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Radio Show Archive – September 2020

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Listen to MindShifter Radio with The Forgiveness Doctor, dr. michael ryce

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September 1



Dr Tim and Susan B talking about the Truth and Unity

michael and Jeanie talk about the upcoming intensive and the Healing Through Food Facebook site that Jurate has set up. She has done equipment lists and produce lists and menu prep and raw-cipes. We have sent emails with Personal Code Evaluation information and pdfs of worksheets needed.

Caller Susan B. report on her grandsons. Luke in Colorado, says he is losing weight, drinking less and has a job and is forming a rock band. That is what he is saying but we don’t know what is true. Charlie got a bunch of downed trees and took them to a mill and had them planned and now have them drying out in the basement. They are beautiful boards.  Right now he is fine.

michael suggested Thanks for Sharing – people in recovery (sexual addiction) and each person challenged, stress goes up and they move towards ‘falling off the wagon’ and the first thing up is hostility. When that is not enough to anesthesize their pain they go to their drug of choice (alcohol or sex).

Healing Crisis symptoms: and and

michael shared a friend’s conversation about ‘expectations’ and locking rage in tissue and creating pain. Dr John Sarno & Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) watch

Cancel goals – if you have thought disorders around a goal there will be stress and pain.

Zoom Support Groups

Caller Joan. Spoke about ‘clutter’ and clearing her space and her mind. How do you facilitate StillPoint Breathing remotely? It is the energetic space for people to open anmd process during the breath. Time & space do not mean anything to energy.

September 2



Dr Tim speaks with Susan B and Dr Andracki. Dr Andracki says being able to maintain active love in the presence of the patient is number 1. And address their physical and mental and emotional state. Dr Tim said he continues to learn and advance.

We want to bring the practice of Aramaic forgiveness into our lives. One step at a time. If ready to go to the next level join the intensive online Sept 13 – Dec 13 (3 hr on Sunday and 1 hr on Tuesday)

Caller Tony H, follow-up call from Monday. “My life’s work is intimacy with Soul, knowing myself as Love…”

Caller Susan B said they had their intervention group and something they said was about CoDependency to ask self what have you done to draw this in to yourself. Looking forward to the intensive. Then shared a lady’s process during their support group. “We teach best what we most need to learn.” Bach

Caller Ron B. wanted support on an issue with a contract. It resonates the need of being accepted and seen as worthy. Goes back to the same as my sister. May be 50 experiences where this energy was sucked in and impact physically too. Felt tension in his hip and neck.  Remembered doing some behaviors towards his brother and ended with the need to work with his brother and clear the space between them where Ron was not fair to his brother.

September 3



 Michele filled in on switchboard. Thanks
September 4



Life and death are in your words.

Caller Dr. Andracki, referred to Deepak Chopra speaking of ‘Bliss’ meaning different states by different languages. Represent a person or thing? michael offered happiness is created by the artificial mind and there is an endorphin rush when a goal is achieved, some people feel that even when a negative goal is achieved.  A newborn IS LOVE and that is the state we want to experience. And then fulfil our purpose.

Nirvana is a place of perfect peace and happiness, like heaven. In Hinduism and Buddhism, nirvana is the highest state that someone can attain, a state of enlightenment, meaning a person’s individual desires and suffering go away.

The loss of Being is the greatest pain and rage. The return to that state. Michael Angelo was asked how he did the statue of David. He said David was always there he just had to remove everything that was not David.

Caller Ron B., shared. michael referred to the crab bucket (they drag each other back in) and Jonathan Livingston Seagull.  Then regarding the discussion two days ago around stored energy he had around performance and seeing himself as the victim and then an image of holding his brother down until he said he could not breathe. Ron called his brother and talked about what happened on the radio show and apologized for not being a safe space and he did not deserve that. His brother said it was OK.  Ron explained it was genetic and a vibration within him. Ron described the Power Person dynamics.

Caller Celinda, two deaths, one was a high school friend and one was a 2 yr old child of a friend. What’s best support to hopld the space and deep listen. A challenge to think about losing a child. Each tool is part of the process. To be connected to active Love and listen. Jeanie offered

September 5





September 6





September 7



Blessed & Healthy Labor Day!

Dr Tim and Caller Susan B.

michael talks about forgiveness in the ACIM W-164.8. 1. Open the curtain in your practicing by merely letting go all things you think you want. 2. Your trifling treasures put away, and leave a clean and open space within your mind where Christ can come, and offer you the treasure of salvation.

Caller Celinda asked for clarification around “the mind of Christ” and also around “the trinity”

Caller Jack, asked who was michael’s Power Person? His Dad, continue doing work around it.

