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Caller Susan B. aand Dr Tim have a conversation about judgment verses being the observer.

michael addresses resonance, decisions verses choices. Explanation of what “repentance” really means in Aramaic – to turn another way.

What is real and not real? Reality vs. Actuality.  ACIM – Think not you made the world. Illusions, yes! But what is true in earth and Heaven is beyond your naming. When you call upon a brother, it is to his body that you make appeal. His true Identity is hidden from you by what you believe he really is. His body makes response to what you call him, for his mind consents to take the name you give him as his own. And thus his unity is twice denied, for you perceive him separate from you, and he accepts this separate name as his. It would indeed be strange if you were asked to go beyond all symbols of the world, forgetting them forever; yet were asked to take a teaching function. You have need to use the symbols of the world a while. But be you not deceived by them as well. They do not stand for anything at all, and in your practicing it is this thought that will release you from them. They become but means by which you can communicate in ways the world can understand, but which you recognize is not the unity where true communication can be found. Thus what you need are intervals each day in which the learning of the world becomes a transitory phase; a prison house from which you go into the sunlight and forget the darkness. Here you understand the Word, the Name which God has given you; the one Identity which all things share; the one acknowledgment of what is true. And then step back to darkness, not because you think it real, but only to proclaim its unreality in terms which still have meaning in the world that darkness rules.

Are you blaming another for what you feel? Who is your John the Baptist showing you the part of you that is ‘pained’?

Caller John, with Michele P, in Lansing MI. Relapsed addict, want to get a hooker and do crack-cocaine. Need to change his mind of looking at women as objects. michael offered it is probably based on himself being objectified instead of seeing himself as the pure being of Love. He said he has not felt that way for most of his life. michael said his experience has been his reality but it is not the truth and it can be dissolved. Asked who was the Power Person who druged and influenced you? Dad and older brother – mean and abusive. Do you know what happened to him that the beauty of him was lost?  The same as we were raised. So it is generational. You start one piece at a time doing your work – one assault, one thought, one pain at a time.  It truly has been your experience but it is not the truth of who you are.  Become the thinker apart from the thought, the actor apart from the action.

June 4



Caller Lucy walked through a worksheet by Dr Tim

Caller Linda R from HeartLand – the energy was palapable last night. Likes the small intimate group. Challenge to get people to identify from non-being mind. michael said the end result is to get everyone to experience love 24/7/365 but we have patterns that come up with noise and pain and trauma and we fall into identity with the non-being mind. Dual process: strengthen the ability to keep love present and remove hostility and fear. Challenge to step back from non-being and be observer of non-being and strengthen the presence of who you are.

Caller Julie H. regarding being in the protective mode. Quote by Einstein “You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war. The very prevention of war requires more faith, courage, and resolution than are needed to prepare for war. We must all do our share, that we may be equal to the task of peace.”  so you cannot be in love and hostility and fear simultaneously.

Question on Rakhma being the ‘gateway’ to the mind of Christ – mind of Love.

Caller Magda, she and Chuck having healing crisis, hold space.

Caller Roma, when she teaches Why Again she has issues, her mother went to teaching when things got rough and she did not have her present for herself and she swore she would never be a teacher.

June 5

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The first 15 minutes of the show, reset for continuation.

Caller Lucy continues with a wake-up sheet with Dr Tim.

Caller Linda R. asks for continuation of the Rakhma filter. Jeanie explained the filters of the mind

Caller Linda W. asks about “holding someone accountable” yet stay in Love.  Practice Practice Practice

The environment here makes it easier to look at the parts of myself that I don’t like. The support is fabulous!

Watched “May I Be Frank” documentary by Cafe Gratitude perfect example of the process

Caller Susan in PA shared a call/ experience from her daughter and a man who passed on and sensing the angels. Being conscious in passing.  A discussion on people who say they do not believe in God, they actually do not believe in the “monster” but ask them if they have looked in the face of a newborn – that is God (Love).

