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February 1
Carl Jung, “Greater than all physical dangers are the tremendous effects of delusional ideas… Our much vaunted reason and our boundlessly overestimated will are sometimes utterly powerless in the face of ‘unreal’ thoughts.”

“Until the unconscious becomes conscious it will direct our lives and we will call it fate.”

“The little world of childhood with its familiar surroundings is a model of the greater world. The more intensively the family has stamped its character upon the child, the more it will tend to feel and see its earlier miniature world again in the bigger world of adult life. Naturally this is not a conscious, intellectual process.”

Revised My Commitment (from yesterday)
I promise to TRUST you enough to tell you the Truth, to be true to you and always engage in just and fair behavior with you. I commit to always be sweetness in your life, to nurture you daily and treat you LOVINGLY, Gently and with Respect in my thoughts, words and actions, whether in your presence or not.
In every interaction I commit to affection for you, to look for and acknowledge the highest and best in you and, as I surrender to LOVE, our true nature, I will use only voice tones that reflect my deep caring for you.
My connection to Love, our Source, gratitude for my relationship with you and our Serenity will always be more important than any issue. I open my Being to embrace you in my Love, I open my Being to be embraced in your Love.
If anything unlike LOVE comes up, I will hold us in my heart and listen as I learn to speak, experience, be RESPONSE-ABLE for my own realities. I am here for and with you. I promise to speak only Truth to you as I keep communication open and keep LOVE Conscious, Active and Present AS WE HEAL, CELEBRATE LIFE and GROW TOGETHER

Caller Celinda, discussed an interaction between herself and a friend and feels led to send the Commitment to their friendship to this friend.
michael suggested she assist us by integrating the changes into the Commitment to Self and sending it back to us

Jeanie shared another blessing from Covid, her brother had a growth on his collarbone that he was going to have a dermatologist look at and after Covid it fell off.

Caller Dusty thanked Celinda for the statement of coming from exuberance of sharing (as from a child) and it not being received from the other side, that happens to him too much. He tries to allow it to happen without looking down on them.
Meet someone on a narrow path and he is the one who says hello, a place of beauty and spontaneity. Youthful glee. Will continue to be that guy.

February 2

2nd hour pre-recorded Beatitudes #1

February 3
Caller Julie broke up with her boyfriend, unconsciously creating a relationship where not treated lovingly, gently and with respect.
Now feel hated by this person.
MindShifter: “I deserve to be treated and spoken to as a cherished equal by anyone who I am in relationship with.”Read the section of the Development of Trust in the Course (stages you will go through)
February 4
Dr Tim going through the Way of Mastery

May move into Jayem’s books “The Way of the Servant” and “The Jeshua Letters” and “The Way of the Heart” (check

Teachings of Christ Mind

Be the space for the child to incarnate into form. We need to be aware of things that come up in us that are less than Love and not introduce distorted thoughts.
Bang out the dents and reshape our own form. Rukha d’Khoodsha is within and she undoes the effects of our errors and supports and teaches us the truth.

michael walked us through a meditation of our birth, imagination bringing about the sweet expression of support.

Reading the new Commitment.

Recognize and offer that to yourself and breathe it in.

Caller Susan gave update on grandkids and son

Caller Julie update. ACIM consider the distorting power of the way you want it to be. Collapse perception by cancelling the goal

February 5
February 6
February 7
Dr Tim talks about withholding from another and you are not in a relationship.

Jeanie shared the upgrade after Covid for her, michael, Dad, younger brother. Better blood sugar, blood pressure, skin growths falling off.

michael offered a virus is a fragment of information, it is not ‘alive’.

A virus (i.e. Covid) can resonate the darkest, deepest, hidden thoughts and feelings that are already held inside. Enough energy moves and it can be deadly.
Be conscious and instead of being locked into the trauma, process through it and on the other side is a healthier state. Open the energy field and look at what is behind the dis-ease (lack of ease).
Shut down and it explodes in a set of symptoms, and some people die. The field cannot support the release.

Forgiveness is removal of energy that does not belong in the system, locked in from the past.

Tissue over-traumatized, falls apart.

Natural State of Being verses Normal State of Doing

Caller Joan discusses “something out there” cannot create pain “within me” doing wake-up sheets has produced miracles.

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11

michael said he was awakened with thoughts and he was writing and just stopped, there was a complete understanding of what his job was as a grandfather and father.
Let go of goals and the visualization came that we create a mold and want to pour our child into.
But what we need to do is that at the instant of their coming in they were complete. We just need to be the space to support them coming in and creating their own expression of BEING.

MindShifters & StillPoint Breathing Monthly via Zoom is this Saturday February 12, 2022

February 8
Dr Tim covers the first part of chapter 3 Way of Mastery

Caller Susan B thanks for website and notified not going to be doing the StillPoint this weekend (did 3 months)

Caller Julie M, shared about not wanting to ‘be put in a box’ and yet she was trying to put her partner in her box.
Miracle after Miracle.

