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July 1



Dr Tim is hosting the whole 2 hours – the HeartLand 9-day Why intensive ends this morning and the 9-day Teachers Training intensive begins tonight with airport run in between.

Feelings are the alarm that there is a negative emotion (energy in motion) within me – my thoughts are in error.  Ask how is some hidden part of my mind creating this false perception resulting in upset? This is the core of the work to recognize when you are focused outside and turn it inside.

Alan Cohen, “ACIM Made Easy: Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love” Talks about the real magic being inside you. Yoy think it is something outside you that has the power to heal you or hurt you but the thoughts are the source of your experience. All the outside things you gather are your replacements for the Love of God.  Magic is misappropriation of authority from inner spirit to an external force. It is seeded in your soul.

“As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen.  Scripture: “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7)

Jeanie asked Dr Tim to give his definition difference of feelings and emotions. A feeling is a general term for a physical sensation like hot or cold or physical pain in the body. An emotion are particular class or category of feelings registered in my body by certain thought patterns.  Thinking that is not fair might generate the emotion of anger that manifests physically like a tight jaw.  Enough energy in a thought pattern until it generates physically.

Callers Joan, Peter, Patrick, Magda, Linda W. all vibrating very high and aware of being Love. Just finished the 9-day. We all end up at HeartLand at the perfect time of our lives. Magda expressed the warmth and elevated emotion and not wanting to say good-bye. Linda W. looks forward to joining the Thursday Support Group and thankful for the good example of Dr Tim.

Dr Tim suggested the exercise at the “Saying Good-bye to Good People Without Saying Good-bye to Good Memories”  (Part 1 & Part 2, catalog for download). It is OK to feel all the emotions and yet hold the life learnings obtained from different people interacted with in the intensive. Rich life lessons. Recognize how different I am because of the process, dismantle the parts of my mind that want to cling to the experience instead of looking at the gain because of the process.

How do you know when you are in the right?  The energy you feel is indicator of being on the right path – it is calm, centered, joyful inner voice. The conscious, logical mind is the one asking for explanation.  Mental & Emotional health and well-being – be in the allowance, surrender and humility.  If anything less is up then do a worksheet, or the app.

Like trying to make the Carbon Monoxide Alarm to stop sounding. Change batteries, call the manufacturer and the fire department but until they look at cause (there is Carbon Monoxide in the room) and address it then they cannot make the alarm stop.  Our alarm system will continue until we address the underlying cause.

Dr Sarno, mental and emotional tension causes physical pain.

Someone in Dr Tim’s Support Group found he was more honest in the group than when doing worksheets on his own.  The power of the group. They can hold the space when you cannot hold it for yourself.

Dr Tim said the support groups and the show keep him on target to continue. Jeanie asked him to expand on the need to continue.  Like the Buddhist monks in Oregon said they did not need the forgiveness tools in Tibet but now they are in US the power of the environment makes it needed. Example of taking an exam and reading different instructions and the two groups react differently based on the conditioning of the mind. “How did that make you feel?” Cultural conditioning and the belief that something outside of us creates our emotions then training in jobs, schools, movies … lots of conditioning to undo the history (including bloodline). The pattern does change and there are different patterns but life continues to flow around. Have enlightened moments with my being of Light but not an ‘enlightened being’ yet. Acknowledge it is a process not a race to a goal.

Why keep doing the work if you’re never going to be done? Willing to look and deal with issues or it hits you in the back side anyway. Dr Tim added why eat today if you have to eat again tomorrow or why take a shower if you have to do it again? Irrelevant question: why continue.

Our mind placing judgements on life. All judgement is an error. Shakesphere said “Why, then, ’tis none to you, for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
ACIM says all events are neutral. Choose the interpretation – which state of mind will be more productive to resolve a situation? Blessing or Depression? Guy Finley says there is nothing more practical than true spirituality in helping self and others. Judging verses Discernment. You can discern facts (red, blue, green) without emotional judgement (one is better than another, label good or bad).

July 2



Caller Shelly

Caller Susan B., discussion of words that say what you do NOT want.  Instead say what you DO want “I want to see the world like the Creator sees the world.” “I want to use the tools when I feel less than loving” the unconscious hears everything and what focus is put in with loaded emotion strengthens.  My emotional energy system is the amplifier to what I put in my mind, it is also my alarm system to pay attention.  Do you value anxiety and panic more than being connected?

Susan shared their awesome experience at the intensive at HeartLand and that Tim actually said let’s do it again next year. The love that flowed was amazing. It was intense and was work but the value is beyond words. The Breathwork took us to places we have never been before. Dr Tim suggested DVDs in this order: Why Again, Empowered to Heal, Healing Thru Relationships, CoDependence to InterDependence, Jeanie added and then Communication. And offered other alternatives to showing DVDs. Guidelines

Susan got a name: Beloved. Her lesson today was “I call upon God’s name and on my own.” We are all love and loved. Tools are on the surface now, in the airport a lady barked at Tim and Susan was able to do a mental forgiveness sheet and shine light on her. A second or two to shift.

Caller Peter from Sweden currently in Chicago enroute back. Shared part of his experience at HeartLand and his PCE assignments. (michael explained the PCE) Big challenge was maintaining love of self, assignment was to speak something I cherish about myself and could think of nothing. Then others spoke something they cherished about him and he laughed but went to tears and process. Now the last day he asked the group to share again and this time he could look them in the eye and hear what they said. He was like a bookshelf and received/placed the receiving statements on his shelf. It stayed with him and he can actually think of something he cherishes abought himself now. The last morning he realized he has a lifelong issue of being late and never saw it before, why? michael explains calling a lie truth and then real truth can’t show up. Once he becomes vital enough his eyes are open to the truth. Forgiveness work is making space for more information to come in. Not addressing this particular issue until now but because he has done forgiveness work around other issues this one now becomes available? Yes broader contact with truth allows it to be visible. Tonya has said for 20 years he is always late why could he not see it? Can remember his Dad saying we give up on Peter coming to the dinner table because he always has something to detain him. Peter said he did a worksheet as if he were his dad which was amazing and he has a question. 1A is his Dad doing a wake-up sheet on Peter. michael said take a breath and imagine being in his skin and as him complete the wake-up sheet.  Crystal clear to be angry to get Peter to do what he wants him to do.  Crystal clear that #6C when has Dad not done what he should do was drinking. michael now says turn it to being Peter the Dad raising his voice to get his sons to do what he wants.

Caller Jean in Chicago, doing her intensive from Chicago doing 5 worksheets a day. Peter is visiting with her. She is amazed at the thoughts that do cartwheels through her mind and how breaking it down to a worksheet makes it so visible. Control thoughts better and become an observer of herself, thrilled.  michael invited Jean and Peter to be accountability partners for 40 days to do 5/day – 40 days in the desert. She asked if most we do and think is generational, do I ever have an original thought? When forgiveness collapses the perception then original thought comes in. Three places we live from: 1) a controlled life – from external forces set up to control us and we buy into it 2) a driven life – from within (ex OCD) can’t conceive of doing differently or 3) an inspired life – from divine spirit, inner guidance for meanings to be written (on the clean and open space)

Caller John, had a relapse a while back and there was a man at the bar who dissed his sobriety and John told him he loved him and did not feel he needed to get into a fight over it. Can see where this work will allow him to see the good in himself.