Caller Nancy shared “don’t treat me like a child” feeling of insignificant, not honored, treat with respect (as an adult) instead of suppression. Want to have a say so – be heard.  Have a whole story in my head. michael asked how has it unfolded like it did with your sister? similar “behind my back behavior” remember hostility filter is a threatening reality. MindShifter: It is safe and healing for me to be an hostility free being.  Built a wall of protection around me and prevents growth mode.

Caller Peter “so that I can…” ended with then I get it all. Life is a competition and something wrong with me.

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Dr Tim had a caller Ed (edy1 in chatroom, anonymous on call) questioning … we are asking people to be shown by the higher power.  He said “My goal is to offer missing pieces not often considered. The “SECRET CITY PROPHECIES” must become a part of all men’s awareness as a prompting FORCE.  Where the concept of THE KURTI is missing, the thoughts of men are left yet unstable.” michael said he his not here to provide a platform for another to teach their belief system. If you have a question we can support you in then great.

Caller Marlene sent a responsibility communication letter to her son and is anxious.

michael described a healing process.

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June 10



Dr Tim discusses having access only of the child memories and not the present adult coping mechanisms. May 10th was triggered and felt fear and got in touch with a memory of being 14 and being caught lying. A particular flavor never looked at before. want to be constantly willing to do the work. Always be able to be triggered. The hostiity and  fear is the alarm system. Endless potential energy.

Jeanie spoke towards whether you can simultaneously pardon and hold another accountable. michael explained the apology tool to stay in relationship with agreement of doing differently.  Bob in chatroom “it would be amazing if all relationships were actually conscious contracts instead of being based on assumptions of future behavior.”

michael expressed the fun day yesterday with the group.

Caller Susan B spoke of Alan Cohen’s book on ailments and messages. she has a pain in her neck. michael shared his ‘hate muscle’ experience

Caller Bob from Australia shared the messages he bought into as a child and how he moved past it to heal. As William Ernest Henley said “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” He wrote a letter to his Mom and she said it helped her to address her childhood issues

Caller William (Kenny)

Caller Julie H asked about wording ‘I am tired’ or ‘low energy’? michael offered ‘I need to rest’

michael explained healing

June 11



June 12



Dr Tim speaking with Dodie Corcoran on Craniosacral therapy which is a form of bodywork or alternative therapy using gentle touch to palpate the joints of the cranium to the sacrum.
She will be at Unity of Rockford, 4381 Manchester Drive, Rockford, IL 61109 presenting for one event “Healing the Family Soul Experience Family Constellations”
More information: 815-337-5704 email: Susan B. commented on Michelle yesterday and the fabulous job she did, what an experience. Then asked about “carrying our family on our shoulders” michael explained how everything in nature preserves and just like getting our eyes or complexion or actions from a parent we get the genetic issues too. That is why we do forgiveness work to remove that which is less than love.Jeanie briefly shared the frustrations today with Arya. Admitted she could see this is when a child could be hurt.  To observe herself and the situation and hold the space.

Caller Angie, her daughter graduated high school and things have been busy but good. She was young having her daughter at 18 and off-handedly said she could see why people would shake a baby
her parents used it against her and they took her daughter to raise themself and the drama later with her son and his dad
frustration and perpetuate it. michael gave a MindShifter: “Whenever an energy arrives in my life that brings shock I remember to breathe, stay conscious, and process thru the energy.”

Caller Linda W. Shared her experience at Heartland, surrounded by this loving support, the healing she could not do on her own.

Lightness in chatroom said she went to get her mail and a wasp had built a nest and she got stung. michael suggested honey to draw the swelling and pain.

June 13



ACIM “The holy instant is the Holy Spirit’s most useful learning device for teaching you love’s meaning. For its purpose is to suspend judgment entirely. Judgment always rests on the past, for past experience is the basis on which you judge. Judgment becomes impossible without the past, for without it you do not understand anything. You would make no attempt to judge, because it would be quite apparent to you that you do not understand what anything means. You are afraid of this because you believe that without the ego, all would be chaos. Yet I assure you that without the ego, all would be love.”  The holy instant is the feeling driven instant when awareness is returned to truth.

