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ACIM lesson 181 “I trust my brothers, who are one with me.”

July 3



ACIM lesson 182 “I will be still an instant and go home.”

July 4



An error when it comes to separation or unity.  When the basis begins in error then all following thought is in error. Science says if you think you are separate or separated then you are living in an optical delusion. (Einstein)

ACIM lesson 183 “I call upon God’s Name and on my own.” and ACIM lesson 184 “The Name of God is my inheritance.” – you live by symbols, we ‘see’ bodies and thus we are removed from the BEING each one truly is and then give them a name, now symbol of symbols – twice removed from the true being.

ACIM lesson 185 “I want the peace of God.”  Happy 4th Celebrations!

Dr Tim discussions in Support Group, triggered to upset, want to keep their anger, etc. Good examples given of their experience not being of escape or as a drug.  Dr Tim said in his experience it is best to be in clarity of mind and calmness. They listened to a June archive and clarified points.

Caller Sam from AR, we had a great visit in Branson on Sunday. She spoke about people who get stuck and don’t think they can move out of it.  Ignore the labels.  Everything is energy and it can be changed.  Shared about a friend who has passed and one of his cousins said he had a psychiatric problem and Sam explained it had to do with his inability to handle the anger within and let go of the label of being mental.  She also explained the Power Person and how everyone behaves out of those dynamics.  Unhealed pain not labeling and the willingness was not there to keep going.  michael said it was a motivator to keep getting the tools into people’s hands until we create critical mass.  michael offered his gratitude for Sam using the tools and being such support for this work.

People want freedom to do without consequences….that is not possible!  We have Liberty to do what we choose. Understanding that there is a result that happens from the engagement that does not yield to out demands. Eternal Forces in the universe (the Law) is not a set of rules to follow. Nothing to be ‘broken’ but the behaviors and choices will have results.  Decision is automatic resonance from the past while choice is a higher spiritual faculty to bring something forward from connectedness.

July 4th is about a group of people who came together, breaking off from the rules of a king, and moving into the space of Liberty. The choice to live as Love 24/7/365 means you get to look at everything less than Love that is in you. 

The APP will be going through a change, an error in the printing of the PDF was discovered, so if there are any qlitches you know please email 

July 5



ACIM lesson 186 “Salvation of the world depends on me.”  The change in the world we see is dependant on us. “Who [Y’Shua], being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God. Yet remained humble.” Phillipians 2:6

Dr Tim shared the theme today is self-loathing. Amazing how many people fit the standard of high intelligence, physical beauty and accomplishment in life and yet the image they hold of themselves is nearly the opposite.  How to dismantle the false beliefs?  Breath is critical.  And these tools are actual and practical.

You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and bumps into you, making you spill your coffee everywhere. Why did you spill the coffee? You spilled the coffee because there was coffee in your cup. Had there been tea in the cup, you would have spilled tea. The point is whatever is inside the cup is what will spill out. So, when life comes along and shakes you, whatever is inside will come out. You can fake it until rattled. What is in my cup? When life gets tough what spills out? Joy, gratefulness, peace and humility or anger, bitterness, harsh words and reactions? You choose. Work towards filling your cup with gratitude and forgiveness and joy, words of affirmation, kindness and love for others.

Jeanie post on Facebook: You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and bumps into you, making you spill your coffee everywhere. Why did you spill the coffee? You spilled the coffee because there was coffee in your cup. Had there been tea in the cup, you would have spilled tea. The point is whatever is inside the cup is what will spill out. So, when life comes along and shakes you, whatever is inside will come out. You can fake it until rattled. What is in my cup? When life gets tough what spills out? Joy, gratefulness, peace and humility or anger, bitterness, harsh words and reactions? You choose. Work towards filling your cup with gratitude and forgiveness and joy, words of affirmation, kindness and love for others.

michael shared about Brad going home and he was holding such different energy than when he left that now his mother wants to come next year.

Caller Yolanda from Wilmington, working through some things an making an effort to get through what has scared me.  michael asked something outside you? she rephrased triggered the fear in me.  Feared the pain she knew would come forward. Heard michael tell a story last week, a man who was melancholy most of his life because he was told when his mother was sick that if he prayed hard enough she’d be healed, but she died.  This was her own life story. She knows she does not want to look at it but she is in pain anyway so she’s working on worksheets. Yolanda attempted to make Mom happy and took on the aspects of her problem because she was energetic and her mom was depressed. Questions herself.  When she feels good there is a shutoff valve that says can’t be too happy (linked to bad).  michael gave a MindShifter: “It is safe & healing, and everybody (especially Mom), approves of my aliveness, my vitality and my vivaciousness.”  What you refuse to look at becomes the filter through which everything passes. It becomes what you see through.  Yolanda also asked for assistance with not wanting to blame Mom because she did the best she could.  The MindShifter kicked in the memory of being a small child and finding a pocketbook with $5 and being so excited and because she wouldn’t calm down her mom made her throw it away.  The vengence thoughts that followed.  This is the shutoff valve around being too happy.  (explained the MS process)  michael invited her to go back to the excitement of finding the pocketbook, breathe into the state and tap thumb and two fingures together and count 3-2-1. Now anytime something less is going on just touch your thumb and fingers and count 3-2-1.

Person in chatroom said it reminded her of when she came to this country to study and when she went back home her Mom had given her things away without asking her what she wanted to keep.  Breathe into the feeling of your things being given away and cancel the goal for “Mom to honor me by keeping my things and taking care of them for me.” Ask for Rukha’s support. MindShifter: “It is safe & healing for me to feel the joy of full aliveness even when the things in my life are gone.”  Decide to be happy without things.  MindShifter#2: “I easily process through the feelings of loss if things are taken from me.” And go back to the link with the record player from your uncle and tap into the experience of being so cherished and tap your thumb and fingers to remind you of the resource of enthusiasm and joy.

Caller Brenda, got her arm xrayed (where she fell while at FFF&W) and it was broken, she is in a cast. Surprised but felt the ortho-bionomy helped. Then shared about the legal case and the statements that were made to the media that were not factual. Interesting that the other side are putting out statements to restrict Brenda and her son’s reactions. The attorneys are doing what they don’t want others to do. In spite of opposition trying to make them the wrong ones, holding the space instead of vengence.

July 6



ACIM lesson 187 “I bless the world because I bless myself.”

Dr Tim shared from their Support Group. Delight to have the format to present the material to people. On my mind, idea of what people refer to as serious mental health issues. Working with a client whose son has been diagnosed with all kinds of issues at 25 years old. My purpose is to help the parent remain functional while dealing with their adult child. Feel very intense responsibility and want to shield their child. Use of these tools allows me to do that consistently and productively…more than other training.

