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Archived Radio Shows December 2012

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December 1

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December 2

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December 3

December 4

  • ” Premature positive thinking” is an avoidance of our own issues
  • Cleaning up our own rage before addressing the other
  • The power of seeing others for whom they truly are
  • Ientifying the goal we hold for another is the keyway into the dissociated and unhealed part of our mind
  • Please share any changes in the worksheet with Michael to help improve or check the meaning   

December 5

  • An explanation of the “hydra” effect
  • Fasting to raise vitality
  • Is it thinking or just the resonance of carbon based memory?
  • Reasons for the “Regulatory Peach (speech) Game” and the Laws of Living Workshop
  • A powerful example of how defining the goals we hold for others and ourselves opens us to our healing
  • Confronting rage and blame from a loving place. 

December 6


  • Hostility and fear are like “error” messages on the computer
  • The Rose and Butterfly Story relates to staying connected to Source 
  • One of the purposes of relationships is to bring up our issues so we can heal rather than be “saved” by another
  • Using the Responsability Communication tool to open a place in the relationship for partnership
  • Apologizing rather than being sorry
  • Exploring the idea of asking for higher guidance before making choices

December 7

  •  When we feel anything less than Love, our own perception is in error
  • A stunning example of healing cancer by doing the forgiveness process
  • A dynamic movie that shows the healing process of Love, 1987 “Orphans”
  • SUICIDE, the influence of our historical bloodline as it relates to the self hatred that leads to thoughts of taking our lives
  • How closely the forgiveness work corresponds to”A Course in Miracles.”

December 8

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December 9

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December 10


  • Holding the space to receive the gift of a new vehicle
  • The Myan calendar, Dec. 21st, integrity and ethics
  • Ron Paul and “catching” babies
  • The joy of walking someone thru the worksheet
  • The accurate translation of Y’shua’s (Jesus’) words regarding fear
  • Without true foregiveness, our old patterns won’t change
  • A real “human” life, the qualities of a newborn and being in now
  • If I’m feeling it, it’s mine and has nothing to do with someone else

December 11


  • Blockage of truth and living in personal error
  • Showering daily to clean our bodies and cleaning our minds daily too
  • Great mindshifters for those who have the “Be Perfect” driver
  • Anger is the drug that keeps us from feeling our underlying fear
  • How to know the difference between intuition and carbon based memory guidance
  • The proper role of medicine in our real healing
  • A true Christmas story from WW I shows that once we are living as real Human Beings, we can not kill each other

December 12

December 13


  • “Thank You” from Jeanie and Michael to all those who have made donations for the replacement van
  • Per request by a caller, if you want to donate by mail: Michael Ryce % PO Box 155, Bristol, TN 37621 or you can go to the    website and contribute by credit card
  • Callers talk about the benefits of tithing in their lives
  • Willingness to continue doing the work until we build the brain cells to see the effects in your lives
  • How to use the co-dependence worksheet
  • A new support group is being formed revolving around the issues of money
  • Co-dependence – wanting the affection or anything else that we lack, to come from outside of ourselves

December 14

  • Using artistic expression in support groups
  • Needing help reviewing spanish translations
  • Having a powerful experience of living in Love and then “falling into the mudpit” and moving through it is all part of the process
  • Fear of punishment for succeeding
  • The powerful message in The Stoning of Sonora M for women that have been abused. How sometimes issues are hereditary.
  • Power person dynamics – how parents just repeat what their Power Person did unless they’ve done their spiritual work
  • Using the tools helps move through deep issues when an increased level of vitality allows it to surface
  • Holding a space of Love for the 28 men, women and children that were just killed in an elementary school in Connecticut
  • Learning to be creative in response to violence

December 15

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December 16

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December 17


  • Dates and locations of upcoming events
  • Caller makes the suggestion of giving the gift of Michael Ryce materials this Christmas and the possibility of a care package for New Town, CT
  • The Secret Life of the Unborn Child, a very good book for expectant parents
  • Healing our anger with our parents to prevent repeating the same behavior with our newborn also “patterns” the child for forgiveness
  • A new article Michael is writing – Y’shua’s protocol for achieving the ability to Love those who hate us
  • Carrying horror and vengence about atrocities contributes to the darkness of the event and how to bring the light
  • Watch the movie, Amish Grace, for a powerful example of bringing light and Love to a dark and horrible event

December 18


  • An excellent discussion of the physiological effects of emotional suppression – see the chart on the website under ‘start here’ for the list that corresponds
  • The various levels of trauma and how they are developed by resonance with the trigger
  • Our level of vitality as it affects our ability to heal
  • The reverse order of healing and the role of enthusiasm as we work through our issues and forgive
  • How energy systems that are in resonance with us will be affected by that which we forgive
  • How sexual intercourse shares our genetic material with another and what to do about it

