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Radio Show Archive – May 2019

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Listen to MindShifter Radio with The Forgiveness Doctor, dr. michael ryce

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May 1



Dr Tim quote by Krishnamurti on meeting every experience the same. Stay in middle space, not elated but not depressed either. Balance.  Melancholy doesn’t mean sad but centered.

Caller Susan B, what does a newborn baby bring in?  Dr Tim asked what would that answer give you?  “Trying to figure it out” is a trap.

michael said events do not cause perception, our thoughts (triggered from the past) around the event causes our perception.

In the beginning was the ‘mind energy’ and it became flesh. Our thoughts become our physiology.

The innate or inner-tutor or holy spirit – different names, same power.

Dr Tim shared how a 5 yr old in Crystal Lake was so mistreated by his parents that his life ended. Listen to the last hour of Thursday Group where it was discussed Love in the Face of Trauma  Visit MindShifters’ Academy at

michael shared about his nephew Brad coming to HeartLand last year and the shifts he saw in his life.  He had Responsibility Communication with his step-father and mother and ‘cleaned up’ the space between them.  He got a blessing from his boss to be off work so he could come to HeartLand for the 40-days this year.

HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness App. – 2 different wake-up sheets and the Drag-on Cling-on Game

michael discussed the difference in holding one accountable with love present, without punishment.

Caller Magda, acknowledge the tool Dr Tim presented from Silvia Bornstein to calm self. And then finish the process with a wake-up sheet.  Stop what doing, hand-on-heart, talk to self like you would a small child. comfort self. If in the middle of the muddle, if one can avoid the addiction for 60 seconds it will interrupt the process.

May 2



Caller Magda, assistance in wanting more insight and wanting to get done quicker. Dr Tim offered there is no difference, both are rushing the process and we will never be complete.

michael spoke of a principle in the CoDependence to InterDependence workshop: relationship substitution. A goal is violated that one held for their Power Person and they are then ‘clothed’ in the file of the PP.  Another reason to ‘honor your father and mother’ because they are usually a PP.  The active presence of Love comes through your form as behavior toward them and you heal.  Who is your key power person?  Can have a different PP in different arenas of your life. Ask yourself, when ultra stressed, whose behavior do you do?  Is there hostility or fear active? If it is then your perception is not accurate.  Clean out the PP file.

For the filters in the mind see and there is a PowerPerson worksheet

Caller Kenny, asked Does a ‘rapest’ become a power person? michael said, very likely yes, ask when stress is up do you want to do violence to another (not necessarily rape but violence).  Do you become a PP to self? not our own but if you have children chances are that you are their PP and they will tend to do behaviors you did that they hated.

Caller Magda, even though PP are diseased, it is what went into our minds as a child from them that will play out in the behavior.

Healthy empowerment? No power over substances? In 12-step it has to ask for power to serve. michael offered we can live from a controlled life (something from outside has implanted thoughts and beliefs that controls your behavior) or a driven life (internal dynamics, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, drives the behavior) or an inspired life (inspired by the Creator, Love, the Mind of Christ, lifts me above and beyond the past).  Christ thought it not robbery to be equal with God and yet remained humble.

Under worksheets to print there is a new poster on the Love Exchange  – drop Jeanie a line at if there is an exercise we teach that is not online.

Movie: “Breakthrough” is a great example of ‘holding the space’

May 3



Callers Magda & Grady during Dr Tim’s first hour.

Jeanie made announcements about worksheets and HeartLand intensives.  Let us know if interested in a Fall intensive either in the TN Smokey Mnts or Asheville NC areas.

michael discussed the file folder effect (from Healing Through Relationships)

Caller Roma, bringing 6 ministers and 2 companions to the island for a week. She is presenting Why Again?! on Tuesday.

Caller Kenny cleaning up the file folder question. Patience it may be generational.

Dr Tim had several people in the Thursday night group see

May 4



May 5



May 6



Caller Susan from Wilmington.

Jeanie announced changes on website – events now on front home page.

michael discussed Personal Codes that drives our behavior.