Jeanie shared what her client just told her that she had done personal development since she was 16 trying to figure out her crazy internal life. She has worked with coaches and people (world reknown) but Wednesday’s session was amazing! It put it all together.  And the impact of dizzy afterwards tapped into the migraines she used to have.  But she slept and took care of herself.

michael reminded us that we cannot generate actuality about the reality in the mind until we build the braincells.

Caller Yolanda, another piece that came from yesterday’s conversation, growing up she was not allowed to feel pretty and in terms of self-care is negligent, not taking care of self or ‘fixing self up’ and does not want attention.  michael suggested doing worksheets as if she was her mother, vicariously for her as her, being assaulted, etc. That would result in not wanting to look good.  MindShifter: “It is safe & healing for me to be a purely sexual being and I always get respect, support and caring for that.”  Once it is safe to look good then I will create an aura of respect instead of preditors.

Dr Tim added work on the MindShifter and when you can honestly say it in every situation then you will have done a big piece of work. A good starting place, daily do the Love Exchange with yourself in the mirror. So many people say they don’t really ‘look at themself’.  michael added to also do a Love Exchange with her mother and every man in her life and her mother’s life.

michael suggested Marvel Comics movies seem to be adding a twist to the movies. The hero offers healing to his so called enemy. Hold people accountable yet with the mind of love, instead of the unhealed mind in hostility or fear.

Caller from Australia, Woof Radio, shared his Mom did not love him and thus he was unloveable and he wasn’t good enough and it was his fault. He wrote a letter explaining how it felt for him growing up, your loving son, tell me your story. She wrote back and explained her abusive childhood. He could understand and move from hate to love for Mom.  Then wrote to Dad.  Can’t wake anybody up or give advise, but can in integrity and love let my light shine! “As Master and Commander, I set my life purpose to be: To simply find my own truth, bang, got the big one out of the way!” Then his conscious intent to have a gentle loving life – the universe knows what to deliver.  He does not own a pair of shoes but walks barefoot.

Small private intensive on relationships … max 6 people … couples oriented group in late October in Outer Banks.

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michael described inhibitors and anti-inhibitors.

ACIM lesson 188 “The peace of God is shining in me now.”
ACIM lesson 189 “I feel the Love of God within me now.”
ACIM lesson 190 “I choose the joy of God instead of pain.”

Dr Tim shared gratitude for this work and moving to the next level.

michael shared a story about what spills out of the cup (or our life) is the content. When ‘squeezed’ what comes out of you? If you don’t like what comes out then change it.  Give up victimhood and blame and use the tools. 

Heartland Aramaic Forgiveness APP – announcement

Caller Doug B., doing work with phone thinking I can fix it but spend hours and hours on it and it evades me. Question I ask myself is: was that on purpose? Experience life and working on so many things and they overwhelm me…michael stopped him, denial to think they overwhelm you.  You have overwhelm in you and you set up things to trigger it in you.  Doug said he finds ‘reward’ in overcoming a problem but in the bigger picture all of this activity is keeping him from doing his purpose.  michael stopped him again, denial.  Avoid getting to his purpose.  Analogy of a game.  Life is driven towards something but as long as it is allusive it supplies him the energy to keep going.  But when it is within view he finds a reason to not complete.  michael said notice what you are pursuing is problems to solve because of the hit of dopamine when solved. The cycle becomes the excuse for not arriving where he says he wants to get. michael asked on a daily basis how many goals do you set that are 100% on purpose and how many just to solve problems for the dopamine hit. Doug said the excuse is he needs to do these things to get his goal. Tremendous aggravation, I have to do these things, such as critical house flooded, car broken, computer crashed…they are not on purpose at all.  Tension of confusion.  michael said yes those things need to be handled but set a portion of the day with 2 things that are 100% on purpose. Not reaching the goal is a great motivator to keep going but part of me doesn’t want to ‘arrive’ because it may not be what I thought. MindShifter: “It is safe and healing for me to totally fulfill my ultimate purpose in life and I can process through everything that will come up in acheiving it.” michael said do worksheets around wherever you got the idea that no matter what you do, you are going to fail so why bother. It is holding you from getting there.  MindShifter#2: “My mother, my father, my spouse, my church, _________, all approve of me and support me in my wholeness and the truth of my being as love.”

Dr Tim said his first thought or comment was to break the cycle of ‘got to figure this out’ – number one trap of non-being mind is to try to figure it out with the conscious mind and keeps us from asking to be shown and living in the mystery.

Caller Bob from Australia, quickly like to share – we are all unique and I am on my way to my goal which was to reach contentment.  I now live in the now – no watch – just in the flow.  Take total responsabiltiy for everything that happens in my life. Master and Commander.  I am here to have a gentle and abundant and loving life, no longer have to do, just content to BE a BEING.  The ‘Why?’ is in the past and the answer is now because there is a lesson to learn. Liberating to follow the inner-tutor (intuition).  It becomes better and loving and cooperative. 

Text came from Julie in Oregon, doing a wake-up sheet and got a new meaning for “BS” it is Belief System transforming to Being Shown 

Two week long intensives (7 days) in Kitty Hawk (Outer Banks) NC, October 27 – November 3 and November 3 – 10 – we have 7 bedrooms, space for 6 couples (or people willing to share space) to do a Relationship/CoDependence intensive and a Teachers’ Training intensive.

July 10



Jonas Salk quote: “Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors.”  These tools help us to become the best ancestor.

ACIM lesson 191 “I am the holy Son of God Himself.” Everyone is born as a child of Love an then the culture forces one into hostility or fear and letting go of being a creator of our world. People make decisions and choices. Decisions is only resonance from the past. Choice is a spiritual faculty.

Dr Tim revisited the conversation with his last client (18 yr old) and to come to terms with the idea he is creating his own emotions. He comes from a background of ‘reasoning’ things out. The one with the strongest reasoning wins the argument. So it is a challenge for him to buy into that another outside of him is not the cause but just the trigger. I take the negative emotions as an alarm system to tell me I am off the mark or focusing on the wrong 9-bits of information. So he could sit back calmly as this 18 year old pushed back. To ask to view the situation differently and what goals are distracting me.

Jeanie read an email from Camille in regards to yesterday’s conversation with Doug, and Jeanie read her own response to Camille that Doug admits his ‘non-purpose’ tasks are used to keep from following his true purpose.  michael said one of the ‘sneaky’ things about decisions is that they come from a space of denial (outside cause for internal feelings) such as Doug saying his ‘overwhelm’ is because of the tasks.  Forgive overwhelm and you can be one of the busiest people in the world and would stand as love and just do the next task without that feeling. Like the story yesterday, when life pushes and pulls, what spills out is what is inside. 

We are designed for an inspired life not a controlled life or driven life.

