mind Valley (Facebook), about having a judgment or asking questions. Way of Mastery says if you could see what happens in your field when you judge anyone or anything, you would not do it again. Exercise to pick up an object and ask who created it, what is involved in its creation, what’s it made of, etc and sit in the questions as an active practice to stay aware, ask to be shown.

Jeanie announced that the wake-up sheets are now live online for automation / fill-in like the phone Apps.  (put on Jeanie’s website because it is easier to control the developers than on the whyagain site). Can access direct or via the whyagain site under Apps and More or Worksheets to Print and Use.  Will work on Windows phones or computers like the App does on the Android or iPhone.

Caller Lynn from Mexico, new revelations for repeated life events. Got a break-through but the past memories are still there.  michael offered you can have an experience and weaken it each time and it is not able to grab you by the face like it used to. Next layer, more work to do. Made significant progress but not done yet. (yesterday’s show was on the topic of not there yet – it is a full time job)

Caller Julie from Oregon, welcome back to the ‘radio roost’!  What is the Aramaic meaning / insight to the word sacrament? michael said the root is ‘sacred’ (marriage, baptism, communion, etc).  When I lose it then the person in the sacrament of marriage can hold the space for my healing.  It is not magical or religous but truly a gift.  Dr Tim said it is also a commitment that has value. A recognized way of holding the space.  Takes form in rituals.  It is a pattern within us because it is important to us. Outward display that reminds us of the inward importance.  michael said the rituals were mechanisms created to remind us, we can truly be involved in the sacred or it can become rote. If the ritual is empty then it is false but if in alignment with purpose then it can bring us closer to our true being. We can come from the past where the ritual is empty and hollow and can degrade ourself because of the energy we bring to the practice. We need to be alive and awake in every moment.  From Sept 17th show, michael suggested Julie look at a potential narcissist trait, wanting things to be the way she wants it to be. Resisted but did worksheets on it even thought she felt it was in left field. She saw where she took the energy within from the past and projected it on the people who knocked on her door.

October 17



Dr Tim Hayes hosting for michael. Update on what is happening in St Louis and Bristol with families. Hold the space for all.

Intro of how our mind / body / energy system works and that we can choose how we respond to the actuality. We can improve the quality of our life by using the tools and staying aware. Host of tools available on our website ( for free. Stress Management, Purpose, Forgiveness.  Rewarding for me and those around me.  Then this show 5-days a week to offer support in improving your life.  Guy Finley says nothing more practical than true spirituality. I create my experience in life – choose the interpretation of what you experience.  Resonate from past or generate in the moment the emotions.  Realign the energy I am expending with Love and beauty.  It is a practice to step into the observation of life in each new present moment.

ACIM lesson 290 “My present happiness is all I see.” unless I look upon what is not there. To have Christ’s mind – not a person but this is a mind connected to all minds that sees the perfect innocence in creation. What I perceive without the Creator’s correction – in otherwords in hostility or fear – what I see will be frightening and painful. Ask to be shown in each moment.  The negative emotions is the alarm system to say “is there a different way to look at this moment.”  Bring ourselves back to the fact that this is a practice and it begs our attention and stay alert.

Jeanie shared her response to someone in an email when they wrote that ACIM says “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists.” – the situation of Ashlynn’s death is real in actuality but our response is what we can change. Apply forgiveness to my grief, sadness, anger, fear and be able to be a better support for others. Drop the need to have answers and learn to live in the question. We are called to the fact that the actuality of life is too complex and ever expanding for my conscious mind to comprehend. The purpose of this work is to restore myself to the miracle of life and appreciation of the ability to be alive and aware.  Beyond words and thought structures. How am I going to process the life I have been given? How will I vinterpret and respond to it?

Anil Seth has a video on hallucination and how we create our realities.

