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November 1



Continuation from yesterday, a caller requested michael read the Respons-ability Communication letter from David.  To find it on the website, under the bullseye, scroll down past the Wake-up sheet power point presentation, etc. to “Other Worksheets” and the third  one down says Respons-ability Communication Rules and under it are two letters which are great examples of this process. The direct link to David’s is

Basis of Truth verses Basis of Belief.  Most people’s reality is constructed from their belief which may not be the truth.  CIA says ( “perception is demonstrably an active rather than a passive process; it constructs rather than records “reality.” Perception implies understanding as well as awareness. It is a process of inference in which people construct their own version of reality on the basis of information provided through the five senses.  As already noted, what people in general and analysts in particular perceive, and how readily they perceive it, are strongly influenced by their past experience, education, cultural values, and role requirements, as well as by the stimuli recorded by their receptor organs.”

It is time to wake up and realize we each are love.  The words we use may be accurate about what is ‘out there’ but we do not know that for sure, but we always know that every word we use describes the content is in our own minds.  Respons-ability Communication is describing our content and taking respons-ablity for it and functioning as we are designed to function instead of functioning out of hostility or fear (built out of our story).  This letter is David moving his constructs to ownership and changing from the blame and denial and projection.

Caller David, this letter was 16 years ago but hearing it read now it seems so present.  Conversation between michael and David.

November 2



Recovery Wednesday! The disciples asked YShua “What is most important in the Law?” and his response was we must have Rakhma (translated as love) active when we think of God or neighbor in order to maintain self. Neighbor is anyone you think of. Maintain self is what we currently call recovering Being, getting back to who we were created to be.  Rakhma is the gateway to connect to our Source.

Yesterday we read and discussed a letter that a young man (David) had written to his father. His journey was that of recovery.  He had gone through AA and detox and has done this work for many years and yet is still taking one step at a time.  He exemplifies how in one generation changes are monumental.

Everyone who steps through an issue opens the door wide to make it easier for anyone in the genetics or on the planet to walk through.

Dr Tim shared from his support group last night.  Point made that came up in discussion is not figuring it out but shifting energy into loving space and removing what does not belong. Take responsibility for it even if it is something generated in bloodline, use tools and remove it. Realize the practice of actively using the tools, removing what does not belong, and focusing on the love energy to self and others.

Caller Gail. received a call from a lady who has severe health issues (due to mercury in teeth) and was asking questions, encouraged her to call into the show. Moving forward with the support group. Agrees with Dr Tim, smaller groups seem to go deeper, big break throughs.

Acknowledge Susan Darnell, beginning her next Laws of Living class.  And last week of February – first week of March we will be at Unity in Wilmington, NC doing a

Caller Jill in Wilmington just graduating from Susan’s class. Excited about michael and jeanie being in Wilmington.  Also excited about the 4 day intensives because that fits her schedule best. Is doing a worksheet and is stuck.  Recall past conversation of hydra effect.  michael explains the hydra effect again and references the MP3 with Magda, and doing worksheets in writing to work on things that subtly comming up.  suggests multile worksheets.  Jill explained her situation this morning with her son.  She had fear resonated, she was expecting him to ‘be himself’ and she would lose her temper.  She walks on egg shells to keep peace in fear that he will be beligerent.  She has done this behavior a long time and knows it is not healthy. Primary goal is “to be able to support son to live as the presence of love.”and “I want to live as love.” Now cancel that goal, where did you go?  Holding breath because first thought is “I fail” michael offered “I want to be totally successful at maintaining love with my son” now cancel that. She felt relief.  michael asked can you remember a time when you thought if I only did it right everyone would be happy?  she said yes she was the oldest in her family and was the good one, keeping peace.  michael offered self acceptance when your mind judges you at not being perfect, could be useful. michael offered on intuitive level, what is the relationship with the son’s father? he is deceased, passed away when son was 10 days old (anniversary coming up). Resentment that he left me here with this. michael offered doing work around your husband to have lived beyond his addiction.  “If only he had, I would…” then “If only I could, my son would…” Jill said there is actually a lot of “if only___then____” issues. 77×70 michael acknowledged her for having the courage to go there and look at that, opening a huge space for all people who have had loss in their lives to work through it. Jill feels a little confusion. michael reminded her that is a symptom of healing.

Caller Susan, her son’s girlfriend has given him an ultimatum that he either marries her or she is taking their son and moving out. She realizes she has work to do around threats (ran out of time will start the show tomorrow)

November 3



michael opened the show announcing that the conversation with Susan won’t be continued today. She burnt her hand badly yesterday and is in Chapel Hill burn clinic in NC.

Announcing the upcoming intensives in March/April 2017 in Oak Island, NC

Topic from last nights’ support group, languaging how “he did this to me” puts self in victimhood (based in fear) and him as perpetrator and her perception now lives in the domain of fear.  The fact was he was driving a tractor, perhaps not responsably which might require accountability, but he hit a rock and it flew and hit her.  He did not intentionally do that.  In each circumstance ask what domain of perception am I in? There are three domains: love, fear, hostility.  Two of those create death, so “life / living” is actually only happening when perception is in the domain of love. Forgiveness weakens the energies of hostility and fear.  The tool I use to go inside my mind and free myself of what is less than love.

