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March 1
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

Jeanie read from her book on ‘Being Aware’ and ‘My Journey to my Realization’

Caller Susan – many feel the need to please others. But Who was Jeanie at 16?

March 2
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

Caller Celinda, spoke of being a creator.

Intellectual concepts are meant to be the simple servant, but this is calling you to be in the awakened heart. Your energy center tuned into the Christ Mind. Beyond that it is just words – symbols of symbols.
We are here for the experience. Stay in the feeling – open allowing space.

Align with energy of desire and see everything unlike Love as I deepen this practice. Fear of losing self, safety, etc and have a different experience.

Caller Doug, challenged with the relationship that is winding down and he developed shingles which is delaying his leaving her home
Extremely open, next is to pack his car and leave and does not want to. He feels committed for the rest of his life yet Dianne has moved away from that for the last 2 years.
Discussed his loss as a child when his parents broke up. Fear that his survival would be threatened. michael walked him through the release exercise and the cancelling of the goal for his parent to stay together.
Notice the similar feelings and thoughts about parents break-up and your relationship with Dianne. Based on thought disorder that we believe is true is perpetuated now. Feelings are shadows of thoughts. Push your thoughts, words and behaviors out of that dynamic.

Caller Celinda, offered Louise Hay says shingles is “waiting for the other shoe to drop” and fear. michael offered the only error is making something more important than staying connected to my Source

Remember – re-member – to become a member again…reconnect.

March 3
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

Meaning of Energetics

Global Online Book Club reading/ studying “Why is This Happening To Me AGAIN?!”
michael will be at the first meeting which is TODAY March 3rd at 3:30 EST
(apologies for short notice) ZOOM Meeting ID: 993 5603 4465 Passcode: 54321

Life is Love flowing through a cell.

Time is Not Toxic –

Caller Julie, talks about her partner having a rash. michael offered Bernard Jensen “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management”

Caller Roma, why would one grind their teeth? Something you do not want to say, feel or deal with.

March 4
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

Five Keys of the Kingdom

Global Online Book Club began studying the “Why Is This Happening To Me … AGAIN?!” book. michael and jeanie were there last night March 3rd, and have been invited to return.

Why Again book online

Caller Celinda, can the sessions be added to

Caller Susan saw Jeanie’s post today on people messing with her on getting rid of stuff, set it by road side

Caller Olivia from Global Book Club, how do you identify generational issues?

Caller Julie suggestions for getting rid of stuff via a church group. Suggest HBO 2 part show “Agents of Chaos” eye opening what ‘they’ do to turn our minds into chaos

movie “Gods and Generals” by Turner Broadcasting – one of the leaders said “if we lose this war commerce and banking will take over America”

Caller Celinda, michael suggested Mind Goal Management what drives behaviors is goals which creates stress

March 5


March 6


March 7
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

2nd hour pre-recorded show on Backing into a Worksheet

March 8
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

2nd hour pre-recorded show on moving from Betrayal to Worthlessness and Power Person dynamics

March 9
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at
An experience that goes beyond wordsmichael talks about the Power Person dynamic controlling you until you choose to changeJeanie said she is ultra stressed but feels she is ‘goal free’ right now. michael pointed out the ‘busy-ness’ the last few weeks has kept her from looking maybe, now the busy has ceased the next level is coming up.Caller Julie mentioned “integrity” as an insight. Cancel a goal that is important to the Power Person verses cancelling a goal for self.
Started talking about father when processing stuff around her boyfriend. Give the gift of appreciation and release.
Tightness in her chest, working too hard, too many goals to accomplish. Feels there is an outside pressure, motivation due to someone else needing the space. Maintain integrity to myself.’out there’ does exist – it is what is ‘inside’ that does not exist
March 10
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

2nd hour pre-recorded show on Laws of Living Pt 1

March 11



reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

anchor your humility, you did not create yourself, do you know how to give birth to a star? do you know how to lift your hand? allow yourself to understand you do not know anything.

observation into the state of divine ignorance – allow Creator to reveal all things.

This Saturday March 12th is the monthly MindShifters StillPoint Breathing

A lady named Yinka runs a global book club and they are presently studying Why Is This Happening To Me …AGAIN?!
Hear My Voice Book Club, michael and Jeanie will be participating on March 24th and 31st at 3:30PM Eastern Time
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 974 4442 4565
Passcode: 54321

michael continues the discussion of the replicate mind – Power Person Dynamics

Caller Celinda, appreciates the elaboration today on a deeper level

March 12


March 13
March 14
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

How do we end up in such dis-ease states when one is supposedly ‘enlightened’? Denial, thinking something outside of me is the cause of the pain. Then it gets locked away in tissue.