Caller Ron Bleakney, with Grace (his daughter), something that came up and they want to bring to the show. She is a good athlete and is popular in the softball community. Takes endurance in the heat and they have tournaments and she has been her coach’s favorite girls but lately the coach has been really harsh with her and the team. The team lost and the coach said some things as if it were her fault.  Ron thinks he will pull her from the team. michael suggested that is leaving and leaving is up for the planet. Do forgiveness work first.  “The distorting power of the way you want it to be.” In his file on wanting to win and yet losing he is triggered into pain and points his frustration toward one who is ‘safe’ – maybe do Responsibility Communication inviting him to heal as she heals what is up for her. He is probably unconscious as to what he is doing. Ron admitted that pulling her from the team was the lesser of his punishment thoughts. He wanted to call him out and Grace said if he did then Ron would be doing the same thing the coach did. They will work on the letter this weekend. michael said when you can communicate to him what he did to one of his favorite people he will be grief stricken.

July 3



Dr Tim discusses the voice of fear verses the voice of Spirit (Love).

Caller Linda Russell, travelling and in Maryland at a rest stop right now. Thank you for the intensive. Commit yourself to Love and your thoughts will be established. This thought has supported me to see as an observer and apply the brakes.  She needed to have a conversation in her relationship and her mind imagined a fallout but she was able to reconnect to Source and then say what she needed to say and everything is back in harmony. Ken said he too was afraid to speak and said he is now so much more at ease. Word links also help to support. Breathe and Listen. Hearing things on another level.  And thank Ari for his wonderous food and his patience with people in the kitchen. Thanks to Chuck for the greens. And thanks to michael for the support especially during all the surprises that came along. And to Julie Haverstick and her support. And doing work around ‘missing’ the people we have been with for weeks now. Bitter sweet and gratitude for the lives that intertwined. michael said it sounds like you have moved a long way down the track in your work.

michael speaks of “The Shack” and the father whose daughter was kidnapped and murdered and he is raging at God and God says I am in everything, and I can make something beautiful and wonderful out of any experience but that does not mean I caused the experience itself.

“Inside Out” everyone is attempting to keep Sadness out of the way but it is when Rylie (the little girl) is safe enough to be honest about her sadness then healing happens.  We have to look at it to clear it. Hiding it and it controls you.

A quote in the play: Mass Appeal(Brian Dennehy) “Now the truth has been told, real Love is possible.”

Thank you Linda and Ken for all you two did for HeartLand.  We are in awe! Tell Ken we got the bell issues taken care of.

Hold the space for Magda, she had 3 extractions this morning at the dentist. Hold the space for Patrick Quinn as he gets stronger, going through dialysis. Hold the space for the gas explosion in Bristol today.

Caller Susan B., asked about the closure lesson of the intensive. Some were quotes from other people but then took us on the journey of the teacher. Great piece of writing and was like going into stillpoint listening to you read it. Tied up all we learned. She mentioned the tremendous amount of energy michael put out to the participants and gets it when he disappeared for a time. She mentioned another worker William Michael Forbes  She thinks the path is getting more people heading in the same direction.  michael said if the phenomena becomes so interesting that it becomes a distraction then people will move from doing their own work.

What does it take to come out of the desert? All the old causes have to be removed. If someone can stand as the space of love, it accellerates the process.

July 4



Happy 4th Celebrations! Dr Tim will not be having a Support Group tonight to allow family time for the holiday.  Dr Tim spoke of the CoDependence to InterDependence worksheet, the advice you give another (who you are codependent with) you are attempting to get it close enough to see yourself – the advice is for you.  It is learning to turn inside and asking to be shown – not figuring it out.

To think you are responsible for something and yet you do not have the power to make the change needed results in triggering frustration.  The logical mind is supposed to be a faithful servant not the master.

Caller Linda from HeartLand sharing about the experience, the wonderful food Ari prepares. The Raw-cipe book is available at

michael shared about Ari having a thumb that was painful and he had distorted thumb nails. He talked to his sister this morning and she told him that when he fell out of a 2-story window when he was 2 he hurt his hands including his thumb. This morning his nail is perfectly straight and the distortion is gone. When trauma is introduced to the energy system it manifests as a distortion in the flesh. When you go back through in healing, the symptoms look the same, thus he experienced the pain before it healed.

Jeanie shared a quote she heard the other day: “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” Winston Churchill

Caller Darren, asked michael to explain how a MindShifter has such an impact when we do the Breath session.  The mind works by resonance. If I have the right frequency (right pattern) in a MindShifter then it will resonate what is held within. The more you write the more the deeper part of the file is ‘stirred’ and we want it to be moving when we breathe. Reapply the breath and it tends to open the system and blow the energy off and exposes the part of the mind that needs healing. Process kinesthetic (physically), auditory or visually – each processes in unique ways.  Darren said his was intense.  He gave a thanks to all the amazing folks at HeartLand and the amazing experience.

Magda did not have the dental work completed so continue to hold the space for her.

Caller Lucy, support with a worksheet. She shared last night and made the motion of shooting herself to her temple with her finger. What was the emotion and thought? Where do I go?  michael said the culture pushes ‘self-harm’ and may just be resistence to doing so much work to get it done. M/S “I am happy and willing to develop patience and take whatever time is needed for my healing process.”  The fact her breath shuts down suggests there might be resistence. The culture is “I want it now” The factors involved in healing, who knows what it will take to heal any given issue at any given time. Jeanie suggested she do work in Russian – Gave example of a friend who did this in German.

Caller Joan, aware of procrastination because she wants everything to be perfect and she does not want to be any more miserable than she has to be. M/S “I am always so excited to prepare my presentations days in advance so I get to savor and enjoy every minute of anticipation leading up to the delightful opportunity to speak.” Are you breathing? Lucy said none of us are. Immediately her mind said ‘but I will be miserable.’ michael asked any thoughts as to why miserable? She said she did not speak in class unless called on even though she did prepare, afraid to speak. Another time she could not find an answer and was in terror to go back to school the next day. Everyone enjoying the love in the space. michael said yes it feels like we need to do a 65 day. How can I explain what this is?  Little bites or they could not understand it.  Paul said some you I have to give milk, you can’t take meat yet. Maybe walk her through a wake-up sheet or send her the link to the PowerPoint. Tell her it is building braincells like learning a foreign language.

Caller Kenny (William), happy playful mood, moved into new place. Want to ask, has always been strong in hi legs but for 2-3 months his calves hurt. Nothing showing up physically in exams, what metaphysically?  moving forward.  michael suggested physical therapist or massage therapist or yoga to realign and to open nerve pathways energetically.  Sleeping in car for so long and past drugs shot in legs. Listening to conversation with Joan, it resonates terror of past and childhood. What do I forgive?

Caller Jurate, sending support to all still there in the process. Life is wonderful, easy to be in love space and observe the experience. She first saw the garden upon return and thought it did not meet her expectation and yet she cancelled her goal for her son to do how she would do it. After she returned to love she asked him to come assist her in pulling dead leaves etc. Everything was great they worked until late together.

July 5



Caller Susan B.

Caller Magda, shared why her extractions were delayed. Her blood pressure went really high. Discussion of “white coat syndrome” and the thought was on dying. M/S “It is safe and healing and I love it when I have fears of dying right there in the doctor’s office.” She knows it is a transition of energy, not really the death but embarrassed for people to see the mess in my office, etc. Another M/S “It is safe and healing for me to die and it brings me great joy to think of my family and friends seeing the truth of my messes.” Dr Tim offered all he did was get quiet and allow Magda to say what she really feared.

Update on Patrick Quinn, this week his stamina has grown. Staying at Chuck and Magda’s house and going to HeartLand daily.

Caller Camille, has an intensional healing group of 8.

Caller Susan B., to introduce the work michael suggested have them watch “The Five Keys in Aramaic Forgiveness”  She is looking to begin the Support Group. They have a Bingham Camp that would be perfect for an intensive (built in 1905).  September / October timeframe for Laws of Living.

Caller Magda, said tell everyone in the group she is with them as they breath today and she will breathe at 2:00 as well.