Hold space for Patrick Quinn (at HeartLand) as he is facing health challenges. Stress for Julie H. too with all the people she is working with in the Pay-It-Forward and then supporting Patrick too.

Thanks to Ken & Linda who have been there this winter and have completed so much work. We have new water lines and buried electrical lines. The compressor went out on the ‘big chill’ and one well needed repair. If you are inclined to assist with these expenses go to our website and click donate.

Caller Roma, threading a needle.

Caller Julie H also spoke of support for Patrick.

May 7



Thanks to Michele for filling in for Jeanie.

Caller Ann, new to the work, being bullied for past 9 months, michael speaks towards being responsible for drawing something (like abuse) into our space but not responsible for the other person’s behavior. Difference in pardoning them and forgiveness.Then walks her through a wake-up sheet on ‘feeling like an outsider’

Caller Shelly

May 8



Caller Linda R. thankful for the presentation of Dr Tim. Spoke towards allowing healing when self is out of the way.

Caller Susan B. asks to hold the space. Going through something so personal can’t talk about it. Higher leel of integrated wisdom that would not let me run into the issue unless I had the vitality to handle it.  From 1978, reading her journals and found some deep issues and something she cann’t bring up in a public way.  michael offered, without knowing any details, you have run into the thought disorders that you have about yourself. “Carve out a space in me for your wholeness.”  It is generational crap that in many cases did not start with us.

The Creator says “before the beginning of the world you were with me.”  How do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time.

Caller Hugh, asked how magnets work. michael spoke of resonance working like magnets bringing things into our space and how forgiveness changes the attraction.

Caller Peter from Sweden, running a marathon next week and had almost decided to not do it.  Doing work with Julie and on his own, wake-up sheets and breathing. Had a wonderful experience this morning of being complete and did not need to perform to get love.  Beautiful day, started to run and everyone he saw he just showered them with love, became stronger and stronger and was smiling.  Physiology changes when one changes their mind.  Running quicker and felt like an enthusiastic 5 year old.  Running on Love.  Going to Copenhagen next week and ‘make love’ to 20,000 people while in the process of competition.  Wish he could do it over again, to be at HeartLand with Tania and Eliot when Eliot was 6 months of age.  This is what life is all about. Thank the community for being ‘there’ with me.  Peter said he ran across an email from Jeanie giving him accolades last year.

May 9



Caller Camille in a healing process – the longest sinus infection dealt with in a long time. lemon water & cayenne with tumeric and ginger as well as Neti Pot.

Caller Susan D., processed and purging the emotional work. Dr Tim invited her to go back and listen to her voice on the show Monday compared to today. Good work.

michael spoke of the ‘state of becoming’ and our structure is following a set of instructions. Arya Reign (as example) began as a single cell and evolved into what she is today. Nine months ago to today is so different in appearance. Yet a pattern was followed from 2 cells to a walking, talking little being. What directs the process? What determines what she is going to become?  Explanation of Napsha (the soul)

Caller Shelly, asked michael to explain the Power Person dynamic.

May 10



Dr Tim spoke on Mind Goal Management sheet. Framing verses Setting Goals. and the filters of the mind

michael continued talking on the subject of the ‘state of becoming’ and what filter are we looking through. Love (Rakhma), Hostility or Fear? When you say “I see…” realize your perception is from inside thoughts.

We did Aramaic Fridays for a year in 2014. Aramaicisms – see  Friday, May 31, 2019 Dr Tim will be interviewing Dale Allen Hoffman

Request the community to send Love to Angie Bruce and her family.  michael received a text from her that her Mom has now left her body.

Caller Kenny, asked about doing a wake-up sheet on self and what punishment?  michael offered we need to eliminate punishment, it is a thought disorder that needs to be healed. Yes, accountability but not punishment.

Addition of a video on the Spanish page of our website

Special radio shows including support in doing your work, explanations, testimonials and then several where we have walked someone through a wake-up sheet.