September 8



Caller Susan B talks with Dr Tim about ‘ultimate purpose’

Caller Jack

Jeanie announced the glitch in archives January 31, 2011 to September 1, 2016 earthangelsradio to enlightenmastersradio

Caller Susan B asks about the world between our ears (reality, my perception) and the actual World is true world of Love that the Creator created. Move from participant in war to the grandmother and child world of peace. Even changing by one degree changes the game. Illusion means measured, if you and I have the same illusion then we ‘see that is the way it is’ but we can shift what we measure. Clouds shaped and the brain cells fire ‘clown face’ and we describe the clouds as the eyes and hair etc and the other person says yeah I see the clown’s face. We share illusions. The battlefield is there but the energy we put into the actuality manifests as our perception.  Jane Elliott is an American diversity educator. As a schoolteacher, she became known for her “Blue eyes/Brown eyes” exercise. She first conducted her famous exercise for her class on April 5, 1968, the day after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. When her local newspaper published compositions that the children had written about the experience, the reactions (both positive and negative) formed the basis for her career as a public speaker against discrimination.

Example of series on Netflix and this one lady holds the space and changes the whole town.

Susan B offered a testimonial around her ‘friendship’ with a lady. Did a mindshifter and worksheets and responsibility communication around her. Finally they connected and it was a blessed meeting, triggers are gone. Susan told her ‘your early morning calls triggered anxiety in me and I could not be there for you’ and she shared a different tool she uses. Work around her mother and needing her to be OK, so I will be OK. Let go of my end of the rope.

Threads of drama and trauma woven through the tapestry of our lives and overlaid upon a current event. We generate our reality not record it.

September 9



Dr Tim talking with caller Celinda about attention or intention and goals and behaviors. Surrender to the process of perception. We encourage to surrender to Love, the one mind.

Book recommend “Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology” by Eric Brende

“Dear White America: Letter to A New Minority” by Tim Wise

A Course in Love – can you give up your desire for a reward? same as ACIM “…letting go all things you think you want. Your trifling treasures put away, and leave a clean and open space within your mind where Christ can come.” Ask why do you want what you say you want? Because of the reward, primarily the emotional state we believe we will experience when we get it.

Jeanie read an email from Kenya. She and michael both addressed it and offered information around ’cause and Effect’ and humans having Freewill and it is not from the Creator when bad things happen. You can’t figure it out but you cand address what it resonates in you.

The Creator said if you are in resonance (in harmony) with me then you can walk through a battlefield and not be touched. Developing the higher faculties, we would hear and make different choices.

Movie: ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ a true story of a man who went to war not to fight but to serve as a medic and support the other men. He saves 75 men single handedly. He listens and follows guidance.

Caller Celinda, likes the 12-step sheet – different variations of the same.

Hold the space for Julie Matthews during the fires too.

In chatroom, Michele asked for the difference in Will and Willpower. EGO cheap copy of Will is to ‘make it happen with force’ where Will is a spiritual faculty of managing goals from the state of Love. And Empathy or Sympathy or Encouraging and motivating – michael offers to drop the conversation in the head and free self from perceptual constructs and listen from the state of Being. Will says take a breath and cancel the goal and listen for guidance. Willpower is fear or hostility driving it.

Caller Susan B regarding the intervention. If I am dependent on a person’s wellbeing (the addict) then I am an addict too. Compatible with this work too. michael offered everyone has a drug of choice that could be food or anger as well as alcohol of drugs.  During this COVID isolation, people have had to face what is going on inside themselves. Susan said if one person is addicted then we all need healing, they are a symptom of the whole system.

Caller Roma, said the isolation has impacted her ability to communicate with confidence. Awaken during the night and can’t go back to sleep. Astrologically some changes. Love filter -now refer as Rakhma (over intention) and Khooba (over perception), together it is Perfect Love and it casts out fear

Question about the Avacen – improves microcirculation

September 10



Dr Tim and Caller Susan B

Jeanie asked the intensive participants to watch their email inboxes for TWO different Zoom invites from michael that includes the conference numbers for both the Sunday and Tuesday sessions. And by tomorrow we will be sending both the individual Personal Code Evaluation results and a short video of michael explaining what the ten challenge areas mean and the assigned ‘homework’ that will best address each category. You will only be assigned your top 3 challenges not all ten.

2nd hour is a pre-recorded Interview with Dale Allen Hoffman (michael & Jeanie are preparing the lighting and testing for online intensive to begin)

September 11



We remember 9/11/2001

Caller Nene, asked for explaination of slowly transitioning from eating meat to vegetarian.