Caller Linda W. how can you explain the human (Love Being) and the non-human (CBM)? Just ask have you ever held a newborn? That is human life otherwise we are automotons replicating the generations of the past. Aramaic forgiveness collapses the hostiliy and fear-based non-human so the true human being can be at it’s fullness.

July 6



July 7



July 8



We have to revisit every topic ourselves when we are asked a question, even if it is the same question asked before.

Jeanie shared working with a friend and been given opportunities to heal some areas myself.  Got tough with this young lady and ask how many times was she going to tell her story? She doesn’t want to leave him or him to leave and yet she has done nothing to change her mind.  I told her she either needed to do an action (take changes recommended) or accept it and quit telling her story.  She adds energy to the situation everytime she tells the story to 4, 5 or 6 people. Any input?  Dr Tim shared a little while back when Julie Haverstick asked for input with people she was working with and they would not do the work in between sessions.  Dr Tim says he has ‘fired’ patients when they won’t do any work that would make things better, to think they are in therapy when they do nothing themself is a lie.  They can choose to do the same thing over and over but to change they have to be actively involved in doing something different.  Now to a friend, maybe “I care about you and know you can make different choices.  If you choose to stay stuck where you are I do not want to participate in that. I have exhausted what I can do as a friend.”  Jeanie asked her what her payoff is staying weepy, crying and that is not her.  Have walked her through worksheets and explained creation but she has chosen to stay pitiful.  Dr. Tim encouraged Jeanie to be more rigorous with awareness of her own energy and time.  Set times for this friend’s calls and texts.  Letting her know you value yourself as well as valuing her.  You are demonstrating the opposite of what you say.  You allow her to interfere with your schedule and life in a way that is not respectful of your time, relationships and energy. Dr Tim shared an experience during grad school and maintaining the schedule while holding down 3,4,5 jobs.  Burn-out, function on 4 hrs sleep, all the jobs and school. Ridiculous and insanity. He eventually cut back to part time and chose to live a better life.  He can’t coach others how to live balanced lives and his life be so out of balance. Medical professionals and therapists turn into ‘jerks’ during the de-humanizing process of schooling.  It is not possible to teach others (can only talk about it) if my life reflects differently.  Jeanie expressed it is part of her habitual make-up to not tell people “No”. Dr Tim said it is an occupational hazard in the helping field and part of genetic make-up and impressions from bloodline.  Instead of saying No to others, learn to say Yes to what is good for you. What a thought! MindShifter: “It is safe & healing for me to do what’s in my best interest to build a healthy, loving effective life!”  or “healthy, happy, productive life or with balance in relationships.”  Downloaded a belief that you have to sacrifice yourself.

ACIM Made Easy, Anthony de Millo says your journey to the cross should be your last useless journey. Nothing in Y’Shua’s message says you have to carry the cross throughout life. Suffering breeds suffering.

Goes along with the belief that if you put yourself first you are selfish.  Dr Tim reminded use the term “selfwise” like putting your oxygen mask on first. Maybe say, I have a prior commitment and need to go, don’t have to tell them it is your own private time.  Commitment to be healthy and get sleep.  The part that screams “Oh you need to help this person.” That is the ego talking.

We were looking at doing an intensive Laws of Living in the Bingham Camp in Sept/Oct but it is not available until May 2020 so perhaps we will do that next fall.  We will however consider doing LOL in TN or NC this fall if there is enough interest so let us know sooner than later so we can book the facility.

Caller Brenda from Memphis, similar situation except she feels like TS Elliot said “Tis the highest treason to do the right things for the wrong reason.”  Thinking she has to rescue the world verses supporting herself.  Over the last few months she feels her motivation has been based in anger.  Belief “better to give than receive” or that if she has more she needs to give it away.  She resented even while she was being generous.  Are we crippling them by this action thinking they need us to rescue them?  Dr Tim said we are not so powerful.  We are a participant in the flow of life.  We teach best by modeling. The giver must be respected in the process.

Watch the website for the upcoming schedule for intensives and travel workshops.

July 9



Dr Tim’s intro included the story of Corinne Zupko’s work with ACIM in order to heal her anxiety / panic attacks and wrote the book “From Anxiety to Love.”  Call forth witnesses to safety and love. Willingness to shift the focus of energy.  Radical honesty. Turn and face my fear.  Ursula K. Le Guin short stories The Winds Twelve Quarters the master tells him to turn and face his fear that he is the only one that can get through this issue.

Caller Jack, expressed much thanks for the show today.

Caller Susan, has a place to begin the Support Group at her church (day and time tbd) and will use this intro as a beginning or introduction to the group. Susan volunteered to edit the clip and send to Dr Tim who will put it up on Discussion whether it is appropriatye for the church or is it too universal?  Dr Tim spoke of people being triggered either by leaving God out of the discussion or others by including God in the discussion.

Caller Susan continued the 2nd hour with Jeanie hosting, the ACIM lesson 189 “I feel the Love of God within me now.” and lesson 190 “I choose the joy of God instead of pain.”  First doing lots of sheets on wanting my ‘boys’ to be ok so I can be OK. Second, cat has been sick and now disappeared and feels he may have gone off to die. Still feel sad instead of joy.  Jeanie offered that God is Love and it is who we are and is always in tact just not seen or felt when it gets covered with hostility and fear. Forgiveness removes what is keeping us from experiencing the Love within us.  Then we choose to stay in the sad or move to joy. Also offered some thoughts around the cat and allowing him to go (and if he comes back look into diatomaceous earth food grade for parasites – spoke of the good things dia does for humans).

Caller Magda, offered info to Susan regarding the cat and shared her experience losing hers. Spoke of “so I can….” on the worksheet.

Caller William in regards to chose love and joy verses my reality which sometimes is less than and hangs with me all day. There are physical feelings (my ankle hurt and I am wearing a brace and my muscles hurt from the weekend work and so I got a massage) then there are emotions (energy in motion) which are triggered by thoughts.  Being aware of the emotion is a good first step. Stop and look at the thought behind the emotion. Cancel the goal attached to the thought and perhaps you will see a past experience that is simply triggered by a present moment.

Jeanie read two sections from a chapter titled ‘Be Aware’ in her book, Healing Generations One Breath at a Time.  To Become Aware of What is Real and To Become Aware of the Urge to Withdraw or Leave.  To heal we must face our demons.

July 10



Caller Lucy, discussion with Dr Tim on parenting. Refer to and

Michael expresses the 40 days of intensives is over and last people taken to airport.  Going back to close up buildings and pack up. A new 2-1/2 hour workshop will develop out of these intensives, from the question what is your ‘tyranny’? In other words, what do you do to keep truth away?  Examples: Prove everyone is wrong and can’t be trusted? Weak and helpless, don’t know what to do. Whose truth? Truth is what actuality would deliver in the way of information, not based on any belief. Forgiveness collapses individual realities.  I fill the space with “my voice” (talk and talk and talk) to block out truth. Substitute past or painful from past and substitute it for the present moment then tyrannize others as the cause of the pain.  Began to watch my own mind as to what I do to block truth from teaching me. The comaraderie was sweet among the participants.

Caller asks how we can release ourselves from the stress of the political climate. michael explains the stress is internally created – it is triggered by the environment but not caused by it. The tool of forgiveness releases the stress. Denial and dissociation from what is inside and we use the painful content to build the perceptual construct we project on the external.  Stress is needed but it is the destructive stresses that are the problem. (refer to for the DVD titled Getting the Stress You Need).  We set goals for all the people in the political arena and that creates stress.  In Aramaic Shbag means to cancel – been translated as forgive – cancel the goal and the perceptual construct collapses and we get to see the part that holds fear and hostility and clean it out (remove that content).  Then we can observe the situation and maybe still do not like what they are doing but am not enraged and can from a sane space hold them accountable or know what to do to address it. Second question, to cancel your agenda and approach the situation with love but how do you go about removing them if they are the problem? Example of one actuality (a person in front of the room doing some despicable behavior) and multiple realities in a room but if the actuality was truly the problem then each person would have the same response.  Blockage of Truth. The whole culture blames others for what they feel. Jeanie uses the game of ‘tug of rope’ if you drop your end of the rope their game changes.  You have the right to say from a loving space bless you but I am going to play elsewhere. But if you get rid of them from hostility or fear then you will draw another in to play the same game to show you what you need to heal.