Dr Tim referrenced Gail commenting on “standing on the shoulders of giants” and named michael, Jeanie and Dr. Tim.  Go back and listen to show of Oct 14, 2015 when Michele also said something similar. When each person picks up the work and does it … it is because in that moment the person has chosen to let it flow through them. We each started the same way and there are some people who would argue the opposite stance. What came to Dr. Tim was this is an escape hatch to avoid doing the work at sometime.  It is the application of the tools they are seeing. It is not me my physical being and personal history. The excuse might look like “Oh they are so much better than me, I could never do that.”  Or I put them on a pedestal and then one day they fall and I use the excuse that if they can’t do it then it is worthless.

michael said that is true, Y’Shua even said “What I do, you can do and greater” AND allow a balance to accept the acknowledgement for the work you do.  Dr Tim agreed.  He receives and says “You are welcome and most deserving.”  He delights in people saying “Our time together has been great. And the application of the tools is changing my life.” just to clarify on the other side of the fine line is to idolize the person.

Caller Gail. She agreed there is a balance.  Bill Wilson and founding members of AA also wanted people to do their work and not idolize them.  Gail said she is aware she has goals for people and knows when those goals are not met she can snap quickly into hostility (incuding michael and Jeanie, LOL). So she realizes her “giants” are n0t perfect and yet she appreciates them.  And she has a Support Group tonight from 6:30 – 9:00PM in Vandalia, IL.  Then she has a second group on Sundayafternoons 2:00-4:00PM in Effingham, IL.  Still doing the Laws of Living conference calls each morning and there is the evening call and then the wake-up sheet conference call just before the radio show. Conf number is 515-739-1020 and access code is 959327#

Jeanie said she would add this info to the under “Helpline”

Caller Ricky, thankful for this work and also an alumni of AA. Seems to be entities that want to nullify a different way of life, they want to keep us separate and not recognize the goodness of life itself.  michael said the name given to that entity in the Aramaic is satan. From Greek, satan took on an image of monsters, devils, etc. but that puts the problem outside ourselves. In Aramaic it means the resister, one who misleads.  Notice that the average person will go into denial, their lie that ‘they’ made me feel such and such.  We have begun the misleading story that it is ‘their fault’. It is we when we go into resistance and refuse to use the tools and blame another, it is not a creature out there.  When I am lost to love then I am a vote for the insanity in the world. Each one of us becomes a contributor toward the soluton too.  michael gave information to the website and how to remove those patterns.

Caller Susan, gave an update on her status.  They’ve removed the burnt skin and wrapped it with a special silver wrap and told her to continue to move her fingers for it to heal.  Re: talking about the power of words.  It had not registered but she has been drinking out of a water bottle she got from her gym that says “Keep burning” on it…she covered it up with guaze.  michael suggested getting a new bottle because the power of those words go into the water.  She got burnt at 5:45 and LOL was to start at 6:00. Two of her members are RNs and they got her to the ER.  She has met the kindest most generous people who have held love and compassion. She holds the space that it is minor and without any requirements for surgery.  michael suggested she do StillPoint Breathing and breathe through her hand.

November 4



Open with sending love to Susan Darnell.  She was burned pretty badly and in a few days they will be doing skin grafts and she will be in the burn center in Chapel Hill for another week.

On Creating Consciously topic.  We are creators and understanding the creative process is monumental in changing life.  Relationship, finances, health … physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  If two people in a relationship have dis-ease then the relationship will be dis-eased…but you don’t throw it out…ramp up the love to bring healing.

Jeanie read part of an article that validates what we teach…”neurons that fire together wire together” and what you focus on is what you create in your life.  Glial cells are the mind gardeners and we tell them which ones to prune away and which ones to keep.   If you focus on getting even with someone you had a fight with instead of the project on your plate you will”wind up a synaptic superstar at revenge plots but a poor innovator”  Because the glial will get rid of the neurons about the project (not used) and build the revenge neurons stronger.

What is your purpose in life? What will you be doing in 60,000 years? What have you been fed that you can’t imagine that possibility.  Everyone in our bloodline over 120 years is dead so it is a genetic belief that we are not eternal.  Forgiveness is the pruning tool.

Dr Tim reported on the Thursday support group. They listened to a Guy Findley lecture and it is exactly what we talk about on this show.  From his perspective to “die to the part of me that thinks upset is outside of me.”  Appreciates all those doing this work.  Looking at all the worksheets I need to do around the opening conversation and what I’ll do in thousands of years.

New mind energy structure to be put in place of the disease, aging, suffering and death.

Caller Brenda, shared Nancy and she were on the call this morning.  Going over the Primary Purpose sheet, at the bottom is the page says “Now, make sure your choices, decisions and behaviors are on purpose!”  But thought decisions came from CBM and choices were the higher spiritual faculty?  michael offered an example of the computer which is structured (an energetic pattern) that 2+2 = 5 then it will spit out that answer everytime (it is automatic based on the programming, the computer does not choose) and I will have challenges in finances, etc.  Forgiveness process is like going in and bringing correction to the error so 2+2 = 4 and life gets better with truth in the system.  It still is not a choice, it is decision (automatic).  Getting in alignment with who we are. Decisions (transformed CBM) can have the same quality as choice (out of Being).  michael explained decision and choice for those who have not been through Laws of Living.

Julie in Pahrump is having Afib symptoms and possibly looking at surgery and requests support.  Her fear is up and it is challenging to keep focused when the body is responding the way it is.  michael said that is why practice is critical so in circumstances like this it is more habitual to do the work needed.  Jeanie shared going through healing side pleurisy from when she was 19.