Jeanie said it was a real example for her of holding love present while watching her frustration come forward. Admitting to knowing this is when someone without tools would or could “shake the baby” out of their frustration. Yet she could breathe and cancel the goal and be the ‘observer’ in the situation and yet experience the feeling at the same time. After looking at the situation, Arya is probably experiencing growing pains (she’s sleeping 13 hrs a night and eating twice as much as normal) and she could not express her pain except to cry.

Dr Tim shared his experience when presenting his dissertation (for his Doctorate of Psychology) and being rejected, of being able to be aware of the energy of anger and understand potential behaviors and yet not give in to it.

michael explained the file-folder effect (linked files even generationally) that runs perceptions, decisions and behaviors.  To be the thinker apart from the thought, the actor apart from the actions, the observer of the situation.  Forgiveness breaks the link.  Jeanie’s sharing triggered another caller who lost the custody of her child because she made the same statement. Then the day before Michele shared doing a worksheet on Michael being late for the show which led to issues around self-protection and control. She had conflicts with her stepdaughter (whose parents divorced 6 months in utero) – what went on during conception and development.  michael processed not being present in Virginia to support Jeanie and touched into his mother and her support of him when he was growing up. michael was the fussy baby and his uncle goaded his mother into holding his face under water to make him quit crying and how his mother shared her grief over doing that. Then look at “The Ghost in Your Genes” that Arya carries.  Gabby’s mom came from the Philipines (married military man) and not speaking the language well and was left with two babies. Her son (Gabby’s brother) was killed by a bebe gun.  Jeanie’s mom told in an intensive how she was raised by a single mom and 7-10 yrs old was left in the movie theater while her mom worked and how she hid in the bathroom to escape molestation by a man. Then a former military man at HeartLand that night processed being tortured by his own men.  These unresolved traumas impact our perceptions, decisions and behaviors.

Caller Ann from FL. First chance in 3 weeks (her husband transitioned) she’s been able to call in. This loving support on this show is so crucial. Her daughter, son-in-law and 2 dogs are living with her right now. Back when her mom passed a person moved into the home and began changing things and now it is happening in her own house. The stress builds. The rapid changes that happen and not at her own pace.  The two events are linked. michael said to do the worksheets around it and cancel goals before talking with the family, the unconscious dynamics from all involved will impact each of their realities. She shared the experience of his transition. Thank you for the support during this time. She realizes that she wanted to leave and yet did not take action on it (like previously said).

Caller asked about being ‘glad his Father is not there’ and is that a bad thing? His father was brutal and yes he treated them the way his parents treated him. michael shared about a Morman lady at HeartLand who had a brutal father growing up and when processing she touched into him asking to be released, her hate locked him in and he could not leave. She was freed as he was. Get back to the experience of love and open the generational patterns of abuse so the future generations are free. Clean up the hostility and fears and return to the love you are.

June 14



Caller Linda W. question on being an empath

Caller Patrick shared his healing at HeartLand so far (emotionlly and physically)

Caller Tim B. judged for not being up to the task at hand. MindShifter: People in my world are always nurturing supportive and caring especially if Im acting like a clutz.

Caller Karen in KY. Her friend, Shelly, told her about the work, new to this. Just divorced after 28 years. Had Bariatric surgery and can’t do wine or eat much so two of her “anesthetics” are gone. She looked at dating sites and it is crazy. CoDependent with her former who was an addict, stayed with him partly so she would not be alone.  michael explained cancelling the goal (forgiveness). michael directed her to the Purpose worksheet and explained it.  When aligned and on purpose life is alive and joy.

Caller Brad, joyful on the upside of healing. Not being listened to. Energy shift.

Caller Magda – having teeth extracted.

June 15



June 16



June 17



Dr Tim speaks with caller Camille, looking for someone who is willing to do their work in a relationship.  “The Verbally Abusive Relationship” by Patricia Evans Also,

Lisa Nichols “Find Your Way Back”

Jeanie added her personal experience of abuse and why she stayed for 3 years instead of getting out sooner.  Dr Tim reminded her to let go of the “I should have…” it is a way to hold onto the false beliefs that generate conclusions about ourself.