Youtube channel “What Is The World?”

Perceptual constructs tend to mimic generational patterns.

Hostility, fear and grief (etc) are disintegrative energy that does not belong in the structure.
Collapse perception and have access to the underlying energies to forgive (release).

“As the light increases, we see ourselves to be worse than we thought. We are amazed at our former blindness as we see issuing forth from the depths of our heart a whole swarm of shameful feelings, like filthy reptiles crawling from a hidden cave. We never could have believed that we had harbored such things, and we stand aghast as we watch them gradually appear. But we must neither be amazed nor disheartened. We are not worse than we were; on the contrary, we are better. While our faults diminish, the light by which we see them waxes brighter and we are filled with horror. Bear in mind, for your comfort, that we only perceive our malady when the cure begins.”
~ Archbishop François Fénelon

Drinks and food in this culture are loaded with drugs – anesthetics to not feel

Health does not deteriorate due to age.

My Commitment keeps us in line. If you don’t live by this then you have work to do…the last paragraph commits to hold when something less than love comes up.

To be healthy we must stay in harmony with Law, we must stay connected to our Source – Love.

“Love is the cure, for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain until your eyes constantly exhale love as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.”
— Rumi

Dis-ease is not caused by bugs and buzzards. It is a changeable result from engaging in self-destructive patterns.

Personal pattern or generational or cultural patterns ‘come with the package’ – we are told to look to the lives of the fathers for ours is a shadow of theirs.

The desert is a code word for the unconscious – to awaken and step into the promised land of conscious co-creation the solution was the old generations had to die.
Generation (from genare) means cause. Mind energy becomes flesh.

“Second year syndrome otherwise called as Medical students’ disease is. a condition often reported in medical students who perceive themselves to be experiencing the symptoms of the disease they are studying. It is a form of acute hypochondriasis.”

Question in chatroom: How do you remember these tools and practices during rough times? Practice, Practice, Practice

Diederik Wolsak “Choose Again” today’s quote is “These ‘habitual thought patterns’ were established in the early years of my experience on this little planet. Even though they are habitual they do need to be fed. The bad news is that the feeding of these patterns takes place whether I am aware of it or not. Once I am aware of my habitual thinking, a consistent practice of mindfulness will starve the beliefs and the patterns begin to weaken and eventually vanish.”

Tool of forgiveness (not pardoning) is the removal of what does not belong. Practice, Practice, Practice
Over time you will see a different world. Jeanie added to practice during ‘good times’ instead of waiting until rough times, then it becomes habitual.

Caller Ishvara, did 5 worksheets a day for 40 days, came out of that with a lot of physical pain and mental release. Been a couple of weeks since doing the 5 a day. Feel she needs an assignment. She does tithe her time to Spiritual work. Recommendations?
michael suggests complete the 40 day, inertia in a direction, make a commitment of 2 a day to continue the momentum.
If inertia slows down, then when challenges happen, it is harder to get going again. Maybe switch between tools, reality management, commitment, purpose. Then if dis-ease comes you are already on the path of healing.
Set an alarm to tap into the show.

Caller Celinda, “Physiological Effects of Emotional Suppression” chart

March 15
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

Jeanie invited people to look at the changes on the website – especially Start Here or Bullseye page

Join the Global Book Club March 24th and 31st with michael and Jeanie going over the worksheet process and Q&A
zoom link on this page

michael refers to “If you want potatoes you must pick up a hoe.”

explanation of “Love” and “Forgiveness” (questions from chatroom michael answered even before we asked)

look at Diagram of Human Mind

Caller Susan B, difference between guidance and intuition. refer to Corinne Zupko, author of From Anxiety to Love.
We cannot experience “sadness” unless we have experienced it in ourself. So we can recognize sadness in another and hold the space instead of getting into the pit with them.
Susan questions her success in this work, michael reminds her how far she has come. michael said he has done deeper work in the last 2 years than he did in the first 48 years in this work.

What about animals? they tend to die years before their owners of the same disease. Animal does not have volition to engage in a particular energy. They just take in whatever is in the filed.

Ask Rukha, What energies do I need to process that I am killing myself with?

