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May 1



Thank you Michele for filling in for Jeanie on the switchboard
May 2



May 3



May 4



Caller Joan going through a healing crisis, what to do with the fever if you are in a cleanse. michael discusses the purpose of fever and mucus.

Discussion of dealing in substance (silver and gold) that has value verses worthless paper.

Caller Yelena in Cincinnati, her relationship of 5 years ran away and it hurts. Lucy is helping her.  michael walked her through a worksheet steps 1 thru 5, turned into a hydra.

May 5



Dr Tim and Susan B discuss being the space or holding the space for another. Learn to live in the question. Susan said the resistence when she thinks of her son and grandson, to make spaciousness of self big enough to hold their suffering.

Here are the essential elements you must bring to hold space for someone (Practicing these essential elements will help make sure you are holding a useful and kind space for the other person:
1. Practice Loving-Kindness. It describes the reverent present-moment cultivation of compassion and love for another living being, the earth, or the self.
2. Use Deep Listening. This practice goes beyond any kind of hearing that can be done with the ears. It is listening with the heart.
3. Have Unconditional Positive Regard. This practice rests on the knowledge that no matter what the person has done or who the person is, the listener holds them with deep respect, compassion, and positive regard.
4. Sit with What Is. Means simply being with the person for whom you’re holding space. Do not try to change anything, and resist the urge to do anything. You are only creating a safe space for the other person to express and feel their feelings. Sit with them in the hard stuff.
5. Allow. Allow the other person to feel whatever they are feeling. Hold them if they need you to when they cry.
6. Breathe. Remember to breathe. Checking in with your breath is an effective way to make sure you remain grounded. It will also help you stay connected to your own body, which is the most powerful tool you have in assessing your connection to the other person and to yourself.
7. Ground. If you become un-grounded while holding space for someone who needs it, they may find it difficult to trust the space and you. Whatever you do to ground yourself, solidify it when you’re holding space for others.
8. Be Present with Yourself. In order to do any of the things listed above, you must be able and willing to be present with and for yourself. If you’re unable to be present for yourself, you will be hard-pressed to be open and honestly present with another.
9. Don’t Usurp Their Pain.  Holding space for someone in deep pain can bring up your own pain. Holding space for another requires that you have a clear intention that although you’re in the trenches with them, you are only holding their hand—you are not stealing their hardship and making it your own.
10. Practice Non-Judgment. This goes for yourself and the one for whom you’re holding the safe container: Do not judge.
11. Don’t Try to Fix It. Often, when someone is in pain, we try to fix it for them. While that might make us feel better, the other person may feel even more isolated in their pain. So above all, be there for and with the other person. Do not try to fix them or their feelings. They do not need fixing. The only way over their pain is through it.


Another example The transformative effect of ‘being there’ for others.

michael talks about awakening and creating consciously instead of unconsciously. The process of forgiveness.

Caller Yelena calls back. When do you know a problem is over? Jeanie gave the example of her own issue of ‘not being listened to’ and the point she realized she was done with it.  michael continued with the steps 5, 6 & 7 on the worksheet from yesterday.

michael spoke of viruses and offered proper amount of selenium helps avoid envelope viruses. ie only 2 brazil nuts

Caller Magda, ‘when have I violated that goal?” turn it inward toward self not necessarily toward another.

Caller Julie in Oregon, thanks to Yelena for her work. Julie spoke of feeling demoted and abandoned. Began processing around her boyfriend but reflected back to her Dad issues. michael said those are thoughts, what is the feeling when you think those thoughts?  Might feel sad or anger.  Goal might be to be honored and included or to be seen as important.

May 6



Dr Tim (due to so many people who are now focusing on what they cannot control) covers 10 Bottomline Direct Observations (see

Power of Now, Present Living Mindfulness, many others pointing to the same thing.

michael speaks about true forgiveness which is not pardoning.

Caller Julie in Oregon, continues discussing her father potential dying and her anger triggered that he is quiting because he is not happy in life. She blames his current wife. It is anger in yourself.  Aldo discussed missing and loss.  ACIM says there is no place so holy as where an ancient hatred becomes a present love. Question: are you willing? Benefit to carry grievance but you get the original and they get the copy.  May not be her blocking you from your father but that you have a desire to hide from your father. Sees the link of hiding from God the Father too.  MindShifter: It is safe & healing to remember, face and forgive everything / anything. Julie said it is her commitment to heal during this time.

