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May 1



Miracle Monday! First michael spoke about the resistance, being misled by content of own mind, referred to as satan.  When one wants to hold to their story and the need to be right they can’t see Truth. They want to believe it is someone else’s fault and not look at the part they play.  If hostility or fear are active then your reality is based in a lie.  When one begins to process out the energies then they can become aware of shifts. “Braveheart” movie triggered vengence in michael everytime he watched it and now he can watch it and stay conneted and not want to kill the king.  Also directed by Mel Gibson is “Hacksaw Ridge,” a true story about a “Conscientous Cooperator, not Objector” Doss wants to save lives as a medic instead of take them by shooting. Through all the personal atrocities done to this man he stays committed to being connected to Love. Doss’ son said that the actor Andrew Garfield who played his father was spot-on. There is such hatred aimed at Doss because he won’t kill. Doss chooses to function as Love regardless what they do to him, he has no desire to get even, he just stays consistent. It exemplified what the Creator meant when he said if one is connected to love that they can pass through a battlefirled where thousands fall and they will not be touched.

Therapeutic pulse is where the tissue structure beats at 72 beats a minute releasing what does not belong in the tissue, while watching this movie last night michael said he felt this pulse throughout his body. Moved such energy that it was a whole new level of process for him.

ACIM, “Clarification of Terms, 2. The EGO – The Miracle” says Illusions will not least. Aramaic illusion means measured not meaning something is not real.

May 2



Dr Tim and Michele took the show for michael and Jeanie while they did some tasks.

May 3



Recovery Wednesday! Recovering the essence of your BEING.

Caller Michele from Canada. Says she feels awesome and recognizes when she has been triggered and can move through it so much more easily having the tools and using them.  Being aware is foremost.  She has been recognized by the company for her work in reaching out and helping. (michael explained Michele has created gift bags for those who have brain energies.) She has created projects to raise money to fund her supporting others. Find her on Facebook under Michele Hares. michael added that is “recovery” from trauma to changing lives.

Caller Roma. Refer back to something from Monday, the therapeutic pulse.  Please share more about the pulsation and does it have to do with blood flow or is it the energetic field? How do we know it is 72 beats? Count (wherever it is pulsing) the beats while looking at your watch second hand.  Maria Montessori (behind the Montessori Schools) watched children for ‘sensative periods’ same with process work. People reach sensative periods when they open to do a peice of work.  Everyone does not necessarily hit process at the same time.  We introduce everything to open the space for process to happen and as it unfolds people will go into the sensative period and open the space for the shift to occur.  It is an energetic dynamic, where there is stored trauma and the energy flows then the structure will pulse with energy.

Caller Jill from NC. Did one of the MindShifters and wanted to give an update.  Had a ton of resistance to being ‘outrageously visible’ had stomach issues then could not keep her eyes open. michael offered that is processing unconsciousness. michael mentioned the symptoms of healing. Also, explained the nauseaus feeling.

Caller Jennifer from Lansing. Shared a meeting with Michele yesterday. Used anger toward others then turned to sadness when she let the anger go. Yesterday felt angry and felt justified in her anger.  Then left the situation and felt bad about it, that is a big change.  She was thankful that this work is pivital in her healing. Knows she is only a fraction of the way there but was excited to recognize the change.  michael offered hostility is an internally produced chemical, the anesthetic to keep from looking at the pain and once we let go of the drug then we can look at the thoughts beneath it. It is a journey, a lifetime’s work.

Caller Akeah from Baltimore.  Getting ready to move into a new apartment with her partner. He is still in treatment until June. However, having a hard time letting go of “how he was” and has her antennae up. She wants to see him come out clean and herself not have these thoughts in her head. Wants to prepare herself for a new experience.  michael suggested “Communication: Did You Hear What I Think I Said?” The concerns are real for you and him but if you keep those conversations hidden then they will take over. Open the space to have the conversation and communicate honestly and clearly and set up mechanisms to support each other instead of avoiding that conversation.  Maybe have signals when under stress. And then wake-up sheets around your fear (which is a legitament fear) to embrace eit and share it with him in a space of love. MindShifter: “It is safe, easy and healing for ____ and I to keep gentle, loving communication open and heal every stressor in our lives.” then michael described the Love Exchange.

May 4



Spoke with Dr. Tim first, in his support group one person did a very deep piece of work and the group ran over by 20 minutes or more, everyone stayed to support this person in their process. A huge piece of work was done with her willingness and the loving support of the community.  One thing that evolved was the use of regulatory speech.  This person is familiar with the whole process but when she began using speech that indicated that she still believes the other person is to blame then Dr Tim stopped her.  Acknowledge that a part of her still wanted to blame others, option to do the worksheet on the original target or do another worksheet on herself.  A lot of upset came forth when questioned but she was willing to stay with it and gained benefit.  Was instructive for the whole group.

michael wanted to reinforce that the power of community is so awesome to hold the space of love as you deal with issues.  Bottomline principle is that exposed to love that which is less than dissolves.  Then he spoke of regulatory speech and people in denial when it is pointed out. Some people go a little crazy at first. When I think or speak as if something outside of me is causing something on the inside then I cannot touch it or change it.

The truth of each of us is that we are the presence of love, if we buy into the world’s messages and way of doing things then we lose contact with the truth of who we are and continue, unconsciously, to play out of our power person dynamics. We want to get back to the experience of love but if we think it is outside of us we will be looking for love in all the wrong places. In the midst of chaos, one can maintain their human life. She ended up in the hospital and a healthcare giver questioned if she had been tested for mental stability because with all she was facing she was still being gentle and loving. The world can’t comprehend someone being loving instead of raging. michael shared a text he received (permission to share) from someone who has been doing this work for sometime.  Her husband said he is not willing to work on their marriage. Although he said he was amazed at her new ability to hold the space of love to hold their family together.  She is water fasting for 3 days because there is so much emotion she needs to process.  She extends big hugs as she is feeling so much love.  Even though her world seems to be falling apart she is able to hold love conscious, active and present and is practicing to accept the way it is.  She is beyond functioning out of her power person dynamics. (michael explained what he means by PP).  

Dr Tim added that he could see similar in his life with his former and how communication or misunderstanding played a part. His wife stopped relating to him as her husband and started relating with her power person dynamics.