Caller Roma having a hard time. Know we don’t have to die but part of her says that is not true. And she does not want to stay in this body.  She was sabatoged by the group she had set up. Emotion code – resource based on vibrational frequency. Betrayal came up in the process. Jeanie reminded her it is a past pained experience being overlaid on a present event. And the scripture says there will not be more put on us than we are able to bear, this is what we speak towards that we will not see an issue if we are not vital enough to face it.  michael spoke of what is in us just triggered by the external.  Rage has underlying hurt.

A man spoke of not being able to go up the steps at his son’s condo without stopping 3 times and after getting to HeartLand and processing through a lot of issues, he is able to go up the hill with his dog twice the other day.  Handling the energetic patterns that impacts tissue.

Caller William (aka Kenny, changed to his adult name instead of his childhood nickname, different vibration) asked if telling someone to not ‘should’ on themself is covert? michael said our words are creative and we need to use words accurately to create what we want. He shared doing the StillPoint Breathing in Birmingham and Jeanie holding his head and telling him to soften that she had him .. beginning of trust.

Caller Tim B. driving at night and anxious.  This is a repeat issue. michael asked him what his level of anxiety would have been before and now.  He said a 9 and a 7.  Making progress. MindShifter: “When driving by GPS at night, I have total confidence and am totally competent. And everyone approves of the way I drive.”

Caller Elena in Connecticut, trying to figure out her career and love life. How to balance both without being overwhelmed.  Jeanie explained how the worksheet changed her direction in life. Energy system aligns when we live ‘on purpose’.  Can read michael’s purpose statement under “About michael” and read Jeanie’s under “About Jeanie”

If I am not a happy healer then there is something in me that needs to change.

Caller Susan B., ACIM talking about level confusion.  Physiology is not primary. Correct confusion on cause level and the effect level will shift. CIA reference:  There are energetic interactions that will support or inhibit the healing process (ie lemon water w/ cayenne pepper assist in elimination and junk food hinders it)

June 18



Caller Lucy – can’t seem to get anywhere. Anxiety is the same.  Suggest: Wim Hof Breathing technique is oxygenating more, energizing. Dr Tim says do not wait until you are triggered to use the breath work or a wake-up sheet.  Change the awareness of your physiology and where you carry your stress. Break the physical cycle.

michael discusses respons-ability being different than cause for what happens in your space.  You are in resonance and draw events into your life but that does not mean you are the cause for what behavior another does.  Ask your question!  Einstein said If given only 1 hr to save the world, or his life depending on the iterpretation, that he would spend 55 minutes asking the question or defining the problem and then solve it in 5 minutes.

Jeanie shared an ahha moment around the incident with Arya is that the baby was helpless to say what was wrong and Jeanie’s frustration was around being helpless to do what was needed (and do it right).

Look at the reflection of our own internalized issue and project it onto someone outside of ourself.  The group at HeartLand did the CoDependence worksheet last night, see the advice they would give another they are attempting to get close enough to give the advice to themself.

Hold the space of love for Patrick Quinn and his healing.

Question how to practice going back and forth between something feared or angered and active love simultaneously?  Learn to bring love forward.  It also has to do with focus. Our choice to walk water or sink in the midst of our storm.

Caller Peter. Is it really simultaneous?  michael said we are not talking about the filters but about staying connected to love while the mind is doing something else. Experience your Being while observing your mind’s action. Scriptures speaks of the master bound by the servant (the body is to serve the Being).  Are the filters of Love, Fear and Hostility all part of the programmed mind? Yes that is part of the Body Mind unit and then there is the true Being that we are.  Be the Thinker apart from the thought, the Feeler apart from the feelings and the Actor apart from the action. Can see that the “mind” is different than the Being!  Jeanie said this was the first experience this strongly felt and I’ve lived with the teacher for 15 years. It takes practice.  michael spoke of the inertia bound mind.