November 5



November 6



November 7



Dictionary: Cognitive dissonance theory is founded on the assumption that individuals seek consistency between their expectations and their reality. Because of this, people engage in a process called “dissonance reduction” to bring their cognitions (their perceptions) and actions in line with one another. This creation of uniformity allows for a lessening of psychological tension and distress. According to Festinger, dissonance reduction can be achieved in four ways. In an example case where a person has adopted the attitude that they will no longer eat high fat food, but eats a high-fat doughnut, the four methods of reduction are: 1) Change behavior or cognition (“I will not eat any more of this doughnut”) 2) Justify behavior or cognition by changing the conflicting cognition (“I’m allowed to cheat every once in a while”) 3) Justify behavior or cognition by adding new cognitions (“I’ll spend 30 extra minutes at the gym to work this off”) 4) Ignore or deny any information that conflicts with existing beliefs (“This doughnut is not high in fat”)

There was a woman who responded with great upset to a post michael did on Facebook.  She said she was offended by the vulgar words and what she perceived was michael’s put down of her candidate for President.  michael went back and looked and his post was an exact quote from her candidate. So, she was upset that michael used the words but was not impacted that her candidate is the one who sourced the words.  That is cognitive dissonance.

Miracle Monday!  Introduction to A Course In Miracles: “This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary. Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time. The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance. The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite. This course can therefore be summed up very simply in this way: Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

“This introduction is how A Course in Miracles begins. It makes a fundamental distinction between the real and the unreal; between knowledge and perception. Knowledge is truth, under one law, the law of love or God. Truth is unalterable, eternal, and unambiguous. It can be unrecognized, but it cannot be changed. It applies to everything that God created, and only what He created is real. It is beyond learning because it is beyond time and process. It has no opposite; no beginning and no end. It merely is. The world of perception, on the other hand, is the world of time, of change, of beginnings and endings. It is based on interpretation, not on facts. It is the world of birth and death, founded on the belief in scarcity, loss, separation, and death. It is learned rather than given, selective in its perceptual emphases, unstable in its functioning, and inaccurate in its interpretations. From knowledge and perception respectively, two distinct thought systems arise which are opposite in every respect. In the realm of knowledge no thoughts exist apart from God, because God and His Creation share one Will. The world of perception, however, is made by the belief in opposites and separate wills, in perpetual conflict with each other and with God. What perception sees and hears appears to be real because it permits into awareness only what conforms to the wishes of the perceiver. This leads to a world of illusions, a world which needs constant defense precisely because it is not real. When you have been caught in the world of perception you are caught in a dream. You cannot escape without help, because everything your senses show merely witnesses to the reality of the dream. God has provided the Answer, the only Way out, the true Helper. It is the function of His Voice, His Holy Spirit, to mediate between the two worlds. He can do this because, while on the one hand He knows the truth, on the other He also recognizes our illusions, but without believing in them. It is the Holy Spirit’s goal to help us escape from the dream world by teaching us how to reverse our thinking and unlearn our mistakes. Forgiveness is the Holy Spirit’s great learning aid in bringing this thought reversal about. However, the Course has its own definition of what forgiveness really is just as it defines the world in its own way.”  to continue next Monday

Note: in Aramaic Holy Spirit is Rookha d’Koodsha.

Caller Nancy has a question from the Laws of Living conference call group. Explain the difference in denial and sustained incoherence.  michael offered that denial is the cause and sustained incoherence is the effect then he offered examples for clarification.  MindShifter Support Group will begin Tuesday evening in Grand Rapids MI, for information call 616-334-9334

November 8



Election Day! Hold the space for everyone involved and let’s help move our county into love and peace instead of the hate and viciousness going on in the news and social media.

Einstein said “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”  The reality you ‘see.’ your perception, is a construct of the mind. If in hostility and fear, locate the goal you hold for the object of attention and cancel the goal and the construct will dissolve. It opens a window to drop into your pain and trauma and forgive.  That is Aramaic forgiveness.

Dr. Tim said he enjoyed the intro and amazed how this show and the intros have evolved in the past 5-1/2 years. While it keeps evolving it is the same message given in various ways. Appreciates the richness of going back and listening to archives or pulling out an older worksheet.  My reality is strictly internal and unique to me and created out of my own thoughts or with blame I hide my power.  I create the reality I experience and if I blame someone else I have hid my power.

Jeanie spoke of the movie ‘Revolver’ (2005 film) that is about the struggle of carbon based memory and the true self.  The real enemy is inside and it just manifests in the outside world that we project on others as the enemy.

Holding the space for Susan Darnell and her healing.

Caller Julie from Oregon. Has some emotions and thoughts triggered by Susan being burned. Triggers thoughts of what it would be like to be burned at the stake.  Tramatic experiences or memories kept under the surface, but when aware Julie said she could cringe thinking of the way people were murdered.  She spoke of prayer and that we are speaking words to set in motion an energetic movement for the whole ‘thought.’ michael said in Aramaic ‘prayer’ is ‘to set a trap for God’ by aligning and bringing Love (God) into the world…we are the space where it is presenced.  The other is petition for support of the Creator.  Julie asked about the entirety part?  When we petition (ex I want a wonderful relationship) then everything in the file on relationships that is less than wonderful has to be healed and will come forward.  That it the entirety of the petition.  Once it is healed then one can create wonderful relationship.  So when we ask for something we get to face everything connected to what we ask for (the entirety).  As long as those things are held onto we can never create what we say we want. Must get out of the dreamstate, forgive, then create on the next level. Julie said this forgiveness work is our best friend to consciously create. michael offered our manifestation is our next best friend to show us what is moving within us.  Julie referred to Dale Allen Hoffman saying it was ‘what’s obvious’ (note Dale is a former student of michael’s who has gone on to actually learn the Aramaic language).  Not about just changing to positive thinking but about removing what is holding us back.