Please notify Jeanie at if you find any link missing or a worksheet we do not have online.  There are a couple of links on the MP3 page that Jeanie will have fixed by the end of the day.

Caller Susan B in PA. In reading journals, came upon a behavior from 4 years old, she would use other women in her fantasy as her Mother because she felt she had to rescue her real mother. As a teen at camp there was a woman who came onto her and she refused her.  Confusing love and sex.  Even if she could, she would not have a healthy ‘gay’ relationship because of the relationship with her mother.  Then at 14, she confessed to a male teacher that she thought she was lesbian and he took her for a drive and then french-kissed her and for a year they had an affair.  She sexualized her desire for love. Then she continued to play out in relationships for years out of the desires.  michael offered people who are abused tend to compartmentalize their mind, personas depending on the external influence.  Discussion on homosexuality – due to a wound – the loss becomes sexualized.  Missing relationship from a parent, or abuse linked to a parent, due to file folder effect the negativity is linked to a gender and the other gender does not hurt so it becomes a driving force in behaviors.

will continue topic on Monday

May 11



May 12



May 13



Dr Tim shared he had gotten triggered on Friday and spent the weekend doing worksheets.  Thankful for the app – can do the work without getting up or turning on the lights.

Caller Susan B., discussion of her ‘knowing’ is more than any belief system.  Dr Tim acknowledged she clearly has been doing work this weekend, her clarity and tone and certainty today compared to her confusion on Friday.  Evidence of your work, you do not need to ask for outside validation, the inner voice tells you.  MindShifter over the weekend instead of doing worksheets (abandoned the commitment to Julie H. to do 2 a day).  Amazing how the mind works and hides from us what we need to heal.

michael joined the conversation.  Susan said the statement about sexualizing, the way the teacher took me down another way was an eye opener.  michael said the teacher was not clear about his own sexuality. Example of doing energy work in the intensive, you’ll hear michael say if one is not clear in their own sexualtiy then they need to keep their hands off their partner. Integrity is vital for healing.  An unbalanced value of men and women as equals.  michael said it is a nutrient we are designed to be for each other. 70-80% of men and women have been abused at some time in their lives.  It must come forward and be looked at in order to heal. Susan spoke of ‘wanting something she could not have’ and that she probably would have wanted him anyway if he had rejected her but he short-ciruited it.  michael invited her to stop ‘trying to figure it out’ – from the CoDependence work, it is a pseudo-solution.  If he had known better he would have done differently.  Never play ‘footsie’ with a student.  michael said there were times in the beginning of doing work that he was not as integritous as he could have been and told of going on e-Harmony when he chose to create relationship, met Jeanie there.  There is a rule at HeartLand for celibacy in thought, word, action and appearance unless you came as partners.

Not a hierarchy of sins. Go back and cancel the goals for mom’s attention, for everyone who rejected you.

May 14



 Thanks Michele for filling in for Jeanie
May 15



Caller Susan B. with Dr Tim discuss relationship with Source being what is important then we extend the energy from that place.  Other patterns of interaction go through abandonments and passions and thrashing around.

michael shared a sample menu during the intensives … raw food is anything but boring.  Several will arrive on the 21st and the crew arrives the 30th and then the 31st begins the 16-day Food, Fun, Forgiveness & Work Program. Will Breathe on Saturday and go to Branson for a brunch at a culinary school and a show.  Spoke of the Personal Code Evaluation and the 3-day training followed by the 9-day Why and 9-day Teachers Training. 40-days in the ‘rain-forest’ instead of the desert.