Caller John, has something in my mind that has not happened but it is in my mind. michael offered this is the stage you can dissolve it now while it is at the thought level before it comes into the manifestation level. Gave the example of an architect making a change while it is just on paper in design than waiting until it is a finished project already built.  A lot less energy to correct at thought level.  You can leave it sitting in your mind until it manifests and then it will take more energy. John said he can see how it is related to his father and his spouse (rejection) and now showing up with his friends. michael said you may have to do 77×70 wake-up sheets around this perennial issue.  MindShifter: “It is easy and healing for me to express fully because people are always there for me and cherish me.”

June 19



Jeanie asked michael to continue the conversation about the difference in holding the space, the filter of Love and just being Love.

Caller Peter – I choose Love seems an active act instead of just BEING, that just happens is not choice. A practiced mind to develop the skill. Fake it until you make it? Build the ‘beingness’ muscles.

Caller Joan, explain setting the goal to manage my goals? The Mind Goal Management worsheet, it is a 5th goal, to commit to the goal to continue using the tools. Building brain cells and when they are solid enough they will be yours.  She said the CoDependence worksheet was powerful to reveal more about herself. Peter added, when he cancelled the goals at night did not feel he really cancelled, shifted to a goal to go to sleep, did not work. Speak to the inability to cancel the goal.  michael spoke of the game where you squeeze the broomstick really hard and then attempt to open your hand and it is almost impossible. A lifetime of holding tightly to goals, attachment to the goals and not knowing how to cancel, it is an old habit and will take practice over time to let go of goals. It is safe to cancel the goal and create something different. Catch the mind at the games it plays. Peter shared the energy of needing to please his Mom.

Caller Magda, spoke of a practice to connect to Love. Experience being in Love so the Love would be in me.

June 20



June 21



Dr Tim walks caller Rose through cancelling a goal to be more patient. Asks her ‘how old do you feel?” Jeanie spoke to her having willingness to do the worksheets instead of avoiding.  Break the cycle of upset by going to a safe image in your mind (of nature by ocean for her, she did not have a good memory of a newborn).  Use all 5 senses in the image.

michael spoke about the file folder effect

explanation of conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind

Everybody in the world acknowledges and admires me as I accomplish at my highest

June 22



June 23





June 24



Caller Jack.

Dr Tim spoke with Christina on safety.  What is it you are using to create the conclusion that there is a danger in being your true self? It is the interpretation we place on an event that we create an illusion and say it is real.  Tim used the example of a silver-white Christmas tree with a light and filters of red, blue and green that changes the appearance. That is Rakhma and Khooba, hostility and fear filters. Words are used to speak towards something but this work and the tools is to usher us into a new experience. Loving and productive experience of Life. The HeartLand gang called in.  Link to the filters of the mind

Caller Roma will be presenting this work to another leader, excited about the potential.

Jeanie spoke of an exercise to ‘bring yourself present’ instead of getting lost in the emotion of a past experience (which is overlaid like a filter over a present event).

Caller Michele called in to relieve the tension of no callers. LOL.

Caller Roma called back in and asked how did the ‘newborn’ part come into being on the worksheet?

michael read from the Course it is crucial to look upon your hatred and know its full extent. You keep it hidden because of fear of what it covers. Hostility is always a drug to anesthisize against pain.

Discussion of God (Love) and punishment (or none) and the Laws of Living. Understanding the laws to move within them instead of colliding with them.

Jeanie added that the part michael read from the Course explains why on the worksheet you have to let go (cancel) the goal THEN ask Rukha to assist. We have free will and can hang on as long as we want. michael added the process of willing to let go.

A lady was physically abused and removed herself from her partner for her own safety and one of her challenges is Love for Others. How can she think loving thoughts toward him and yet remain separate? The gift is for her not him.  Compassionate thought might be ‘what have you been through that leads you to this kind of abuse?’ michael gave the example of the child behind the dumpster who is kicking and scratching in fear when you attempt to get them out (to save them). Would you go into hostility toward the child?

June 25



Dr Tim discussed how we create illusions about ourselves and others and adds energy to the thought and convince ourself it is real.

michael suggests one watch the Ted Talk with Anil Seth our perception is not accurate.