May 5



The work is about becoming aware of the experience of ourselves as Love.  Scriptures say “with man death began” we made the process up and it is time to clean it up.  Perceptual system, trained in denial that it is everyone else’s problem or something outside ourself. The tool for undoing is called forgiveness, means to remove.  Scriptures say it is the “forgiveness of sin” and sin is energy that is off the mark..thus it is removal of energies that are off the mark.

Dr Tim continuation of Power Person substitution discussion from yesterday.  The more times he is exposed to that discription of this pattern that we fall into then the more deeply I understand it.  It is when I interpret the situation as my survival being at stake. Constantly downloading and interpreting data based on the filter set when experienced. Gentically and energetically get downloads from both sides of bloodline and then in interaction with parents I get good stuff, neutral and not so good stuff. PP dynamics though relates to when they were not functioning as love.

michael said when looking on good side of patterns received, people will often ‘repeat the good things’ and not be awake and alive in the present. Still comes from the past. We need true, alive, in this moment experience.

‘acturate’ and ‘true’ distinction?  CBM is going to give accurate information about what is happening in actuality. However if not coming from higher power and present then it is still the past. When spiritual faculties are awake then I see what is true.  Example, watching a play and experiencing it LIVE is different than watching a video of the play, which is accurate but not the live experience.  The mind replicating the past is still not a present moment experience.

Mark Twain “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

Caller Nene, reference to forgiveness of sins, she remembers the end of March she had a crisis and went deeper into MindShifters and wake-up sheets and can see the manifestations are different. michael offered everything shifts in our perception even if the outside is the same.  Nene said ‘cancel the need to be right’ and Dr. Tim’s booklet on the Power of Struggle. Concentrate on creating from safe space and love and letting go what does not belong.  From Dr Tim’s handbook, can’t change others (what they think or do) but concentrate on what you can do for yourself. Very aware when she wants to control and be right.  Dr Tim added, bottomline observations, 1) if whatever Im doing isn’t working, feel free to try something else 2) blame is a luxury item and never leads to result wanted 3) decades of trying, can’t make anyone do what they don’t want to do 4) I can only be responsible for and control my own emotions and reactions 5) my greatest strength may, at times, be my greatest weakness 6) every day alive I become more like my parents (and my children will do the same so I change any of my behaviors I don’t like in them) 7) when I deny I cut off equal amount of positive experiences 8) what happens to me and around me is not as important as how I respond 9) never upset by anything that anyone says or does unless I am doing the same or similar things. That list, anyone who has seen michael’s work will see it is the same. Nene said she is gratful. She’s going to Venezuela and has some fear around the violence there.

Chatroom, is it about actually experiencing ‘freshness’ in every moment? michael said yes, use the mind as an advisor (CBM has useful data) but be alive as the presence of love experiencing the moment through the physical, mental and spiritual faculties. Chatter replied “When I am empty from all … that it feels fresh like a baby experiencing life as a surprise without any strings attached.”

Caller Michele from Canada, she is going back to doing the love exchange and forgot how to explain it to another. michael explains the sending and receiving. Jeanie offered how to do an exchange with yourself in the mirror. Then Michele shared something that helped her stay in active, present love – use affirmation of “I am” in speech.  michael suggested to use affirmations as MindShifters too, to resonate any area where there are challenges in creating what we say we want.

May 6




May 7




May 8



Instead of Miracle Monday ACIM we will continue the conversation from Friday of the Power Person dynamics and relationship substitution.  Restoring the mind to full function and access the intuitive mind.  This results in a state of true personal power (to maintain awareness and function out of your highest guidance). Functioning out of Power Person dynamics removes one from their personal power and we will be stuck in a behavior blindness doing things based on the power person but not seeing the truth and blaming others. 

michael gave an example of a goal held for the power person that is ‘violated’ by another and we ‘put them in our power person file’ and we must do our work around it in order to let them out.

Dr Tim, can we get a redo or a reset button so we don’t have to deal with it? Actually a good thing to deal with it, especially sense we have tools to undo it.  Refer to ‘dying to’ something or figuring it out or fighting to be right.  All of that is our downfall. Pattern of people not breathing and then moving closer to the ‘fight or flight’ and getting them to breathe and soften into the space and centering…interrupt the pattern.

Caller Camille, in another healing crisis and willing to be ‘poster girl’ for healing through relationships.  Has set up a mountain to climb. Julie H has helped her so much.  Some things she has been avoiding around her power person. She is going to cancel her flight to France and her partner may call the whole thing off. Digestive issues are related to fear and this was on target because she does not feel safe when in France. michael asked, have you thought about responsibility communication and asked for a different kind of support?  Yes she explained her feelings and it gets blown off.  She said she wants deep heart communication about the things that are so out of balance.  michael offered a thought “What I want more than anything from Robert is for him to be superman for me like Dad was.” Camille went into sadness. michael offered that while men are taught to be strong they have all the same emotions that women do and keep them hidden. Camille said she trusts the work and realizes she has come up against the great wall. michael pointed out Robert was in warzone as a child and attempted to soothe Mom and couldn’t and shifted into indifference to be able to deal with all of it.  So his indifference is not about you but what he is dealing with inside.

Caller Nene, has applied the breathing technique that Tim was talking about when driving or something and seen big shift. Then around responsiblity communication, she does it thoroughly on paper and then writes “I realize that…” and does a worksheet around that point. Then something always happens. Is thankful for these tools. When she goes to Venezuela she has a group she is going to breathe.

May 9



michael spoke about cancelling the goal and collapsing the perceptual construct. Everything will be made known in the light of day. What are the results you are producing?  That will tell you what is inside.

confusion is part of the healing process.

Dr Tim, if I am triggered to upset and think it is outside of me and I think it is valid and in the moment. Lying on 2 levels. Not accurately perceiving what is happening in the moment and living either in the past or future.  Client, divorced yet has a good relationship with former wife and daughter. Now remarried and has a blended family.  He experiences sadness and low energy everytime his daughter goes back to her mother’s home. Causing disruption in his ‘blended’ family and says he loves his biological daughter more than them. Dr. Tim asked the client to question if the feelings he has are not about this moment with his daughter but to look at history where he was a child and from a divorced family.  Look at the upset, does it go to 6 minutes ago or 30 years ago? He saw the lights go on. In his own life has come to know it is energy from the past.  michael offered the attribution is what is not accurate about what one sees.