Dr Tim shared from his Support Group last night. Encourages everyone to either find one near you or start one. Expressly for the purpose of learning how to improve thier lives. Feel blessed. Way of Mastery lesson 11 is a meditation into the heart of Christ. Valuable use of time and energy. Suggestions and guidance on starting a group and list of locations can be found at:

Caller Susan in PA, regarding step-granddaughter, how do we deal with our creation? Dr Tim interupted that we are not saying we created the actuality but we did create the reality we hold.  The guilt of separation etc is in the realm of hallucinations and dreams.  It is not real.  We cannot separate ourselves from God the Creator or Love.    Jeanie shared that both Christa and her Mom have experienced people in their past who took their lives and Christa said the other day this is a repeat of life. Does she draw the experiences yet she did not create them.  Dr Tim explained, things exist in level of scale, like telling a story to a child about gravity which holds a level of meaning. Then there are deeper levels of understanding.  Life will come along and resonate in me the fear and frustration and abusive patterns I am holding so I can wake-up and forgive. those thoughts and feelings.  Our focus and our words and our consciousness are part of the creative force.  We can change the energy in us and create something different.  Susan shared she had someone in her life who took his life too and that experience ‘bored a hole’ in her consciousness to show her some unfinished business in her life and she feels guilt.  Dr Tim said there is no blame, shame or guilt in ‘respons-ability’ – it is a tool to respond differently. Our culture conditions us to have an automatic response of guilt and shame. Susan offered the Hindus have a kharmic belief of living through the bad to move into the next life.  Dr Tim said if your thoughts generate fear or sadness or guilt or grief … it is how you respond to the thought more than the thought itself.  Surrender to the moment and allow yourself to be taught. ‘Allowance’ is one of the keys to the kingdom…some people resist the thought of allowance while others feel joy.  Holding onto sorrow makes it difficult to hold love present.  Drop judgement of bad and wrong.

October 18



ACIM lesson 291 “This is a day of stillness and of peace.”

Quiet the perceptual mind through forgiveness and seek who you are (Being – Love) and bring that into full expression.  Purity of being is truth but the CBM wants to ‘figure it out’ (that is a psuedo solution).  Look at every goal you hold that drives your mind to distraction (hostility or fear). Forgive everything in you that is unlike purity of being (true world). Perception is what we made up to take the place of what is real.  How long will it take? As long as it takes. We must choose something different and choose once again and choose once again to be love where we could fall into the lie.

During the process in St Louis this past week, many opportunities to keep forgiving. Step granddaughter took her life last week at 13 years of age. I cancel the goal that would allow me to lose myself in loss or pain and stand as the space of love for others. My one purpose here is to choose love. Sometimes 20 times a minute.

Dr Tim expressed gratitude for being part of the show. Yesterday’s show is a great resource to have for people facing death and loss. The archives are a great resource. We need to wake up from the dream.

Jeanie mentioned some quotes from the movie “Amish Grace” where a man went into an Amish school and shot 10 girls of which 5 died, then he killed himself.  Some of the men who had lost children extended their hand in support to the widow for she lost her husband and the father of 3 children.  She asked how could they forgive him? One mother who lost two girls said it was for herself not him, she had to forgive to keep hate from eating her own heart. And she said sometimes she had to do it every 30 seconds, then again and again.  One of the fathers quotes: Forgiveness does not imply pardon, which is the divine prerogative, nor does forgiveness mean there are no consequences to evil actions. Forgiveness comes from an open heart. And it comes without condition, or it doesn’t come at all.  and …  Hate is a very big, very hungry thing, with lots of sharp teeth. It will eat up your whole heart, and leave no room for love.  and … The Lord does not ask us to walk an easy path… But this I know – faith when everything is as you want it to be is not true faith. It is only when our lives are falling apart that we have the chance to make our faith real.

michael added this movie is based on a true event. Are we willing to choose what we do or allow the programing to run us from the past? Most of the town abandoned this woman and the ones who showed up for her husband’s funeral were the Amish people who lost children at his hand. True human beings.

Caller Ann. She appreciates this community. Where did she get the idea that people are not there for her? She got her hand caught in the garage door. Her husband did take her to ER. She’s on high dose of Wobenzym-N and physical therapy. She had a goal for her husband to be there for her and he wasn’t at first. He is in his own diseases. She held anger not love towards him. It resonated when her mom was not there for her. This is the next level. It is moment by moment to remember who we are. She did notice it was different that she did not diss herself but it is the next level of how she treats others around her.

Dr Tim shared when a young boy had his bike stolen he started a ‘go fund me’ to buy bikes for 10 others who had their bikes stolen. There can be good in what appears not beneficial.