CIA research shows the mind generates reality it does not record it

Go to our YouTube Channel and watch ACIM: What Is The World: How to Forgive  The world of false perception disappears when forgiveness takes place. Forgiveness is the removal of anything less than love.

Illusion means ‘measured’ – what you measure in is what will reflect out.  It does not mean it does not exist.  If you have measured in Hostility and fear then your perception will be based on that foundation. It is what lies back of and superior to your reality.

Awareness of your BEING (Love) is blocked out by the hostility and fear but it is always there and safe. Perception is a construct and projection is act of taking your content and turning it into the world you see.

How can you tell if you are living in Love? Look at your fruit … we are by nature creators.

Power Point Presentation of Aramaic Forgiveness

Lightness in the chatroom shared a sweet & blissful dream.

Caller Julie M. from Oregon. Not on the porch but on the fence. LOL. She is looking at coming to Teachers’ Training July 1 – 9

Caller Jurate, on the porch of HeartLand, shared her deep healing experience for her yesterday.  She had guilt come up around taking the time from class. The amazing space everyone held for her. When she opened her eyes and saw the love coming from everyone was moving.  She did not expect that kind of opening to happen.  She was able to experience fear she did not know she had, held in her stomach. True experience of it all being energy and what she felt physically moved when she let go of the memories from when she was younger.  “What you bring forward from within you will save you and what you refuse to bring forward will kill you.” Energetic patterns held in tissue must be processed out.

Caller Joan, it was obvious that Jurate was not alone in the processing when you look around the room. One woman shared she had depression and multiple attempts of suicide and when she did the breathwork she felt something ‘dark’ leave her and has not been depressed since.

The unresolved pain that is not looked at is experienced daily until it is removed. Experienced as an emotional outburst or ‘aging & degeneration’ and not seeing the link from long ago. Willing to step into the space and process it out and be finished with it. Not Dr. Feelgood but necessary to heal.

June 26



Dr. Tim spoke of people like Mandela who chose to be love regardless what his guards did. Also read from The Gentle Art of Blessing by Pierre Pradervand, the story about the man in concentration camp who appeared healthy than anoy others.  He was previously a lawyer and said, “In my practice I had seen too often what hate could do to people’s minds and bodies.  Hate had just killed the six people who mattered most to me in the world.  I decided then that I would spend the rest of my life–whether it was a few days or many years–loving every person I came in contact with.” Love is what kept him physically & mentally & emotionally well in these terrible circumstances.

Spoke about our alarm system which will tell you if it is a false perception based in hostility and fear.

Caller Susan B. asked about the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of healing.  Questioning results from confusion which is part of healing. The non-being mind will try to ‘figure it out’ which is the psuedo solution.  PDF of the Symptoms of Healing.

Dr Tim told the first of three stories from Guy Finley (from Guy’s ‘Talks in the Pines’) talk: willingness is the key, to look inside and realize what you feel is inside.  Our CBM thoughts, beliefs and conclusions that create a false perception.  We think someone or something outside of us is the cause of the turmoil inside. False conclusion that takes mental, emotional and physical health to hold onto it. Visit

Dr Tim has created and tap into where Dr Tim has a Blog, info on Support Groups and Educational material as well as podcasts and links to many audios.

Jeanie shared re-experiencing side pleurisy (inflamation and infection between lungs and ribs) during an intensive in Costa Rica.  The original offense was when she was 19 yrs old.  Symptomatically it looks the same on the way out as it did on the way in.  Not Dr Feelgood but healing happens.  Within about 6 hrs was back to normal whereas when 19 it took weeks to ‘get over it’.

Will put a PDF on the website of the symptoms of healing and how to determine if it is a dis-ease process or a healing crisis.

michael spoke of the film “May I Be Frank” and what his healing crisis looks like. One of the intensive participants (Joan) went through a healing crisis and touched into memory of long ago and came out the other side.  Drugs never heal though there are places they are useful in crisis management.  But that is a stop-gap measure not healing.