Caller Susan from PA, returning home from a family reunion.  Difference between the brain and the mind.  The brain is the physical organ in your head but the mind is not housed there…not limited to the physical. michael offered we are energy and not ‘physical’ and make a shift by changing your mind. Reality is an illusion, howbeit persistent.  Then she shared about Luke’s progress.

Caller Brenda. A friend chose to leave her body yesterday.  Triggered guilt, rage and Linda (from the morning call) offered to do wake-up sheets with her. Chance to do a lot of processing. michael said we support her in the grief, loss and separation.  Hold the space.  Reminisce how the lady was a wonderful person and given Brenda a lot of courage in her life.  She did the research of how much time following a stroke a person had to get help. Loved by all her patients.

Dr Tim offered it is a wonderful opportunity to discuss grief. Someone called in (from Colorado) and said they enjoyed their grief (cathartic). During that discussion michael talked about the process.  What if with my thoughts I have a construct of what it is like if we lose someone and build a vessel within our mind-body energy system and this contains the emotions an builds to full.  When we cry and dump it then there is a better feeling because it is now empty. Step into the possibility (with forgiveness process) that the vessel holding the pain can be removed and we can process in the moment when faced with a situation. What about holding the space of Love and send them on with love and caring?  michael said he plans to be here for eternity but if he doesn’t make it then send him off with a song and whistle and a love exchange. Instead of thinking of me with loss and grief I prefer you thinking of me with a smile and loving feelings. Shatter the container of loss and trauma. 

Announce intensives in Kitty Hawk in Oct/Nov

July 11



ACIM lesson 192 “I have a function God would have me fill.”  World brainwashes us to what it wants us to be as a commercial servant.  We have a Purpose. Go to this link and download the Purpose worksheet

Both of our phones were breaking up and our voices were intermittent so after 10 minutes we called the show.  Apologies and see you tomorrow.

The links to this show will not work as the 10 minutes was deleted.

July 12



Review of yesterday’s ACIM lesson 192 “I have a function God would have me fill.” since we were not very audible and called the show after 10 minutes.  Mention of movie “Gods & Generals” Jackson says, “If the North triumphs, it is not alone the destruction of our property; it is the prelude to anarchy, infidelity, the ultimate loss of free and responsible government on this continent. It is the triumph of commerce – the banks, factories.”

If you are not fulfilling your purpose then what good is life?  Rumi, “If you forget this then you will have done nothing with your life…”

Prayer in Aramaic is to set a trap for God. To be in alignment to capture the Love of God and then be the space that reflects that Love to the world.  The Lord’s Prayer was a set of instructions for being in alignment.

ACIM lesson 193 “All things are lessons God would have me learn.”  If you are not in alignment then there will be many lessons to learn.  Then the tool of forgiveness comes into play. Remember forgiveness is how to recapture your original spiritual essence (Love) it is not about pardoning the trigger for what you feel inside.

Dr Tim just barely missed rescuing the show yesterday. He got on as it said the show is over.  Today, blessed to do what he does and share the tools with people. Powerful Tuesday Support Group, very empassioned discussion about BS, are Spiritual teachers brainwashing us.  Even though I could take The Way of Mastery or ACIM and interpret it as saying ‘come follow me’ they are simply tools to support our process.  Then a lady who stepped into a worksheet process, deep process around not being heard. A very rich and powerful session.  The value of having a support group is fulfilling in moving myself forward – it takes commitment and follow through.

michael acknowledge Julie in Oregon for coming up with BS meaning Belief System but also Being Shown

Dr Tim shared a reading from one of his group, that sometimes a person comes upon a truth and decide to teach it to others and then sometimes will think they are the truth.  In this work we treasure and nurture the Truth. 

michael referred to The Truth and each person can have a truth.  Ask, who do the benefits and accolades go to? The person receiving or giving the information?  This is to support others in doing their work and each receiver getting the benefit of their work.

Caller Hoca, from Laws of Living with Susan Darnell.  Had revelations, etc but then when class was over my life turned upside down, lost my job, found another job but have been out of work for a week (tight muscle spasms) and got kicked out by roommate and looking for a place to live.  The roommate is the one who introduced me to this work but living together has been frustrating.  michael pointed out that her frustration and overwhelm are not outside of her. They are inside, so denying that might tighten things up. Intensive work and things move, then put the block on will tighten.  Embrace what is inside and the muscles will soften. Sounds like a healing process.  Dr Tim added, in the moment. Use all the tools.  She asked, at what point do you walk away from a person?  Dr Tim said you can walk away anytime but know you have to double your efforts or you will take the same energy into the next situation and end up with the same frustration and overwhelm. She shared she used to take a beating over and over because that is what she knew but now she has been empowered.  michael pointed out the focus of her words were on what she did not deserve…change to what you do deserve. What would that look like? Have to conceive to give birth to an experience (just like a baby) so when your predominent energy is respect and caring then that is what you will call forward.  michael explained the Co-Dependence work, what would your advice be to this girl? She needs to do her own work.  She has not been doing worksheets.  michael invited her to take the next step of abundance and generocity and do worksheets with the roommate. Dr Tim offered the essence of the worksheet is ‘about me’ gave the example of during the support group and a worksheet on his former wife and everybody in the group jumped on the bandwagon against former wife. Stop, reinforced my anger and sadness.  The worksheet is about me not my former wife.  michael continued with the Power Person dynamic of rejecting another.  Hoca rejected her roommate and made it up that it was OK to do that.  The twist is that the advice given to another is to be applied to your own life, so it might look like doing your work in her space, resolve the leaving issues.

Jeanie offered that who knows what the outcome might be to do wake-up sheets with her, she might see the support she is and ask her to stay.  Hoca offered the rest of the story involving her roommate’s boyfriend and his dog moving in. Jeanie asked (based on these new comments Hoca made) did the roommate tell her she had to move out or did she choose to move out because of the dogs?  Sounds like two different stories.

michael offered in the beginning Hoca made it out to be personal and now it does not sound personal but that lives are moving in different directions. (ran out of time, continue tomorrow)

July 13



First, Note: The Egypt trip is off. There will not be a trip to Egypt in November.

ACIM lesson 194 “I place the future in the Hands of God.”  All about Trust! Not needing to be in control, or figure it out. Am I willing to trust the energy field within which I live, move and have my being? It will always support me for my highest good. To live in a different creative process. Another ACIM lesson says “In my defenslessness my power and safety lies.”  If I hold fear of attack I draw to me attack.  And if attack comes do I look at my part in drawing it in or do I look without? We are here to support you with the tools to engage in upward direction.

Dr Tim said ‘fear’ is the biggest reason for people to withhold their trust. Working with a client, conscious, logical mind ….. small but lovely support group last night. Grateful for those sharing time and effort to use these tools.