May 7



Dr Timoffered to view  documentary  – “What’s missing is the ability to dream – to envision a world in which your dreams and your reality are one.”

Caller Susan B, discusses arrogance and unworthiness – two sides of the coin of judgement. Go to neutrality and be open to be taught.  Why belong to a group that does not want me or else why be in a group that wants me to change my beliefs or teachings? It is not like years ago when survival meant being part of the tribe. What is the difference in judgement and a gut feeling or intuition that it was not a fit? That is discernment, not where I want to spend my energy. Choice to do a different pattern or behavior. Discern “this is right for me and that is not right for me” it may be right for them but it is ok to say that is not right for me.  When one takes it personally that is about that person but what you choose is about you not them. Note you can move from discernment to judgment.

Jeanie invited people to check out  there are additional MP3s from some of the recent shows going through worksheets.

michael asks what would life be like if we all chose to behave without hostility or fear?

Caller Tim B, seems to be on a plateau in his worksheets, doing the same thing. Recognize it may be a multi-generational issue and it is a process. Do worksheets on discouragement

Caller Brandi? asked about ‘not missing’ a loved one.  michael discusses the DeLaWarr Camera that captures the frequency. Resonates based on your energy held. Understands the thought that sending love to someone instead of sadness and pain will be beneficial for their healing. The loving energy you send empowers the other to do the same work. michael gave the example of sending hate and want to abuse a child abuser then the energy strengthens the potential in another to do the same.  What about the world’s fear expressed over the virus? We can be aware and be smart and take care of ourselves without the fear, and fear compromises immunity. Lots of crazy stuff to confront.

Caller Peter, his hip seems to be painful is it the weakest link?  your hip is your ‘warning system’ to pay attention. MindShifter: It is easy for me, Peter, to move forward with power and aliveness in the face of anyone’s suffering. Hold to Love is the task.

Caller Ann in resonance with the last callers

May 8



Dr Tim speaks with Susan B. being able to sit back and observe – life is going to unfold and I do not need to manage every step. “I need do nothing” ACIM with the emphasis on ‘need’.

Caller Julie from Oregon, thinking of the knowledge of ‘not knowing how’ we do something. Getting the mind out of the way and go with the flow. Vision. Also, noted that when the barriers are removed things change. Her Dad is actually excited to hear from her.

Caller Nene, listening to On Creating Consciously and the meditation, looking at not receiving easily that she is unworthy. Building brain cells and ‘seeing’ differently. She mentioned her parents always choosing her friends instead of allowing her to have her own friends (resentment). Talked about her past relationships and always with unavailable men, realized she is unavailable. Doing her work and being more honest with herself and a man came back into her life and was honest that he was not available for a longterm permanent relationship. While that is not what she wants to hear she was glad he was honest. michael offered ‘are you willing to settle for less than you want?’

michael had processed someone who thought another was to blame for their depression and they were enraged toward them. Something determines the forming of our field – what energy do you hold?  See Bob Newhart’s video “Stop It!”

Julie added a story on ‘expecting’

Email from Angela in Kenya, asked about the opening song ‘Evolve’ by Mary Redente.  Go to our website at and

Angela also asked about this virus and is it prophecy of the endtimes (ie Revelations)?

Chatroom Bob from Australia, “The most potent vaccine you will ever need, resides within the God given gift of your own immune system. What saddens me at this time is, so many people trust science and technology more than they trust creation! So to all those that believe that science will save them, enjoy your life in cognitive dissonance, it will be a short one, I believe in the power of creation, who is with me?”

michael read the poem “Will You Make the Difference?” from his book “PERHAPS ONLY ONE PERSON’S VOICE IS LACKING FOR PEACE TO COME ABOUT IN THE WORLD.”