Every bed is filled at Heartland.  Last night during intermission, Nancy led a crew into the kitchen and turned a huge chocolate ball into truffles.  The willingness is amazing. Within 20 hrs of the beginning there was a major opening. The flow is there and people are tapping into the energy. Very sweet and nice.

michael shared a lady in an intensive a few years ago who had migrains and throwing up the first 3 days, the minute she recalled her past stress migrains then she felt better.

The conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind – we are not designed to have an unconscious mind but that is where we hide what we dissociate from in order to blame another. Forgiveness allows us to drop into the unconscious

Caller John, been doing this work for a short time but is still on anti-depressants. How to come off?  michael said work with your medical doctor who put you on the anti-depressants to wean you off.  The purpose of Aramaic forgiveness is designed to remove your pain (energetic patterns that creates anxiety and depression).  Dr Tim agreed.

Caller Lucy (from HeartLand) reflecting on Nelson Mandela and Gandhi who choose to suffer and yet stay connected to love.  Apparently she is choosing to suffer unconsciously but what is she missing that she hasn’t gotten past it even though she’s doing all the work?  michael referred to the game of holding the broom stick and then trying to let go, it has been generations holding on and recognize it is a process.  Is there a benefit to your being the victim?  michael noted that she had Dad come in and fix it for her growing up and perhaps she is still waiting on someone to fix it for her. It takes practice.  Dr Tim referred to she talks about the inner therapist, if my habit is so strong to push against it then it is hard to let go but a step towards letting go is recognizing and be willing for it to come back and ask to choose anew. MindShifter: “It is safe and healing for me to be joyful and loving every moment of my day.”

Jeanie added to look at it being her ‘drug of choice’ to be the victim to not look at what is underneath or face the pain.

Lucy did a mindshifter around her daughter but what went on the pages was hours … can she have closure or does she continue?  michael said strengthen faculty of choice. Choose to do something different and change her thinking.  Go back over the mindshifter and be aware of each thing that surfaces and apply the appropriate tool, may be a wake-up sheet or may be responsibility communication or another mindshifter or breathe.

Update on Patrick Quinn. Came to HeartLand yesterday and stayed at Chuck & Magda’s last night but feels like he needs more support and is returning to the rehab in Mt. Home.

June 27



Dr Tim said he looks for the similarities among different teachings where some people want to look at and argue the differences.

Caller Michele shared her going through each lesson in The Way of Mastery repeatedly until she ‘gets it’ fully.

Purpose, Personal Power & Commitment is the topic for this morning at HeartLand Jeanie explained the worksheet and the idea behind finding your Purpose.  michael added we are by nature creators and we are designed to create energetically, consciously our lives. (note: you can read michael and Jeanie’s purpose statements on the website under “About Jeanie” and “About michael”

All the tools can be downloaded from

Genesis talks of the creation of ‘human beings (created in the image of God – Love)’ and then the creation of their ‘bodies’ (the expression). Then the Creator breathed Napsha (the soul) into Adomos (the body). The generational patterns are passed down in the body.  Aligning with your purpose as a created human being gives personal power.

Suggest watch the movie “Gods and Generals” by Turner Broadcast (it is said he was a history buff and stayed pretty accurate to truth). There is a quote “If the North triumphs, it is not alone the destruction of our property. It is the prelude to anarchy, infidelity…the loss of free and responsible government. It is the triumph of commerce.” Just something to be aware of and forgive anything it triggers.

Jeanie shared finding a massage therapist and the ladies were aware of ‘crystals’ in the body tissue holding thoughts and emotions and that when they are massaging if one of those crystals lets go the client may start crying and not have a conscious thought about it.  michael then spoke of mind energy becoming cellular ‘chemistry’ and gave the example of a young man in the intensive experiencing rage and blaming another but then ‘hugging the toilet’ – you get the original of the energy you hold and they get a carbon copy of the expression.  Forgiveness is not Pardoning (letting one off the hook).