Watched a 1 hr. video, greater understanding of the mind energy from moment to moment. “Nassim Haramein and Vishen Lakhiani LIVE from Mindvalley University” on Facebook

Caller Brenda, asked what is the difference in being in a state of peace or a state of apathy.  michael offered, apathy is ‘I don’t know and I don’t care.’ and state of peace is still able to move forward. Dr Tim added from ACIM paradoxically, in the world and not of the world. Focus awareness on true nature as Love and more accepting of what is around me. Faith in Aramaic speaks more of acting from the rooted center of my being.  Brenda added she is choosing to see the highest and best in her situation and there is nothing proactive she can do. Works on her internal only.  Michele added the visual of   where Enlightenment is 700+, Peace is 600 and Apathy is only 50 hertz frequency vibration. You should be able to FEEL the difference.

michael said if you are telling yourself the truth and have done everything you can do and then turn your attention to your inner work then it would be peace. If you are lying to yourself then do some worksheets on being apathetic.

Caller Roma, felt ‘joy’ was the key.  When working with her own anger at the moment of release her liver is definitely in joy.

Comment in chatroom that they use their mind when they choose and that they are so much more than their mind.  Suggest go back to July 10th archive, conversation was around the mind not being in the physical organ called the brain but is throughout the system.

Caller Yolanda, did a worksheet on the President in the support group, found a calmness in relationship to things he does and says and yet at the same time maybe I need to pull myself away from that source of news. michael offered you are actually doing the worksheets on Yolanda’s concept of what Mr T is doing and saying.  If everyone would do their work around what comes up, he is a great gift to show the world their dark underbelly. Only you can determine if you are in avoidance or if you just choose to go elsewhere and let go of the stimulus for awhile. Dr Tim said if you can’t stand as love in the midst of the barrage then step out and do your work and get stronger and then come back.  Sometimes the baggage is so strongly resonated that I can’t be Love, so I apologize, step back and get recentered.  michael gave her a MindShifter: “It is easy and pleasing to me to always be focused in active present love, every time I think of behaviors done by Mr T.” (michael offered she sounds like it brought up confusion for her. She said it feels like a lie.) Dig out the commitment and read the commitment to him. And calling your state representative and demanding them take a stand representing you is an appropriate action (from the place of love).  There must be balance between the internal work an the outside action. 

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July 15




July 16



Quote from Rumi, The Creator created the universe in six days….

ACIM lesson 195 “Love is the way I walk in gratitude.”
ACIM lesson 196 “It can be but myself I crucify.”
ACIM lesson 197 “It can be but my gratitude I earn.”

Dr Tim listen to an ‘On Being’ interview with Luis Alberto Urrea “What Borders Are Really About…” entirely worth the time to listen.  Put as much time listening to good as you do the negative (news).  Look for the love spreaders. 

Caller David. Travelling for work and had stuff come up. MindShifter: “It is safe and healing to completely achieve my true purpose, and Dad not only approves but fully supports me.” (Dad issue)

Caller Susan. Starting a support group, two people and myself to begin tomorrow. Jewish friend who does not want to hear God or Christ. michael asked for the link to The Way of Mastery guidelines. When we spoke in a synagogue one time, spoke only from Old Testament but what might be helpful is Winston Churchill, we are separated by a common language.  Forgiveness around the offense she carries around Love (God). Dr Tim said what are you labelling this support group? MindShifters or Way of Mastery? Will do Aramaic Forgiveness but not sure. Suggest staying with the wake-up sheet and do the 2014 lecture of the 4-hour Why Again. If the person has negative emotional energy around that concept, give them the tools to work through it. Grandson Luke, doing well holding down a job an thinking he should not go back because of the use of pot. He would like to live with us and go to a local school. Send blessings his way.  He goes into a funk and asks why his parents won’t speak to him. MindShifter: “My father has always acknowledged my worth and being.” (continue)

July 17



Set the dates for 2019 Food Fun Forgiveness & Work Program for May 31st thru June 15th, would like to get the kitchen addition completed so if you have building skills please consider joining us. Julie Haverstick has agreed to do the Pay-It-Forward Program again – 10 Sessions (at 1 to 1.5 hrs each) via phone doing inner processing. Julie is the ‘Worksheet Queen’.  michael gave examples of healing here at HeartLand. Ken and Linda are coming in October and will be here for 6 months doing projects. 

Kitty Hawk, NC Intensive October 27 to November 3 focused on Relationships and November 3 to 10 to be determined (Why Teachers’ Training or CoDependence)

ACIM lesson 198 “Only my condemnation injures me.” it is common in this culture to refuse compliments, money, acknowledgements, help and to say deragatory words about self.

Dr Tim gave example of bird covey holes ( Send out white birds not black birds. michael added if someone sends out black birds (hostility or fear) then you do not have a place for them to land.

michael told about the movie we watched last night “The Experiment” based on the Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971 where it was planned to last 14 days and they called it off at 6 days, the men got so violent and one guard was actually charged with one murder.  Deep layers within each person comes forward in unimaginable ways.  We have a tool to heal the pain and trauma.

Caller Brenda from Memphis, about the caller yesterday (Susan) who is concerned with a lady who is atheist that will be attending her support group. Shared a similar experience and that lady is now attending the Unity church regularly.  Brenda said she too had a CBM perception of God and has since grown comfortable with Yahweh and Allah and Y’Shua or Creator and Higher Power. It takes building new brain cells. Encourage Susan to allow the lady to find her way with the tools. (michael offered the meaning of liturgy means ‘our common work’).  She shared about how much work was done during FFF&W. She said each person was self-motivated to complete their given projects. Her arm is healing nicely (she broke it). She remembered after she broke her arm, a conversation just before she fell was the same enthusiastic feeling of a 3 year old and followed the pattern of drawing to herself an experience to crush the enthusiasm.

Caller Yolanda from Wilmington, (without a filter) the story about the white and black birds resonated several things. Anger, upset and self-worth. People of color are taught negative connotation with the word black.  And white represents good – innocence, purity, new, etc.  She owns her stuff that this resonated black is bad and white is good. Welcomes a MindShifter for herself.  michael said he hears her and apologizes (as a white person) for the abusive behaviors towards any person of another color.  And there is another practical aspect of darkness and light (and safety) but this has been taken into an extreme.  Yolanda said look at it from another angle – white has no color and black is rich.  MindShifter: “I, Yolanda, am powerful enough to embrace in love every insult and assault that has ever happened to anyone in my bloodline.” And we totally and completely hold the space for this racism to be healed. Yolanda mentioned other cultures and societies (African American, Native American, Hispanic) have been robbed of their humanity. Must stay connected to love.  michael said anyone who has been brainwashed via hostility and fear from their true being has been robbed of their humanity.

July 18



michael is again in Harrison, Arkansas getting the van repaired where squirrels or some critter has chewed our wires and shorted a computer.  Must get it ready to head south in 2 weeks.