May 9



May 10



May 11



Dr Tim offered to focus your attention on things you have control over. Slow down. Listen to the ‘On Being’ show of May 7th with Krista Tippett and Devendra Banhart ‘When Things Fall Apart’

Tap into Krista Tippett’s ‘Care Package for Uncertain Times’

Caller Susan B., asked about the creation of electricity and is there a better way? David E Martin video ‘Future Dreaming’ (explores the narratives that drive our economic, social and political thinking and offers a new way of understanding the Human Condition) – lack of efficiency or destruction of the world in producing that, not calling us to abandon that but calls us to question – live by direct observation. The intelligence of the universe are present at conception. Calling us to awaken and remember. It is not black or white and can’t fit into a formula. Tap into guidance.  Susan caught herself going to black or white again and making Martin a guru.

michael spoke of the perfect love we came in as and then it being covered up by the trauma and rage of the world. We should experience ourselves and everyone else as the presence of love continuously…that is our birthright. Unfortunately the world is off the rails and for many that experience has been lost.  We were designed to have that real experience through our whole life and be nurtured by the love of everyone we interact with. The mind does not see a difference in real (actuality) or imagined experiences (reality).  Then went into a guided meditation – a filling of your matrix connected to love – use the connected breath.  Beginning with intercourse and conscious conception, through the birth process, into life interacting with others – fully aware and awake as love. Learn to brush the energy off to maintain your state. Knowing your purpose you are attracted to what will empower you to fulfill that purpose. Develop choice, imagination (image in), intuition (inner tutor), will, and true perception.

Caller Magda, has a lot of worksheets to do but the way we came in and the experiences we had helped form us to who we are now. michael said Being can take any experience and turn it to love but this is what you deserved. michael shared a few days ago he was breathing through the rememberances of his birth and experiences with athsma. It can be transformed but it is not what he deserved. Can be made into wonderous growth and awesome things but not part of the design. With Love it can be weaved into the tapestry of Being. What we deserved is different than what we got but because the mind can’t tell the difference, we can truly have the experience we deserved and repair this form to the perfect function and shape. Bring love in and through this form and it can be ‘re-organized’ We must remove all interfering energies. Imagine the DNA being perfect.

May 12



Dr Tim discusses with Susan B.

Jeanie asked for someone to do app test asap. Thanks Susan B.

Caller Tracey, thoughts of why am I even here? Switched to her son to reconnect. Had pain and sorrow and fear when thinking of parents. Why can’t I feel good with parents? Offered a MindShifter: “It is profoundly sweet that I get to be here with both of my Power Persons, learning to forgive every lie I have bought into.” michael offered if you could sit and listen to the story of your parents and hear their trauma and pain you would know what has been passed on. And who in your bloodline has been willing to face it and heal it?  She said when she reaches out and michael responds & says holding the space and just the text her energy shifts.

When I choose Love it wakes up the Love in everyone! We are tuning forks setting up the vibration that resonates in others.

Caller Jack, about the MindShifter, does not matter if Power Persons (parents) are in their bodies. michael gave an example of the video in your head (story made up about them) – the recording that holds content that interferes with life. Cleaning up CBM not changing them.

Caller John from MI, can you have a positive power person?

Chelation –

The meditation (with the conversation between Magda and michael from yesterday’s show

Caller Julie H., healing crisis

Caller Jurate, the awareness of toxic metals in our bodies and how it interferes. When she did oral chelation she found it amazing to support her body to thrive. michael offered if you do oral chelation be sure to have professional support to monitor your kidney function.

May 13



Six kinds of Loneliness – chapter 9 in the book “When Things Fall Apart” by Pema Chödrön.  Cool Loneliness: less desire, contentment, avoiding unneccessary activity, complete discipline, not wandering in the world of desire and not seeking security from one’s discursive thoughts.  Fear is the otherside of hope. Fear creates panic. We cling to our perception and image of self and think that is really who I am. It is all an illusion. Unnecessary activity to keep us from looking within. Running from every day life – trying to find meaning in the moment.

michael began by discussing fear. The Creator said “Fear not.”  When you are free of it then you show up in your own life with clarity. Bring forward true perception. Forgiveness collapses false perception.

Caller Yolanda, processing. An incident last week, a young black man jogging was killed by two white men. How can my fear not be real? michael explained the fear you experience is real but it is from inside.

May 14



Caller Cindy discusses an issue with Dr Tim

Michele P. and Susan B. assisted Jeanie in testing the app.

Caller Susan B. talked about ‘building brain cells’ and had the experience of ‘not missing’ or ‘feeling alone’ and knew she was in the moment – does not last long.  Serenity fuels the mind and body.  Caller Tim B. his eye sight has improved. (cleaned up what he could not look at before).  Jurate zoomed into the Support Group and had wonderful input.  One lady was there and she was mad at God who she does not believe in. She found a word to use as Rukha d’Khoodsha and it was ‘goodness’

Caller Jurate, discusses her not wanting to go back to work on Tuesday that the co-workers are not people she would hang out with, she feels lonely at work. Processed through and realized she withdraws like her Father.