Jeanie read a text from a lady asking michael…regarding the classmate who wrote a note to our step granddaughter to go ahead and kill herself and to critique Kavanaugh hearings and ‘leaders’. She said she missed michael offering compassion to them and everyone deserves love. Even Kavanaugh’s daughter asked people to pray for the woman accusing her father.  michael explained we can hold people accountable from a space of compassion and love. It does not mean we lay down and allow others to walk over us. Not talking punishment but accountability. Accountability (and possibly incarceration) is done out of protection for community and others. Dr Tim added to look at how we create our experience, what do you take from the event and what perception do you create?

October 19



ACIM lesson 292 “A happy outcome to all things is sure.”
October 20



October 21



October 22



michael took Addie to a movie: Small Foot (play on the Big Foot creature). The Yeti live on top of the mountain and runs into a human (the small foot) and when he attempts to tell the elders and he gets kicked out unless he proves he is not lying. They have the belief the humans are evil and slaughter and bringing the communities together and communicate to prove neither is an enemy. Good message in a cartoon.

ACIM lesson 293 “All fear is past and only love is here.” (repeat)
ACIM lesson 294 “My body is a wholly neutral thing.”
ACIM lesson 295 “The Holy Spirit looks through me today.”
ACIM lesson 296 “The Holy Spirit speaks through me today.”

Looking through my dreams (my reality) to attempt to see the truth of actuality. The way the Spirit sees is a different view. Example of in the movie “The Shack” there is a scene where the characters are working in a garden that looks like chaos of weeds and overgrowth but when the view pans away and you get to to see the whole view it is an awesome pattern that is in order. See from those eyes and contribute to reorganize what it really there.

Love is singular and our optical delusion creates separation.  Let only that higher Source words come through me today.  Let go to the voice of hostility and fear.

Dr Tim – the theme of clients today is their feeling trapped in situations or relationships and it comes down to seeing the underlying dynamics is based in blame and shame. What force is in play and what does one have access to change.

ACIM lesson on “Responsibility for Sight” – look upon your errors and realize their full extent.  It is a complex of thoughts and feelings. We get to look at layer by layer and some people do not want to face what is underneath and stay in the false comfort of blaming another instead of looking at self it is a joy to be around someone with an open mind and willing to look and feel. Tim said he had a lovely weekend where he went to a concert with Peter Mayer (singer song writer – recommended the link to and look at the one on history

Caller Julie from Oregon, feels like this is a private lesson but wants some insights. A little leavening leavens the whole loaf. She has connected some dots. Eph 5: talks about idolotry and being reproved. michael offered its not punishment but there are consequences for every action. If the energy is within you then it can be resonated, it is about the eternal laws. She went on to read where it says to not be part of them and reprove them, we were in the darkness but are now in the light. Then this morning she baked a crossant and it said on the package it is ‘proved’ over night. This is the rising.  When we are proved the next layer comes forward to be forgiven. She is being nudged to be consistent in doing wake-up sheets. She sees the practice of 5/day has benefit beyond just using it for relief. The leavening of the whole loaf.  She has ‘her loaf risen and ready to bake’ and she is not baking it. michael offered the ground work needs to be done properly (proved) or the desired result will not be achieved.

What are we creating? Jeanie shared a verse Eph 3:20 “Now to him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us.” There is a power in us that can bring more than we can even imagine, we need to remove what barriers we have built to keep us from it. The fear is to be forgiven, not what we are blaming it on.

Dr Tim agreed, “I have fear of that…” now the mind will keep showing evidence that that is to be feared and we limit the release we could receive. The key that eludes us is when we begin by saying “I am angry at…” or “I am angry because…” cancel my need to be right and create another hallucination.

October 23



Do we really trust the Creator? When stress is up and chips are down, most people turn to hostility and fear, that means disease. Your dedication and trust is in dis-ease energy and ends in death. Where is your devotion? Live, move and have your being in Love. And there will be new layers come up in the process of forgiving (removing the hostility and fears).

ACIM lesson 297 “Forgiveness is the only gift I give.” michael referenced the movie “May I Be Frank” ( Cafe Gratitude workers help this man to change his health and life. In the beginning they go to his home and clean out all the meat and junk food and then later when confronted by his former wife he first reverts to his rage and then automatically goes to his refrigerator – his drug (junk food) when a goal is not met. Then he realizes there is nothing but real food in there now. If the refrigerator is your drug then notice when you want to go eat. It is an automatic behavior to anesthesize self. Must make a conscious effort to create a different behavior so when the pain and trauma comes up you have choice.