Jeanie shared briefly working with someone this morning around the Power Person dynamic and that we can see in the great-grandparents, the grand-parents, parents, ourselves and our children the same patterns.  We need to return to just BEING who we are LOVE.  Appreciative of being somewhat conscious with raising Ryan and the awesome relationship we have and the ‘second chance’ with Arya to do it even better.

michael spoke of another person violating a goal we hold and experiencing our own anger, sadness or pain.  Cancelling the goal collapses the perception and then getting access to what lies beneath the goal that triggers our emotions (energy in motion). Bring that forward in the presence of Love and the trauma dissolves.  Those willing to go to the root of what is going on will heal.  Do this with another and yourself in the mirror

Why can we not see our part when ‘it is in our face’? michael gave explanation. Quoted Carl Jung, “Our mentality is distinquished by the shameless naivete with which we judge our enemy, and in the judgment we pronounce upon him we unwittingly reveal our own defects: we simply accuse our enemy of our own unadmitted faults.”

and “We hate and fear what we don’t understand, prompting us to pursue violence against people rather than seek diplomatic solutions with one another. We project our own worst qualities onto our enemies to justify the violence against them. We hoard resources, ignore the suffering of others, and continue the patterns of behavior that pollute the world we all call home.”

Also, Ted Talk with Anil Seth that our perception is not accurate.

Caller Kenny, can be clear and go into a room and feels the energy of a fight and takes it on.  What to do? michael tells a story of ‘can’t feel anybody elses’ if you feel it then it is yours. And is opportunity to forgive the hostility and be done with it.

Chatroom statement that they are doing worksheets and does NOT feel better. michael explained going to the next level (next depth) and also the difference in disease and a healing crisis. And her physical issues are the manifestation of the thoughts and emotions.

michael spoke of documentary “May I Be Frank?” and one time in the film he goes to the refrigerator (food is his drug) – sometimes you need to change your environment to go deeper.

Thanks to Ken & Linda Russell for all their work on the property. If this work has benefited you perhaps consider financially supporting us. This is the year to redo the electrical and waterlines. The compressor of the big chill went out. Water heaters went out in two buildings. List goes on and on.

May 16



Caller Lucy, triggered anxiety.

Caller Magda given a MindShifter by Dr Tim around excitement to do a project and can’t go to sleep resulting in fear that she would activate insomnia (a past issue).  Anxiety to do it right.

Caller Jill from NC, abandonment to another and self. Progress through the wake-up sheets from anger to seeing it is exactly what I am doing. Trying to figure it out – confusion.

Dr Tim said I will never be upset for anything another is doing unless I am negatively judging myself for doing the same thing. My mind creates an image of them clothed in my issue and I say I am angry at them but never upset for the reason I think (ACIM).

michael added “when I choose love it wakes up the love in everyone”

Caller Brenda in Memphis question to Dr Tim and Magda, when she was excited and could not go to sleep. Did she cancel the goal to continue the project and then reset it the next day? In conjunction with the other tools. Dr Tim agreed to cancel the goal to either sleep or finish the project. Would it trigger procrastination?  Magda called back in and addressed that she does cancel the goal.  She adds to her wake-up sheet next to the goal “so I can ____” She also talks to herself “relax and enjoy the bed and how it supports you”  michael spoke of cancelling the goal and asking Rookha to adjust his brainwaves to awake easily when he goes to sleep.  michael said the mind is a servant but too many let it be the master. Who is running the show?  michael said the anxiety is the result of a thought disorder, cancel the goal behind the thought and emotion.  Another place around procrastination, ask Rookha to bring forward the inclination to complete the project.  The inclination to function as love not debate (to beat).

michael read a fairytale by Pierre Pradervand (author of Gentle Art of Blessing). A Christmas story written for his Nepalese grandchild Samsara Menuka.  “Ye are the light of the world.” Matthew 5:14 “Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.” Desiderius Erasmus.  Begins “Once upon a time, there was a land where all the inhabitants were candles. … The night can utter the most mournful howls, flaunt all the ghosts in the world, but in the end, it will always collapse before the light.”  We are here to support the shining of the light.

Dr Tim will be interviewing on the show:
Friday May 31st with Dale Allen Hoffman
Wednesday June 12th with Dodie Corcoran with Family Consellation Work

Caller John from Lansing, worked with Michele, is an alcoholic and spoke of his ‘falling off the wagon’ michael explained healing crisis and new vitality and the crystals held in tissue melting and the alcohol coming forth.