Chatroom Nene shared a friend she had breathed before called to ask to be breathed again (her issue was relationship, did a MS on stepping in to her power as a single woman) then one of her managers asked her to breathe her (her issue is that her child and grandchild are in Bolivia and she feels guilt etc about separation).  Both are Nene’s past issues.  I offered she was drawing people in with issues she had dealt with and so now she can hold the space for them and it makes it easier for them to work through it. She acknowledged she felt serene while they expressed their anxiety.  michael agreed once you have healed a piece of your mind you have a unique ability to hold the space for the healing of anyone else with the same issue.

michael requested for the community to hold the space for Nene as she travels back to Venezula as there are issues of violence right now. Hold for safety to all and sanity be restored to those in power.  Watched a documentary “South of the Border” and can better see and understand what is needed.  We hear your concerns and trepedations and this is something to be aware of.  Our country has some of the same dynamics and we need to stay conscious and hold the space here too. Time for waking up.

michael presented another tool (from Healing Through Relationships) Three Early Memories of Conflict.

May 10



Recovery Wednesday. Not recovery from disease but to get back to the state we were created to be – LOVE.  When we lose contact with our being it is because we have hidden or covered up the truth of who we are … we need to let go of everything in us that is less than love.  “Less than” stored in the body will create disorders – the body is then saying something is out of order – blocking the state of health.  What is blocking you?

Dr Tim had a productive morning with a theme of people interpreting the events of their lives as negative and then creating lots of drama and trauma and in the Support Group (11 people plus Tim) it was the same theme.  You are love all the time, if something comes up that is less than that then it is your system telling you something is off target. People wanted clarification instead of doing a wake-up sheet.  Has had 4 people going through the loss of a pet and the grief is so deep and tragic for them.  Lots of opportunity to clarify – “all events are neutral” (from The Way of Mastery) but the experience is going to come from the past not the in-the-moment. Recovery work to do in that moment.  michael added our mind constructs the reality and we think we are experiencing the current event.  All happen within the construct of the mind. When truth is presented, and Blockage of Truth is deep (generational), then the push back can be strong.  Dr Tim added the accummulated layers of belief and trauma presents “I can’t look at that” but we must to move forward. Conditioning says figure it out and at least pretend like you have the answers and when it goes opposite of the way we want it then it is challenging to see it is diine order.

Caller Susan in NC, doing better in this moment but it is a roller coaster.  Awareness last night in MindShifter meeting and doing a wake-up sheet on guilt that it was her fault that she had to put him down. She was gone so much and she often blocked him off in the back room. Got to number 6 and stopped to breathe, and asked herself when was the first time she felt it was her fault someone left or died, the thought that came was she was 17 and her only grandparent (who really loved her) was in hospital and one time she did not go visit and she died.  She says she has two children who are gruff, less than love and a boyfriend who is aloof.  Why does she keep her world so cold? She deserved to be punished and noone should love her.  She has created a very loving, supportive community in MindShifters and Laws of Living. Everything is in divine order including her puppy.  He was no longer tied down and was free to run.  Felt his energy merged with hers.  michael offered Susan has been withholding love from herself. MS “It is safe and healing for me to recognize that I am the love I seek.”  Susan said Houston would constantly resonate the love.  He was always staring at her and getting her attention (love exchange).  michael said it sounds like Houston was part of the awakening of her being.  Let yourself into your life fully in every aspect! Through Houston’s death her boyfriend met some of her community and gave the gift of being love and uniting different areas of her life into one. Breathing off the pain that is resonated.  Susan shared that the Laws of Living is really vitalizing. New class began, 8 people and they want to do the certification.

Jeanie said things do happen in the actual world, it is not just ‘in your mind.’ michael explains using Susan’s example. The fact is Houston died and Susan can put her pain into the event and pretend it is the event or she can be the space for healing through the event.  What he is suggesting is when an actuality happens, acknowledge it has happened and then see that if I am bringing hostility or fear to the event then that is mine.  All events are helpful but if I bring drama and trauma to the event then my experience is the same and that is my opportunity, to see this visitor showed up to show me the pain and trauma I carry.  Or in an untoward event I can be the space and transform my experience.  Resistance is not about the event but what you are going to bring to the event.  

Announcements: June 10 at Integrated Health in Bristol, TN 3-hr workshop and then Jeanie’s Women’s Retreat on June 16 & 17 in Abingdon, VA then moving eastward through Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina areas to end up in Oak Island again next March and April for intensives. 

May 11



Dr Tim shared he just finished a session with someone who has been at high stress for so long they are now in an ultra state of alert like PTSD (also called the amygdala hijacking or adrenal burnout). Physical sensations are so repeatedly triggered and strengthened that the loop keeps going.  Any pattern repeated so often can become a default mode of operating. Applying the tools can undo that conditioning.

michael shared a post about “a rape culture” (60-70% have been sexually abused in this culture) and a youngman who took the challenge to really “be there” as support to women in this cultural attitude of men toward women. Jeanie may address in tomorrow’s show the safety and healing of this type of abuse. 

Caller Julie in Oregon, so benefitted from the shows the last few weeks. Coming back to the work with a new freshness inner level.  Someone was talking about “the work” and thought it is THEE WORK (the Creator and ourselves). Early in May she had awaken with an awareness that every cell in her body has anger in it and realize it is just there instead of trying to find where it was in her body. She imagined a cell with a little black dot – the anger surrounded by love. It is an environment she has created to replicate what she had as a young child.  She feels comfortable with it because she did recognize it.  To see herself as an energy being is a miracle.  Feels herself rewiring and knows there are new options to heal.  michael said it resonates some thoughts, look at a typical outgrowth of the culture is TV and movies and look at the rage at even the highest levels. Rage is expressed everywhere. To recognize that each time that rage energy is running the system there is pain under the surface that needs to be addressed. Most people have an underlying want to have peace and helpfulness. Hold the space that the world/culture will see there is underlying pain.  Look up “nooshere” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin emergence of consciousness.

Working with a lady who proclaims themself so godly and yet the children describe her as a demon in her behavior towards them.  To bring those parts together is a lot of work.

Second question, Julie said she has had head injuries in her life and she remembers having to repair her neuropathways and how she thinks of things, accessing things she used to say to get a student to understand.  She went into fear that she would not do a good job and has actually lost students.  She realizes it is a healing opportunity to uncover and repair again.  To see the truth of what is ready to release to have a more abundant life. michael offered a reminder to keep your language on target for what you want…i.e. tell your mind that you are healing notremind yourself of past forgetfulness.  Your instruction set should ask the power in you to take you in the right direction, more solid and constructive.