Give up my need to be right. It stings and yet is freeing.

What about feral animals with no owner?

Love Restored

What Is The World?

March 16
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

Cultural conditioning that someone has to lose for another to win. michael had a conversation with someone who said he hoped michael was wrong about eternal life because then what he believes he would not have to be the loser.
michael offers “If I am right then I have progressed into eternal life, if it is not true, and I don’t make it, then what have I lost? I have made my life better.” Whether we make it into eternal life or not does not mean that it is not true.

Caller Roma, “Quantum Consciousness: Journey to Other Realms” by Peter Smith – each can choose to heal our personal issues. How do we heal the global consciousness?

People beating their children thinking that would heal them. Heard a 3 year old say, “Please Mom don’t beat me, I love you.”

African Proverb “Until the story of the hunt is told from the perspective of the lion, the story will be told from the perspective of the hunter.”
Move forward in the mind energy of what is possible – more connections in the mind than the molecules in the universe.

Roma said she felt we are sitting in the middle of the battlefield right now. More in her energetic, consciousness than ever before. Notice what is going on in her gut and share it.

Approximately 80% of DNA in our “body” is not human DNA, but organisms, the community, that allows us life.

Appreciation for those on our team, invite deeper understanding, individually and collectively.

Caller Celinda, thanks to everyone. African Proverb “When there are no enemies within then the ‘enemy’ out there can do us no harm.”
Realize today that “If I am right or wrong, where is my investment?” Poison of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. In the battle we need to be in a win-win arena of supporting each other.
Refer Roma’s comment about being in the middle. Neil Douglas-Klotz says the ‘middle east trauma’ is a reflection of the ‘middle east inside’ Must work inside first.
Gandhi says ‘Be the change you want to see.’
Refer to Francois Fenelon

African Proverb “If you want to go quickly go alone, but if you want to go far go together.”

Caller Susan, thanks for the texts and everything. Everyone zeroing in on the same issue. We sometimes are not mindful.
Would like a vocabulary that would dissolve the energies in me and them. Make a gentle presentation. Make it together, not us and them. I got into a ‘pissing match’ instead of holding the space.

Shakespeare says ‘My words fly up but my thoughts remain below.’ Their words were that ‘I wished I failed, not that I would be wrong.’ What we hear is not what is said. If our listening hears something other than what is said. You heard the underlying thought.
Susan said she was grateful that michael was really honest ‘I am trying’ gave a moment of grace. MindShifter: “I love it when people reach out to hold me accountable for my misbehavior.” Wow I don’t understand that.
A theme in our conversations, you language about your poor behavior (not done it properly). Touch into PP messages about what they perceived at your misbehavior. You do so much in the world, for yourself, for people, immigrants, people in church, your music, yet you diminish yourself. Shed that message.

The offense that was done by the Greeks was we were told we had to love our neighbor. That is destructive.
When we don’t live up to it, we think I don’t hold up to what the master said. He told us to strive to BE LOVE instead of doing Love, when we think fo God, neighbor or self.
If we hold something less than that we are going to fail. He told us to work toward holding Rakhma (Love) in our form, be with what is moving in us and that is our healing, not our failure.
Agree I don’t know when I am clear enough, would like phrases to not do damage – fake it until I make it.

March 17
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

Always ask to be shown

Susan asked how Jeanie’s Dad was, Jeanie offered she was more at peace and he is moving in the right direction.
michael responded that Alzheimer’s is referred to by some as type 3 diabetes. Short change fatty acids feeds the brain, we began giving Dad organic coconut oil or MCT oil powder we will see if there is a change.

Words to use in the moment. MindShifter was “I love it when people reach out to hold me accountable for my misbehavior.”

Susan shares their family reunion is requiring vaccinated and masks. Sister-in-law is not vaccinated and feels left out. Susan wrote a letter to her sister-in-law and felt love and peace.

Brief discussion of vaccination or not, personal choices on what they feel is best for them. Dad was fully vaccinated and yet got Covid, perhaps it saved his life and his symptoms were not worse than they were.

(brief meditative breathing)

Caller Roma, national anthem of , we need to rewrite the words. michael offered No, but write a song that hooks into the anthem that engages liberty, gentleness and peace. An anthem for the world, consciousness.
Translate it into every language. Global oneness. Roma and Susan and Julie all as a team working on the Global Anthem.

‘Miracles Can Happen’ by michael ryce

This morning bringing the dragon downstairs Arya said we will take it down as a team.