Hold the space for the Presidential voting today and the results.  Move from collective insanity to collective sanity.  Opportunity to release our devotion to the darkness. Be aware of grievance coming through the words we use.  Not cover up but be honest with ourself and ask to see and willing to let it move out.

Caller Ann, referred to Tracey and her healing of her eyes.  We talked in the support call, we need to look at what is coming up for each of us as we hold the space for Tracey’s healing.  Ann shared it is a gift for all of us.  Ann has a cataract in her eye and the fear that came forward.  It reverted to trust and support.

Caller Shelley.  Understands the dynamics but has a question. Ex. one is seeing someone they think they might like to move forward in a relationship with then they see a power person dynamic come forward so they back off the relationship and keep it as just friends.  michael offered, if you choose to go into a conscious, wholy relationship then when something comes forward I am going to allow myself to be with the disturbance and heal it.  If you are going to create the most awesome relationship then you have to face and deal with everything less than.  If you run away you are saying you think it is them…it is always yours.

 November 9



Recovery Wednesday!

Dr Tim shared one lady in the support group last night said “it is easier to use these tools when you are not triggered”  Dr Tim said yes that is why we practice, practice, practice so when it is in our face it is a natural thing to use the tools.

Caller Gail, lots in her face connected to fear triggered by the election, helplessness and hopelessness that the country would choose someone who has abused women. Her own sexual abuse trauma has been triggered. michael offered father / step-father dynamics are also triggered.  She agreed with that, and that her mother and grandmother also attracted abusive men as she has.  michael asked if that power person dynamic has come from her too. She said yes toward her daughters.  michael said we are holding the space of safety and support for her to be freed from this energy. Then being the space, to hold the space for healing, and anyone from either side of the abuse issue can heal.  She said she feels her lungs releasing (she had in the past had lung biopsies).  michael offered, when willing, take it out of the physical realm and spiritual realm and feel.  Dr Tim offered, regardless of what has happened in the past, to change it now their children will be impacted. When I let go of what I hold (shame, guilt) then compassion is in its place and life gets better, everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have in that moment.

michael mentioned the movie, “Dr. Strange” a neurosurgeon is hurt beyond physical repair and he turns to other means of healing what is going on inside.

Jeanie offered facing the pain and fear (anger is simply the drug) of the original event and embracing it in Love and letting it go to move forward.

Caller Roma, also felt fear when the vote came down last night and her fear around the incest and rape she experienced.  A goal she held for our new president was to have a ‘human being’ as we define it. She has cancelled that goal.  michael said he was surprised when Trump stood and gave his speech – it was gentle and open – totally different from any other speech during the campaign. Perhaps the beginning of a change. If enough people can work through what it brings up for them and then hold the space for Trump then we can see the change expand for the whole planet.  The Course says “exempt no one from your love, or you will be hiding a dark place in your mind where the Holy Spirit is not welcome”

Caller Ron, did something very uncharacteristic for himself, posted something on Facebook, holding the space for Trump instead of lashing out with other words of disapproval.

michael shared a speech of President Obama last week and how gentlemanlike he was.  There was a man in the crowd who was for Trump and the crowd began to heckle back at him and President Obama quietened the crowd and then said this gentleman has served our country, we need to honor him, he is older than most, we need to honor him, he has the right to stand for his choice for President and we need to honor that.

Challenge is for us to remove everything less than love from within and stand as love for each and every person in public service and that they bring the light forward.

November 10



michael opened the show with an explanation of the MindShifter tool.  Quote Einstein “A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

There are two groups: 1) holding to the space of Love 2) not Loving.  Task of the second group is to select healing and move into the first group.

Then michael offered this long MindShifter (too long to write so breathe and listen and see what stirs within you).  It is a letter to a Presidential candidate written anonymously by a citizen.

“Dear Presidential Candidate, It’s taken me a while to realize this and to admit it, but I’m grateful to you. For the past few months I’ve spent a good deal of time lamenting your campaign and the poison it has so effortlessly generated. I’ve watched our country imploding, our public discourse become polluted, our political climate grow ever more corrosive, and wrongly assumed you were to blame. It’s only lately I’ve come to understand that you haven’t manufactured our current national ugliness—you’ve simply revealed it. By saying the irresponsible, mean-spirited, ignorant things you say so freely and so frequently, you’ve given other like-minded people license to do the same. You’ve opened up the floodgates for our corporate sewage to flow fully. People no longer conceal their vile mess, they now revel in it, they broadcast it and retweet it. You’ve made bigotry, misogyny, and racism socially acceptable again and that has been a kind of twisted gift because it’s allowed me to really see people; not as they pretend to be on the surface—but in the very depths of their wounded, weaponized hearts. Over and over as your campaign has persisted, your supporters would tell me that they like you because you “speak your mind”. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve realized that you speak their minds. You’ve given credence to their prejudices and made those prejudices go mainstream. Thanks to the terrible ground you’ve broken, politicians, pastors, friends, and strangers, both in person and on social media now regularly out themselves as hateful, intolerant, and malicious—and they remind me just how close they are to me, just how deep the sickness in us runs, and just how far we have to go together. You’ve emboldened people to be open about things they used to conceal for the sake of decorum, and though it turns my stomach, I know that this is the only way we can move forward; to have that cancerous stuff exposed fully so that it can be dealt with. Our progress as a nation is predicated on authentic dialogue, no matter how brutal and disheartening that dialogue is. In other words, you’ve let us know what we’re really dealing with here and while it’s been rightly disturbing, it’s also been revelatory. That’s the thing about that kind of harsh light: you’re forced to see everything. Beauty and monstrosity equally illuminated. Now don’t get me wrong, I think you’re the least qualified, least knowledgeable Presidential candidate we may ever have had participate this far into the process, and if you somehow were elected I’d fear gravely for the world my children would inherit—should it survive your Presidency at all. I believe you’re reckless, bitter, and completely reprehensible; the very worst kind of bully. But whether you win or lose, you’ve already allowed me the blessing of Truth; about me, about you, about other candidates, about our nation. And in the process you’ve also shown me that I am not alone in resisting you and this ugly thing you’ve revealed about us. You’ve generated an equally loud, equally passionate response to it and this is where I find my hope these days.
I find it in those for whom equality isn’t just a cheap buzzword, it’s the most precious of hills to die on.
I find it in those people who refuse to be silent in the face of our impending shared regression.
I find it in those willing to be more bold in defending the inherent value of all people.
I find it in the growing army of those who will not tolerate hatred as a core American value.
I find it in those who reject violence as our default response to dissension.
I find it in the ever rising voice of people who will not let malice and bitterness represent them in the world.
Today I find my hope in those who, like me, will not be complicit in allowing bigotry and intolerance to become a source of national pride, because we’ve seen where that leads. Yes, you’ve unearthed our hidden sickness and you’ve allowed it to go viral. You brought every awful thing about us out into the open. And for this—I thank you.” (