May 17



Dr Tim shares with caller Linda the process of using the wake-up sheet and moving from anxiety to sadness. It is still a successful wake-up sheet.  To become aware of an internal issue and clear it and move to the next level.

Dr Tim addressed one might ask why he is not complete when he has been doing this work for 15 years. Does it mean it does not work?  It works so well and there is evidence proving it works. Continual process at deeper depths, generational.

Dr Tim invited people to donate to HeartLand. There are multiple big projectrs that need to complete in the next 2 weeks before people arrive.

Caller Susan discussion with Dr Tim about the impact on your life.  Great to have tools. michael joined the conversation. Susan spoke about Corrine Zupko referrences the “inner therapist” and the MindShifter tool is great to share for digging in and getting in touch with unconscious dynamics.  Tina Louise Spaldings books about channelling Jesus, great minds speak to us.  Messages from the dead?  Jeanie added channelling is considered different ways however even the apostles and those who wrote the scriptures said the Spirit breathed on them to write, they were listening to the still small voice.  micahel said just be aware where the conversation is acceptable and where not.

Caller Peter from Sweden, the marathan is coming up Sunday and last night caught myself ‘feeling sick’ and began writing the thoughts and went into a MindShifter writing 3 or 4 pages. Still do not have a MindShifter on the left side of the page.  If we can ‘back into’ a worksheet can we do that with a MindShifter?  Use journalling to tap in and allow it to spill onto the page. Purpose of life will deliver the next experience that can stimulate the part that needs to heal.  Excited to be at HeartLand and meet Ari and see Patrick again. Was 1996 – 97 when he was there last.

michael asked for everyone to send energy to Mike Scarf to get the compresser done on the Big Chill.

Caller Tim B. wondering in doing worksheets, goes to an early age in regards to his father, as infancy do we set goals? michael said we come into the world with generational goals. Often a person will mimic a parent they never knew. Or twins who are separated right after birth and never knew each other and 30 years later meet and find that they smoke the same cigarette or named their children the same names or like and dislike the same foods, etc. michael offered do a worksheet as if you were your father and cancel goals he held that impacted himself or you as a child.

Caller Peter came back on with thanks to Tim B for that because when Peter was journalling last night it was dad all over the place.

Caller Julie from Oregon asked about Judas Iscariot and his betrayal of Jesus.  Did he do that out of Love?  Jeanie suggested she look up the Gospel of Judas (not in the canon of the Bible).

May 18



May 19



May 20



Caller Jill from Wilmington shared a teaching moment over the weekend from her son and had a demonstration of him not being the cause of her upset and spoke about that with him and then he in turn shared with a friend that he was not the cause of their upset.

Dr Tim explained the goal is not bad or wrong, it is what the goal resonates that is less than love that needs to be healed.

Caller Joan excited about being at HeartLand in a few days

Hurting people hurt people. Offer healing. Spoke of incarcerated increase.  We sometimes need to hold one accountable and perhaps they are placed in prison but they need to be taught healing not punishment.  Even churches are mostly about penance / punishment.

Caller Kenny, supposed to move in to an apartment and the lady who was suppose to help did not show up. Goes from hostility to forgiveness but what experience help get through it quicker? michael said the standard answer is “all of the above” – it is every tool we teach.

Cancel the goal for ‘sanity in the prison system’ much unjust suffering is what comes up when cancelling the goal and the hydra would be to be treated with justice and processing that content

Caller from Sacramento CA suggests yoga be taken into the prisons. michael spoke of Yolanda introducing us to the suspension schools in Wilmington and they were checking on that possibility.

michael spoke about goals and that it is what is resonated by the goal (repeat of what Dr Tim spoke of)

May 21



Caller Susan B offered gratitude for Dr Tim sharing his process that he is not complete. Question, her daughter is working on “The Restoration Project” within the church by setting up small groups with commitment to certain tasks.  She has asked Susan to participate with her parish and Susan wants to know how to support her daughter and yet not take on another project?  Dr Tim said honesty is always the best policy, be gentle at the same time.  Suggested to present the book (The Restoration Project by Christopher H Martin) to others who might start a book reading club in the parish and begin a small group within the parish.  It is ok to refuse to add to your plate and yet there may be others if they knew about it would take it on.