Caller Ann from FL, will be visiting Julie and family in Washington state and they will be watching the DVD Aramaicisms.  Ann read Autobiography in Five Chapters by Portia Nelson and can now see how succinct it is with this work.

Caller Tracey, testimonial of words creating.  Left Mayo clinic and they said if her eye would correct it would be immediately after surgery. But she has been working on it (with her words and thoughts) and can see better and was able to read some of the letters on the eye chart this last time.  michael offered at conception there was something in you that knew how to grow parts. Remove interference and it can still be fixed. Remove all the naysayers and know it is all possible. We bought into the ‘authorities’ and forgot the power is there in us.

Nene asked for a MindShifter. She has to renew her passport when she gets to Venezuela and has fear around that and returning to the US.  “Every authority in the United States and in Venezuela that I make contact with is fully supportive of me easily and successfully renewing my passport and travelling with ease through out the globe.” and we breathe with you and hold the space of safety.

May 12



“The Journey Within – Unveiling the Divine – Dismantling the Barriers – What Do We Take On Our Journey?” write me if you want any of my notes

Read my Mother’s Day Posts.  

I am thankful for this Mothers’ Day covering generations on either side of me. First, I am thankful for my Mom and all she has done for me. Lessons she taught me and for embracing me in Love even when I messed up. For being there. I am thankful for her guidance and care to Ryan as well. I have seen so many Facebook posts wishing their Moms were still here…I am glad you are still here Mom. I wish I were there to hug and kiss you – I’ll be there in just a few weeks. Love you Mom.
Then I am thankful that I have been blessed with the most wonderful son in the world, Ryan Shaw. Being a Mom is such an honor and is so fulfilling. I remember well a time when I did not think I would be a Mom, and had lost two babies, Ryan is an answer to prayer. While I am not perfect, I have done the best I knew to do and I cherish the relationship Ryan and I have. Thanks for making me a Mom. To the only person who has heard my heart beat from the inside. I wish I were there to hug and kiss you too. Love you Ryan.
I have also been blessed to be a Mother-in-Love to the most wonderful Daughter-in-Love Gabrielle Shaw – thank you for being in our world and loving my son like you do. Love you Gabby.
And as a Step-Mom I have been privileged to share an extended family and be blessed in many ways. Thank you for accepting me as you do Eric Shaw, Brandon Lee Shaw, Michael Jay Ryce and Christa Poole. Love you all.
And now I am experiencing being Nana to Rylie & Jacob Shaw and Ashlynn & Adeline Poole. Love these sweet little ones.
And the list goes on for the lives we touch as Mom’s (not to mention being a daughter, sister, wife, aunt, cousin, friend, teacher, etc.) I pray that we all touch every life that crosses our paths in a loving wonderful way. Have a fantastic Mothers’ Day ladies, with Love.

Then there was one I wrote to Ryan specifically and posted many years in a row for Mothers’ Day (may not be the best regulatory speech but hey I’m learning).  When you came into my life I experienced a lot of things as never before …… Before I was a Mom ……
I never looked into teary eyes and cried.
I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin.
I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep.
I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn’t want to put him down.
I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn’t stop your hurt.
I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much.
I never knew that I could love someone so much.
I never knew I would love being a Mom.
I didn’t know the feeling of having my heart outside my body.
I didn’t know how special it could feel to feed a hungry baby.
I didn’t know that bond between a mother and her child.
I didn’t know that something so small could make me feel so important and happy.
I had never gotten up every 10 minutes during the night to make sure all was okay.
I had never known the warmth, the joy, the love, the wonderment, or the satisfaction of being a Mom.
I didn’t know I was capable of feeling so much before I was a Mom.
Thank you for coming into my life. I love you. Mom

Have an awesome Mother’s Day!

Caller Cindy, needing direction regarding changing jobs and the anxiety about leaving the current one. Two directions to follow: Responsibility Communication (stating facts and then asking for support in healing your anxiety and guilt) and Purpose Worksheet.  Be in alignment with your purpose and do worksheets on needing to take care of others and not yourself too.

Caller Roma, grieving about the choice to abort a baby…killing her child. Suggested the release exercise like we did in NC, write a letter then burn it and toss the ashes to the ocean.

May 13




May 14



 NO SHOWS ON WEEK-ENDS.  SEE YOU MONDAY. heart  Happy Mothers’ Day!

May 15



Jeanie read “Just A Mom?!”  can be downloaded from

Dr Tim acknowledged Jeanie doing the show on Friday and the work that Cindy got done and the shift you could hear in her voice. He then shared from last Thursday’s Support Group. Listened to March 7 last year show, Michele had heard a phrase called the “Urgency Barrier” and realized she was facing this every day (or hour) that she was at the intensive in 2016.  A building of the discomfort inside to such a fevered pitch that there is an urge to eliminate it or get out of the space.  It is the frontier of my comfort zone and we need to move past the comfort zone.  Willingly go through the physical, mental, emotional symptoms of healing. It is a point of returning to the drug of choice or blame someone else as opposed to sitting with the discomfort to ride through it and continue to do more of the right things.  Be willing to stay with the process as that is the only way out.

michael added the first death is the loss of our BEING when we take on the non-being self (Goliath).  For BEING to live, the non-being self must die and it will never go out without a fight.  To ‘overcome’ the second death (of the physical body) we must return to LOVE. Many genetic disintegrative energies to face and forgive (gave the example of the Romans and the hundreds of years of distroying others). It is just energy and it can be removed. To live eternally?  We are the ones who messed up the Garden of Eden, we can clean it up. Will I make it? maybe and maybe not but that does not change the journey towards that end.

Caller Camille, made real leaps in consciousness this week.  michael asked what did she have to sit with? uncertainty about decisions she was making and fear about those choices.  Has been symptomatic through this process and Julie has been awesome support. michael said you have to know that it can’t be physical.  Expensive tea formula has created a detox.  michael said when you push it so hard you can’t even put it in your mouth then it is time to slow down. Camille said she was considering not going to France.  Last week she took care of things with her son in Palm Beach.  The first day she was throwing up and diarrhea.  Finally got the courage to tell her son she felt she needed to put 100% of her time and energy into their business, the reception was awesome and her son and his partner gave her a condo.  She finally wrote to Robert on Sunday and told him her choice. He wrote her back and was troubled because he had made plans there.  Then his daughter wrote her to encourage her to come.  Pressure yet she feels she is on-target now.