Dr Tim will be doing his Thursday Support Group via Zoom – teleconference people in.  This is an experiment.  michael offered it could also be recorded and put in the archives as another show. Michele volunteered to switchboard for him if he does this.  Dr Tim just put out a blog post on October 23, 2018 – his testimonial of this work and tools.  “I am teaching a class this Sunday 10-28-2018 at Relax4Life in Barrington, IL

Caller Julie in Oregon. Thanks to her for supporting the Drag-on Game being developed online (gifting the cost of $400). Pass on to George (from Germany) that Jeanie worked with a young man in Munich, Germany who would love to Skype with someone to do wake-up sheets. Ask if he is willing and I will give him his contact informnation.

Caller Debbie, associated with Claudia and Dr Andracki. Owe her sobriety to him. michael said maybe give thanks for his support but you are the one who made the choice to make the change – give yourself the credit. She gets excited listening to the show and then as the day goes on she ‘loses it’. michael said in physics there is a principle of inertia (a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.) when I pick up the habit of becoming the outside force to change the multi-generational database then it will change.  Give example of changing the inertia bound field, use one of the many tools: breathe, forgiveness wake-up sheet, commitment.  Become thinker apart from thoughts, actor apart from action. It takes time and is a lifetime process.  Television may be a drug too.

Caller Ann, shared with Debbie that she too was addicted to television and she breathes with her.  Then shared she fired herself from running someone elses life. She had thought she needed to be liason between her daughter and her dad and let it go.  michael offered let go of needing to run her own life and just be guided. She laughed, what a thought.  She appreciated the inertia reminder.

michael said having the presence of Arya (our newborn granddaughter) for the past few weeks has lifted us into a new level of healing.

October 24



A miracle is a shift in perception. When relieved of all hostility and fear then I am restored to BEING (love).  The link to vision of wholeness creates the miracle.

ACIM lesson 298 “I love You, Father, and I love Your Son.”

Dr Tim shared about his support group. Difficult for people to get their mind to question the ideas and beliefs they/we are conditioned to adopt. One man shared the shift in perception (like the intro spoke toward) that he was able to reach when he cancelled the goal. Slow down, what was a catapillar becomes a butterfly. A miracle.

Even CIA has researched perception

Caller Susan, issue stems from childhood feeling abandoned from my mother and being trapped and I can’t walk away. These thoughts have impacted every relationship. When they leave my feeling of being abandoned comes up. In this current relationship I feel trapped (I need to stay and work through it).  michael asked what is the feeling? Trapped is a thought, I am going to die is a thought. Feeling is terrified that I have to escape and can’t, I’ve got to live through it. michael said the feeling of terror and that you will die as a result of it. What is the goal? To live, to breathe. (michael explained goals drive perception and to get to the root that is driving the thoughts and emotions, we cancel the goal.) Cancel your need to live through this and survive. Where does your mind go?  Fight to survive. Got to be in control.  Cancel your need to be in control.  When you let that false self (the one who thinks it needs to fight, struggle, control) die then the true being can live. The annihilation of non-being self is terrifying. Cancel the goal and it is empty – nothingness. Thinking of birth and they used forceps, rushed me. I resist being rushed. michael invited Susan to tap into the birth of her children and grandson. Tap into (vicariously) the moment your parents came into the world. The pure pulse of BEING and allow it to move through and transform every cell.

Caller Roma, what is your take on the 40 days & nights that Y’Shua went off into the desert. In the evolution of his consciousness? michael said there is conception and then the incubation period is 9-months.  The story of the Jews in the desert for 40 years. 40 years is a generation.

October 25



michael is on the road, headed out of Kansas City towards HeartLand.

ACIM lesson 299 “Eternal holiness abides in me.” Our wholeness is His.  “Will” is a spiritual faculty – one of the 5 smooth stones. Goliath is our CBM that we struggle against.  This work (forgiveness) is about weakening (slaying) that giant.  What runs the system is genetics expressing. We were designed to experience Love 24x7x365

Dr Tim experimenting with Zoom conferencing his Support Group tonight. Will consider taking it to another level later of allowing it to be another live radio show. Look at different levels of ‘meaning’ – surface level then deeper levels. One level does not wipe out the other level. Example the sun is rising or setting is a hallucination, we are the ones moving not the sun, that is harmless.  A clear correlation of one person’s behavior and another person generating anger but it is not cause and effect.  If a person says you make me angry then they deny their power of their internal process and they can not make a change.  ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’ one meaning is to get to the other side … the other side being heaven or the other side of the road?  Our existence is built on many layers of complexity.  Blessed to find tools to change my life.