Caller Magda, offered appreciation for the way Dr Tim presents how to start a wake-up sheet when you don’t know what or where.

Caller from Asheville has reconnected and offered his appreciation for this work.

michael is in Memphis, TN headed to HeartLand this afternoon to begin preparation for the intensives.

michael asked everyone to hold the space for Ann Mullins and her daughter Elizabeth in love. Ann’s husband passed away.

Jeanie added “backing into a wake-up sheet” around not knowing where to begin on a wake-up sheet.

michael added the culture (non-being mind) makes the object of attention the focus and it is really the contents of my mind.

Brenda has never had an issue with prespiring and odor and now it is an issue. michael said elimination increase is part of the healing process.

Caller Kenny, what about the story in the Bible of the lady turning to salt when she looked back at Sodom & Gomorrah?  michael offered she was holding to the past, when we don’t forgive and hold onto the past then hostility and fear actually crystalizes in the physical structure.

Caller Magda asked for further example of “backing into a sheet” (after Magda left the show Jeanie continued with the worksheet)

Caller Peter, ask Jeanie to further explain the “so I can” part of the goal in a wake-up sheet.  Ask michael, you mentioned to Kenny to be done in a few seconds, can we do that?  michael said the old sludge that in resistence will move out through the eliminative system more slowly, stand in the breath and in love and with enough willingness can be gone in an instant. Transmute what appears to be physical into just energy and it moves out.

Request – I have MP3s that are too big to stream from the website and SoundCloud costs too much for just a few MP3s. Any suggestions? Will YouTube do audios for an hour?  email

May 22



Dr Tim speaks of the Aramaic language and Dale Allen Hoffman explanation of the toning or the words.  It was to give an experience.  This show is intended to be available for people who want a more loving experience and the demonstration when the tools are applied. Nothing may have changed in actuality but within my reality. Worksheets in the last 10-12 days, revealed a terror he has carried for 51 years of his life, attached to a shame he was unwilling to look at before.

Tools from various people ostensibly heading in the same direction. Byron Katie, Michael Singer, Colin Tipping (who took part of michael’s work and branched off into Radical Forgiveness), Ho’oponopono, etc.

When I give advice it is for myself…’you need to’ or ‘you should’

Hold the space for Jeanie and her family as her Dad has been admitted into the hospital.  Hold the space for Ari as he left yesterday to head to HeartLand and had to turn around and go back due to some plumbing issue at his house. He will be a couple days late getting there.

Caller Linda W.,

Caller Kenny

Caller Roma,

Caller Melissa in Miami, ask for everyone to hold her in prayer that she can get more on target.

Caller Lucy has a ‘whining’ question. MindShifter: “It is safe and healing and I always experience a benefit when I drop my resistence, tap into love, and embrace my pain.” or disturbance.

May 23





May 24



May 25



May 26



May 27



May 28



Michele processed about feeling not enough resonated by a comment about her home.

Jeanie processed around her Dad’s situation.

May 29



Shelly shared processing since being at HeartLand. Dreams/ visions looking within and doors opening.

The body of the work is to recognize that what we call the world is reality from the content of the mind around what is resonated by actuality. Effects of what we carry within.

Energy moves and opens new places.

michael spoke toward a question of Tim Bingham, II Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Travis & Kathy finishing the belltower and then Ken will install the “clinger” so it will sound without pulling a rope but by pushing a button.  They are going to be part of FFF&W.

Caller Susan, question on ACIM, Toward beginning “Circle of Atonement” adds text in the beginning of the book. Quote: “I am the only true witness for God” and read the Bible. Aware of the mistranslation I do not read the Bible. michael said he was not familiar with that edition. Do know in the ancient scriptures in Aramaic it says he is the 1st begotten Son of God and that “what I do you can do and greater” and “why do you call me perfect?”