ACIM lesson 199 “I am not a body. I am free.” add, I am amazing as the Creator created me!

michael spoke of the Jews wandering in the desert for 40 years before entering the Promised Land. It is a state of mind that holds beliefs that are not true, moving from unconsciousness into conscious co-creation. The old generation had to die. Generation, is from genare and means ’cause’ the old causes had to die before moving into Being (free)!

Dr Tim, delightful support group last night. Had 8 people plus Tim. Request to listen to ‘On Being’ interview with Luis Alberto Urrea “What Borders Are Really About…” Stimulated some discussion. A new person brought by someone who had not been there in over a year. Remove everything less than love and it will impact how we see. Worksheet bery deep and productive. Someone emailed him if the group was still going and showed up with a friend.

Jeanie spoke of the 2019 Intensives at HeartLand

Caller Yolanda, thank you for the tools. Moving in the right direction to use them more than she has been. In the discussion yesterday, reflected back and was energized and was upset but not rageful during the discussion, progress because she used to get really angry over that type of situation. And she was willing to discuss it where before it would be avoid talking about it. This shows growth.  michael pointed out Shakesphere said ‘my words fly up and my thoughts remain below’ and when you say I’m not angry, I’m not in rage, etc.  You will probably touch into some deep anger and rage. Invited her to start a support group for the community of color.  Feels like she is not ready and it would ‘take her over the top’ and she would not be effective she needs to work on herself.  Dr Tim encourage Yolanda to trust your inner wisdom.

Jeanie shared an experience in Key West with a gentleman who was homosexual (she had been raised they were taboo) and after 2 weeks she had come to cherish who he was as he was even though not accepting his lifestyle. She shared that with Bill and he hugged her and shared that he cherished her as well.  With a new excitement that this was what YShua meant by loving one another (love the sinner regardless of the sin) she went home and shared this insight and her pastor said he would pray God would bring her down.  The so called ‘friend and man of God’ reected her.  Then Jeanie shared about being a keynote speaker for 45 women at a 3-day conference and she was the only caucasion among these African American women.  They embraced her and the work.  There will always be someone who might get ruffled but it has nothing to do with red, yellow, black or white.

Story: “You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and shoves you or shakes your arm, making you spill coffee everywhere. Why did you spill the coffee? ‘Well because someone bumped into me, ofcourse!’ Wrong answer. You spilled the coffee because coffee was in the cup. etc.  Whatever is inside the cup is what will come out. Therefore, when life comes along and shakes you (which will happen), whatever is inside of you will come out…So we have to ask ourselves…..what’s in my cup? When life gets tough, when you are squeezed or bumped, what spills over? Joy, gratefulness, peace and humility? Or anger, bitterness, harsh words and actions? You chose! Today let’s work towards filling our cups with gratitude, forgiveness, joy, words of affirmation to yourself and others, kindness, gentleness, and love!”

July 19



Michelle filling in for Jeanie – thank you!

ACIM lesson 200 “There is no peace except the peace of God.”

July 20



Jeanie thanked Michele for filling in for her – she and Julie H. went to Branson on a girls day out. Hold the space for the families and friends of the 17 people who died when a Duck Boat capsized yesterday in Branson.

Dr Tim support group last night watched a Guy Findley video. Focus was to pay attention to my fear and let it drive my behavior. If I know others driven by fear, be honest about my situation, fear will only tell me how to act so that it can run my life. These practical tools help to reach into my mind and draw out what thoughts I am using to generat the fearful pictures and perceptions. What do I need to do to dismantle them? When anyone was responding to fear and let it drive their behaviors, did it ever lead to a happy life. It cannot ever lead to peaceful, loving interactions. This morning a patient said she went to a camp where she knew noone and yet she walked through the terror of being among strangers. She felt the fear and decided to move into the next right step and ignore the fear. She breathed, tapped, forgave what came up in the moment and now feels she can do anything.

ACIM lesson 201 Review: “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.” and “I trust my brothers, who are one with me.” – ties in with Dr Tim’s client – collapse the perception based in falsehood and it will weaken and disappear and then one is open to all possibilities. We are not separate from each other… we are one with the Creator and one with everyone else.

Caller Yolanda, shared she found courage to do something she feared, contributed it to this work. She went to a Jazz Club by herself. Prior she would not go due to what other people might think of her. She did not think of cancelling the goals or tapping but saw another woman go in alone and she followed suit.  MindShifter: “I and my mother enjoy watching people’s reactions when we go to town dressed down.” Once school starts she is going to miss being on the show and listening. michael offered texting questions to him and then listening to the archive. She is resistant to doing that. michael said do wake-up sheets on resistance.

Caller Magda. We are very good at resisting, especially to authority (connected to Power Person). Holding onto anger towards parents. If I am resisting because I have not worked through my own anger? I am resisting my own authority. If I do enough work around it then my resistance would decrease each time. MindShifter: “It is easy, safe and healing for me to take action especially when I perceive an authority in my life.” As she was repeating the MS it seemed her breath slowed over the word authority. She said she is retired and she no longer has an authority telling her what to do (ie boss). But when an equal attempts to tell me what to do I resist. “I love it when my equals order me to do a behavior.” now my own personal authority in my life, setting a goal for something I want to accomplish and yet I do not want to follow my own directive. michael offered dealing with issues in a file it does not matter who is the object of attention, and a MindShifter toward self is “It is always easy for me to follow through and achieve every goal I set.” “Motivation easily comes from inside of me according to my choices and the goals I set.” Laughing because she agreed with the first part, all kinds of motivation to do but when you added the last part changed. Michael offered to dig out the purpose exercise and clear it up on the next level since you retired it may change. Make sure your goals are on purpose. Did you ever observe your parents (or another) resisting each other’s requests? she said yes, accusations and saying each other was wrong. It may be so deeply embedded because they both exhibited resistence. Another MS: “It is safe & easy for me to totally erradicate the inclination to accuse anyone of anything.”  Was accusation used to win the argument? Interesting to observe that people will not address facts but create distraction by accusation to win over each other and keep the argument going.

Last night was the opening of “Momma Mia, Here We Go Again” it was cute and sweet and so enjoyable. Great music and visuals and human interactions was awesome. The sequel surpassed the original.

Caller Susan from PA expressed gratitude for michael’s apology to Yolanda the other day. Two months since she did worksheet on maternal grandfather (suggestion of michael) and her anxiety has not returned since. Amazing. Then, referrence to a time when michael shared his reaction that he was in grief around children not having coats, she feels he is hard on himself. On pg 77 in The Way of Mastery, “effortlessness does not mean you do not feel but you are in a dimension of feeling.” michael said yes but when holding energy that is less than love/being then when it rises he knows he has work to do. He can move into action (ie he bought 100 coats) and if he has fear or pain then has work to do. He does not have to be motivated out of grief or fear or pain but can do it from Love.