Example of listening to a symphony with the best, high end speakers or a $10 radio. Hear more clearly, vision is clearer.

Text for Dr Tim: what time is your Support Group? 6:30 – 9:00PM CST (that is 2 hours ahead of PST). How do they get in contact with you if interested? send an email and Dr Tim will send you the Zoom link.

Caller Julie from Oregon. Expressed excitement that Dr Tim is expanding with Zoom. Shared about George and Michaela from Germany – introduced them to Guy Findley.

Caller Susan from PA, said it was fabulous how michael processed Susan D. yesterday. Question about Way of Mastery. YShua said we have to have the impetus to have desire. Also if we do it in our mind then we have done it.  michael said when we do something in our mind then we have the same energetic impact. Susan referred to sitting quiet and thinking about what we desire. michael said de-sire means “of, and, to father” we conceive something with mind energy. Refer to wanting to throttle the war mongers, adds energy to their war mongering. Our work is the anger in us, then when we contribute light to the situation the war will disappear in the light.

Goal creates stress and the purpose of the mind is to alleviate the stress, you either achieve the goal or cancel it. Mind Goal Management – cancel goals before bedtime to get a good night’s sleep. Difference in framing and setting goals.

From Chatroom, Lightness, Kevin Nealon (an actor and comedian) has an emotional support baby! He gets anxious going on talk shows.

October 26



michael gave the example of being in a happy mood and someone gives you ‘the look’ and you go into sadness, someone else gives you ‘the look or voice’ and you go into anger.  The only difference within you is the thought you hold to…the goal which is different from the way you want it to be.

ACIM lesson 300 “Only an instant does this world endure.” We can change the world we see in an instant. Is our feeling based in hostility or fear? Change our thought that reflects as the feeling by forgiveness (cancel the goal) and the serenity we seek will appear in an instant.

Each emotional state is a temporary world not based in truth. Having the opportunity to support our 9 week granddaughter, Arya, in knowing the truth about who she really is then reinforces it in us too. To stand in the space of serenity is our birth right, and we should be supported in knowing that but sadly that is often not the case and we forget who we are.

Dr. Tim shared from the support group and the live Zoom event. There were only 2 in the room and 4 on video/audio (NC, MO, FL). He played a lecture last week on the Big History (Michael Singer has put out an online course). The one we watched last night gave a detailed scientific explanation of the origin point all the way to of the ‘big bang’ – we stopped after 45 minutes and had some discussion. Have to rely on the reports of people in the group to know how well it went over. michael said he had breakfast with Ken & Linda in Theodosia and Linda was on the Zoom and enjoyed it. Tim expressed it took extra energy and was a ‘live and learn’. We will see how it goes and if it builds momentum. Will go ahead and add notice to our website.

From my perspective as a psychologist – do what it takes to develop your ability of intuition and then trust it. There are many people with degrees and titles behind their name but that does not mean I/they have done the work and completed the processing in order to know what another person needs. Advice, you must feel comfortable with your counsellor and they must be doing their own work or they won’t be able to hold the space when you or they get triggered.

Question of where did the atoms come from that make up the chair, etc. in the previous week he went over stepping back from our thoughts and emotions to observe. Last night’s video was that what is in front of me is not me, release identification with what is outside the confines of my body. It has nothing to do with who I am. There is a moment that happens, for example, on the sun or moon and it has nothing more to do with me any more than what is in front of me in the room, unless I give it energy and meaning. Yet all the atoms came into being at the physical moment of creation.

Our ability to be aware is independent. Dr. Tim said he spends just a fragment of the time in hostility or fear compared to what he did when he began this practice. Learned to stop, breathe and look for the blessing in the event. Can see more synchronicity and connectedness (miracles if you will) than he could have even planned.

What goes on inside my brain may be triggered by the outside stimulation/event, but then my thoughts about it are followed by my feelings about the thought. In the wake-up sheet: the first part identifies the event and my thoughts and emotions and then we step into asking to be shown a higher level of understanding. Same as Michael Singer is doing.