Dr Tim, listened to the audio of “The Unwitting Mystic: Evolution of the Message of Love” by Mary Reed – the idea is that at deeper spiritual levels as we grow, all the things we say we don’t want have to be faced. The only way out is ‘through’ these hidden beliefs and hatreds.  When they surface and we embrace them then they can become whole.

michael said there has been more awareness in conversations and he feels the events have triggered people to go to a new level in their own healing. Perhaps even a space of opening in Mr. Trump too.  His acceptance speech was sweet and humble which has not been seen in him before.

Caller Shelley.  Looking for the word where everyone reaches the enlightenment. michael said ‘critical mass’ – let’s hold the space for that to be soon.

Happy eternal day to Gail.

Jeanie offered this is a big opportunity to move beyond the ugly that is hidden within.  She shared that the other day a ‘friend’ she has known for over 30 years passed judgment and condemnation over a different political viewpoint (and it was actually something michael posted on FB not Jeanie). The thought that came was of the Civil War when it was brother against brother and 2% of the population at that time slaughtered each other over differences of opinion (620,000 people) around slavery, state rights, political control.

Caller Jackie, thankful.  We are in a Civil War – war on terror, drugs, separated us on belief systems, race – disturbing that they have created division.  michael offered that we can throw off the tyranny and stand in a different space.  Jackie said people are manipulated and in despair and hopelessness. michael offered without the tool of forgiveness there is no happiness (regardless of whether they are rich or poor or …)  Jackie said she was disgusted over the whole event and the families that are distroyed.  michael offered that denial is thinking or speaking that something outside of us can cause something in us.  When we heal that then we can be the space for something different.  We must take responsibility for what energy we bring to the party if we are to be a voice to change the conversation. We must look at what we are adding/bringing to the space. When a critical mass of people bring a different contribution then the world will change.

November 11



Veterans’ Day! Jeanie offered I am thankful for my liberty – I am not sure the word freedom fits – it has not been free but was paid for with great price. Thank you to all those who have served past, present and future. Holding each of you and your families in Love.  michael offered in Canada it is called Armistice Day. Armistice signed on the 11th hour, 11th day, 11th month of 1918 ceasing hostilities on western front of WWI.  People laid down their arms.  michael said what if they gave a war and no one showed up?  what if everyone functioned as love?  what if we had ‘peace officers’ instead of ‘police officers’?  We do hold the space for everyone involved in war including the families. What if there are no weaponized hearts?

Darwin mentioned the survival of the fittest but his focal point was about love.  “Darwin explained the origin of what he called sympathy (which today would be termed empathy, altruism, or compassion), describing how humans and other animals come to the aid of others in distress. While he acknowledged that such actions were most likely within the family group, he wrote that the highest moral achievement is concern for the welfare of all living beings, human and nonhuman. Whatever its origin, Darwin proposed that natural selection would favor the occurrence of compassion: . . . In however complex a manner this feeling may have originated, as it is one of high importance to all those animals which aid and defend one another, it will have been increased through natural selection; for those communities, which included the greatest number of the most sympathetic members, would flourish best, and rear the greatest number of offspring. However, contrary to Darwin’s expectation, there are no countries today or in the known past in which compassion and altruism toward strangers are shown by the majority of the population.” See whole article at

We can heal ourselves if we choose to engage in the tools.  We are not at liberty because we have a warrior class of people.  michael calls for an end to the war in families, communities, countries. We are not designed to kill each other. What if everyone laid down their arms, their killing words?

Technology given to us to remove violence and hate and fear – forgiveness. Y’Shua demonstrated it was possible to be love in the face of enemies. And while it ended in his death, they could not keep him that way, he reconstructed his body and came back to life.  And he said what he did we could do and greater.   He came to show us that if there was no ‘death’ in us then we could not be destroyed.  I am not there yet but as I do my work I get to see what is possible on the next level, as I reach each plateau I see what is possible on the next.  Not there yet but working towards it.

Dr Tim shared from support group last night. Detailed lesson (taken from the “Way of Mastery”, On-line Ashram with Jayem) on what experiences we are bringing to us is what we create for ourselves.  Use everything as a process in my healing. Especially the things I resist, what I don’t like.  Findley says the importance of the lesson is directly proportional to the degree that I don’t want the event. Great opportunity for healing if I apply introspection and use the tools. Understand we are the being created as Love and the need to remove everything less than.  The group also uses tapping and breathing.