Caller Tim B asked how does the work we do undo prior generations? In particular in his case ‘father & son’ issues.

Caller Roma, heard ‘dump massive amount’ and has spent time going through her DVDs and there is one called “On the Riviera” with Danny Kaye in 1951. She thought of when she met him. Then remembering this past year. She found herself both laughing then crying – the Comedy & Tragedy Masks of theater.

September 12



September 13



September 14



Jeanie said the two videos of explanation of the PCE are now in the private CoDependence group and yesterday’s Session #1 is out there too. The group was so connected even though distant from each other.

Caller Susan B agreed to do 3 minute stretch exercises during intermission times during intensive. She really liked the process yesterday. Felt there were minimal glitches. This is a move to reach more people.

Caller Magda, loved the session yesterday and seeing everyone’s face was great. It cuts down on crosstalk too. Likes the idea of having time between meetings to take bite size amounts and processing. It works into people’s lives where they don’t have to travel or take time off from work. Being spread out over 14 weeks it integrates easier into ‘normal’ life to make a new habit. Magda asked about the Three Early Memories and safety, protection, avoiding (ie relationship) are still issues not just a 5 year old.  How do I get to the bottom? Fear of others attacking and needing to protect self, michael offered you have to let go of attacking others. Use as a MindShifter: “In my defenselessness my power and safety lie.”

Caller Tim B question about how my healing process will look. The second part is a commitment to do things different.  Example if my issue is attack then I will commit to have gentle hands and nurturing words. Likes seeing the smiling faces and time zoomed by.

Caller Ron B added his support and appreciation for the work and the group yesterday. He went through the worksheet on Three Early Memories from yesterday and there were revelations and his writing was scribbly and so he wrote them over more neatly. Jeanie offered look at the handwriting and ask when di you write like that? It is an unconscious clue of when the event began.  Realizes it is like an iceberg, some things run very deep.

September 15



Dr Tim talks with caller Magda about not completing worksheets or having a challenge with worksheets on self

Caller Ann gets into a hydra and does not complete the first worksheet.

michael spoke toward people doing their Power Person dynamic. And the difference in forgiving verses pardoning. Denial and not receiving of feedback.

There was a question about someone being angry and them being fearful. Each needs the other to do the behavior to show them their own issue. When one does their work the other will either 1) see the difference and want it too 2) will support the other in doing the change but they do not want it themselves 3) will crank up the heat to get them back controllable 4) will leave

Playing tug of war, you drop your end of the rope and the game changes

The disciple walking on water in the midst of the storm

michael explained resonance and matching bags of garbage

Caller Dr Stephen Andracki has six challenges the same score so which one does he do?  michael said do your #1 and #2 and then look at the #3s and each day just ask yourself which one speaks to you that day. One being Honor for Truth.

Caller Robert C. same as Dr A., and second question about Aramaic, what can we do to get closer to the truth of words? DVD Aramaicisms. And Enlightenment. Several places to learn Aramaic, one being also books by Rocco Errico and Rocco is republishing some of George Lamsa’s work

Caller John in MI, still in the midst of the crisis but making headway. A friend was supposed to come watch a game but he kept inviting different people to join in and John said with that many people they needed to wear masks. He has heart issues and can’t chance getting the virus. So the man’s response was to not come and blamed John for the event not happening. Why do I feel guilty? michael offered a response to the friend to speak up for self. Clear the judgements about yourself.

Caller Celinda, issue with the How My Healing Process will look? michael explained the pattern in the Three Early Memories will be what has to be faced and healed. The top half of the sheet you take the answers from the Three Early Memories. She read her sheet so the community can be her witness.

Rakhma and Khooba

September 16



Dr Tim talks to Susan B about her thoughts “I am not good enough. I am not getting this.  I must be doing something wrong.”  Issue with the How My Healing Will Look worksheet.

Michael offered when I get vital enough to clean my house, it will look like a mess in the process.

Discussion of the Avacen.

Jeanie announced that last night’s session is now in the private CoDep group and Jurate’s explaination of Trello is in the Food private group. Look in your email from last Sunday for the meeting codes, contact sheets and your individual PCE results.

michael invited people to download the app.

Caller Tim B. Personal Code Challenge on Honor for Others. Create anti-inhibitors for Honor. How do you reset Rakhma and Khooba?

Caller Jerry H, did the word links and MindShifter for each of his top challenges. Would like to begin using this tool on his Freedom from Hostility challenge and surface it and be more connected to Being. Who triggers you just being in his space? Father left Mom with 6 kids and she raised us and died in her 50s then he showed up wanting to collect SS on her death. He was remorseful and apologetic but did not even try to be a father. Jerry let him off the hook but needs to forgive within himself. michael walks him through brief wake-up sheet.