Linda had a question that Dr. Tim had said when we are in hostility or fear we are responsible for the creation but when in the flow we are not – we did not create the flow or the force or ourselves. The sunbeam is made of the same stuff as the sun which generates it and yet it is not the same. The only energy we create is fear. Our life (i.e. identified as Tim) is the same energy as everything but the experience we generate is inside our own mind and that is our creation. We can help the flow move through or we can crimp off the hose and create separation and fear and chaos.

michael said a few years ago Dr. Tim introduced us to ‘The Gentle Art of Blessings’ and this show today could be titled ‘Gentle Art of Receiving’

ACIM gives a word of distinction. Creation is permanent and true but we can ‘make’ hostility and fear but it dissolves when exposed to Love. We can co-create.

Five Keys to the Kingdom (Way of Mastery) – when I feel negative emotion I do these instead of jumping into my logical mind.

  1. 1.slow down and tune into the still small voice that wants creation to express through me (desire in pure sense)
  2. 2.hold intension throughout day to stay aligned with that energy and notice contraction and resistance or flow
  3. 3.allow whatever to unfold – screen for resistance or judgement and release and return to state of allowance
  4. 4.surrender to love to teach me about myself and how to be a blessing instead of surrendering to hostility and fear
  5. 5.maintain humility* – it needs to be a present moment awareness (tendency to think ourself greater when we do the first 4 steps) we are a spark of the one-mind, I am not the Creator

*Y’Shua (Philippians 2: 6-8) “Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

October 27



October 28



October 29



ACIM lesson 301 “And God Himself shall wipe away all tears.”  When Love (God) is active then other than tears of joy the hostility and fear vanish.
ACIM lesson 302 “Where darkness was I look upon the light.” Shine the light and the darkness goes away, darkness is the absence of light.

Dr. Tim said. if he is coaching someone it is not him but the client (refer to Oct 14, 2015 show) who makes the change. Each person using the tools is what makes a difference. What they see that they want to make a role model in him is that he sets himself out of the way and willing to just be taught by the moment what is his to do. When that happens then regardless of who or what the circumstances the change is miraculous.

Lesson 301, section 9 says what is the 2nd coming? It says it is merely the correction of mistakes to return to sanity. Correction is forgiveness.

Re-action is to do again an action done before. Stop and ask to be shown. Then take action and life gets different.

Caller Susan in PA, she had first support group this morning and was she and one other person and they started reading lesson 2 in Way of Mastery which raised many questions. It says if your garden does not come out right you created the non-successful garden. How can we order up the rain that spoils the crop? That is a serious responsibility and brings up guilt. Tim said you get tripped up quite often by mixing the literal with the figurative. Lesson 1 to 2 is the same thing as this Aramaic work. I am creating my experience by the active process of my perception. I am responsible only for the creation of my own experience of life in the moment. We do not create the outside events but do create our interpretation and response to the experience. It is talking about what I choose to think not the literal planting of the garden.

Remember saying a few shows back about regulatory speech and you said we need regulatory everything. Watch your thoughts.

Example, here in my conscious realm in life if you asked me what dis-ease I want I would refuse those and want prime health. Yet we might be that we are not just the body. It is possible that in my relationship to my creator perhaps (as some think) I agreed to live out a certain way for life lessons. If that helps you to use the tool to reconnect then use that energy in the moment. Ask how to be restored to self and watch the benefit to your being.

Jeanie gave the example of believing in past lives, is it true or not? It doesn’t matter, it is a way your mind is to be able to approach the issue. (People get lost in being the queen of Egypt instead of the lesson). Then she offered two thoughts about creating our external experience. 1) sometimes our past way of living is resulting in the physical issues, i.e. Ryan playing football and not his body aches or people doing drugs or alcohol or prostituting and get a disease they want the result to be fixed without addressing the cause 2) Louise Hay says that your body is like your emotions saying where you have work to do (alarm system) like hips and knees have to do with moving forward, if eyes are a problem what do you not want to see or hard to hear what do you not want to hear? Address the underlying issue that is manifesting in your world. Mind/Body/Spirit are all connected and what impacts one impacts the others.

Mantra: Lord Jesus Christ have mercy upon me as a sinner. Dr. Tim offered we redefine sin as off target not to be identified with it. This is about asking for assistance in correction of my thoughts (mistakes) that are off target and be connected to the one mind. The mantra can become a centering device an a useful response.