Direct caller to PowerPoint on Forgiveness (options of Vimeo or YouTube with Audio and YouTubeScript is also available)

Forgiveness App in your app store (Google Playstore or iPhone iTunes store) as Heartland Aramaic Forgivness, find links at and do worksheets online at

Caller Roma, why do we have the palette of fear and anger? The Course says fear is the absence of Love. The Creator did not create that absence.  Love is not lost, just moved out of awareness.  Love fills the space again when forgiveness removes the hostility or fear.  Is “thought” itself a culprit? If we could be present instead of bringing the past onto the present there would only be love. David Bohm says thought is an abstraction Every Thought is an Abstraction – David BohmEvery Thought is an Abstraction – David Bohm  Sustained incoherence

Darren from Scotland, came to the intensive and said how valuable the radio show is for him.

Susan D. shared the wake-up sheet with a lady who sat next to her on the plane.

July 11



Dr Tim expressed gratitude for Jeanie to be honest in writing the book and willing to share and acknowledge when she was triggered. Good modeling.

Caller Jurate, speaking toward being radically honest. Impact seen in hers and her family’s lives.

Caller John, regarding his anxiety, how do you look at it? Forgiveness work allows us to look at what we have held down. What I call backing into a worksheet, put anxious as the feeling then breathe and look at the thought behind it.  michael added that Michele is support for you, John, as you do your work but it is coming up because you are doing your work not because of Michele.

Unconscious dynamics that are forgiveable.  Time for life to be restored for every mind, heart & being on the planet.

michael spoke towards military un-sane direction. Apology to men & women who have been in military and what has been done to them. Acknowledged that he was triggered and has work to do.

Caller Susan B., it was a strong message that was needed. Asked about food combining. michael explained alkaline food and acidic food together in the stomach won’t digest (and some have a cast-iron stomach and can digest anything).  As you clean up your nutrition you may have issues until balanced. Explained fruits, vegetables, meats, starches and melons.

Two heat pumps and six water heaters went out this year at HeartLand so we have more projects to do.  And the closure lesson read at the end of the intensive – got the message that it is time to publish as an ebooklet and as an audible.

Susan B. said the radical honesty would not work for every thought that runs through her head.  michael said you can have ‘private thoughts’ and don’t need to blab it to everybody except when interacting with others then I will receive and speak the truth. When not telling the truth there is no room for love.  When safe enough to present my truth and let it come forward then in the space of love it will dissolve if it is not the Truth.  As we are all connected there really is nothing hidden. What about choosing to be more loving outwardly but inside do not feel it, artifical?  Next wake-up sheet.  Sometimes it is kinder to not be radically honest, not safe to tell the truth.  Have I not told myself the truth?

Colin Tipping took this work and produced “Radical Forgiveness” and we have learned that he has passed on, hold his family in the space.

Caller William, living in comfort now with a home instead of in his car. Went to doctor and he has fluid he needs to release and they put him on Lasix but instead of being ‘downed’ by the diagnosis he looks at life differently now – he is living.  michael mentioned Carly Simon song “I Haven’t Got Time for The Pain”

michael suggested watching “Echo in the Canyon” (2018) if it comes to your town.

Caller Julie, going to deeper layers, regarding the relationship she is in, saw her reaction and his denial. Noticed she is putting the energy in her body to escape it instead of freeing it with love and breathing. Giving too much to something that is not real. MindShifter: “It is safe & healing for me to hear, speak and know the truth.”

July 12



Caller Magda discusses with Dr Tim a conversation from a few days ago about not wanting people to see the mess in her office if she died.  The support of this 2 hour program and the interaction to bounce off the thoughts. Thank you.  It is a support group in itself.

“Leadership and Self Deception: getting outaide the box” by the Arbinger Institute

“Butterflies are Free to Fly: A Radical Approach to Spiritual Evolution” everything on the site is free

“Allegory of the Cave” by Plato. Like being in a movie theater seeing only what’s projected in front of you.”

False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR)

Caller Jack from Asheville expressing thanks for the work. michael said he might be in Asheville in the next few months to watch and listen to be announced.

michael read an email from a participant of the 40-day intensive and the physical changes in weight, blood pressure, etc.

Gandhi said “The enemy is fear. We think it is hate, but, it is fear.”

Caller Dr. Andracki has Friday night support group still going strong. They continue to do the work. michael acknowledged him for the lives changed by their work in Pahrump. Dr. A said everyone has to continue, never ends. Very busy assisting people with addiction.  Had young people and also 80+ year olds that have transformed through this work. They transformed the desert into an oasis see  it is a metaphor of transformed lives.

Caller Lori in FL, wants to write but people are undermining me. Monitizing from my work. I feel I am sabatoging myself somehow. Put free writing out to the universe and it comes back to bite me. michael told the story of Hacksaw Ridge – no fear, just trust in the midst of bombing,  then spoke of resonance and true forgiveness to remove your fear.

April 5, 2019 (mp3) – In the 2nd hour of the show, michael walks through a Level 4 Work-It-Out-Sheet with Rory, 10 years young in the 5th grade.  AWESOME young lady doing a research project on Calming and Forgiveness and using these tools as the basis of her project.

July 13



July 14



July 15



Dr Tim spoke on”Butterflies are Free to Fly: A Radical Approach to Spiritual Evolution” everything on the site is free.

Caller Jack from Asheville, called with thanks for the new insight.

Caller Susan B. did the emotional release exercise on the cat but does not feel she really let go. Which by the way the cat showed up this morning.  But explain the detaching from someone? Then she is working with a couple and had them do the “Three Early Memories” and they are resistent to doing wake-up sheets on the memories. Jeanie suggested going to the next level and transfer their answers to the “How my Healing will Look” worksheet  michael explained further. He said the woman has probably ‘tried everything’ and it has not worked but she has him in her Power Person file and she was not able to change her PP so she thinks it is impossible.

Caller Tim B. asked about fantasy during college days, confident and soothing.  michael said that fantasies come from the same place as dreams, one’s reality, all are constructs from the mind.  The quality of mind energy based in love will be soothing and if mind energy is based in hostility or fear then they will be painful.  Sounds like your mind is directing you to a safe space to go.

What do you sell out the presence of Love for?  michael spoke of when Linda R. called the show on July 3rd and said she caught her mind serving her up a trauma based reality and asking herself why she would give up Love for that reality and how her and Ken’s relationship was positively impacted.

George Bernard Shaw “The true joy in life is to be a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy”

We construct our realities from the past.  Bring active love through that part of your mind when the thought disorder is active and you will heal. Thought disorders become physiology.

David Bohm – “Sustained Incoherence” and “Thought is An Abstraction”

Caller Susan B., asked about the Love Exchange.  She hears a voice that says “you are a fraud.”  michael tells her that voice is lying – that is Power Person. He has seen her and has watched her moving to deeper levels and knows she is genuine in compassion.  She had a challenge with this exercise. Generational e-motions.  MindShifter: “It is safe and healing for me to be strong and powerful in my tenderness and love.”  We can walk away from these parts of my mind but it has such an amplitude and quells our awareness of the still small voice that says “I could have had a Rakhma instead.” Shaving off the edges is like turning down the radio one degree at a time until you hear.