September 17



Caller Celinda about staying on track.

Caller Magda talking with Dr Tim about a book (physcology / philosophy)

Caller Ann thanked Jerry for yesterday. Asked for support. Not allowed to ask ‘why?’ michael offered desire for guidance and compassion

Caller Jerry surprised someone thanking him. Thanks for inspiring him. Nutrition challenge. Stopped drinking coffee, changed what he picks up to eat (he is a truck driver), drinking more water and slowly. michael told about an ozone machine to clean your raw foods. Be gentle with yourself it takes time to transition.

Dr Stephen Andracki asked about responsibility communication regarding growing grapes. Engaged in a conversation and create a diversion or distraction instead of looking (movie A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood). Take responsibility for my disturbance or upset around a situation.  Mr Rogers stays in the space and comes forward as love and does not get into a wrinkle when the interviewer gets angry. It takes every moment to maintain the state of being. Disciples ask Y’Shua how do we make God happy and he says ‘eat my body drink my blood’ means do what I do. Gnawing at a deeper level.

Caller Celinda appreciation.

September 18



Caller Susan B. Thinking of life as a ‘movie’ removes it from being in the moment. Alan Watts speaks of entering a state of awareness that is not a dream, be present.  The Personal Code Evaluation about 98% scored low on Truth. Dr Tim said anytime I have an emotional experience less than being, our interpretation that ends in upset, then we are not seeing the Truth. I am Love is the Truth. Then we are living in a distortion. My upset shows I am not in touch with the Truth. It can be useful if my responses on a questionaire indicate I am not in touch with the whole Truth.

Caller Julie had questions around the PCE. michael explains it’s development based on MMPI

Caller Magda asked about seeing anger in another – is it ours or theirs?

September 19



September 20



September 21



Dr Tim and Susan B discuss from In the Course of Love

Caller Celinda talks about how bad she did on the Personal Code Evaluation. Jeanie input the question ‘how did you decide that your scores were so bad when we did not give out raw scores?’ Look at what your mind is telling you.

Caller Larry from intensive asks how do I fix myself when my father-in-law is relentless and against him? michael offered him what forgiveness would look like, probably that they want more and cancel your need to satisfy their ‘need’ and to fulfill their desire and for them to care for you and respect you. Will get to the point where you can stand in the face of his fuss and with clarity see his pain, you can just be supportive to his healing instead of getting lost in your own upset.

Everything in the unconscious will come forward. It is a process of working through it.

Question from the Intensive: Explain holding Love conscious, active and present..especially when you do not feel loving. michael talks about the Love Exchange ( with a person or in your mind or to a picture.

An intensive participant was experiencing something that felt like a past life and had such fear come up and wanted to understand how to deal with it. Jeanie read from her book how she experienced the small Native American girl being abused during a breath session.

Whatever we face whether it is ours now or a past or a generational issue…if in your face you are vital enough to face it. And we survived it on the way in and will survive it on the way out.

Caller Andrea asks what to do in regards to her PCE. Done lots of work, AA 12-step, this work..michael said now you take it to a whole other level. Making it mean something it is not about you.

September 22



Dr Tim and Susan B go through a worksheet

Jonathan Frost “You’ll learn how to identify your patterns of avoidance and explore some great strategies for embracing a reality-based practice.”

Online Intensive: CoDependence to InterDependence Private Group Jeanie has many posts of videos and posters and worksheets.

Caller Celinda, asked about the two private groups and their availability. Jeanie encouraged her to participate in the Healing thru Food group even if she was not following the meal plan it was great interaction with other participants.

Caller Susan B. PCE if one has a sugar problem related to grief.

September 23



Caller Ann

Caller Celinda worked with Dr Tim on the Mind Goal Management sheet

michael explained the need for Stress. It just means getting the right stressors. Stress is created by goals.

Caller Joan talks about ‘missing’ her son. Read michael’s text to her about sending her son off with gratitude and blessings being in the space of love or sending him off with sadness, loss and grief? Does she still need to do wake-up sheets? She does not feel the sadness now. Energetically, people resonate different energies in us. Create the energetic platform for you and your son.

Caller Michele asked about peanuts no being on the list for raw. It is a legume and hard to digest. Discussion of raw food.

Marcel Vogel and the DeLaWarr camera

Create your energetic platform. Think a thought and the energy goes out and draws in your experiences. Even create a platform who are doing craziness.

Caller Roma, processing grief. Creation moves in a certain direction until it is redirected (ie predictions or psychic) guard the portals of the mind.