Caller Celinda, the idea is not to language it right or you will coat over and the issue will remain. Spontaneously from within will come the words.
Regulatory Speech. Discipline – properly taught. We need to look at what is under the surface.

TS Elliott “The highest treason to do the right thing for the wrong reason.”

March 18
summary of chapter 5 The Way of Mastery, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

michael spoke of revisiting the Healing Through Relationships series

Do you use relationships as an escape from self? Relate to others as bodies not beings. Objectify others.

Einstein in a letter to his daughter “If we want our species to survive, if we are to find meaning in life, if we want to save the world and every sentient being that inhabits it, love is the one and only answer. Perhaps we are not yet ready to make a bomb of love, a device powerful enough to entirely destroy the hate, selfishness and greed that devastate the planet. However, each individual carries within them a small but powerful generator of love whose energy is waiting to be released.”

Rumi “Love is the cure, for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain. until your eyes constantly exhale love as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.”

Caller Celinda, difference in michael’s voice from the old CDs and DVDs to now. Now is deeper, more relaxed, soft and open – congrats that your voice reflects all you have learned and taught.

Commitment is a Personal Code to take me to the next level.

March 19
March 20
March 21
Dr Tim discussed with caller Susan about allowing one to do what they do, who is to say what is right for them?
Yes you may have to hold accountability but your job is not to change them.You can have a wonderful theory but if it does not work for me then I don’t promote it for others.Dr Tim said from personal experience is I cannot make anyone do anything they do not want to do.
Nothing more practical than true spirituality. Natural Laws of the Universe you cannot break, there may be consequences if you go against them but you can’t break the law itself.
People think then there is nothing I can do but that is not true. Way of Mastery says where I focus my energy is my creative force.
Choose Again. See their highest and best. I can change my energy state and send love and gratitude and appreciation out into the field to nurture and nourish others.michael reads an article he is writing about alcohol.Caller Ann, to Susan, I know if I had not listened to the Way of the Heart (from Way of Mastery) it would be different. I now have more awareness, listening to myself and others and direct observation.
Instead of trying to “fix it” with her daughter and son-in-law, just go and enjoy self. When I saw the behaviors I let go of the need to fix them or jump in with ‘advice’.
He just sees things differently and speaks differently. Daughter will continue to do as well. I will just work on me.Alcohol loosened her up to do what she actually believes is wrong. It was involved in every incident of adultery, sex, etc.
Now she can stay in integrity. She can observe others behaviors with alcohol too.Caller Angie reflected a memory, as party goes on the people get louder and distorted, as a little girl I don’t feel safe any more. Migraine of shut down and shut out. Kids were not allowed to react.
Just found out that the person she shares space with is stealing from her.michael explains the inhibitory system. Teach healing instead of punishment. Drugs and alcohol knock out the inhibitors and then everything is an option.Angie said if she had been strong enough to stand and speak the truth and hold him accountable from Love then our family would be different. michael offered to watch blaming self. She saw it as her fault. Cancel the goal to be embraced as innocent, to be seen as innocent, to be innocent.
She said she was working with ‘doing it right’ instead of ‘innocent’ – that is more accurate to be innocent. She can see where she withheld life from herself with Tyler, and from him.
michael acknowledged Angie for being both gracious & gentle with the child while doing her own process. They are medicine for the soul.
Another addiction is gambling. If you have pain, that you don’t know how to handle, they find a way to anesthetize themself.
Former was abusive but a couple years ago he gave up alcohol and now we communicate.Life without Tools (see Joan, acknowledge Angie for the graciousness of how she handled the two ongoing events: child and process.Any irritation anyone had is their next work.Already on our website: MP3s of 12-Steps and Forgiveness and Where to start to stop the addiction
We will add the article when michael is complete with it.
March 22
The Way of Mastery, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

2nd hour pre-recorded show on Laws of Living Pt 2

March 23
Question in chatroom: Link to website with the PDF versions of Way of Mastery? you can read and listen to both Way of Mastery and ACIM

Offering from chatroom: link to Emmet Fox 7 day Mental Diet exercise
Written in the 1950’s.

Dr Tim offers caller Meditation Practice by Ram Das
Set a time to meditate – 20 to 30 minutes – turn off phone and don’t answer the door for this time frame
Use ability to focus on 3 things:
1. Watch your breathing
2. Scan your body
3. Watch your thoughts
Let them go and float away. No negative. If it comes up then shift back to breathing or scanning.