December 19

December 20


  • The suggestion of doing 28 random acts of kindness in memory of Newtown, CT and the 27 people who were killed as well as the killer himself
  • Having forgiven her own pain over being raged at in the past and present, brought a listener to awaken the next morning in complete LOVE – “in the mind of Christ”
  • Comments about the meaning of the Mayan calender
  • A discussion of “premature positive thinking”
  • The importance of the breath in locking in trauma and also releasing the same
  • Upcoming workshop information
  • Sadness and being told to “perk up” leads to deep work about being controlled
  • How breathing helped a caller stay conscious in a very dangerous situation
  • An awesome explanation of why we cancel the goal on the worksheet even when it is a very good goal

December 21


  • How to support expectant parents to learn how enable themselves and their unborn to adjust the frequencies needed to change or accept the diagnosis of club feet
  • A discussion of the nested frequencies that can be cleared to change our physiology
  • An explanation of how to use the Purpose worksheet (Purpose, Personal Power and Commitment) to establish our own purpose in the world (available on the website under ‘Start Here”)
  • A definition of a true Human Being
  • The purpose and functioning of the Reality Management worksheet tool
  • Using the MindShifter tool as a catalyst to uncover the unconscious issues that need to be forgiven and healed
  • Addictions, denial, and how they relate to our internal pain
  • Holding a support group – when you commit to doing it, you will be made ready

December 22

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December 23

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December 24


  • A caller expresses gratitude for the daily support of this show
  • A discussion of the lottery, the gold standard and recognizing what is harmonious with Divine Law – The Laws of Living course coming this summer
  • Prayers and Love being asked for Carolyn who is in the hospital
  • Our mind energy rather than time affects our human tissue
  • When something other than Love comes up between people, if one person is able to hold the presence of Love then healing can occur
  • Offering a mother and daughter an idea of how they can support each other in going to the space of Love together
  • A discussion of fear, drama, trauma and pain vs. the filter of Rahkma and the active presence of Love (process point)
  • The video Killer Stress (on the website) shares a true story about a troup of baboons and the affects of stress
  • A caller notes that a donation to Michael and Jeanie would be a wonderful Christmas gift of gratitude and help pay off the van

December 25

  • Merry Christmas !!
  • Go to Mary to hear more of her music, Mary is the singer/songwriter of the introduction music
  • The Mind of Christ, the pure presence of Love
  • This forgiveness work converts you back to a Love based mind
  • A functional definition of denial, when I’m in pain or turmoil and I talk about someone else
  • Cleansing, healing crisis, raising our vitality, or locking in the pain
  • An excellent discussion of   “drugging ourselves with sugar
  • Yo Banana (by Dole) – a little machine that creates healthy fruit creams
  • A MindShifter for self-sabotage – “It’s safe and healing for me to be outrageously successful”
  • Many holiday wishes from a variety of people

December 26

  • A caller asks if anyone would be interested in supporting her work clearing issues coming up around the conflict in Syria – see if you want to see actual Syrian footage; click on news link; scroll to The Free Syrian army
  • Aramaic Fridays with Dale Allen Hoffman will resume on the 1st Fri. in January
  • Several callers receive MindShifter and worksheet topics for sleep resistence; the pain of being rejected when asking for support; being ‘told what to do’; and stress about speaking on the show

December 27

  • Hostility and fear are “error” messages for our Human life
  • The ‘Rose and Butterfly Story’ relates to staying connected to our Source
  • One of the purposes of relationships is to bring up our issues so we can heal rather than be “saved” by another
  • Using the Responsability Communication tool to open a place in the relationship for partnership
  • Apologizing rather than being sorry
  • Exploring the idea of asking for higher guidance before making a choice

December 28


  • A discussion of changing the undercurrent of our minds to change the parts of our lives that don’t work. Must do the process rather than study the process.
  • Information on an excellent 3 hour lecture series about the 3 Mayan calenders
  • A caller using music as a vehicle to host a gathering focused on intentional creation and her clarity around how using the forgiveness tools cleared her way to do this
  • A listener asks,”How can it all be free?”
  • Knowing the truth about the passing of a loved one
  • An explanation of “the coin of the realm” – also available for viewing on the website
  • A discussion about the energy previously locked in a caller’s body because of her issues around being able to “speak up”

December 29

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December 30

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r 31


  • 2013, the year that Human life shows up and takes over the planet
  • Doing worksheets from the perspective of our younger selves or the perspective of other people
  • A listener reports on her processing and information of the magnetic power of the heart as documented by the Heart Math group
  • Resisting sleep can be a method to lower vitality and avoid doing whatever is needing to be processed
  • A discussion of how the breath locks and can also unlock trauma in our bodies (which physicists have proven do not actually exist)
  • See the interview with Dr. John E. Sarno on YouTube
  • Living as the active presence of Love is living in the mind of Christ
  • “Letting someone else or ourselves “off the hook”, pardoning, or applying true forgiveness

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