Jeanie suggested printing the Commitment to MySelf to use too and also pull out a picture of baby Susan and send love to her. And when you do the exchange with yourself put one hand on your heart and reach out and put the other hand on your reflection’s heart.

michael suggested Susan get the couple to watch “Healing Through Relationships” DVD and also give them the Commitment.

July 16



Dr Tim talks about Dr. Herbert Benson’s Relaxation Response ( “professor, author, cardiologist, and founder of Harvard’s Mind/Body Medical Institute.  The response is defined as your personal ability to encourage your body to release chemicals and brain signals that make your muscles and organs slow down and increase blood flow to the brain.  In his book The Relaxation Response, Dr. Benson describes the scientific benefits of relaxation, explaining that regular practice of the Relaxation Response can be an effective treatment for a wide range of stress-related disorders.” and cancel the goals each evening as described by michael ryce in “Getting the Stress You Need”

Caller Linda W., due to the healing and processing at HeartLand she needed relaxation time. Dr Tim referred to the bumper sticker “Don’t believe everything you think.” get into the practice of questioning your thoughts. Relaxation is allowance and surrender. Muscle memory in the energy system will build relaxation into a response to stress just by remembering.  Anchor the practicing by many motions.  Bringing the focus of the mental awareness of the experience of relaxing.  The practice creates the muscle memory.

Question in chatroom about The Sedona Method which is a program that teaches you a simple technique to let go any painful feelings and emotions. Dr Tim said it is along the lines of Byron Katie method or Ho’oponopono Prayer – it is solid work – technique of releasing.  It goes through steps you can do to teach you to “let go”.  A free pass to the Releasingfest is July 16 – 18 only.

Jeanie explained that the wake-up sheet has the cancel the goal (let go) step first then the ask Rukha for assistance next… she will not take away what you won’t let go of. You have free-will.

michael joined in and added “Wellness to Stillness” CD progressive relaxation goes through softening and relaxing and releasing. Cellular, muscular, mental, emotional relaxation and healing.

ACIM talks about doing your part to open the space for Rukha to come. “Let go all the things you think you want … leave a clean and open space in your mind for Christ to come.”  Can ask Rukha to show you at the beginning of a wake-up sheet to set the stage.

Magda is doing the “I want to feel better” worksheet and we will add it to the website.

Hold Joan Tufts in love as she is passing a kidney stone.

Caller Lucy, her anxiety is not intense as it was before the 17-day intensive. She thought about visiting her daughter Labor Day.  Then yesterday she got a text from her daughter who is satisfied with her work again (probably made friends). And her daughter asked was she coming to visit. Lucy told her she thought of Labor Day if daughter did not have plans, to which she replied no plans if you are coming. Went into immediate panic, why? What can she do to change that?  michael offered it was “oh I fell for a thought trick again and this is my mind’s lie and I can throw it away.” It takes time to develop another habit.  And it seems like your daughter honored you and then you went into panic. The goal might be Lucy wants to “stay in back ground or invisible”.  MindShifter: “It is safe & healing for me to be totally visible and be overtly / openly honored.” Recognize it is another level of the work to clean out, be careful of falling back into the old pattern.”  She asked about feeling confusion, michael pointed out confusion is a thought, what feeling or emotion does confusion elicit?  Panic. Turn it into an inquiry, “Mind, what are you doing here?” Add “I’m going to embrace the confusion and panic.” the ‘so I can’ is ‘to be in control.’ michael said remember there are two goals there to be cancelled – the so I can is also a goal.  Excellent new goal to cherish self whether using the tools properly or not at all.  It sounds like you have a false reality of fear about panic coming forward and there being no help. MindShifter: “It is easy for me to be in my own space alone, embrace my panic, and heal.”

michael offered that Lucy’s decision to be weak and helpless is a big part of her work to do.  She still wants vengence.  Vengence breeds vengence.  She wants to be done with this – there is so much pain. MindShifter: “In the presence of thoughts of emotionalized vengence, I choose to remember myself as Love and function from Love.”  michael referred to the story of the man who chose Love over hate even when seeing his family murdered and he was taken to concentration camp (can read at

Radical Honesty? A pharmacist who reported Lenny has now been shut down by the Pharmacy Board.  She found she was glad.  michael offered an assignment to contact the pharmacist and ask him if he would like to learn about forgiveness, he shares the pain. Her stomach hurts but she feels good about the thought of doing that. michael said her laughing about the pain is a great signal of her progress.

ACIM says “the holiest place on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.”

July 17



Dr Tim shared his processing last night in the Support Group.

Dr Tim talks about “The Untethered Soul” and “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael Alan Singer ( empressions from the environment, our thoughts about it and the emotion from the thoughts.

Jayem – “The Way of Mastery” (

The constant flow of life is stifled (not stopped) when we push away and shut it down, we just create a spin off that constantly moves and we get to experience it again. Forgiveness removes the blockage and then the flow is less turbulent.  We resist (even if it is liking something so much we hang onto it) the flow and create turbulence. Be willing to experience it, go in feel it and cry if needed, look at the false beliefs and see through them and get direct awareness of my true nature.  Nothing wrong with any feelings, our alarm system. But step back and allow the heart to be the instrument that plays the energies and notes and songs. Shakesphere says there is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so. It is the interpretation of the energy.

Caller Susan, asked for love and prayers for a family member.

michael reminded us that step 4 on the wake-up sheet is “I choose Love, my ESSENCE, which stirs the Love in everyone involved.”

The energy field called love, in which we live, move and have our being. God is Love and we were created in His likeness – it is what we are made of, not something we do.  The tools we offer are from the original Aramaic thinking which is physics, science, physiology, psychology and theology.  Remove all that is less than Love and return to our Being!

Caller Julie from Oregon, Monday’s show was awesome for her. Just checking in and said her relationship is moving along nicely. She is getting back to herself and open to more communication and knows she is here to learn and grow and she is moving through the challenges. michael offered thanks for the donation last year, it covered about a third of the cost of some infrastructure repairs. HeartLand is on a bedrock of crystals but the people have left and there is an emptiness without the bodies here.

Update Patrick Quinn is still doing dialysis and getting stronger.  Patrick McGhan is still at HeartLand assisting michael in closing up the buildings, they stacked straw behind Happiness yesterday to stop the water from going in, closing up buildings and draining water.

Caller Ann in FL, had the celebration of her husband’s life this past Saturday. Complete on the ‘planning’ and now to the paperwork. But there was a release now from the grief and just trust the flow (like Dr Tim was talking about). Can go back and pick up with moving forward.  Yet still need to do wake-up sheets on grief.  Question on the neuropeptide of the thoughts becoming chemistry in the physiology. Thanks for the community support.

Dr Tim has an interview set with Mitzi Montague-Bauer on Monday July 22 about her book “Journey: A Mother’s Account of Love, Loss and Transformation”. Then Jeanie Shaw to be set around her book “Healing Generations: One Breath at a Time”  Jayem in September on “The Way of Mastery”

We are looking at January 2020, Laws of Living, Abingdon, VA. Inquiring on the space and depending on the interest.

Caller Susan, frustration around doing StillPoint Breathing. michael offered do work around perfection.  Problem getting the chest involved might be around energy blocked in that tissue.

July 18



Caller Michele asked if the object of attention is the other person and yet you felt guilt and there was nothing done to be guilty about. What is the goal?  Dr. Tim addressed perhaps to look at a different conceptualization. Guilt is a constellation of negative thoughts about self so we throw it into the equation.  So we use guilt as emotion but it is actually a thought. To parse it differently say “I have the thought I am guilty but in this situation am I feeling sad or confused or angry?” A different emotion will have a different thought and the other person may not be the trigger.  Alignment of the trigger and emotion, feeling, thought and goal will be more productive.  Avoidance of the internal feeling.  Example: The sensation of agitation and being confused about it and the thought is I can’t figure this out and the goal is I want the answer, I want to figure it out.  Sometimes when I can’t figure something out I may feel sadness and sometimes it may be agitation.  Then add “so that I can…” is then another layer.