Caller Cindy, follow up on Friday’s conversation. Still working but more clarity and has done responsibility communication with her current boss and will be starting her new job. Still some choices to be made around Saturdays but doing wake-up sheets around the anxiety.

Be with the stimulus that brings up the next layer and be with it and know it is a process…it can’t come up all at once. May have to back off at times (like we told Camille) yet keep moving forward. And we may be the first generation that has the tools to remove it all. michael expanded on the communication tool.

Miracle Monday … we’ve just heard miracles in lives changing.

May 16



Caller Roma issue around trust of our country leaders as well as acquaintences. 

michael told the ‘hundreth monkey’ concept of critical mass.

Dr Tim got a book recommendation and suggest Jeanie look into the “Body of Wisdom: Women’s Spiritual Power and How it Serves” by Hilary Hart

Caller Christine, heading to a new job and asks the community to hold the space for her.

Caller Shirley from MI called to give an update on Michele. She had a chainsaw incident. We hold the space for total healing.

Blockage of Truth.  We see what is happening in our world and think we know all about what happened…but the way the mind works we only see maximum of 9-bits of data at a time.  And our goals instruct the mind which 9-bits to show us out of 10,000 brain cells firing out of the 20-trillion bit world.  So it is a very selective process.  Our reality is a construct made from our own content.  For our perception to be even close to actuality we must be connected to Love, if hostility or fear are active then we are working with corrupt data.  Y’Shua was teaching to maintain Rakhma (filter over intentions) which is a gateway to the Mind of Christ, to stay in Being no matter what is going on in your world and you will be in alignment with Truth.  There are three filters over intentions: Rakhma = Constructive, Hostility = Destructive, Fear = Negative and this is raw material for goals which then goes through three filters over perceptions: Khooba = Loving, Hostility = Irritating, Fear = Threatening
(see )

May 17



Recovery Wednesday. Getting back to my true nature and recovering my awareness of that.

Dr Tim shared from support group, using The Way of Mastery, “Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” (Rumi). That was the theme of lesson and then discussion of ‘overwhelm’ of that task. Don’t have to get there today but make it a practice to realize I am doing it better. Small successes.

Y’Shua came from state of BEING, and poured out the sweet presence of love. Life operates through the Law of Resonance so if I have hostility or fear then I will pull someone into my life to ‘play it out with me’ and if in denial I blame ‘them’ for what I am feeling then I dissociate and hide it from myself and cannot change it. (example of a computer that is password locked and cannot access the information in it) Forgiveness is the password that gives one access to what is beneath of their creation.  Then when love is brought to the root of the issue then they dynamic pattern begins to dissolve.

Can one be addicted to busy-ness and stress? Most people in our culture are addicted to busy-ness which creates stress. Example of the work in the prison in Ionia, the guys were to do 5 worksheets a day to get into the Laws of Living and they said they were too busy.  Most people have more than one addiction and use them all from time to time.

Caller Julie from Oregon, found herself asking (and releasing) where does all of the negative energy go? She was told it goes where it is needed. Remembers previously, michael had told her that it is dissolved in love and becomes pure potential. michael offered, what if there is just energy and not negative energy?  Perpetual transmutation of radiant energy (always moving) – there is only energy and we can do with it what we will.  Example, several months ago there was a tomato seed, someone put energy into it and it grew into a plant (mostly sun, minerals and water) with a tomato hanging on it. Someone picked it and cooked it down and packaged it into a carton of seed. I opened the carton and heated it up and ate it and now it is transmuting into blood nutrients.  I just ate sunshine.  It is still there, still working, does not mean it goes away, just transmute into something else. Julie asks, so, is it correct that the beliefs she holds is where she gives the quality to the energy? So she must let go (cancel) the beliefs and collapse into the root that is creating the beliefs to start with?  Can see when brain cells resonate that she can recognize ‘oh that’s Mom or that is Dad.’ She can better see through the eyes of Christ instead of her CBM. Asked is entropy a false idea then?  That energy does not become less useful but can be renewed.  

May 18



Yesterday’s chatroom  (we ran out of time). Nene, June 11 to 29 will be in Venezuela. Did MindShifter over the passport issue fear.  The same day of doing the MS, a highschool friend sent her a contact name and number of the person who can accelerate the passport process.  She did the MS (1 hr and 12 minutes that night) bringing up lots of guilt, separation, pain, associated with my departure 19 years ago today.
In general, yes, things regarding legality, documents, filing immigration were situations of lots of loss of money, time, wrong form, pain, abuse, separation from my beloved ones,etc etc etc  Now feeling serene, joyful, possibilities, sleeping sound and safe.

Cathy K., from Tampa, is leaving on May 23 thru June 8 to Columbia and requests prayer for safety.


Dr Tim filled in for both michael & Jeanie.

May 19



Dr Tim opened the show by clarifying something he said yesterday that was misinterpreted. Someone thought when he says “the actual use of the tools, applying them in his life, has so positively effected his experience of my life.  And he said he cannot imagine going through the ending of a marriage he did not want to end, financial issues, etc (all various life events) if he had not had these tools to move through these events.”  His response to the events are his to dismantle and it was possible to look at these events as the magnifying glass,see the trigger, where he had work to do.  “These tools have improved the quality of his life” means his ability to interpret them differently and respond in a way that improves his life.  Did NOT mean to imply that a worksheet means health is perfect and people are handing him money and everyone is going to heaven.  He still has events but now he can go through these things and they dissipate more quickly than in the past.  Remembers when the level of his disruption would go on for weeks or months with depression and distraction and decreased function and more physical symptoms. He used to have ‘his back go out’ often and spent weeks or months treating it but now when he has a hip or back ‘go out’ he does wake-up sheets around the thoughts and feelings and within just days the pain would be gone.  He mentioned Dr. Sarno, back surgeon, and 65% of people surveyed with back issues had full range of motion and no discomfort and he realized it was not the condition that created the pain. He says it is unresolved rage.

michael offered similar experiences of lifting and hauling and other than muscle soreness has no issue whereas he used to have spondylolisthesis issues and realizes it is placing the focus.  Pay attention and notice things can still get intense but the ease and grace to move through those things as ‘a human being’ instead of raging and blaming is as different as night to day. We do not always get to choose how other people play things out.  We draw them in to show us what we need to heal and it is appropriate to hold others accountable if their behavior is off target but the reason we drew them in is because there is something we need to look at.