May 15



May 16



May 17



May 18



Dr Tim discussed with Susan B and offered Bertrand Russell – when debate is futile. Focus on what I actually have control over.

Joan in chatroom said “I am in the same boat with Susan. I have a dear friend, that I don’t know how to relate to because of our differences about all the rumors about people I trust.”

michael spoke of sophists, lies appearing as truth. 1918 pandemic. 2020 pandemic. Strengthen immunity. michael offered several ways of taking care of yourself. Some suggestions were Selenium, D3, C, E, Elderberry, and Ashwagandha.

Caller Elana asked about the MindShifter tool. “No matter what happens in my life, I, Elana, am always filled with light, love and happiness.”

Question in chatroom about high blood pressure. Jeanie suggested L-Arginine. Helps produce nitrous-oxide which opens the vessels and smooth muscle.  And look at pressure from external world or within self. Or different dynamic is pressuring others. Bob in chatroom offered the link to buy it in bulk

Caller Magda wants a MS around pressuring herself wanting it to be perfect then thinking why bother it will go wrong. Self defeating belief. “When things in my life are exactly the opposite of the way I want it to be, that is when I enjoy life the most.”

May 19



Caller Yelena asks Dr Tim about sadness of Mom passing and he directs her to see there could be several worksheets with several goals (i.e. ). MindShifter: “It is safe & healing for me to be with people I love when they are suffering.” or “It is safe & healing for me to watch and allow the people I love to live their own lives.”

Caller Jack, sadness that he was delayed getting on the Blueridge Parkway. Spoke of the COVID virus. Said 3 or 4 times “I’m not afraid.” so somewhere inside there is fear. Spoke of his friend thinking he is controlling her when he ‘tells’ her things. Dr Tim offered another way to present the tools. Live it in her presence instead of telling her about it, model it, do the worksheets and stay calm in the midst of the storm.

Ethel Seals Jackson wrote an e-book and Dr Tim read it and it is solid and congruent with this work, he will interview her on Wednesday the 27th

Caller Susan has a conversation about seeing a lady at the park throw a puppy in the back of the car and the feelings that came forward. It is from inside not outside. What is the difference in registering the sorrow and alarm and something requiring a worksheet? It was an accurate and true response but was it a human response? And so forgiveness to move that energy out and then stand as love and let that love guide you to what is a human response. It may mean walking over and addressing the person to stop the abuse. Resonates past abuse from herself.  MindShifter: “I realize that every circumstance that elicits hostility from me is a cry for love and an opportunity for me to heal.”

Caller John from MI talks to michael about kundalini energy and the Love Exchange.

Lesson 139 in ACIM I will accept attonement for myself.  And the question What am I?  Creature created in the active presence of love. My work is to be that expression of Love.

Caller Ann in FL, working on breaking the habit of eating late thus sleeping late. Is it harder to abruptly stop or gradually do it? michael offered if it is an addiction to keep from feeling then you must stop abruptly. In the Naturopathic method of things, once darkness comes the system begins to shut down and move towards sleep. Stop eating at dusk. Ann said she then takes Melotonin to assist in sleep. Counter-productive. Replaced your power person, he is not there so you do it to yourself.

Susan texted Melatonin jazzes her up how is it suppose to work? endogenous system gets upset if too much external supplementation is done.

Jeanie added to Ann to look at what she is doing to interrupt sleep or avoid by eating late. MindShifter: “I am willing to deal with whatever moves me when I sleep.”

May 20



Caller Cyndi

Caller Doug

Dr Tim spoke of the “Powerful U Live!” videos

Caller Michele P gave an update on her healing crisis from this past weekend.  Challenging when in the dredges. She has been thinking of Ari a lot and how he would be handling the quarantine. michael offered Ari had been on his mind the last few weeks too. Joan and lisa in the chatroom said he had been on their mind too.  His focus was on people’s goodness.

michael discusses a healing crisis. when I hit a new level of vitality then I can go to a new depth. organized energy – physiology is secondary to the energy itself. forgiveness is the removal tool for collapsing the mind’s lies and beliefs and going to the root that created the dis-ease (disorder) and when exposed to love and everything changes

If this work has supported you then support us financially if possible.