Caller Tracey, is going to the Mayo Clinic on Monday and is asking the community to please hold the space.  They took her off the prednesone and her eyes got worse and now they are suggesting surgery again to create space for the optic nerve and improve her vision.  She feels her worksheets and Laws of Living work has improved her vision and her sight.  michael acknowledged Tracey for her courage and thanked Julie for working with Tracey too. Tracey said denial is a powerful thing and Julie was great in showing her what she could not ‘see’

Caller Helen, had been on the radio show last night that michael did with another group. She was grateful that michael validated what she knew all her life. She always felt she was on a different path, she saw auras, she chose to love everybody (because she could not tell who she should or should not like), breaking down walls.  She thought how can I be right and the rest of the world wrong? She asked for a sign and then came upon the show last night.  michael offered we do not ‘love’ others, we just are love.  Helen has some disability and feels it is because of her inability to be accepted as she is, she questions her own validity.  michael offered weakness could be a goal for others to ‘see and recognize me’ and cancel that goal. Helen shared, the only answers are within.

Caller Roma, was experiencing rage this morning because of the election.  michael stopped her, it is triggered by the election but is within her.  Doing a worksheet she felt the rage and the terror but when she came to the point of calling on Rookha she felt such resistance.  She actually felt a part of herself trying to ‘protect’ another part of herself and the argument that ensued before she released it to Spirit.

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 Miracle Monday! continuation from last week, the introduction of ACIM
November 15



November 16



Recovery Wednesday! Dr Tim offered it is about recovering the awareness of your true nature, the Love you are is always there and never lost, but we can get distracted and lose our awareness.

Caller Gail, a part of AA’s The Big Book (published 1939) talks about creating the fellowship that you crave, how do you follow the step by step program? Finding ‘your people.’  Gail said in doing her own work she has had people come back into her life. And the Laws of Living group that meets via teleconference each morning is such support.  It is a recovery of friends.

michael mentioned Tracey’s surgery went well and they were expecting she would be in ICU for 48 hours.  Gail added that she is doing so well she is in a private room and they think she will go home sooner than Monday.  Physical recovery.  Gail has been sending Reiki to her too.

michael said some people have a challenge in thinking about ‘loving someone’ who has done a behavior that is perceived to be off-base. Love is who we are not something we do to ourself or another.  When in a connected, loving space you have the greatest knowledge and power. And everyone in the space is touched by the energy of Love.  When love expands then light of truth is available.  If you do this with the idea of changing ‘them’ it will backfire…always bring back the presence of love to your mind in order to heal yourself.

mention of “Hacksaw Ridge” and how when one person can be connected it transforms everyone around.

Dr Tim shared a member of the support group’s process last night. The benefit of continuing to do the work, seeing that when being triggered they can come out to the other side more quickly and easily. michael offered that when one hits a new level of vitality the next level of stuff can come forward. May not feel good at the time but it is part of the process.

Gail offered input around terminology difference in 12-step, street talk, etc. meanings.

Caller Michele, refer to how life synchronizes

November 17



Dr Tim offered to surround yourself with people who choose love.  michael said in the ancient church ‘liturgy’ meant our common work, like the support groups coming together to do their inner (spiritual) work, not a religous ritual.

Caller Roma, last week called in about what she saw as the ‘horrifying’ events of the election and michael suggested she use it as a worksheet topic. This week she has had opportunity to look deeper at this. Aware that her physiology was not working properly, ie stomach not digesting and a major withdrawal. Today she was able to do a worksheet and saw her horror and terror turned to anger and hatred and felt it physically.  Different worksheet on each emotion.

Caller Shelly, has a theory to run past michael, looking at our vitality meter, if we are consciously moving up, nutritionally, emotionally, mentally.  Could that person live forever?  Their cells would be regenerated and in that state of ‘heaven on earth’ life would be awesome. michael agreed.  Bliss and ecstacy.

Caller Julie in Pahrump.  Enjoying the show and people sharing.  She has been sitting in NV and breathing for Roma in HI today and found herself sending and receiving.  michael offered facing a trauma, feel it fully and bring love to it and dissolve the energetic trauma and it opens a window to allow it easier for anyone (in bloodline or in world) to also work through a similar issue.  Julie said she realizes that when she had a cardiac ablation that she stopped ‘feeling’ and as she does her work she is aware she is feeling again.

Jeanie shared the name of God in the Jewish language is not pronouncable but is like ‘ahhhhh’ (the breath).  So, when we are born, are we alive because we took our first breath or first spoke God’s name?  and if we die, is it because we took our last breath or because we quit speaking God’s name?

Schedule is on the website for intensives at HeartLand the summer of 2017 and then there are intensives scheduled on Oak Island, NC in March/April.

November 18



Jeanie asked for everyone to hold the space as BlogTalk is wanting to change our call in number again.  If anyone knows of a different internet radio please email

Address the fear and anger that is being expressed in Facebook posts, news articles, etc. towards the political arena and noone is taking respons-ability for the part of themselves that plays into the events.  We offer an invitation to everyone to do their own work around what is coming up (forgiveness) and then if necessary, step up their participation in the process to address what might be off target.  If I bring a crazy mind to a crazy happening then I have just increased the craziness.

Shared conversation from chatroom about carrying extra weight, protecting self, carrying the weight of the world. Change focus and trust Rukha and do inner work.

Caller Susan Darnell, shared how much love has been showered on her during this healing time.  Healing the thought of not being supported. Must be hard and pretend like it is all fine.