Jeanie’s Dad has been accepted in Encompass Rehab in Bristol!

Caller Kenny, further explanation of 1st begotten.  michael explained the vitality increase and the deeper levels of process.

May 30



0Caller Gail B

Arrivals at HeartLand for 16 day FFF&W, Jeanie gave an update on her Dad and talked about forgiveness verses pardoning. And thanks for holding the space, after doing worksheets on guilt and helplessness she can look at the situation light-heartedly.

Examples of completed 7-step worksheets are on-line at

Refer to April 5th show ( where Rory at 10 years old did a wake-up sheet. She is committed to teaching compassion and forgiveness. We have heard the results of her worksheet and want her to call in and share it herself.

Question: why are there so many different forgiveness worksheets (childrens, 7-step, abbreviated, 11-step, teachers, various languages) and yet they work? michael explained the core tool of forgiveness is in all of them.

Caller Tim B., what is the role of superstition? michael responded the goal elicits fear – what is the thought behind the fear? Cancel the goal. Ask Rukha what am I trying to achieve? Am I trying to please someone, to fulfill someone’s beliefs, what is the unconscious thought? then once you have the goal then cancel it.

Jeanie said at the end of the worksheet we set a goal toward the object of attention. If we do not achieve that goal we need to cancel at the end of the evening. Ask Rukha to assist in canccelling all the goals and getting a good nights sleep.

May 31



Dr Tim interviews Dale Allen Hoffman’s book Echoes of an Ancient Dream: Aramaic Toning on the Path of Light is one soul’s journey back to the beginning of the primal vibrations of Life Itself.spoke of differences in Aramaic and English. He spoke of the Be-Attitudes and explained the sounding and proper translation.  He uses the Be-Attitudes in retreats.  He mentions Jayem (Way of Mastery), Rocco Errico and Neil Douglas-Klotz both talk about the Aramaic Y’Shua.  Emotion comes from thoughts but feeling is pure sensation and vibration. He uses the children’s worksheet because it keeps people more in the heart not in the head.

Question from ‘down-under’ Sanskrit or Aramaic? Sanskrit is from India.  They are similar but not the same.  Hebrew was written first but Aramaic was used before.  Stan Tenen, the Meru Foundation Research into the origin and nature of the Hebrew alphabet, and the mathematical structure underlying the sequence of letters of the Hebrew text of Genesis.

Dr Tim said the toning opens him energetically to receive the message.

Question: A lot of Jews stick with the Old Testament. Dale said yes they stick to the Hebrew unfortunately but the books of Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah are full of Aramaic. St Francis of Assisi said what you are looking for is what is looking.  People (just like the Jews) get addicted to “the ideas” instead of it being alive. Y’Shua was a Jew.  Question is how awake am I?  Not everything will resonate for everybody.

Special Offer to those on the show today. CD or DVD or Thumbdrive.  Will be available for a limited time at this link:

Also go to and sign-up on his email list. Has United Kingdom Retreat and a Sedona Retreat coming up in a few months.

FFF&W begins today. Ari has arrived as well as Patrick McGhan. A couple ladies due to arrive any time.  Community of Love – come together and create true community (translated as the Kingdom of God)

Aramaic Fridays 2014

Caller Susan B needed feedback on a MindShifter she gave to a client.  Then asked about the Gnostic Gospels. Dr Tim asked her what is her goal with her daughter? Susan can see the hydra of wanting her son-in-law to like her and maybe if she does what her daughter asks then he will like her.  Conversation of each wanting the other to follow their path.  Susan realizes she is making a big deal of something that may not be a big deal. Forgiveness is the dissolution of the scar tissue. Spoke of her grandson, Luke, and his current status.

Caller Grady, that interview transported his thought structure.  When Dale spoke the be-attitudes in Aramaic it was like he was somewhere else. Believe, Feel, Allow and Flow – openess to reach the experiential part.

Go to and listen to the archives of the Support Group where they watched Dale Allen Hoffman and then discussed.



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