Caller Jurate sitting on porch with Lucy. Talk about how Peter’s process impacted her. With everyone doing the work we can get closer to the essence of Rakhma.  Peter had spoke about acknowledging his need to be special. We are all special and yet we need to humbly bring it out.  She felt heartache and told Peter about a story when she was a child and her father was accused of doing something and could not document proof and had to do a working jail.  Other children left at home but her mother would take her with her because she was only 2 or 3, her mom was fearful. michael said that is a powerful insight.  Do a wake-up sheet as a child of 2 or do one as if she were her mom. Originally did not connect to fear but when young was afraid to be home alone.

Caller Lucy thinking of purpose. New awareness. Ready to release victimhood.  michael said this is all part of achieving the Primary Purpose and then everyone has an individual secondary purpose.  William James (father of psychology) speaks of purpose.

Chatoom: “Anger is symptom of hate, these are negitive feelings from the flesh, The flesh is to be eliminated and the spirit is to be focused on.” michael said it is not the flesh itself that has flaws but what we have put into it or what has been inherited that sourced the energies that were/are off the mark and physiology feeds it back to us.

June 28



Host for the whole 2 hours: Dr Tim Hayes

Dr Tim explains what a MindShifter Support Group is and how to create it with limited expenses and experience.  Print off a chapter of the book and worksheets. Set a time and place to meet.  Dr Tim has one in Woodstock on Tuesday nights and Crystal Lake on Thursday nights. By end of August he has been facilitating a Support Group for 15 years and for 5 years been 2 groups a week.  Can listen to the archives of the Thursday Group which is accessible via Zoom (

Suggest and listen to “The Impersonal Life” by Joseph S Benner. Also, The Way of Mastery gentler version of ACIM. Listen to different perspectives get a greater depth of understanding: pyschological, physical, physics, theological, science.

Discussion of the dynamic in the mind connecting the process of speech that is revelatory. Words will reveal to you the parts you have been denying and suppressing. What interpretation we put on an experience and the more mind energy added to it will utilize creative energy.  Conscious creation – want to know what you are creating? Look at your life (the fruit). If I think I know it is only partially true, open to the range of possibilities.  Tools for free download

“A Man’s Search for Meaning”  by Viktor Frankl or “Love Made Visible” a composition of letters from Roger McGowen ( or Mandella – all remaining LOVE even though imprisioned.  McGowen says “What if everything in my life happened for a reason? – and so begins a journey of spiritual awakening.” The Swiss author Pierre Pradervand wrote a book, Messages of Life from Death Row, a compilation of some of the letters Roger wrote to Pierre and a few pen-pals during the years 1990-2009. ACIM says “there is no place so sacred as where an ancient hatred becomes a present love.” We can turn destructive into constructive if we allow love flow.

Gratitude. What does divine want of me? Jeanie spoke of her still small voice exercise she uses in the Women’s Intensives. Like the cartoon where the angel is on one shoulder and the devil on the other and both are talking, what do we listen to? Dr Tim added the world provides many things we can choose to use as distractions but we have the choice to do different.

Dr Tim had a client who is intellectual and it is a trap for her, solidifies the problem. Must find motivation to do the healing work. Disruptive and painful to allow the energy to come back out. Motivation to go through that process. Willingness to feel and breathe and understand none of this is life or soul threatening. Way of Mastery says the dark night of the ego – ego must go away for sould to come into full expression. Ego does not want to see itself accurately – that it is a constellation of false beliefs.

Caller Roma, in general in the world there are major shifts, in the midst of a miracle: never a ‘toucher’ not safe to connect with others. Not allowed to feel anger until in her 20s, her therapist said he got her to feel anger but could not get her beyond that.  Jeanie reminded her that anger covers pain and fear and she mentioned her fear so face and deal with that and the anger will dissolve. Dr Tim added we have to face what the ego thinks is a risk, there is no risk in turning light on the dark. Nothing of value can be added and nothing of value can be taken away.  It is already there it is a lack of awareness that we create separation and pain and discomfort.

We have been trained to believe that our senses are accurate.  “Rookha d’Koodsha – A feminine, elemental force in humans that breaks off the effect of errors and teaches truth. A force for that which is proper for humans.”  Rukha is not experienced with the 5 senses.


June 29



June 30





June 31





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