July 21




July 22




July 23



ACIM lesson 202 Review: “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.” and “I will be still an instant and go home.”
ACIM lesson 203 Review: “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.” and “I call upon God’s Name and on my own.”
ACIM lesson 204 Review: “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.” and “The Name of God is my inheritance.”

App: HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness for both Android and iPhone will walk you step by step through the forgiveness process. (note: an update will be available by tomorrow)

When stress is up and chips are down what do you turn to?

Dr Tim reflecting on ‘Love’ and it’s definitions. People are stuck on the baggage that goes with their definition of the word. We each have so much baggage.  Work at actively defining words and get the person you are speaking with to understand the definition of the word for you then we have effective communication. Convey accurately what your reality is for the meanings of words you use. Ask each other on the front side (before an argument starts) what is meant. Instead of creating emotional content. 

Listen to ‘On Being’ interview with Luis Alberto Urrea “What Borders Are Really About…”  Tap into the space of love that laughter comes from.

Jeanie read a text she had gotten from a friend around the Duck Boat accident in Branson and that when we begin asking “Why?” “What could have been done different?” we are looking for someone to blame instead of looking at what it brings forward in us.

michael said out of the Judaic tradition there is a concept, “Tikkun olam” meaning to be the restorer of the world.  Be the mind of Love in the face of tragedy or news that brings forth hostility or fear.

Tells a story of seeing a man slapping a woman, you go over and are ready to punch him when he says she was having an epileptic siezure and slapping is suppose to bring them out of it, you change your view to acceptance, then she says yeah I was seizing because he tried to rape me, then you shift again.  Emotions are created by the thoughts held around the information received.

Dr Tim added one of the things that happens is the labeling of tragic or horiffic and creates intense emotion. Once that gets to a certain level it distorts our perception. Balance between logic and emotions is where we make better choices.

Caller Susan D. in Wilmington, in MindShifters we watched the Healing thru Relationships and at the end you speak the Commitment.   Each person has a Personal Code and the Pagra is a 3rd entity in the relationship and it has a Personal Code created by the two people. Example, in a couple, he yells and she leaves but the Pagra says “I promise to treat you gently” means he stops yelling and “I am here, for and with you” means she stays.  They can create a different interaction. The Commitment is an example of the Pagra’s personal code.  We will be doing a Relationship intensive in Kitty Hawk (Outer Banks) in October and have room for 6 couples.

Caller Ann, as she travels this journey of awareness, when she is the only one with awareness of her Personal Code in the relationship and when she reads the Commitment to her spouse the “I am here for and with you” is important to her because she is the one who leaves.  And it does not matter whether he does it or not? A human being is aliveness and joy and abundant and generous.  I will make choices and decisions that will give me opportunity to heal. If feeling something less than Love then there is a dis-ease energy that needs to be healed. Doing your work benefits you first.  Ann said she sees as she practices daily more consistently she sees the shift quicker. 

Announce the intensives.

July 24



Jeanie announced the intensives in October/November and also that next summer at HeartLand is now on the website.

Thanks to Chuck and Patrick for assisting in closing down the buildings, shutting off the water and blowing out the lines. Getting on the road next Wednesday.

ACIM lesson 205 Review: “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.” and “I want the peace of God.” the serenity that comes from living in the presence of Love

Watch the movie “Amish Grace” as these people strive to be human in the midst of a traumatic situation. “Hacksaw Ridge” where a man stays as love in the midst of war.  “Joyeux Noel” where the battle stops on Christmas day and the so called enemies call peace.

Jeanie mentioned the movie last night “Tale of Despereauz” tiny mouse living in desperate times and he stays connected.  Other mice say something is wrong because he does not cower or scurry and yet he will learn to do so. There was a line that said “forgiveness changes everything”

Dr Tim said he has been busy working with patients getting them to change from trauma (fight or flight) to calm.

Caller Susan in Wilmington, first excited for Jeanie to be a grandmother. Second question on the movie about their comprehension of forgiveness. Third, spoke of being a child and her daddy drinking and the arguments between Mom and Dad, her Mom would try to change him and he would leave.  Then in her relationships she leaves.  michael offered there is a phase where she would try to control the other person but when the stress gets up she leaves – both parents behavior shows up – two Power Persons.  Susan said she sees she wants to control to have a safe space. michael offered a MindShifter: “It is safe & healing and I am willing to embrace and heal anything that comes up when I am in a totally fully commited relationship.”  michael read an article that the smallest survival unit for humans is two, we are relationship beings and do not do well alone.

Caller Dameron (Susan’s LOL group) has completed his 72 days of Laws of Living homework. Kept him pushing through. Found a pearl in the crack. Resistance he felt in doing things to fulfill a quota was an avenue to express his personal truth in a way that he normally would not. The stress he needed. Power Person dynamics exposed. Experienced himself in a new way. Found wholeness and closure.  michael spoke toward living either a controlled life, a driven life or an inspired life (direct to Source). Dameron learned to ‘show up for duty’ and ‘just do it’ – an experiment in consciousness.  Sees the quality of own choices is more of a factor than that of the other person. It takes commitment to do the homework.  Everything less than love has to come forward and people don’t want to look at what they carry inside. Watch Movie: The Experiment (about the Stanford Prison Experiment). Sometimes it is having the braincells to comprehend the possibilities when others give in to the diagnosis and refuse to take the journey. Y’Shua said you have to have the eyes to see and the ears to hear to make choices.

July 25



Introduction of what is happening at HeartLand, closing up and getting ready to head out next Wednesday.  Appreciation for those who did so much work in FFF&W and we are closing up the porch so it stays nice.  Appreciation for the technology, we are sitting on shoulders of so many creations: screws, plastic, phones.  And appreciation for Jeanie being in my life.

ACIM lesson 206 Review: “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.” and “Salvation of the world depends on me.”

Salvation (in the context of this work) is the removal of everything that keeps you from the experience of Living as Love 24/7/365. Everyone who does their work adds to the critical mass.
We have the gift of being the presence of Love and we just need to receive it and then give it.

Dr Tim support group felt like ‘old home week’ three people who had not been there since early on. June 22, 2018 Susan B. had a question from ACIM about salvation being the final lesson. There is only need to restore the unity and remove false perceptions from our own mind. Vulnerability in ACIM means be open and completely honest. A new level of in-to-me-see and obliterate secrets in my life and relationships. Q&A in Way of Mastery talks about vulnerability, get together and share your deepest fears and share despite the fear or pain. One member decided to do a worksheet and be as open as possible (vulnerable) and express. Blessed to have these people participate with us in the work.

michael shared the progress of the bell tower / light house down at the Heart Center. And decorate with minature light houses across the country.