Jeanie shared processing someone yesterday and what the friend was going through resonated a past experience for Jeanie. She had to process herself quickly and hold love and refrain from telling her friend to ‘go choke him’ but to help her with the worksheet on what was up for her. And explained to her friend that while she had things up for her and that was her work, that did not mean his behavior was acceptable. To offer loving guidance and not vengence on her own part was a challenge and opportunity.  Afterwards, Jeanie had to do worksheets and processed with michael.  michael offered to the listeners, to be careful who you work with if they do not have the proper tools or you may fall into their situation. Example of a couple who could have saved their marriage but they fell into the same path as the person (whose own marriage fell apart) giving them advice and they divorced.  Psychics give information that is resonated in them by the person sitting in front of them, so their ‘reading’ will be from their own internal dynamics and if the client ‘buys into it’ then they will create and say the psychic was right.  A good rule is to ask yourself if the support person’s life is one you would like to have, if the fruits of the support person’s life is not desirable then go elsewhere.  And added hostility will never produce the results you want. The creative result of hostility is disintegrative and sends out a signal that draws someone in to play it out. And hostility is an anesthetic and drug that hides the underlying pain. Jeanie acknowledged that is so true and added that when she dropped the anger and breathed then she went into tears, the pain of being treated that way and unfairness.

Caller Roma, asked about the flow of energy in different parts of the body. Sometimes from top of head and sometimes from feet.  michael offered polarity therapy might offer information on the flow of energy. The emotion of electrons creates energy flow.  This is just one chart found online on Polarity Therapy.

Caller Ann, acknowledged the growth in Roma and the pleasure of meeting her at HeartLand last year.  Then asked about how to prioritize the things she needs to do now. michael suggested the MindGoalManagement ( sheet, you have set too many goals and the resources get used up and the mind quits (procrastination). Select a resonable amount to do, divide the stack into 10 piles and then determine which you can do in one day. Otherwise you go into overwhelm.  There is a difference in framing and setting a goal and it sounds like you may be setting the goal simultaneously.  Question on being careful who you work with. Right now she feels she needs to just do her own work instead of working with others and interjecting her own thoughts here and there based on the stress she is experiencing.

Caller Tim B, asked for opinion on the therapy of expressing the internal emotions. ie beating a pillow or screaming. michael offered that can temporarily offer relief but it does not free you from it. It is like having a cup of emotions and dumping it (the expression) but then it fills up again it does not heal it. Forgiveness is breaking the cup. The opposite of repression or dissociation is NOT expression but healing.

Caller Susan B, regarding the couple she is working with.  michael said it is always appropriate to support people to do their work, they may still choose to separate but they need to clean up their minds first before they leave or they’ll find themself in the same boat with another.

July 19



Dr Tim talking about the parable of the woman caught in adultery and those who wanted to throw stones to kill her.  Y’Shua redirected their thinking to their own wrong doings and it changed the event. We are not much different when we allow rage to take over. The wake-up sheets redirect the mind.  When the mind allows light to enter (enlightened) the darkness disappears.

Caller Susan B., awakens at night with thoughts and releases them. Enjoying Michael Alan Singer’s book on “Living from Place of Surrender”  She asks how Dr Tim is using the book.  Dr Tim said you are getting great results from it the way you are using it so what does it matter how I use it?  You can tell by your fruit how it is working. Power of direct observation.

Shares a story about indigenous people who are being taught by missionaries.

Jeanie shared what she explained to a lady about the tools

Caller Grady

July 20



July 21



July 22



Dr Tim spoke of Love verses Fear.

Annonymous caller about someone they love being abused and finally chose to leave the situation and require being treated lovingly.  Look up for ways to leave an abusive situation safely. Important to be aware and be practical. Perhaps have a police officer present when gathering her things. Restraining order.  And suggest she do her work around fear or she will draw in someone else to showit to her. (Note: the actual conversation has been removed from the recording at the request of the caller)

Caller Magda, encourage the caller to keep on. A couple of things: she said: You may be wanting to write the letter because you feel unjustly accused. One of Magda’s patterns so pretty alert to hear it in someone else. And there is always value you may not know about, impact on others. Holding the space.  The Responsibility Communication tool is Magda’s favorite tool so michael suggested she may support the caller in writing it.

michael shared a youngman who after an intensive went to look for his father. Previously, he held such resentment toward his father for leaving him when he was small but the version of reality his father told him was that his father had been so abused and was so angry that he knew if he stayed he would eventually hurt his son so the greatest gift he felt he could give him was to leave and save him that pain.

Caller Shelly, that was the same story of him and his kids. The relationships in his life have transformed since he began doing this work. michael said he was thankful Shelly was using the tools and sharing them. And also thankful for the assistance 10 days before the intensive and all the work he did.  Shelly just moved to a new place and has a movie room that will hold 20 people. Has people asking for a workshop with michael, suggest 2 weeks when michael travels back through Ohio Shelly said Fri Sat Sun – Jeanie said then it would be August 2,3,4.  Shelly says when he ‘expects’ to change then the universe presents it.

Caller Kenny (William) just saying thanks.

michael named places he may be doing workshops in the next few months and perhaps later January/ first of February to do a 16-day Laws of Living near Bristol. Let Jeanie know if interested.

July 23



Matt Kahn: All For Love “Choosing to Be Here” Ted Talk at  must anchor the energy of Love.

Caller John, has been diagnosed as bipolar. Is it true or am I making it up?  Dr Tim said he could not say whether he has “Bi-Polar” because he does not know him personally but continue working with your therapist and if he has a specific question about these tools we are here.

Caller Ann, suggestions about dogs’ behavior that are unacceptable.  Do work around fear or anger first, animals are sensitive to energy. Make sure energy I am adding to the field is calm and productive.  Then (personally) people are more important than dog’s comfort, ie restricted or separate from people it is endangering. You are homeowner and have the right to make guidelines. Any suggest to Ann to let go taking on the task of training the dogs, you said you were already in overwhelm you might consider letting go of the need to add another task.

Caller Lucy, a lady she has known since she was 19 commented how different Lucy looked after coming back from the intensive. Release the toxicity and going into shape regardless of the weight. Interesting to observe the mucus release.  michael mentioned “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management” by Bernard Jensen and the liquifying of mucus in the body and how the body can ‘blow up’ then go down through out the day.  2nd thought shared and such a great transition.

Caller Joan, so thrilled to hear Lucy and hear how diligent and committed she is to the tools. It has inspired me and I am going to do better. Communicating with Peter and the transition back into the ‘world’ and he reminded her that afterwards intensive participants are more conscious and aware what is in our face. michael addressed opening the veil to the unconscious and requiring the mind. We are not designed to have an unconscious mind, we are to be in touch with everything all the time. Love Truth and stand in willingness. Be a conscious creator.

Caller Dianne, with Doug, she gets triggered and her body responds with tension. Probably from the long hours of nursing and the stress she faced. michael asked “what would you have to believe about yourself to think you deserve to work 12 stressful hours without intermission?” she responded it is a cultural thing in that career. michael said “what do you and other nurses have to believe about yourselves to buy into the lie that the hospital can’t afford more staff?” She now has a different position and does not work those hours. MindShifter: “It is safe & healing and I always receive support from authorities when I speak up and confront them with their lies.”  Another M/S: “The universe and everyone in it delights in paying me a fair wage.” “People love to pay me abundantly for the wonderous work I do in supporting them.”  Then make sure you support yourself abundantly.