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November 21



Dr Tim Hayes filling in for dr michael ryce.  Dr Tim explained Shabag (Aramaic) translated as forgiveness actually means to cancel.  What do we cancel?  The goal we hold that is not being met, thus triggering some form of upset.  Repeated, consistent application awareness, make my home in the breath and forgiveness helps break the conditioing in the mind of blaming someone outside of us is the problem. Our reality is creating.  Change my purpose for living, cancel the goal that takes me out of the experience of Love.  Moment to moment, situation to situation, day by day and create a more joyful, happy, peaceful life with more contented relationships.  materials are there to learn how to use and apply the tools.

Chatroom question on a mindshifter. A friend gets triggered when people complain about having money issues or complaining about their health.  Jeanie offered the M/S “It is safe and healing for me to hold the space and listen as others complain.” (this could be for complaining about money or health or anything) and offer to help her do a wake-up sheet around what it brings up for her. Is it frustration? Does it bring up imperfection or fear? If she sees it in others it is because it is inside of her too.  She may tap into something like her parents complaining and life seeming to be insecure or unstable or maybe someone close to her complained about health and eventually died.  Or perhaps growing up life was tough because of lack (of money or love).  Anything along these lines will be triggered when others (or self) complains and she doesn’t want to go there and look at what is underneath the surface of complaints.  Until she forgives (cancels) those goals then she will continue to draw people to her that will complain, they are showing her what she needs to heal, does that make sense? You can copy and paste this chat into a word document to show her if you want.  Yes! That sounds perfect! Thank you!

Caller Roma.  Referencing Dr. Tim saying “Change the purpose of living” Roma has shifted, shifting down to the more aggressive level, into a domain of mastery, to engage the cells of her body into the function of singing.  Soul journey we are all on, contrast of looking for love externally to living as love internally.  Dr. Tim offered the reason he used that wording, the work we do with Wake-up sheets we realize how critical to cancel the goal, which is the driver of my perception. Guy Findley says if I want to have a different experience then I need a different purpose, same thing different words.  Let’s have a different purpose for being in relationship to ‘I want to heal anything less than love in me’ and relationship will stimulate within me anything less than love.  Holding a different purpose for life is the only way to have a different experience.

Dr Tim gave the definition of a MindShifter as “Targeted Journaling” and explained how to do it. Another tool can be found at Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques. And the StillPoint Breathing is a powerful tool.  On click on bullseye and scroll down, another worksheet is Three Early Memories.

Jeanie gave a summary of upcoming events.

November 22



November 23



Recovery Wednesday!  As families gather for the holy-days there will be dynamics that trigger within you something less than love.  They are giving you the gift of showing you the part of you that is destroying your body.  Restore yourself to your true state of health and wellbeing – true recovery!  The Vedic Sanskrit word for war, gavisti, literally means “searching for cows”, “desire for more cows” it is wanting more of what you want (it is a metaphor).  There is never a war (be it personal, family, community, country or world) except people have a goal that is not met by another and their rage is triggered. Learn to cancel goals.

Dr Tim gave an update on their Support Group last night.  Encourages everyone to either be part of or start your own support group.  Blessed with the most loving energy of people in process of healing.  No words to express how good it is to create something you can’t create alone.

Caller Gail, also has 2 support groups, one participant is a 13 year old.  The support also from the conference calls.  Has changed the late night call since she was mostly the only one on there. Verbal links and dream worksheets are two she will continue with.  Gail will be speaking at the church her grandparents were founders of.  She shared a dream.  Healing of generational issues. michael offered her dream was jumping off to do your work and the whale would represent the support of Rukha regardless where you are in the vast ocean of life, she will rise up when you are willing to ask her to help.

Caller Michele, shared going to the Healing the Whole Woman, her husband has left and she is in a lot of process.  She just found out she has breast cancer in both breasts. Feels like the intro was toward her.  michael reminded her she was diagnosed a year ago with breast cancer and went about healing it, doing her work and going to Peru and other natural means.  It sounds like next layer is up.  Michele said Ari is coming to set up a food regiment/ protocol for her.  She is scheduled for an MRI, she asked the doctor what if nothing shows up and the doctor had a deer in the headlights look.  Her husband did go with her to the doctors yesterday and she was able to do a love exchange with her husband at the doctors office.  She feels positive.  michael offered to change the vibration of “breast cancer” to “healing issue with breast tissue”

November 24



Happy Thanksgiving Day!  michael read several quotes on gratitude and awe (Kirk Schneider’s book “Awakening to Awe”).

Jeanie read something she wrote on “I Am Thankful For…”

Caller Roma, expressed how moved she was by Jeanie’s reading and amazed at the breadth of gratitude she has in so many arenas and with so many people and places.  Then she shared her own thoughts of gratitude. Her introduction to Ernest Holmes’ work, the Hawaian (Aloha) greetings like Indian greetings of Namaste and seeing the ancestrial teachings.  She is grateful for gratitude itself and for michael and Jeanie and this work.

November 25



When did we learn to criticize and condemn others?  To be mad towards another?  We should remember gratitude for everything, for the little things. We learn from our Power Person how to treat others.  We saw it as a survival situation as a child and we take in the energetic dynamic around us.  Until we become consciously aware of and address this dynamic, it takes over when under stress.  michael goes on to explain the Power Person dynamic.  When the PP did it we say they were mean or criticizing but then when we do it we call it something else, defending myself or protecting myself.

Love must stay conscious, active and present when the unconscious dynamics come up and then what is less than our true nature will dissolve and we can do something different.