Caller Laura in Pahrump, danced around issues on perifery and can’t get to the real problem. Anyway found it impossible to do a worksheet because it is too scary? michael offered it is what you carry that is scary not the worksheet. And we are here to support you. What is the issue? (begin a worksheet with Laura) Centered in her childhood, showing up today as panic attacks. She can’t figure it out. michael offered not to figure it out but what is the circumstance when the panic happens? What is the trigger? She said she can’t put her finger on the cause. Sleep is one issue, as a child she had a fear of her parents dying (they were older and alcoholics and she wanted to make sure they woke up in the morning). Example with michael, 1C is parents and the thought is that they will die. Goal in #3 is wanting to be sure they woke up in the morning. Are you willing to go thru the symptoms of healing? Breathe and let the energy move in you. You have a whole community holding the space for you. She said she was shaking. Take deep breaths! You are stopping between breaths, that is how you hold on, continuously breathe.
Cancel the goal – it is to get under the terror. To collapse the perception, bring Love to it (that is forgiveness). Otherwise you keep building on the terror, trauma and panic of a child.
May be 77×70 issues. 7 is number of completion and 0 is infinity. Infinite number of worksheets until complete with that issue. Your mind uses the panic of the child to build its perception of the current event. Next step is invite Rukha (the power in you) to support you in moving it out.  Suggest you download this show and relisten.

Caller Roma, glorious experience. Today is a great show to add with shows about forgiveness process.

Invite people to listen back and listen to the energy shifts. Anyone who has panic attacks should listen to this. 

July 26



ACIM lesson 207 Review: “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.” and “I bless the world because I bless myself.”

Perception is an individual experience. Example of a violent movie, the child knows it is a movie but it builds brain cells for how to perceive the world so when the time comes the mind will use those brain cells to construct it’s reality.  Y’Shua said you have to have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. 

Dr Tim thinking about idea at so many levels he was taught hard science, actual history, so much based in fantasy. Origins of the country and treatment of aboriginals, etc. He came to realization that it is comfortable to say “given my current state of awareness, this is what I think I know” It is about learning to live in the mistery, alive, awake and aware and live in the moment.  This is what the ancient teachings were saying.  Vigilently watching for what is less than Love and removing it.  Grateful to have the tools to do that.

Common theme so far today is fear.  Example of show yesterday and the shift that can occur.  Yet sometimes people are not willing to look inside and they leave with the same feelings of anxiety and hopelessness.  It is an internal creation and cannot get an accurate picture of the outside events unless I go inside. It is liberating to realize I am doing it to myself.

michael referred to the Creator saying “fear is a commandment of men.” and then Y’Shua said you make the laws of God to no effect because you follow the commandments of men (Mark 7:13 “thus invalidating the word of God by your tradition which you have handed down; and you do many things such as that.”)  We are only designed for the relationship with God.

Dr Tim “TOPCAP” Total Conscious, Active, Present Love. If willing to keep doing own work.  Servant of God means being willing to accept what the Creator is offering to you in every moment.

Caller David. Thanks for last week’s support. Someone said to him “you don’t know the difference in responsibility is blame” he wanted to scream I know what each means but sat with it and realized of course he knows ‘about the difference’ but to distinquish the difference he would be finished with this work. No one is finished with the process.  Still saying he has fear contributable to the boss and perhaps he will be angry. All power person dynamics. 

Caller Ivan from Kingston, NC. Frustration, his brother sold his mother’s house and now he is living with me. (Denial that cause is outside of us.) Remained calm outwardly but building up inside of me.  michael asks what do you want from your brother? To be responsible, step up and assist him.  Cancel the need. Felt like an elephant moved off his chest.

Caller Laura from Pahrump. Definition and ramification of Power Person dynamic.  michael explained it is based on the level of stress and your ultimate PP is whose behavior do you do when chips are down an stress is up? Laura said she just saw she had a different PP than who she originally thought.

July 27



ACIM lesson 208 Review “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.” and “The peace of God is shining in me now.”

Dr Tim suport group last night with a new visitor. Lovely example of the worksheet and how the group processes. Theme again today has been fear. When people are conditioned to listen to fear instead of calm and love, it creates a strong pattern to pull back from engaging with others.

Hostility and Fear or Love – whatever energy is moving is what is creating your perception of the outside world.

Write down the advice you would give to everyone else and then follow your own advice. In the presence of who or what do you find yourself holding your breathe? or experience hostility and fear?

michael read from Ellen Langer on Mindfulness. See Ellen Langer Mindfulness over Matter People are in mindlessness and forgiveness is a way to break down the preprogrammed ways of perceiving and get to point where novelty can be seen. Carl Jung says “until the unconscious becomes conscious it will direct our lives and we will call it fate.”

Jeanie asked, do we need to bring whatever to conscious awareness to heal? michael offered the energy of what is unconscious can come to awareness but it may not be cognitive. Distinguish difference from each other. Cognitive is when you can remember I was 3 and this happened, conscious awareness is the energy of the event (fear or hostility or pain) while the cognitive knowledge of what and where are still unconscious.

Dr Tim said intuition comes to mind. ‘Trying to figure it out’ is a trap of the non-being mind. Give that up and become open to be shown. Something (idea or sensation) comes forward and allows a shift in perception. May observe without the emotion and not know why but know it changes. Also intuition is an energy of knowing but it is not logical.

Jeanie gave example of intuitively being told to not passing a truck and it’s recap came off. Did not cognitively understand why but listened to intuition.

michael gave another example of being cognitively aware of an event and yet it is when they process the underlying energy in the presence of love and it desolves that life changes.

Stanford Prison Experiement in August 1971, was supposed to be 14 days but was cancelled at 6 days because it got out of hand, one was killed. There were 24 participants – 12 were to be guards and 12 were to be prisoners. They were common people with no major outward issues and yet once they got into their ‘roles’ what insanity was under the surface came up and the men were out of control.

Caller Yolanda, going to take Laws of Living from Susan for the 5th time. The head in her voice says ‘How long is this going to take before I get it? How many times do I have to take it?’ michael offered it goes with ‘you are not smart enough or good enough.’ Change the voice in your head so you recognize it is not your voice. Replace it with ‘look how awesome you are’
A sense that there is a lot of active under current going on. michael offered there are sensitive periods when we can move through an issue quickly and easily (re: Montessori System). Where as if ‘forced’ to go through when not ready they will sludge through with difficulty. Take advantage of your sensitive periods. Create a plan for what you are going to do so when the non-being mind screams in resistence. If you let feelings run you then it is unconscious thoughts (from the past) that is running you. michael asked have you done the 72 days of follow-up homework? she said no, michael said then you have taken the 8 week class but you have not done the LOL for the first time yet. Ouch.