Truth of What Is – a theme in both Way of Mastery and ACIM. You are an extension of the creative force; you cannot be separated from your BEING LOVE. Step out of the contraction and into a fluid flow. Congrats for stepping into awareness. The Creator did not put you in the world to find a teacher but where your infinite constant connection will never abandon you if you but ask to be shown. Ask and allow.

Caller Ashia, actually called for a ‘reading’ however Jeanie encouraged her to share what was going on. She identified frustration (said she was not worried) over not being transferred. Jeanie walked her through identifying her thoughts and then cancelling the goal. She said she saw it wasn’t actually the transfer but it was for more money. Jeanie explained her frustration could be towards her employer, her car, a peer or family member and it was her dis-ease. Spoke about blinders and how we can’t see the answer if it is right beside us because we are so focused on the goal. Dr. Tim added when asking our conscious mind says this is what I need but get as specific as possible. Say I am ready to accept this (specific goal) or something better and then it opens infinite possibilities for something we cannot conceive. Be willing to accept.

October 30





Testimonials (edited)


ACIM lesson 303 “The holy Christ is born in me today.” Christ means the buttered one or annointed one … it is an office … to be in the mind of Love or mind of God.  Dr Tim added to take this out of the realm of religion and belief system. Holy is really whole – all encompassing, awake and aware in the present moment, aware outside my conscious mind to what is behind it all, having a whole view.

Ashia called back in, recap of yesterday, change your mind and change your life instead of looking for someone to tell you your future. Make your future. Jeanie told the story of the storm and the boat and what you focus on determines if you walk water or sink.

Dr. Tim getting things set up for Thursday’s group on Zoom, will email info & webpage link to Jeanie to put on site. He requests donation of $10 per session to help pay for the technology. Jeanie said currently on our site in two places she has listed the Zoom Support Group. look under Illinois, Crystal Lake

Caller Linda from Redding, PA. She hears us speak of Love but which is more important? Love, Patience, Kindness, Compassion? Jeanie asked if she had ever held a newborn and explained that is who we are not what we do. The other things manifest as fruit from being Love instead of in Hostility and Fear. Tim added Love is the energy of creation, keeps our heart beating and our breath moving, as such I can never be disconnected from this but I can distract myself from this connection. Old beliefs and traumatic energies and shift away from the creative force and create a nightmare for myself. When I reconnect my focus of the awareness that this is who I am then the other qualities of respect, compassion, patience etc. flow from my connection to Love. She asked if there were any testimonials… go to click start here then MP3 files and listen to some of the high shows from 7-1/2 years and hear the shift in the callers. How did you find us? She took an intermission from studies and searched live shows on spirituality.

Jeanie asked for callers on switchboard to press 1 and give Linda a live testimonial of the work…

Caller Susan also in PA (2 years experienced) had anxiety and depression. These worksheets take you step by step to identify what is going on and how to let go. Worksheets online and the app on your phone. Personally feels like she has been healed from most anxiety and now experiences incredible joy in life. It is universal and not tied to a religion. Meditation and medication, exercise, eating and these tools. She is now on no medication. Completely by the help of worksheets and friends. She started a support group meets Wed. for 1-1/2 or 2 hours, Linda is invited to join us.

Caller Camille, introduced to this work in 1980, she immediately made copies and took sheets on a cruise. This work is awesome. I highly recommend doing worksheets 5 times a day. Nothing I enjoy more than getting the truth of my being and expressing joy. Best tool ever found.

Caller Susan from NC, teaches Laws of Living (an 8 week course on this work) and one lady knew nothing about the work just came on the recommendation and trust of her friend. This lady has been amazing how she has taken to the wakeup sheet and the work and this Sunday she said she went shopping for new pants because she went down 3 sizes in her clothes. As she cleared the emotions held in tissue then she no longer needed to hold to the crystalized memory and released weight (had no plan to lose weight). Then another lady called her today and said it is a miracle. Her mother was always in such fear she wouldn’t even call for pizza delivery because she did not want anyone to know where she lived. The girl determined to clear from her bloodline. She got a call from her mother that she had bought an airline ticket online and is coming to visit her over thanksgiving. The girl was amazed and questioned her mother, who then said I have to keep up with the generation. Personally for herself, her life is a miracle. She has her own MindShifters group, going on 6 years. Do it for self. We teach best what we most need to learn. Intention to be Love 24/7/365 which is my Being my Source. Many tools. It is a process.