September 24



Dr Tim processing Susan B through a worksheet about not doing her music. Propitiation “Tis the highest treason to do the right thing for the wrong reason.” TS Elliott

It is safe to remember it all and see what you have made them mean and give them a new meaning. If it is something in my unconscious I have already lived through it.

Caller Celinda encourages Susan. Dr Tim asked all to send Love towards Susan and everyone.

michael talks about David Bohm

Caller Julie in OR, suggested a new Netflix show “The Social Dilemma” and “Capital in the 21st Century”. She also apologized for needing to depart early from Tuesday’s class.

Caller Jack in Ashville, paralysis of analysis.

Caller Atlane question on the worksheet. michael stopped her saying ‘he made me angry’ to change to ‘he brought up my anger’ it went to a hydra of betrayal, non-support, pain, not trusted then covered by the anger.

September 25



Dr Tim shares his own process doing a worksheet in his Support Group last night.

Caller Susan B definition of boundaries. Dr Tim says his definition is “Everything I say and do educates people around me (which effectively communicates to others) what is acceptable and not acceptable.”  Example a parent demanding a child be truthful regardless and then telling a teenager ‘tell them I am not home’ and that sets a boundary, tells the teen what is acceptable and not.  I must make sure what I say lines up with what I do.

Susan asked about ‘sipping’ water verses gulping it down. michael gave the example of a deluge of water on the garden and little of it gets absorbed and the rest runs off. Let go of the discussion of being ‘sick and tired’ over being in the kitchen. She mentioned how this intensive has been intense with so much moving and weird dreams.

michael met with a young man who had been to HeartLand a few years ago (he was passing through town today) and it was interesting to watch the ‘Blockage of Truth’ when presented with information that did not fit with his conclusion he would push back and not let that in. If accept something different he might have to change his mind.

Caller Celinda writing an email to IRS about her legal address. Hold the space for her.  MindShifter: “Every interaction I have with authority inspires and delights me because I always get support for the results that I want.” holding her breath. She said she believes that is true and now feels fine but before she feels so controlled (frightened). michael said it is what happens in the middle she is not connecting with. Holding the breath during the interim period is the block that keeps you from feeling what moves in you. Clear out generations of authority issues (freedom and control).

Caller Joan asks michael for direction to ‘catch up” in the intensive now that her son is gone.

Comment in the chatroom about water kefir and getting dizzy and nauseous. Found out she drank 12 oz at once. Went into healing crisis. She asks about taking sugar into your body and yet the grains feed on sugar.  michael explained the body produces sugar for energy and to feed the brain to fuel the cell when digested, but when you take an input of sugar at once the body reacts like poison. michael explained the difference in dairy kefir verses water kefir. The kefir grains digest the sugar. It is a probiotic drink that feeds the gut to replenish and support the immune system.

September 26



September 27



September 28



Michele filling in for Jeanie. Thank you.
September 29



Caller Susan B and Dr Tim have a discussion on anxiety and conflict in doing actions/behaviors from desire and purpose or from what is perceived as required.

michael discusses the ‘canceling of the goal’ when it is a perfectly good goal. Then discussed perception/reality. Refer to

Caller Lisa, since moving, she has experienced great fear when a truck passes her on the highway and she does not understand what the root of the trigger is. Maybe from a wreck she had in her teens.  Also she has been downright hateful to Bob for no reason. michael explained the Power Person dynamic that takes over depending on the level of stress and she has a lot of stress right now with all that is going on in her life. Also, the movie “Concussion” talks about CTE, she could have concussion results of damage from the high impact injury to the brain. Do energy work and stillpoint breathing on each other.

Caller Dianna from KC, getting refreshed on doing this work (met michael over 30 years ago). Referred a friend to the website, she is from a Greek religion, wants to assist her friend.  Asked about michael changing deny-suppress-projection to deny-dissociate-projection.  We are not just hiding it from ourself but we no longer have access to the data, like losing the password to a file. The password is forgiveness – we can then reopen and clean it up.  How many times until we clean it up? Y’Shua said 77×70 – 7 is the number of completion 0 is infinite – you will forgive an infinite number of times until you are complete with each issue.

September 30



Dr Andracki talks with Dr. Tim

Joan had a question on daily water consumption.

Caller Lisa from intensive had a few questions, needing to be heard, seen, respected and holding healthy boundaries. michael told her about regulatory speech, based on her ‘I’m not a victim.’ there is a part of her mind that thinks she is. He gave her a MindShifter: “Conflict, for me, is safe, easy, healing and fun.”  Describe the difference in emotions and feelings.

Question from the intensive: what is the difference in expectations, intentions and goals.

September 31









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