When a thought crosses my mind I have asked.

July 24



Caller David in IL, been a long time – good to hear from him again, recently went back to EFT. Realize I’m doing Psychological Reversal which is self-sabatoge, doing different work then not. Dr Tim spoke of how the Forgiveness wake-up sheet works along with the Tapping. two different versions of ACIM, “The Way of Mastery” and “The Impersonal Life” are all there for free.

Caller John was given a MindShifter and does not understand what to do. michael explains resonance and energy exchange. It is a process. The list on the website pick two numbers 1-3 and 1-13 – there are three sections with 13 statements per section

Cognitive Commitment – to be so committed to things being a certain way and you can’t see it any different.

Caller Tim B, feeling like he did when he was 5 years old.  Is this something new or healing? Anxious in general and yet happy. michael offered the 4 things to ask yourself to determine if it is healing or dis-ease.

Jeanie had been working with someone and they said just be love in the space and nobody has to change for healing to happen.  Jeanie disagreed that the person had to make a change if they wanted things to be different. michael said for change to occur a change has to occur. Einstein said, “Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results.”  ACIM says your part in the process is letting go all the things you think you want and leave a clean and open space within your mind for Christ to come.  We do have a part in the change.

Caller Ron in MA. Celebrated 15 year marriage yesterday. Been writing MS “Everyone always nurtures and cares for me in relationship.”  Processing around his dad, had lunch with him and Grace today and his dad said some things that were off target.  His daughter reminded him to breathe. Feels heavy in his body right now. michael said it sounds like a little bit of ‘run away loop’ between Ron and his Dad. Next level.  Be with the raw feeling maybe do stillpoint session.

Caller Grady, comments for Ron, taken with his entire conversation and a couple of thoughts. Congrats on 15 yr. anniversary. Spoke on his own family growth.  He and his wife have shared the Commitment with each other since he returned from the intensvie. Opens doors.  Celebrate Ron’s willingness to continue.  When Grady’s mom died 6 years ago he and his siblings have grown together.

michael shared his excitement with what Grady will do next.

16-day Laws of Living in February 2020 in NE TN or SW VA. Working on schedule for next year at HeartLand. Watch website for travel schedule.

July 25



Craig Hamilton – we do have a part of ourselves that gets excited to grow and it is activates within community and interaction with likeminded people.  Alan Cohen was one of his mentors. Tim talking to Susan B on the need for community. African Proverb: If you want to go quickly go alone but if you want to go far go together.  Motivation by others doing their work.  Michael Singer uses the Self (capital S), Matt Kahn says we are chosen.  Step back into self and be a witness of your life. Scripture of all things work together for the good to those who love God.  Dr Tim quoted Guy Finley, “All things good come to those for whom the Good is all things.”

Carl Jung You don’t become enlightened by sitting in the light.  We have a part in doing the work in order to be enlightened.  We must let go and let something greater than our own mind (Source) to have sway and guide us through. Creative energy force that we live, move and have our being in – it is greater than ourself.  When I resist I am slumbering in my suffering.

michael spoke of the mind energy we engage in and how it manifests in behaviors and beliefs. Love or less than love.  If hostility or fear then it is simply errant mind energy. We are here to support the dissolution of all not based in love.

Discussion of the various wake-up sheets on the website.  They have evolved and the older ones are still there.  Magda has sent a version she calls “Feel Better Reality Management” and when feed

michael discussed the difference in plans, intentions (framing) and goals.  and

Caller Marlene in FL, acknowledge Susan Bingham calling in and her questions, she is awesome support for many of us.  She is doing work and her life is tremendously better and yet she has a goal (that she probably shouldn’t have anyway) and it is not happening and her frustration comes forward. michael offered there is nothing wrong with ANY goal – it is that the goal is the recruiter of content from the unconscious and if it recruites content that is based in hostility or fear then perception is degraded. Heal your frustration so your perception is on target.  She got caught up on the goal of wanting it ‘my way’ – YShua said it might be infinite amount of work until you have cleaned it out of your mind and then you won’t be attached to the outcome. Jeanie suggested writing their life story as if you are them, do wake-up sheets as if you are him too.  michael added start out “And the reason I won’t achieve this goal for you is …..” and let it flow.  It will tend to open the space for things to change. You can’t force anyone to change.

Caller Peter from Sweden, via Google Hang-out, talking about the MindGoal Management sheet, difference in framing and setting goals is still confusing. Jeanie offered the example of college and class requirements day by day, listed in planner but not set as a goal.  michael said some habitual behaviors automatically set as a goal in physiology. Practice the cancelling each evening.  Peter shared Tania and he and the boys had a family discussion and Peter could see the issues he dealt with at HeartLand and clearly that he is facing the same issues.  Want to take it from him and handle it for him.  michael said continue doing your work and teach him (disciple).  Jeanie offered to explain to Eliot that Peter faced the same issues at HeartLand and would he hold the space and sit by you while you do a wake-up sheet on your issue. His defense will be down, he’ll be more open because it will be about Peter not Eliot. Peter expressed how much easier things are now.

Looks like a ‘reunion’ in February for Laws of Living. Venue and dates to be announced soon.

Caller Magda, realized her computer is Chrome based and apologize for difficulties in opening the document. Respond via email.

Caller Joan, woke up in anxiety at 4:30am about looking for a car to replace the wrecked one and realized she had not done a worksheet before going to bed (as she had committed to Peter to do) so she got up and did the worksheet and it was amazing.  And having an accountability partner is wonderful.  Spoke to Linda, looked on the internet and found the car and went to Atlanta and bought it. Also, speaking with William about the Support Group.

Caller Ann in FL, with daughter Elizabeth who is a nurse, ask to repeat the question from yesterday “What do you have to believe about yourself to accept the 12 hour schedules and less pay and think that is acceptable?”  It is a form of abuse.

July 26



Dr Tim goes over the wake-up sheet and explains the Aramaic Forgiveness process.

Switchboard is acting up.

michael pointed people towards the PowerPoint explaining the forgiveness process

What is building brain cells?

Caller Lien wants to break the cycle and create a different pattern. Seems to be stuck on needing an apology. michael said it takes time to change from the old brain cells and behaviors in CBM and create new ones.  michael acknowledged her monumental progress though in dealing with these issues.

July 27



July 28



July 29



Caller Patrick shared with Dr Tim his process of being with his client and doing body work and allowing. Incorporates mind / body / spirit work in the process. Learned that “letting go” is how to move forward.

Dr Tim readed the first 2 paragraphs of lesson 3, the Way of the Heart, in the “Way of Mastery” –

Shared a client who was more upset about a situation than it warranted, stop and ask yourself how old do I feel? And then how am I creating this?  Forgiveness wake-up sheet.

michael is still at HeartLand closing up the center.

People with forgiveness would keep stepping forward toward a totally healed state … and noone is there yet.

Bohm says our mind is lying to us. Persevere in the work.

People from the intensive have shared the clarity they have gotten since the intensive. Release of excess weight and improvement of their internal process.

Caller Joan in Birmingham, keep believing my mind and yet it proves repeatedly that it is lying.  Yesterday her mind made up a story about a relationship ‘dying on the vine’ did a worksheet to cancel the goal and within 30 minutes the friend called and all that was in her mind was not true. “The mind is a scary, scary place. Never go in there alone.” ask Rukha to go with me. She said she got with William and gave him worksheets and it was a great meeting. Wednesday 11:00 to 1:30 or 2:00 will be available to work with people, turn it into a Support Group at the church. Will let people know the details.

Caller William in Birmingham. Did the worksheet with guidance and seems to flow easier and stay focused. Pass it on, we learn more as we teach (Bach said we teach best what we most need to learn.)