Thanks to Kerry Leigh for helping us to pay for the repair of the app.

Apologies to Susan B. as michael forgot to join Susan B’s support group this morning. is the LARGE print worksheet  our granddaughter Arya Reign saying ‘999’ when Jeanie announced the call-in number

ACIM question – live relationship in a live state of being in the world the Creator created

Caller Susan spoke of the MindShifter michael gave her. Can we be wholly even when we are in a state of anger. She agreed with it so did not work with it. might be fooling yourself saying there is nothing there, write with it at least 30 minutes. michael said after watching the movie “JoJo Rabbit” about a boy whose imaginary friend was Adolph Hitler. michael did “love exchange” with Hitler and all his cronies. Look at, what part of your mind does Hitler or Nixon represent? Perception is generated by the brain whether it is from your awake eyes and ears or your dreams.

Magda texted she too has Ari visits every few weeks, usually when she is asking the food what it needs to combine with.

Caller Joan, reading from the Bible for Translating and one said “everything you consciously think, say and believe is a prayer.” what about the unconscious things? michael offered a distinction between prayer and petition. ‘set a trap for God’ means we become the space where God (Love) comes through. Then explained unconscious creation – we send messages to the Creator what we ‘want’.

Mary Redente song “Evolve”

Caller Magda update – “Joy is a choice” and smiles and changes happen

May 21



Caller Susan B spoke of being told “I AM THAT!” but I let it go.  For those who hold onto it more is because they have more but let go of putting yourself down lower. That is your belief – change it. No value in comparing yourself to David Martin or your spouse or child. There is value in living in the question.

michael goes to movies to bring up issues to look at. Is it a contradiction to say guard the portals of the mind? Focus on positive and don’t just accept or become inundated with the negative.  documentary with James Purpura and David Martin – Powerful U Live!

Caller Susan gave an update of doing the MindShifter – everything is a cry for Love, even anger.

Jeanie was asked for an update on her book. Was able to write one day last week but things are challenging here.

Caller Tracey B., reported on MindShifter.  Certain shows she watches and people do bad things and say it is for their family, disagree with that and don’t like watching it. Do worksheets around what comes up. Last Saturday the toilet broke and her Mom & Dad began to fight back and forth. Then her Dad screamed I don’t know why I lived when I had the heart attack, why did I not die? At that moment she saw he has done that her entire life and that is his way to expressed and knows that is where she gets the modelling of suicidal thoughts. An incident with her Mom saying do you have to do that now? And instead of lashing back she just stopped.  Instead of getting angry she cried, did not do something wrong. Dawned on her she had looked at herself instead of lashing back, realized that is progress. The most common drug to anesthesize pain is hostility and it sounds like you gave up the addiction to that drug and allowed yourself to feel the pain. Monumental piece of work. The next stage will be neutral and holding compassion for them as they do what they do. She saw herself thinking she did not do it right or was at fault or going to be hurt. Let go of thought disorder of incompetence.  MindShifter: “It is safe & healing for me to look at, feel and heal the pain I experienced each time I was told I was incompetent.”  Listening to what Susan has gone thru with Luke has helped her with her own son.

Caller Lucy addiction to prevent feeling. What is hers? Being the victim, helpless and hoping someone will fix it for her. michael said keep unfolding the root of that particular dynamic – a process for everybody.  MindShifter: “I, Lucy, have always lived in such extremem delight and joy that all rewards come to me in life.”

Caller Julie in OR, used to simply refused to let certain things into her “portals”. But now watches things to do work on. Dr Tim had said you, michael, followed your inner guidance and she thought that is what she was doing by refusing to see or hear. She wants to be with what presents itself and not think  “they are doing it to me” to just be present. Clarify the portals of the mind.  michael said in Aramaic it is to be aware of what comes into your senses – and if something comes up then do work around it. Movies can be a stimulus to bring up the insanity that is inside. And when in a situation where crazy-time is going on and choose to hold the space.  The mind needs the most guarding. Speaks of Power Person dynamic and one just soaking in the negative energy due to survival thoughts.

May 22



michael opens with a caller and discussies the “five smooth stones” that strengthen our Spiritual faculties which assists us in staying on purpose.  Everyone has the same Primary purpose: to build a conscious, Spiritual body. Secondary purposes all vary.