Linda has another question: the worksheets get you to love? Dr Tim explained how we have an experience and the worksheet walks us through how to identify the thoughts and feelings and the goal we hold that creates our perception about the event. Then in the most illogical way, in a loving energy, we cancel the goal and ask to be shown the part of our mind that generates the perception. Practice over time it gets easier and moves one to shift awareness to Love. Pick up a worksheet whenever I have an emotion less than love and put my process into a piece of paper and tap into the higher wisdom.

She said it would be a great research project to prove this process scientifically. Dr Tim said our focus is on the actual practical process of change one worksheet at a time. That is what has fueled this show and other aspects of the work. Research is out there and is encompassed within the worksheets: on neurological pathways, coherent psychology, accessing memories and traumatic energies, genetics, see the website on perception. But we are more focused on delivering the tools and supporting people to use them

Caller Julie H. (Healing Children Loving Children) met Dr Ryce 30 years ago. She was looking for a way to change things in her life and realized this is the tool. She brought the worksheet down to kindergarten and 1st grade level and taught her class. Julie shares the story of her electricity being off and she was late getting to school and they failed to put a teacher in her classroom. From 8:00 – 11:00 the kids followed the whole routine without an adult presence. The work teaches you to respond to life instead of reacting to it.

Linda Russell from HeartLand texted that she would be willing to work with our new caller on worksheets. As she was willing, Jeanie then sent each Linda the other’s phone number.

From the chatroom, Cathy, said the work transforms your life at every level. Like the sun shining in your life with love and sweetness. Knowing that being connected to love, our Source, is more important than anything else. That is when miracles start happening in your life because when you come from love everything changes completely. The worksheet helps you dissolve what does not belong in your system being less than love. You become more aware on what is really going inside of you. And start living life by being and spreading the love that you are.

Awesome show. Thanks everyone.

October 31



ACIM lesson 304 “Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ.”  There are two worlds. Actuality (what the Creator created) and Reality (the one between our ears, perception constructed out of our own brain-cells). Go to our Youtube channel and watch “What is the World?”  Hurting people hurt people. When we deliver such a powerful presence of love (the mind of Christ) to the autrocities of the world then the trauma will dissolve and healing will happen.

Dr Tim, blessedly busy, tomorrow MindShifter Group available through Zoom, for more information go to

Jeanie said besides the App, the 7-step wake-up sheet and the abbreviated sheet are available online at and, thanks to Julie in Oregon, the “Drag-on Cling-on Game” (is on the App) is now underway to also be available online within a few days.  You will be redirected to Jeanie’s site (it is safer to give the developers access to the site with 20 pages verses 5,000 pages)

michael spoke about blaming someone or something outside of us as the issue in our world, saying it is the cause, verses taking respons-ability for our own thought disorders and forgiving.  When energies that are off the mark are put into our system the physiology says ouch. We want this understanding to become commonplace.

Dr Tim asks people to put on the filter to see the similarities between teachers and thought systems.  May have a different vocabulary or exercise and yet we have natural laws (ways the Mind/Body/Spirit system works) that are observable and we are talking about the same thing.

Caller Susan in PA, acknowledged Jeanie for being able to zero in what the new callers needed, especially the first caller who thought she was calling a psychic show. She just stayed with them and did not care where the show went and zeroed in on what their core issue was and directed them in changing. How do you do that? Jeanie said it is trusting your intuition and following that guidance.  Intuitive Development this year made a shift for me.  michael offered that he listens and then stops them with their first lie (ie ‘that made me so mad’) and offer correction. Susan expressed concern if she handled them correctly. “She is scared for them.” michael said you have fear triggered by them, do your process around your fear and hold the space for them. Jeanie offered listen to just enough ‘story’ to know where to go but don’t allow them to just cry and rant. Always an inside job.  Bach said, We teach best what we need to learn.  Ask the community to pray for Arnov, 16 yrs old and has such pain and challenges.

Effortlessness does not mean you do not feel but you are in a dimension of feeling (Way of Mastery). Always thought feelings were a hazard and we don’t want them. michael said the feelings are our guidance system (guardrails on the highway to reason to keep us on track).  Felt the demons were out in force last night, did not sleep. michael said it is the next level for healing.

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