Caller Roma

announcement of MindShifter StillPoint Breathing Monthly Program and Self-Study 90-hr Co-Dependence Intensive

February 9
Dr Tim from Way of Mastery, first 3 lessons are to assist us to awaken that we are creating our lives. We can choose. We can stay as is or choose something different.
Lesson 3 is on Forgiveness.  Dr Tim has separated these talks with commentary on MindShifters Academy websiteJeanie shared her process yesterday. Thought of not belonging, dark depression. Resisted breathing until later in the day. Faced issues with and around Mom.
Face issues that began generations before. There was fear that if I went that deep I might die – asked michael to be sure to not leave me. Goes back to having Covid and not sure if I’d make it.
So many we know did not make it.Use the tools, do your work, face the darkest thoughts head on. The fragments of energy attach and creates symptoms.Thanks to Susan B and Julie for texting me support.The work you do will impact children yet unbornCaller Celinda deep appreciation for all of us doing this work together. She has chosen to be unvaccinated and has experienced people in deep pain blaming her for the cause.
How does she honor herself, not take it seriously and her resistance. Enthusiasm for seeing a breakthrough for common good will and her ‘friend’ came down on her.
Her energy was “those not vaccinated can just die.” felt cursed to hell.
MindShifter “It is safe, healing and easy for me to gently open every part of my mind that I have closed through fear of condemnation and hell.”“It is far better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.” ― William Lonsdale WatkinsonSaturday is the StillPoint Breathing
February 10
Watch “The Reality of Reality: A Tale of Five Senses”

michael shared being at Global Science Conference and meeting Bob Beck who pointed out Actuality verses Reality

Pained Perception is a construct of your mind. You can collapse it and change it.

Think of the newborn – it IS Love.

Caller Josiah, moved from Catholic to non-denominational and questioned things. Was in a relationship (marriage) had 3 kids and it became violent. She left and he raised the 3 children. Met another lady recently and feels anger come up. Why? Because it is in there.

February 11



Caller Ishvara, 40-days in the desert and yesterday was challenging. Back pain – rage.
Watch Dr. Sarno Dad had pain and anger always.Discussion of Power Person dynamic – Jeanie shared Dad not MomFamily has moved and changed lifestyles, sold business, sister living with parents until her house is built on family property.
She is further away (though not far) and her sister is ‘in charge’ of parents.
Sounds like being ‘cut out’ and not part of the family. She does have anger about being left out of decisions.MindShifter “It is safe and healing and I enjoy it when my family ignores me because Iam not smart enough.”reading of Communication letter by David
February 12


February 13
February 14
Dr Tim is pulling out the reading of the Way of Mastery recordings, go to

We All Choose by Stacey Fitzgerald
the song
the lyrics (pdf)

You get what you ask for – your asker is in your heart not your head.

Distorting power of the way you want it to be.

Caller Celinda M/S “I totally and completely enjoy it when people slander and make me wrong.”

Caller Josiah, in North GA, going through worksheets and rereading the book, proactive? or do a sheet on every feeling and thought?
Dream time the barrier is more open between unconscious and subconscious. Drink half a glass of water last thing before laying down and ask What work do I need to do? I am ready to Listen and when I drink the other half in the morning I will remember what Ive been told.
Rukha I know I have work and blockages and am willing to look. Three, Two, One (tap thumb and first 2 fingers) show me. Willingness to allow it to come forward.
Quick guide for smaller issues.

4hr “Why Again?!” video – originally you said ‘suppression’ and in the new one you say ‘dissociate’ – it is not just hiding the truth but cutting our-self off from it and we are run unconsciously

Plan to update the book? to include the Aramaic thoughts? michael said he is working on doing an e-book that is LIVE and as changes come to michael it is changed immediately.

Francois Fenelon “As the light increases, we see ourselves to be worse than we thought. We are amazed at our former blindness as we see issuing forth from the depths of our heart a whole swarm of shameful feelings, like filthy reptiles crawling from a hidden cave. We never could have believed that we had harbored such things, and we stand aghast as we watch them gradually appear. But while our faults diminish, the light by which we see them waxes brighter, and we are filled with horror. Bear in mind, for your comfort, that we only perceive our malady when the cure begins.”

February 15
Dr Tim is pulling out the reading of the Way of Mastery recordings, go to

As of today our new mailing address is P O Box 1901, Bristol, TN 37621

Jeanie had a “download” this morning, referring to animals that if they are in a box or confined space with limited food they will not grow to their potential but are suppressed for what is perceived as ‘survival’

It is called indeterminate growth, where the limit of growth is the limitation of the habitat. Size of the habitat would not be the sole factor, available food supply and other biological needs also need to be considered.