Received a text asking for more information to sign-up on Blog Talk. Will post details of how to “Create Your Account”*
*To create a listener only account with BlogTalk so you can chat in the Chatroom Click this Link

Caller Roma in Hawaii, personal challenge, did something that triggered such a deep horror within me.  Do not know what to do about it. michael explained ‘oota’ that is something that drives thoughts and behaviors from unconscious. Jeanie described how to ‘back into’ a wake-up sheet on that. Roma mentioned it being about race consciousness michael said it could be a whole string of goals, then drop into the root of it.

Caller William again, addressed that in doing a worksheet the step on punishment – he does not want to punish. michael pointed out that he said “I don’t want to punish my daughter.” multiple times so there is an old energetic dynamic still there, maybe look at past punishment. Shakesphere said our words fly up and the thought remains below.

michael shared from church yesterday, the errant words in scripture incorrectly translated. New English Translation (NET) includes the translators notes for key renderings but it also says they made changes to key passages to be more acceptable with mainstream of evangelical views. We offer tools for you to do your work and discernment.

Looking at doing a work project in January at HeartLand to clean out the woods of undergrowth and fallen trees and limbs (while there is less follage and critters are down) and then 16-day Laws of Living in February in NE TN and SW VA.

July 30



Dr Tim’s awesome intro

Caller Susan B. shares how she was with her refugee children’s group and as she was preparing snacks she walked a lady through a wake-up sheet standing in the kitchen so her Support Group has begun. Dr Tim and Jeanie offered suggestions in moving forward.  Beginning August 7, 10:30AM will stop by noon so if anyone has questions will tap into the show.

The archives are very rich resource to re-listen.

michael shared what is going on to close down HeartLand.  Speaking about Support Groups and the changes in people’s lives (that you may never know about).

Caller Jack in Asheville, working on beginning a Support Group and will advise of the details.

Caller Lucy, not clear on emotions verses thoughts. Is surprised or disappointment a thought? michael said ask “when I am surprised I am …..”  happy or sad or afraid. The reflection is the feeling that the thought illicits.  Then curious, why are you interested in using a 5 page worksheet? michael said he had the request to have ALL the ideas from ALL the worksheets put into one sheet and that is not something he himself is going to sit down and do. Lucy said there had been a discussion at the intensive of doing the worksheets faster so why would someone want to do a really long one?  Then Lucy asked about seeing 2 parts of her mind with different thoughts. Compassion and yet something else. She is aware she can observe and not be lost as much. Doing wake-up sheets about my Mom falling and hurting herself, similar goals with Mom and self and fear. Don’t seem to be moving forward with just worksheets, seems like she is writing the same thing over and over. Fear of it changing my life and that she will hurt herself. michael asks is it really fear? Or is it a reasonable concern?  Don’t hear the angst in your voice.  She said that may be true but I want to avoid creating it by giving it too much attention, offered a MindShifter: “When Mom is on her own, she is always full of care and is always safe.”  And it is reasonable to take steps to be sure she is safe. With Jeanie’s Dad, we got him a Medical Alert he wears, and walkers on every floor.  Perhaps do responsibility communication and request she use a walker to be safe while you are gone.

Magda’s “Feel Better Reality Management” worksheet is now online

Caller Julie H., Patrick had a dizzy spell and he had two Physical Therapists come in to work with him and when she got there and sat down she felt the energy was thick and uncomfortable and she had a challenge breathing. There was some commotion going on but thinks it is her fear. She wants support in staying conscious. She wanted to express and couldn’t. Others were expressing fear about his blood pressure etc.  michael said sadly that is the way this world works, unless you find a real healer for health care instead of disease care.  Suggested cancel your desire for people to use love instead of fear for healing. Julie said she wants to say the right thing to offer support for Patrick and the PTs and doctors and sometimes it is not so nice. It is a challenge to stay settled and peaceful when people are using terror to manipulate people to do otherwise.

July 31



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Dr Tim shared the lyrics to “Holy Now” by Peter Mayer

Guy Finley nothing more practical than TRUE Spirituality and direct observation. Everything that we use to generate fear and anger is in error and false.

“OK” is the God response. He allows.

Begin to feel the anger, hurt and stuckness and let go of the goal and step into the observation. Dr Tim had a woman in his office and she has been working with tools to change her usual response pattern. She felt uncomfortable and out of sorts not raging or having a melt down.  We have to be willing to let go of the old to step into the new. Example of an acorn has to be torn apart if it is going to become the oak tree. Learn to Step Beyond Yourself and Seven Steps to Oneness to a Whole New Life

Dr Tim recommends a support group starting with 4-hr Why Again 2015 in Woodstock, Empowered to Heal (energetic process and healing), Healing Through Relationships, CoDependence to InterDependence

Mitzi interview next Monday

Soon to interview with Jeanie on her upcoming book, Healing the Generations One Breath at a Time.  Jeanie shared that probably due to writing and ‘reliving’ the experiences, have not slept well and had 2 nights of events that left her in a disturbed state of fear. Process time. Dr Tim offered two MindShifters: “It is safe & healing for me to just relax peacefully and rest through the night, knowing I am perfectly safe.” Parts of your mind say it is not safe to let your guard down. “It is safe & healing for me to remember and totally (or fully) explore all of my old fears and traumas.” Keep breathing. Flashbacks of a trauma, conceptualize, it does not matter how many gory details I remember, if I am still having flashbacks then there is some aspect of the trauma (considered the worst part) I have not been willing to see, feel or accept.

Dr Tim gave the example of going to work with therapists who worked with veterans (some have seen the same things, and experience the habits of nightmares, flashbacks, not putting your back to a door, PTSD, cold sweats, etc.) there was no more skeptical group than these therapists. Invited them to incorporate mind/body energy and accupuncture meridians into the therapy. The veterans are trained and brainwashed to believe it is perfectly OK to kill another human being but they are not allowed to verbalize some thoughts like I do not want to be here, thank God it was him not me, or even I wish it had been me not him.  Must be willing to look at what is beneath the surface that is hidden from self.  The most painful part is a self interpretation.

Jeanie said she felt like there is something just under the surface.  Dr Tim spoke of being willing at various levels and some parts may need a demonstration of willingness. It is survivable. Jeanie shared a song that resonated the other day “In the Waiting” by Greg Long  Pause to breathe and feel. The line ‘what I really want is just to see your (God’s) hand move’ and the that over half my life I could not trust those who should have taken care of me to keep me safe and that perhaps I did not even trust God. I had to do it myself.  To see something that only God could have done and let me know it’s ok to be in this place in the waiting.  So based on the way she was raised in church, to say she did not trust God?  I know now that things are a result of a choice made and tend to want to blame God.  But God just is and allows us to choose and then we have results to live with. Back then did not realize that.  Dr Tim said what is implied is that you are not able to see the hand of the Creator in your daily life (show me a sign).  The Creator is always showing you signs – actually just see the signs the Creator is already sending to you – your breath, digestion, life. Pray to be able to see the ways God is already doing for you and then access the uncomfortable belief that you don’t trust God, the shame and fear that goes with saying that outloud. “It is safe and healing for me to admit that I don’t trust God.” or still angry at God.  Physically Jeanie said her stomach hurts.  Not safe to admit thoughts or feelings.  Dr Tim said breathe into the pain, ask how old do you feel? What was the dynamics that produced pain in the stomach at that age?  Jeanie said someone posted “kids don’t tell you they have anxiety, they say my stomach hurts.” so I must have been young enough to not verbalize the anxiety, depression or fear. Did not know it would uncover all of this, was just going to fill in radio time with not sleeping.  Thankful for the presence of other beings holding the space of love.



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