The Spiritual five smooth stones:                 Carbon-Based Memory has:
Choice or Reason                                        Decision or Reasoance
Will                                                            Will-Power
Intuition                                                     Psychic
Imagination                                                Fantasy
True Perception                                           Perception

She shared what she thought was the 5 smooth stones. She asked for guidance with her relationship. He is angry and she is in terror (opposite ends of the spectrum).  Also discussed the Khabouris (Enlightenment)

Question in chatroom about grief refer to Dr Tims talk

michael talks about true perception and used the example of Ben Underwood who lost his eyesight when he was 3 yrs old and learned ecolocation to “see” the world around him. (Sadly his cancer returned and he passed away 1 week before his 17th birthday in 2009.)  Watch “The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes” documentary

May 23



May 24



May 25



Caller Celinda talks with Dr Tim

“May this year’s Memorial Day bring you good memories of those you have lost.”

michael talks about perceptual constructs

Caller Tracy in NV, was able to stay connected yesterday (her birthday) and her father did not speak to her, she acknowledges it is his issues.

Caller Celinda what was Y’Shua saying from the cross ‘why has thou forsaken me’ and ‘forgive them for they know not what they do’? Set aside for a purpose and forsaken are similar in Aramaic.

Caller Tim B asked about who is Y’Shua, is he the incarnation of God?

May 26



Caller Nene, realized she has not put herself and thus drew in relationships that did not put her first either.  MindShifter: “It is safe & healing and I love it when people don’t treat me as top priority or treat me as less than worthy.”

Dr Tim told caller Susan B. about OCD. Her grandson feels powerless.  Tim referred to Julie Britzof a lady who had OCD and found naturopathic medicine and more specifically targeted amino acid therapy, NAD+ (maintaining neurotransmitter balance) and peptide therapy.  She has come to a place where she can control the OCD and is a naturopath now assisting others.   She created

reference diluting hydrogen peroxide

Caller Susan spoke of her grandson with michael. Goals driving content in the mind, creates stress and drives him. You can relieve the stress by achieving the goal or cancelling it. Offered the meditation from last week

When Charlie says ‘I don’t want to live.’ is hostility toward self along with recognizing the experience of himself as love.

Caller Celinda, continue discussion of what the Aramaic says verses Greek.

May 27



You may feel that what they did they deserve your rage but ask yourself “Do I deserve the hostility and fear?” You get the original.

Question in the chatroom: “Why is this world set up this way?  People say we are here to learn what we have forgotten. Why have we forgotten?  Why do we have to go through all this and have to do so much work before we can have a good life? In other words, whose bright idea was this life?  All the traumas that we have to undo.  I’d like to know why.” Jeanie asked her “Have you ever done something you regret? Why did you do it?” Her reply was she did not know better. michael explained free will of man – it is not the Creator’s fault. “Are we created unconscious?” Jeanie talks about Arya and being conscious and perfect. Along the way we think this is not enough and give it up to BE or DO what will get us approved of (mistaken for Love). michael tells about Ryan and the cat experience that impacted his life unconsciously.

Look at “Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” we must face those things that unconsciously run our life.

Does trauma make us go unconscious? Jeanie added when we give up love (our being) to be the non-being that giving up hurts and so we shut down part of us to not feel the pain and on it goes.

When you choose to wake up you could spend your life asking why but that’s the booby prize – you can’t figure it out but you can do your work.

Caller Linda, shared an experience about 40 years ago with a Salvation Army lady screaming in extreme rage and was the beginning of the crack in her belief of the churches. Falls into victimhood. Book of “The Messiah Trap” perpetual victimhood (giving power away), be the victimizer and the third choice was to be the Messiah (fix them). michael said it is ‘smoke and mirrors’ to connect to the power within that is designed to be our real teacher.

Be-Attitudes see

May 28



Dr Tim talks to Susan B about when will you leave a relationship?  When I’ve had enough, when I see clear enough.

MindShifter: “My presence and being are enough.”

“Stanford Prison Experiment”

Chatroom question: “Any suggestions about how to feel better while you are doing the work.  If there is so much to sift through, how to be okay when in crisis.”
Caller Julie H offered to Susan B she used the word “failure” and Julie wants to heal that in her. If failure is in the mind’s file then we cannot be successful.
May 29



Dr Tim interview Ethel Seals Jackson who wrote an e-book

Happy 15th Anniversay michael & Jeanie!

May 30





May 31





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