July 28




July 29




July 30



ACIM lesson 209 Review: “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.” and “I feel the Love of God within me now.”  If not now, then ask yourself what’s separating us from Love?
ACIM lesson 210 Review: “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.” and “I choose the joy of God instead of pain.”  If we are experiencing the pain instead of joy, what do we need to forgive?
ACIM lesson 211 Review: “I am not a body. I am free. I am still as God created me.” and “I am the holy Son of God Himself.” We are all children of God. (The Shack and the judgment scene. Who do you condemn?)

Dr Tim lovely weekend. Just coming from a session with another psychologist and talking about being 100% responsible for emotions I am creating. He said he mostly agreed. Dr Tim said then to that degree you are still in prison by whoever or whatever you believe creates your experience. What if you said “I mostly agree with the law of gravity.” This work brings me deeper liberty. If I am not consciously aware.

Caller Brenda, from Laws of Living call, 4 short wake-up sheets and then the one with most energy do the long one, Julie in Oregon suggested do the long one first and then when thoughts come up (additional feelings) list as the 4 short ones.  And, Wed morning they go back to court, hold the space.  Jeanie asked how her arm was doing and she said the cast was off and now just time to heal completely.

Caller Susan PA, she had a reoccurence of anxiety during family reunion. She started a worksheet (she has modified for a group that will start soon). Feeling useless and not doing something that counts (very few things count, unless writing music, things like this weekend cooking etc) she needs to ‘earn my ticket to life.’ This weekend was filled with things that don’t count. 1. I want to feel I belong even if not doing what counts, 2. I want everything to count.  In deepest self she said “I believe my purpose is to be the loving parent and grandparent.” And I also have a different value system. Julie H. texted Jeanie to point out that Susan said “it’s not that I want attention” so your goal on this worksheet is “I want attention”  (back into the worksheet, event is doing things like cooking and the thought is these things don’t count.)  Then Susan began saying it was an overload with stimulation, she wanted to be introvert and be by herself.  Jeanie pointed out the house divided against itself…want attention or be by self?  She began to bounce to different aspects of the topic, Dr Tim pointed out her resistence to following through with her own request to do a worksheet on this.  Jeanie pulled her back into this worksheet, now cancel your goal for attention what do you feel?  Sadness (began crying).  Feel like this  for giving up a stupid goal of getting attention.  (who said your goals were stupid?)  Thinking of giving up attention and her grandson came to mind.  They send him away.  Whether giving or receiving attention. You will see there are multiple aspects underlying and you determine whether they are worthy.  Be gentle with yourself.  Dr Tim said pay attention to your breath and soften and there will be a miriad of worksheets to do around this.  And look at your resistence to doing the worksheet you asked help with. Logical mind wants to pull you away from what you got in touch with. The deep sadness you hold when you think you are not getting the attention you need. You tapped in a little and survived, now you can dive in and you will survive.  Julie H tested “Does your mind discount contributions you often make?” she acknowledged this is true.

July 31



Dr Tim is hosting for michael, thinking of yesterday’s show. Susan B. said she had a major breakthrough and had gone months without anxiety then had anxiety over the past family reunion.  Go back through what the break-through had been that took you to the next level.  Encourage people to do like she did yesterday, process in the moment with the support of this show. Gratitude for the access of these tools … and they are free.  The core tool is the Reality Management Wake-up Sheet (forgiveness process).  I am the one who creates the experience of what happens in my world and if I dod not like what I am feeling I can go inside and access the hidden part of my mind. It builds momentum and becomes easier to do this work.  An effect of practice.  Use these radio shows to be introduced to the tools and then to get support while practicing.

Caller Aaron at suggestion of michael, has been doing this work for 20 some years and loves the energetics, we can’t go deeper until we go to a higher vitality.  About 7 months ago committed to living a practice of eating, took me 5 years of saying I was going to stop refined sugars before I finally stopped.  It is an addiction.  Was on an ascension path and then 2 months ago said OMG I am ready for the next level (cosmic joke).  Being able to manage emotions, walking the talk is more challenging.  Sees (for him) the importance of the Love of Truth and stop the old thoughts and ignoring God and higher direction.  Has a deeper appreciation for the concept.  Often will do the intake of the course (PC Evaluation) and knowing what the ‘right’ answer should be but answer what is true for him to get the feedback needed. Commitment to stay with the radio show daily and do the work until he gets release in this area.  He has fear around money and he feels he is preventing his manifesting.  Dr Tim offered for all of us, as we do our work it gets easier and we need to understand we are ‘never done’.  If we think we are complete we put blinders on and head out through a mine field.  As long as we are in these bodies we will have work to do.   Jeanie asked him what part of himself sabotages himself?  What is the payoff for staying in lack?  Recovery social network – sees he is a workaholic.  Decades of every year or two doing work around this same thing. Love of Truth, early in life made a decision to consciously ignore his heart and knowing better.  Holiness / Whole-ness. Following highest guidance.  As a child had to do to survive, cloud my recognition of it and not recognize my own lies.  Lost empowerment of being.  Dr Tim interrupted and said primary, insidious traps of the non-being mind is to ‘figure it out’ So, quit talking and quit thinking the process and engage in the tools. Journaling and breath sessions.  Never figure out what I did to create this mess. David Bohm sustained incoherence.  

Goes along with the day’s ACIM lesson 212 Review: “I am not a body. I am free. I am still as God created me.” and “I have a function God would have me fill.” We all have a purpose. 

Jeanie suggested doing the Purpose worksheet because if life is on purpose it functions more smoothly and fulfilling. 

Dr Tim offered MindShifter: “I allow myself to be infinitely abundantly successful in every area of my life…”  Massage for yourself and finish the sentence and allow it to flow. 

Caller Yolanda, thanks to everyone for this work. Thanks to Jeanie for all you do.  Thanks to Dr Tim for your perspective and offerings. And to dr. ryce.  Hearing from all three of you share is great.  Shout out to Brenda on the wake-up sheet ideas, will incorporate that idea.  Then, she is able to make connections she could not make before.  She has a BA in Psychology and yet she did not get from that what she gets from this show. Now understands when a person describes an abject form that they are explaining the contents of their mind. Dr Tim agreed, we are taught ‘how did that make you feel?’ Certain things are very important. The movie ‘I AM’ what is the problem in the world? ‘I AM’ what is the solution to the world’s problems? ‘I AM’ Accumulation of wealth and things is based in a fundamental misperception. If I am naked and hungry in the woods and someone finds me and takes me into their cabin and gives me a rough blanket before the fire and a bowl of broth. Those simple three things shifted my reality from misery to happy. When we get to wanting and working toward more than we need things become distorted.

Life lessons ride in on the back of life events. Directly proportional to how much you do not want the event and how much resistance you have toward the event. Go with the flow and learn the lesson.

Happy Eternal Day Dr. Tim!


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