Jeanie shared doing a 4-day Womens’ Intensive and then during the 9-day Intuitive Development found herself so depressed and walking in the ocean and her feet were freezing. A nano-second thought crossed her mind that she could walk into the water and not feel.  Ryan crossed her mind, turning around saw Nancy on the beach – angel unaware!  Realizing that there was a time when being physically abused the only way out was thought to be suicide.  The events had been suppressed for years and years and yet if not faced they will come forward.  She had reached a new vitality level where the next deep dark layer could come up for healing. (wake-up sheets around guilt of even thinking that as a solution now)

Dr Tim said the topic comes up that this is about the work…not michael or Jeanie or Dr. Tim. None of us are on a pedestal or ‘better than.’   The only significant difference is the degree to which we understand we are all the same.

Caller Doug.  Had a great wake-up sheet process this morning, want to share and ask for insight and support.  Completed a recertification process recently.  Awoke with terror and fear, tapping and came up with the world being a dangerous place and it is all out to get him and take what he has. Then discovered to his amazement that right underneath of wanting the world to be peaceful (his goal) that he had hostility and wanted to go take from others to preserve himself.  The condition was hidden deeply.  Now has more compassion for the world’s hostility and for himself and his healing.  Wants to trust life and feel connected and ready for the day.  Dr Tim offered regulatory speech, your words say you want to hang onto the fear. What is the worst that could happen, if you could not drop the fear?  Doug says facing the same within himself and needing to show up more fully in the world instead of the hidden life he does now.  michael offered that we are, by nature, creators and the way we create is with our thoughts and words.  Often when people are confronted with their language their irritation comes up, thank you Doug for receiving the feedback so easily.  Doug said when there is something with a lot of energy he seems to be more unconscious about it. michael said this does not mean to ‘pretend’ something is not happening for you, be with it when it comes forward and forgive, bringing love present. Clean it up instead of hiding it, which means we create more of it. Doug recognizes what is in there, and willing to work with it and remove it. Amazed at how hidden it was to his own mind and that he can’t get rid of it until he acknowledges it.

Caller Julie, noticed herself being in a tantrum resisting the way things are and what she and everyone else should do about it. When she gets out of it she sees she went through the fear and then the need to control the fear.  She has a belief that she needs to control the fear.  After doing her work, a symptomatic, chronic energy shows up for release.  She found if she goes more slowly and asks to be shown then instead of floundering she can get to the space of love and can have a greater experience of love and wholeness. It is inside – being with. 

May 20




May 21




May 22

No Show Today

Blog Talk had issues today and while we were talking away we realized nobody was showing up on the switchboard and then we began getting texts that they could not hear anything. After not reaching a BlogTalk agent to resolve it we gave up at 20 minutes after the hour. Apologies… only twice since doing the show that we have not been able to complete. See you tomorrow!

May 23



michael opened by explaining mistranslations of many of the scriptures and words. When we realize the energetic patterns we hold pass from generation to generation we can accept that the process of cleaning it up will take time.  michael gave an example of Sunday being at a festival and seeing a photo of wild wolf that looked like a husky-wolf he had 45 years ago, and he remembered how beautiful and intelligent his husky-wolf was.  All of a sudden he had this pounding in his chest and a light-headedness like passing out and thought what was that?  He then tapped into when the dog was killed and the loss.  Take care of the heart for out of it come the issues of life.  The opportunity to face what is inside.  Nobody knows what is in their heart – that is why it is called the unconscious.

Julie from Oregon is “letting go” of her older dog Ulysses this morning and asks that we hold the space.

Dr Tim said occassionally he will have clients who say something so intense about a situation and then step back and say well that is an over-reaction.  The unconscious (oota brain cells) drives behavior.  One said “my quality of life is not very good” which is a statement made at the end of life and this woman has a great home, friends, job, health, finances, etc.  So something from her past has been resonated and she was over-dramatic.  A good indicator to look at the unconscious and ask what has a hold of me and has me in the past instead of the moment. Watch the language.  michael spoke of unconscious speech i.e. “to die for” or “that kills me” or “a pain in the …”  develop the skill and ability to reach into your mind, thoughts and genes and decode it and work through it.

Caller Michele Pischea. Device called Spire (costs $99) – tracks your breath and will buzz you that your breathing is either more shallow or rapid than norm. It has meditations and visual patterns besides the breathing alert.  Add to “all of the above.” Great feedback item to reduce anxiety and improve breathing. technology helps us move forward.  michael announced that we would be doing intensives at Michele’s home in Michigan in October, watch the schedule. 

Caller Julie Haverstick, regarding the show on both Friday and today and experiencing a healing. She had made a ditch around the back of her home and was putting cinderblocks in it, building a wall due to the rain and flooding. Next thing she knew she fell into the ditch and landed on her hip where she had had past pain and realized the fall just put her hip back in place. God in action. Stay conscious and aware and experience the healing instead of the drama.

michael said scriptures say all things work together for good to those who stay connected to Love.  Even our unconscious moves us into the direction of our good.  Julie said yes she felt blessed.  She then shared regarding emotions.  One year she was questioning why was she even here and went into such emotion.

May 24



Recovery Wednesday.  Do you know how the world works and your place in the world?  How do you know what a ‘human life’ is?  A body walking and talking does not mean there is human life there … just hold a newborn.  That essence is who you are and we want to recover that beingness!  Spend 40 days in the desert – in your own unconscious – doing the Aramaic forgiveness wake-up sheets.  You’ll not know you are living in the same world.  We can free ourselves from the energies that are less than.  It does not mean that everything will be roses or that there will not be conflict but we can BE LOVE regardless of what goes on in the world.  michael gave an example from Susan Darnell (teacher of Laws of Living classes in Wilmington, NC) of the changes that happened in one participant.  

Dr Tim shared from Support Group and someone did a wake-up sheet on self-loathing which resonated in others in the group.  When that is active then we are ‘blind’ and living in the optical-illusion of separation. Grateful to the people who join him on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Encourage people to participate in a group.  Mentioned Gail (who was not on the call) and the absence of her deep knowledge of this work parallelling with the 12-steps. Actively working to recover the awareness of our true nature.  Once we have conscious possession of that we can extend it to others.