It is called adaptation. What happens is: only animals that are fit for the environment they live in will survive. This is what Charles Darwin called “survival of the fittest.” These animals that survive reproduce,
and pass on the survivor genes to their offspring, adapting the animal to the conditions of its environment.

Hans Selye General Adaption Syndrome related to stress

Charles Darwin According to the theory, individuals with traits that enable them to adapt to their environments will help them survive and have more offspring, which will inherit those traits. Individuals with less adaptive traits
will less frequently survive to pass them on. Over time, the traits that enable species to survive and reproduce will become more frequent in the population and the population will change, or evolve
Darwin did not know the mechanism by which traits were passed on, according to National Geographic. He did not know about genetics, the mechanism by which genes encode for certain traits and those traits are passed from one generation to the next. He also did not know about genetic mutation, which is the source of natural variation. But future research by geneticists provided the mechanism and additional evidence for evolution by natural selection.
Natural selection is natural environment making the change. Those who do not adapt are deformed in order to ‘fit’ the container. Under a certain level of stress the whole organism will adapt to deal with the level of stress or will fall apart

Also a fetus without enough space in the womb will have organ failures and deformities.

Look at this mentally and spiritually, we box ourself in thinking we are protecting ourself and yet locking ourself in with the fear, guilt, anger we carry. We don’t receive proper nutrition or expand freely. We stunt our own growth and perhaps deform, and pass on to our children.

So much my mind cannot hold it all or understand it yet. michael added the definition for Rukha is the feminine elemental force who will undo and show us …. we just need to listen and hear … direct distinct guide.

Jeanie said during the last breath session, she had told the ringing in her ears to calm down (it was so loud) that she was ready to listen.

John Lieurance said he got a download that ringing in the ears is the current of the sound of love…

We are not to form children to fit our container but to hold the space for them to structure the container called their lives as a reflection of who they are.

Caller Jean R., in a situation she was about to explode at someone and heard “this is about you” and she breathed – it was freedom, creativity and asked herself how can I support this woman?

“Let us take our bloated nothingness out of the path of the divine circuits.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

michael read, Love Restored (go to you can download the jpeg or listen to the MP3 of michael reading

Jean shared an experience at HeartLand, like being baptized.

Caller Celinda, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Einstein
Various species of animals find their way through their migration routes by magnetite in their noses. Began as a bacterial mutation.
Virus and bacteria are detoxifiers, reducer organisms. Solution is not a stronger antibiotic.
Contention between Louis Pasteur invented penicillin and Antoine Bechamp said it was the terrain

Announcement of StillPoint Breathing Membership

February 16
Dr Tim – Grief and Loss talk (no support group) Here is the Zoom link for tomorrow’s webinar –

Anil Seth Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality Ted Talk

CIA Psychology of Intelligence Analysis

michael explains in detail what to truly forgive (not pardoning) means – to cancel
your perceptual construct collapses into its own foundation (foot print)

Rukha – the Breath – the Super Processor that can handle whatever you are willing to expose.
After you cancel the goal you ask the Power to assist you. You have to ‘let go’ first or Rukha can’t touch it.

Caller Doug, heard differently that we see the situation through our pain. Pain is an indicator that corrupt data is moving through the structure. Seeing that you hold a goal,
perception is held and pain is experienced. ACIM says bring the world you do not want to the one you do.
Collapsing perception you can come directly into relationship to the pain – resist and dissociate and it creates dilitary effects. Willingness is crucial.

Jeanie explained when she got Covid: my fear came up big time, fear based in survival, along with isolation and separation. Covid is a frequency and it was a reflection, symptoms of what I held inside already.
To be clear there is a virus called Covid however it too is frequency and the law of resonance applies.

Comment in chatroom (from Whitelily) questioned us being ‘healers’ and that Covid does not exist and that we were brainwashed.

February 17
Way of Mastery archives on

Grief and Loss talk (no support group) Here is the Zoom link for tonight’s webinar – 7:30 to 9:00PM CST

Explanation of Aramaic Forgiveness from yesterday is under special MP3 shows. Direct link is

Beatitudes were a set of instructions – listen to the week of shows with Mark Hattas explanation and poster. Touv is an attitude of mind. Is it Rakhma or Fear or Hostility – changes the intentions

Set the filters to Rakhma and Khooba – perfect love (see the poster

Caller Julie in OR expressed what a blessing it is to study with michael, The MindShifter StillPoint Breathing sessions are so rich.

A text received about “living for eternity” verses passing on. Death is a family tradition. If it is false you have nothing to lose cultivating your relationship with love. If right, the cost of not doing your work will cost your life.
Overcome the inertia bound propensity to die.