Caller Susan, realizes her needs are beig met.  Terri Mann just left, helping her get the compression glove onto her burned hand and arm. Is so grateful for the love given to her.  She can see on TV the Native Americans in ND, it’s like watching Y’Shua being crucified when he is innocent.  Her opportunity is to hold to the space of love when she would tend to go into upset. Where/when does she know to stop and just clean up her mind and where there is action to be taken?  Realizing what she sees in on the inside of her eyeballs. michael offered to bring the mind of love to an atrocity will bring healing.  And there is a need for people to be made aware of what is truly going on.  If people wait until they have “arrived at enlightenment” before they take action then action will never be taken. There is a respons-ability we each need to take.  When the mass chooses to be in servant status, another will gladly step up to take over and fill the void.  Need to reach critical mass.  Susan wants to encourage the community to strive to reach “the top of our game”

Caller Michele, spending time with son Aaron and sees a change.  She has gotten a new RO system in her house and her son appears to be upset.  Aaron got on the phone, he feels she is spending money unwisely, she needs an attorney not a water system.  He gave her money and now he does not have enough money to pay his own rent and he feels her action will negatively impact his life. michael offered there are two things to be considered: the inner world and the outer world.  The outer world holds choices that will be discussions (need to be held) between you and your mom but the inner world is to address the fear and anger you feel resonated.  That is in your control and you can be at peace regardless of the external being settled to your liking or not.  The outside triggers the internal.  Suggest doing wake-up sheets with each other.  When in hostility or fear, one’s intelligence is degraded, and a lot of pain and trauma results.  Remember who we each are and don’t get lost in the moment of pain.  Our unconscious will drive us further away from what we really want.  Michele got back on the phone and expressed she did not know he thought the money was lost, she has withdrawn from her 401K and just needs to transfer the money back to him.  Everybody is missing information and forming judgement…great opportunity to see and work through the internal.

November 26



November 27



November 28



 Miracle Monday! continuation from last two week, the introduction of ACIM
November 29



michael gave the schedule for the Oak Island, NC intensives.

Jeanie shared reading articles from and which gives the scientific (physical) explanation for the file folders firing together.  michael offered too that one cannot tell the difference between a past event and a present experience when the memory is fired together. When the neurons fired the first time maybe one was 3 with a parent, the next time they fired was as an adolescent with a peer, then a teen, then a young adult with an abusive spouse. The real work is to undo Blockage of Truth and access the deeper levels that hold the genetic memories as well as our experiences, decode and understand and remove it. The chances of doing it on your own are slim to zero. Find someone you are willing to trust and receive information from.  Forgiveness is the undoing of the links to the energetic, emotional aspect, the memory is still there but not emotionally attached.

Dr Tim said the article is in alignment with other neuro research, memory reconsolidation and recall after 2004 is accepted that it can be changed. If you can get into a full body experiential feeling memory of an incident then there is a 5 hour window of changing the pathways.  Trauma reduction, wiping out false perceptions (realities that were distortions). Can’t counteract what is in the system, you access it with acceptance, willing to experience it in the presence of Love and it gets dismantled.  Not because of logic but because the purposely, consciously, active presence of love.

Caller Shelly, be willing to let it come forward.

michael offered for everyone to hold the space for those in the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in the Dakotas. michael did a reading.

Caller Julie from Oregon. Shared the Laws of Living group work and learning there is hope and light and truth and is within her to shift the energy that is off-target. And how she can touch others as others have touched her. She is succeeding to keep it active in her life. Wanted to express her thanks for this work and this radio support, the encouragement.  Thankful for every caller.

Prayer is being the space of active, present love. To become the space for God (Love) to show up. Petition is asking for God’s favor or intervention.

michael gave more info on pipeline spill incidences across the country – the people at Standing Rock is doing a service for the planet and all of us.  For example, this site shows just in the past 5 years

Our disturbance comes from within, triggered by the external. Regulatory speech and the creative process.

Call in number changes December 1st, 2016 AGAIN! 563-999-3581

November 30



Recovery Wednesday!  Call in number changes December 1st, 2016 AGAIN! 563-999-3581  michael’s intro on people “blaming God” for what’s wrong in their life, giving the aspect of hate as a descriptor of the Creator.  God is Love…Love can NOT hate.

Dr. Tim shared about his support group last night. He and michael discuss people leaving the room when a topic comes up that they need (they may have asked a question and then leave before the answer)

Caller Gail, said she has seen the same behavior of people leaving the room when something comes up that is their issue. Unconsciously avoiding their solution.  Also, needing support to move through the sludge.  Need the community of Love, or Fellowship of Love, Litergy “our common work”

Question from a text: is there a church that teaches Love of Jesus (YShua) and not the fear of God, forgiveness verses letting one off the hook. Suggest visit Unity Center, 3037 E Warm Springs Rd., Ste. 300, Las Vegas, NV 89120 Ph#702-435-3289 Rev. Sophia Falke

Caller Shelly, encourage people that when you hit a new vitality the next layer will come up and often people will think they can’t go through it and they want to quit or maybe even hurt someone or themself.  Get help…reach out.  When you are not in the place where you can handle it reach out – we can’t do it alone.

Caller Julie Pharump, had questioned the fear of God and challenges of church teachings of hell and damnation. michael offered, if it is based in hostility and fear it is a pretense and not based in the teachings of YShua. His  new book is “The End of Suffering: Resurrecting the Original Aramaic Y’Shua” where Y’Shua says “You know they killed me twice, first they killed my body then they killed my teachings. It is time for my words to be heeded.”  The Laws in Aramaic are not the rules of a superior but how the laws of the universe work.

November 31





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