Caller Julie from Oregon, the space of love was felt yesterday. Thank the community of this spiritual family. Still feeling sadness and the absence of his bodily presence.

Email from Jen in Scotland. Her practice is mindfullness-based psychotherapy and particularly with young child trauma. She wants more information around genetically inherited issues or predisposition for behaviors or issues that are ‘downloaded’ at conception, in fetal state and the post birth period with unresolved ‘not of love’ frequencies of our ancestral heritage.  michael offered Max Planck, physicist, said “..there is no matter as such, our entire world is succeedingly smaller patterns of vibratory fields nested one within another.” We are genetic beings, the eye interprets as matter.  Everything is a frequency or vibration and the body-mind unit stores those frequencies in every cell in the structure including the sperm and egg and is passed on.  Energies less than love are like viruses that are stored in the ‘harddrive’ and are copied to the next.  Generation to generation until someone removes the virus – that is forgiveness.  “sins of the father passed unto 3 & 4 generations” was not a theological threat.

Caller Nene.  Situation is the same, Venezuela needs a change in consciousness.  Wanted to discuss the result of her latest mindshifter around her fear.  A friend is now helping her get an express passport renewal but she got in touch with her past experiences with legal matters being slow and she always has lost a lot in the process. Separation from her daughter.  Her realtionships are always older men.  Fear in all of these areas.  She experiences at work, at home, in relationships being fearful when anger is present. New MindShifter: My relationships with men, especially men in power and authority, is always nurturing, fair, generous and supportive…and I function the same way.  Breathing & hot.  Energy moving.  Also share happy things. Celebrated in her achievements in dance. Felt internal value more than before. Grateful of this work, key to remove and be able to experience more of the true nature. Sunday June 11 headed to Venezuela.

Caller Miriam from Miami. So depressed and tired. How do I know I have forgiven?  michael explained true forgiveness. The definition has been changed to ‘letting them off the hook’ from removing the energies that do not belong inside.  Forgiveness is how you collapse the focus of the outward eye and begin to understand yourself as the presence of love and remove the pain and fear and loss.  Ex. around depression, it would not be possible to be depressed when back into being, that could take a long time, not overnight, but step by step you can get closer.  Depression is anger turned inwards.  

May 25



May 26



To pardon someone helps to disconnect them from the ‘pain’ they resonated in you but true forgiveness is to remove the pain.

Dr Tim shared that in his support group there was just one person and himself and it was a blessing. Sometimes people think they fail at a support group if they don’t have a big crowd but in the small gatherings there can be the most powerful process.  Highest recommendation to use the tools and find a support group. Download the book from the website and do worksheets, don’t have to buy the DVDs to start a group.

May not be many on the switchboard but the stats show our archives are being utilized greatly.

Rukha Group people were talking about not being done with an issue and Dr. Tim said do preemptive worksheets. If the thought comes across ‘I’m done with that one’ then there probably is something else there or it would not have come to mind. Do a wake-up sheet instead of waiting for it to trigger you again. michael agreed to do it when it is minor instead of a 2×4

michael spoke of the ‘good ole family feeling’ and living at an energetic level of the past generations.

Caller Cindy. Share a story 2 nights ago her fiancee was dreaming and she awoke and smelled marijuana but did not say anything. Then last night he started talking about dreaming of a friend giving him marijuana and he went to get a fan because the smell was so bad.  michael offered his body was probably releasing the toxins of previous smoking. The power of the mind and healing process.

Caller Susan from NC.  Tell a story. Person in class with a high use of will and appeared to push her will and the other person was in anxiety.  She realizes she sometimes pushes for something that might not be the best for everyone involved but her use of will is so strong and her love of truth is low.  michael said ‘will’ is a gentle spiritual faculty and willpower is strong forceful energy.  So ‘will’ won’t act like willpower and push others.  It is about being in charge of your own mind. Conversation of power person behaviors.

Caller Shelly (congrats on your marriage), by doing his work he has seen some things in his own behavior.  Realizes the things he has been doing in the past is overcompensating to try to make his life ‘right’ and this past week he has kept his emotions more in check and not swing so far left.  He sees he is more conscious of his choice of behaviors and comes back center. Not allow his emotions to run him.  michael offered when facing the crass energies and letting go of the ‘noise’ then it can take time to hear the still small voice. Gave the example of being at HeartLand for a time and then going into the city and the distraction and noise was overwhelming. Jeanie offered to be sure you are not just controlling the emotion but dealing with what is underneath or it will be like taking the battery out of the fire alarm so it does not make noise.  Doing your work around it will free you of the energy, shutting it down or controlling it could be pushing it further down. Subtler layers come forward.

Camille in chatroom acknowledged Shelly. Julie H asked “how does overcompensating look like your life?” michael gave a MindShifter: My being is enough!

May 27




May 28




May 29



Memorial Day! Happy 12th Anniversary michael & Jeanie!

Began the show playing ACIM Let Me Remember!  the words to this song speaks of the lesson for today: Lesson 124 Let Me Remember I Am One With God.  Remember who you are – the awesome sweet presence of love.

“Today we will again give thanks for our Identity in God. Our home is safe, protection guaranteed in all we do, power and strength available to us in all our undertakings. We can fail in nothing. Everything we touch takes on a shining light that blesses and that heals. At one with God and with the universe we go our way rejoicing, with the thought that God Himself goes everywhere with us.

How holy are our minds! And everything we see reflects the holiness within the mind at one with God and with itself. How easily do errors disappear, and death give place to everlasting life. Our shining footprints point the way to truth, for God is our Companion as we walk the world a little while. And those who come to follow us will recognize the way because the light we carry stays behind, yet still remains with us as we walk on.”

Take 1/2 hour today (and each day) to tap into “I am one with Love (God)” Tell someone they are cherished.

Camille in chatroom said Happy Anniversary and thanks for being.