Targeted journalism or MindShifters tool

michael spoke of the article he read Monday

Caller Susan, gave an update on her support group. Discussed sleep issues and not having success with the mouth guard. Jacob did not fill an anti-psychosis med and he seems to be back.

Movie: Lost Boys of Sudan

“National Parks: documentary by producer Ken Burns

Global Book Club “Hear My Voice” tomorrow at 4:30PM Eastern Time see details and Zoom Link
Going over “Why Is This Happening To Me … AGAIN?!”

Book online FREE

Or go to our Streaming Page and scroll down near the bottom New Version of Why Again book on audio for $20

March 24
Dr Tim referred to “How language shapes the way we think” by Lera Boroditsky on YouTube

Caller Celinda

Caller Ann acknowledged Celinda on her words, asked if she was writing a book. She appeared to be asking for acceptance from someone outside of her. Dr Tim offered to experience it, what is good for one may not work for another.

Jeanie invited everyone to join us in the Global Book Club – “Hear My Voice” at 4:30PM Eastern Time
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 974 4442 4565
Passcode: 54321

michael spoke of our perception. Physiological disturbance in tissue. It serves me to engage in removing the root of my ‘upset’ – enter into forgiveness. Not pardoning (letting self or another off the hook).
Called healing when the tissue goes back to health.

The study of the cause of health is more profitable than the study of the cause of dis-ease.
The ‘side effects’ of drugs are diseases disguised as cures. Now in a crisis situation, suppression may be necessary to give you time to do the work of healing.

Denial -speak or think that something outside of me is the cause of something moving inside of me.
Hiding of truth from yourself, recognition of what is true then allows you to see how to dump it.

Yinka from the Book Club joined us on the show and said they would be recording tonight

Caller Bob from Australia, has a second book “Insights from Beyond Depression”
Interested in the period 1850 – 1900 when corruptions (psychiatry and pharmaceuticals) were crystalized.

Live out of Being instead of the thought disorders and messages of who we were told we were instead of who we are.

Programing is what is killing people. Get out of Head space and into Heart space. Angels are looking out for him – for him there are 3 thoughts / words to go by: integrity, kiss (keep it simple Sovereign), All are unique and equal.

“Waking up from the Has Bin” from Why Again –
The specialty of the world is to teach a lie and when one buys into it it becomes their state of mind and function.
We are creators – we create our ‘world’ – don’t like your creation then change it.
Forgiveness is removing the patterns of thinking.

“Choose Again” by Diedrick Wolsak for today is “Who am I?”
“There’s a place in the soul where you’ve never been wounded.” ~ Meister Eckhart
“And that is the answer to the question: “Who am I?” I am that unchangeable innocence that has never been wounded.”

Falling from Grace is falling into the belief of who we are not. Our thinking is off base with Love and people get stuck in the cycles of thinking (past thoughts and identifications)

Why do people become addicted? To avoid feeling and avoid following our highest guidance.

Caller Dusty asked about Power Person. See the dynamics and understand how it works. Tools to step outside of the PP dynamic, those tools used by the PP is usually fear, manipulation, etc. And then we take on the dynamic of the PP.

Movie “The God’s Must Be Crazy”

ACIM lesson 153 “In my defenselessness my safety lies.”

Yinka says “I am still quite new to this teaching but the more I hear you speak the more I want to spread this information out there because it touches something so deep within me. The essence of these teachings. I am looking forward to the journey it takes me on.”

March 25
March 26
March 27
March 28
reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

Ted Talk Anil Seth “Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality”

“The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two” Psychologist George Miller, Harvard,_Plus_or_Minus_Two

The driver for stress (and usually upset) is goals held that are unfulfilled

Goals are formulated out of words, which is the basis of construct for your perception – allow or inhibit information used.
The mind will generate a construct based on the evidence given by words. Say “You hurt me!” and the mind will construct the perception / reality of ‘them’ as the cause of the hurt. The outside shows us what is inside. Our emotions reflect what is going on inside. Giving us the opportunity to heal.

Someone volunteered to translate the book into Polish.