MindShifter: “Living eternally by cleaning up my generations is a silly idea but I am going to do it anyway.”

Caller Magda testimonial to the MindShifter. Was the one who got the MS last Saturday. She said she did not believe it so why work on it? Then she did and realized doing the work is being a good ancestor.

February 18
Way of Mastery archives on

Caller Jurate complimented the website changes, announced her going on her own (retiring), talks about karmic maturity in life
Live in the truth of who you are, keep the gateway (Rakhma) open and incarnate into this form fully.
Valentines Tom proposed to Jurate. Their relationship is expanding. Shared with her daughter about choosing the space you create from.

reads A Life Without Tools from the Why Again book

Caller Celinda discribes a ‘download’
“The Open-Focus Life” by Les Fehmi

February 19
February 20
February 21
reading The Way of Mastery continues, this is the day and is perfect and done, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

Caller Jurate, discusses integration. Processes “hurting” her son.

Caller Celinda, discusses ‘sojourners’ whether they travel the same path or not. Just ‘be’ – perfectionism that has driven her is being peeled away. Surrender and allowance.

In December 2021 we had a caller Mark Hattas call in 4 days to discuss the Beatitudes in depth with michael. Back on February 2, 2022 we played Beatitudes Pt1, today we play Beatitudes Pt2 (the whole week of audios can be played from our site (

February 22
reading The Way of Mastery continues, this is the day and is perfect and done, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

The date is February 22, 2022. When you write it, 2/22/22, it’s a palindrome, meaning it reads the same forward and backward. It also falls on a Tuesday,
which is now referred to as Twosday. I guess even more so at 2:22 am or 2:22 pm. Hmmmm. Have a great day.

Hold the space for michael out in LA and the work going on there. Hold the space for my son Ryan and his ear/hearing. And hold the space for Jeanie’s family as a decision is made for her father.

There has always been a large button on home page that takes you to Wake-up Sheets, Now there is a new button on home page that will take you to All Other Worksheets

In the Other Wake-up sheets you will find the MindShifter List with 3 sections of 13 (or click this link). The expanded MindShifters List is only for those participating in the Monthly StillPoint Breathing sessions. We are now up to 7 sections of 13.  On the website you can also access Jeanie’s Women’s MindShifters, it is a List of 50 MindShifters (pick 1 -50)

The pre-recordings on the Beatitudes is from a week with Mark Hattas and michael from December 2021. You can access all 4 recordings on our site
And there is another page where you can read the interpretation from Aramaic – it is an instruction set

As is the Lord’s Prayer – it is not a prayer to be repeated but an instruction set. Interpretation found at
And michael’s notes at

michael’s Youtube is …. you can access from our website social links.  Watch YouTube video “Living, Not Saying, the Lord’s Prayer” direct video link is

Caller Celinda, wrote the Commitment to Self and wanted to know about giving it to another person, michael said put at the bottom with the copy-rite notice ‘adaptation by Celinda Miller’ and resend to michael too

Note: Wednesday will be Beatitude Pt 4 and Thursday will be a prerecorded explanation / Review of the Wake-up Sheet (actually from a show March 31, 2014)

February 23
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

2nd hour replay Beatitude #4


February 24
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

2nd hour replay Review Wake-Up Sheet

February 25
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

Using the Abbreviated Version of the Forgiveness Wake-up Sheet

Jeanie processes the emotions and thoughts coming up around Dad going into Assisted Living and the guilt and blame she puts on herself. Goes through the Abbreviated Wake-up Sheet with the guidance of Susan Bingham.

February 26
February 27
February 28
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

Friday’s Show February 25, 2022 has been added to the MP3s of Special Shows – Susan Bingham assists Jeanie in processing (going through the Abbreviated Wake-up Sheet) the sadness, blame and guilt of her Dad’s situation.

Jeanie read her “Day Dream” posted on website at

Caller Susan, Jeanie offered thanks for working with her Friday. Susan offered the willingness and trust in the tools

Jeanie spoke of walking on water or sinking based on your focus.

Caller Celinda, Sri Harold Klemp author of “The Spiritual Life” quote stormy sea and yet when the boat rocks we panic, our anchor is the Christ mind then we remember. Like Peter his ego self looked down and he lost focus. The stormy sea is the world. Attention on love or fear. Our focus is the creative point of reference

Question: the word “energetic” this or that … what exactly is meant by that? We are energy and we send out like a wave what we are thinking and feeling and others pick up on it. Sometime back Bruce Lipton, Candace Pert and several others began exploring and talking about our being energy.

Question: Psychic or magic verses Intuition? Look at The 5 Smooth Stones from Spirit verses fake world view   Susan said on the Spirit side there is an element of openness for true message to come through

Death decluttering?

February 29
February 30
February 31

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