Caller Julie in Oregan. The word “cherish” brings to remembrance that she was cherished by her dog and she thinks of the Creator that he gave her the dog. Realizes she has transferred being cherished from the Creator to the dog (an idol). So willing to let go of punishing herself and be the love she is. Regrets not just being love and focusing on the fear with her dog’s condition. michael invited Julie to hold the grief in her awareness and simultaneously bring ‘her being cherished’ – deep breath from Julie. That is the release. Julie said she also realizes when she is off purpose she slides back and when connected to love she wants to be on purpose.  michael offered her to pull out her purpose statement from Laws of Living and 

Caller Shelly said thank you to Julie for the cord that was just struck inside himself, in tears of process. It is where it all began for him. He had a Doberman that would not let people near him when he was about 3 years old. It protected him.  His name was Satan.  It was poisoned and died and Shelly was told it was because he was a bad boy, he died because of Shelly (or for Shelly). The guilt he bought into. He is willing to let that energy go, he knows he was not responsible and that the dog died because someone did something off-target not because of him.

May 30



Dr Tim and michael mention the power of the callers Julie & Shelly near the end of yesterday’s show.  michael shared an ‘accidental’ call to someone this morning and he was in the midst of processing and michael was able to hold the space and walk him through forgiving what was in his face.  Generational issues within sexuality and relationships between his parents and grandparents and his seeing the results in his own life.

The Jews wandered the desert for 40 years until the old generation died off. Not talking about physical death. Generation comes from root genare and eans cause.  All the causes in the mind have to die.  The CBM being must die so the TRUE BEING (LOVE) can live.

If you don’t consciously deal with what is inside it will come and bite you in the butt through out the generations until someone wakes up and forgives what is in the construct.

michael told about coming across an article about the “comfort women” in WWII, Korean women and girls captured by Japanese men and enslaved into prostitution and set up as comfort stations for the military men.

Dr Tim told about a client who was a foster parent and that everyone of the children they took in had been abused.  Holding the space of love allows healing to begin. Glad he has the tools to stay more willing to clean up his side of the equation and be more loving in the presence of what is less than in himself and others.

Understand the physics of Y’Shua’s work when he talks about a little leavening he is talking critical mass. It only takes a few to open it for everyone.

Caller Julie, hesitant in answering to realize she had her mute button on. She laughed because ‘not being heard’ is one of her major issues. Ann is visiting with her for a few days and they watched the Aramaicisms DVD and was a great interaction between the michael and Dale Allen Hoffman.   You could see the mutual respect and holding the space for each other when the other was talking.  michael reminded everyone that for a year we did Aramaic Fridays with Dale (beginning January 3, 2014).

michael spoke of the native Americans and the probability of them being Aramaic beings.  Julie said the pastor spoke of the Iroquois being part of the making of the Constitution.

An apology is due to everyone who gave up their lives, health and insanity to war.  Suggest read “War is a Racket” by Smedley Butler who writes for restoration of truth.

Caller Roma, committed to a retreat in September in California and will be presenting the forgiveness work and wants to listen more to the Aramaic distinctions of forgiveness and have the arsenal of consciousness in her backpack. michael suggested the powerpoint.

Announced the fall intensives of CoDependence (4 to 7 day) and Communication (4 to 9 day) for a total of 16 days in Williamston, Michigan

Roma said she thought CoDependence as an outer shell keeps one from looking inside and michael added the ultimate CoDependence is blaming someone outside of you for what was going on inside.

May 31



Recovery Wednesday! Yesterdays show around the sexual abuse in the world, which means there are a lot of abusers.  We are here to hold the space for the abuser just as much as those abused.  michael then shared an experience at an intensive where there was one participant who had been sexually abused as a child and another participant who thought of abusing a child although they had never acted upon it. And the healing that occured.

Caller Shelly, the story of the child molestation resonated in me. When our children were born they were only with my wife and I until they could talk then they were limited to grandparents, etc. for a time.  This was due to my own childhood sexual abuse.  But what he called about is the genetics, filtered and dilluted but still there. He feels the things he has experienced are extreme but made him stronger. They are not who he is but impacted him. He gave examples. Doing a lot of processing especially about Dad’s behavior and that Mom allowed him to do it. Use of meth. Shelly showed more emotion when he mentioned Dad making him watch as he beat everyone else. michael offered for him to look more deeply there. Shelly touched into pain, was looking for peace today not this.  michael offered for Shelly to cancel the goal to be kept safe as a child.  michael asked what was it like?  Shelly said he got hard, cold and distant and won’t let people in.  MindShifter: I am so appreciative of the fact that my father always held the space of love and support for myself, my siblings and my mother.  (explained a M/S) Shelly says this is a lie! michael said this will produce the worksheets to do, and do some of them as if you were Dad. Shelly shares what he knows of his Dad’s issues from his upbringing.

The movie “The Shack” at one time God was a woman (when Mack needed a nurturing parent) and another time God was a man (when he needed a Father to go with him through the tough time). michael felt emotion as he told about that. Jeanie shared the piece when God asks Mack to choose which of his children go to heaven and which goes to hell and he said no send me not them to hell.  God said all are my children (whether seen as good or bad) and you are asking me to choose. Powerful film about forgiveness – letting the anger inside go not pardoning or forgetting.

Dr Tim offered to do that M/S.  Dr Tim said his hope for the day is to have peace, safety and calm and he may face exactly the opposite of what he consciously said but it is what he needs to move to the next step of growth. This creates the discomfort within him, when we shut down, is the alarm system saying “Tim you are not viewing this the way the Creator sees you.”  The Creator sees all as his children. Everything is connected and energy.  Realize the discomfort is created by the difference between the way I want it and the way it actually is. Being aware helps transmute the energy labeled as negative that I am resisting.  Rumi said all pain becomes medicine.

Marcel Proust says the journey is not in seeking new landscapes but developing new eyes. Directed people to What is The World? DVD on our Youtube channel.  Pained perception is persistent. Doing this work, I engage in my process too.

Caller Gail, welcome back! Everyone shared missing her and doing worksheets on “missing” she is important part of the Recovery Wednesday. Gail shared that she had been in great process and had gone into survival mode and cut off communication, shutting people out. michael gave a M/S: It is always safe and healing to stay connected with the people/support in your life. michael offered all death is suicide but it is the ultimate way of cutting people off. michael spoke of Y’Shua on the cross saying ‘Ah, you set me aside to teach/learn this lesson.’ not dejection or forsaken by God as taught.  Process everything that would make you want to leave, we want you to stay for eternity and play with us. Gail said the punishment thought to another for them to die always comes back with the same intensity of suicide.  michael said he wants to support Gail being done with that dynamic and open the door to heal self and others. Escape is an addiction as well.



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