Marcel Vogel and the DeLaWarr camera Takes a picture by frequency not light. Ex. take a picture of an acorn and tune it just right and the picture is an oak tree.  The instruction set is there, you just need to know how to read it.

dr. michael ryce participating in the Global “Hear My Voice” Book Club going over the wake-up sheet that is in the book “Why AGAIN?!” (MP4 Format) This is the recording from Thursday, March 24, 2022  Click this Zoom Link  – use Passcode: $&1qU1Y$

Caller Susan, re: DeLaWarr, was the oak tree that showed up the actual tree that would develop or was it a generic oak tree? The instruction set is there, it just unfolds. Are our whole selves imaged as we will be?  If the BEING wakes up and originates (as we are designed) then it can change. Energetic patterns added or removed. We have the ability to reprogram. Freewill. Give Rukha permission to remove and she will teach you what is possible.

March 29
First hour was a replay of Feb 4, 2022 Dr Tim and Way of Mastery review of Lesson 2

Continuation of yesterday’s conversation with caller Susan B. DeLaWarr Camera capturing the frequencies that leave our mind when we think a thought.

In the last 30 years poverty is actually about a third the number. People are awakening.

II Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
I see that as saying it is up to the awakened ones to make the shift – it is not up to those who live in ignorance of what their actions are doing to make a change.

Critical Mass. “Kiss The Ground” 2020 film
Will Smith Memoir “When I was nine years old, I watched my father punch my mother in the side of the head so hard that she collapsed. I saw her spit blood.
That moment in that bedroom, probably more than any other moment in my life, has defined who I am.”, he felt he failed his Mom in that moment by not standing up for her.  And then in the Oscars when he slapped Chris Rock he did exactly what his PP did that he hated the most. Now 53, so 44 years it still runs him.

“My father was violent, but he was also at every game, play, and recital. He was an alcoholic, but he was sober at every premiere of every one of my movies,” he writes. “He listened to every record. He visited every studio. The same intense perfectionism that terrorized his family put food on the table every night of my life.”
A house divided against itself can’t stand. Split personas.

Point out it is stress that creates behavior, goals create stress, cancel goals, keep them at a reasonable level and can maintain at a stress level he can handle.
Abused children form different selves to handle each form of abuse. Multiples will integrate with the Reality Management Wake-up Sheet.

Caller Roma, saw the footage of Will Smith and he slapped him not punched him. It was still a violent hit.

Global Book Club details for zoom sign in can be found at
Also the link for last week’s recording. March 31st at 3:30PM Eastern Time “Hear My Voice”

Marlon Brando had Sacheen Littlefeather (Native American) refuse his Oscar in 1973 (best actor for the Godfather)
It took 6 security to keep John Wayne from storming the stage. And Clint Eastwood
The New York Times. “The motion picture community has been as responsible as any,” Brando wrote, “for degrading the Indian and making a mockery of his character, describing his as savage, hostile and evil.”

March 30
Reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at

Calls us to question every negative thought and that fear is a contraction away from truth and love
The gift that comes to us when we recognize fear.

Oscars event discussed. Reflections of the verbal, emotional and physical violence seen in our political and world events.
Power Person dynamics to ‘win’

Global Book Club “Hear My Voice” studying Why Again book. see
Thursday March 31st at 3:30PM Eastern Time then michael will participate the 2nd and 4th Thursday each month

Caller Roma, ‘all death is suicide’ and the illusion of age and time.
Am I experiencing my essence as Love (a state of Being) or am I ‘doing’ what’s labelled love (it is not a verb)

Caller Susan, now that she is older she is more cautious (not really fearful) just not as much of a ‘daredevil’
michael offered it was wisdom

MindShifter: “Whatever I do, I know that the truth is my behavior is on track and I am doing the right thing.”
Because a pattern is in your speaking that you are doing something wrong.

March 31
Reading The Way of Mastery continues, Dr Tim is posting the archives at  Lesson 7

Jeanie invited everyone to join us in the Global Book Club – “Hear My Voice” at 3:30PM Eastern Time (an hour earlier than last week)
then michael will participate the 2nd and 4th Thursday each month
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 974 4442 4565  Passcode: 54321

Power Person dynamic expressed by Will Smith towards Chris Rock during Oscars
Sacheen Littlefeather during Academy Awards in 1973 refused the award for Marlon Brando (for Godfather)

Caller Magda added info on Chris Rock having worked through similar abuse.

Caller Roma clarify support meeting or club meeting.

Caller Susan about yesterday’s MindShifter. Suggest cutouts to represent content that is not verbal. May be from time before you had words.
Color, shape, symbol, what is moving in me? She said she felt she was in fetal position in a box with thick walls, sounds like you are processing utero experience.

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