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Archived Radio Shows January 2013

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Listen to MindShifter Radio with The Forgiveness Doctor, dr. michael ryce

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January 1  

  • A full and excellent explanation of why we need to cancel the goal we hold for someone else even when it appears to be a desirable goal
  • Conflicting goals look like a bi-polar condition, thus  the need for cancelling goals and choosing only one
  • A discussion of Attention Deficit Disorder and nested frequencies
  • “Getting our bloated nothingness out of the way,” and tuning into our true source of information
  • Everything we see out there is a reflection of the constructs within our own mind
  • We can hold the active presence of Love in issues which we have already healed
  • Further discussion on the plasticity of our bodies
January 2
January 3  

  • A discussion of the meaning of the Aramaic language of Y’Shua (Jesus) in regard to interpretation and living the message rather than studying the message
  • Plasticity (pliability) of the mind and body and how we are conditioned to believe that which is not true about ourselves rather than the truth that the awesome presence of Love is our true essence
  • Blaming ourselves vs. taking responsibility
  • March 1st – a 9 day Workshop in FL, ‘Moving From Co-dependence to Interdependence” call 954-205-4996, $1,575 for the intensive, lodging, and raw food meals
  • ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ or dark night of the ego?
  • Honoring our own constitutions, our ability to release our beliefs about “junk food” and how it affects our bodies
January 4  

  • ARAMAIC FRIDAY: (See also the 5 Fridays in the March 2012 archives.) SPECIAL GUEST: Dale Allen Hoffman,
  • The last days – feels like our own last days because all of our stuff is up
  • Forgive – to remove the root of our suffering which only takes place within the self
  • Debate – to beat the other in an argument, rather than living your point
  • Blasphemy – to cut something off from its’ original source, from the Holy Spirit
  • Toning – every sound in Aramaic has a meaning, thus the words and phrases bring forth those vibrations and awaken the essence of what it means within our selves
  • A discussion of more Aramaic words and their meanings
  • A caller asks for Michael and Jeanie’s address in Fl so that she and others can send donations or tithes.  Send to Michael Ryce  % of  Julio Fluxa,  7118 Bonita Dr. Unit 801,  North Bay Village, FL 33141
  • See the website for upcoming events in Florida
January 5 It’s the weekend!  Please try another day!
January 6 It’s the weekend!  Please try another day!
January 7  

  • Willingness – the cosmic grease that helps us do the actual work to heal
  • Thursday – the topic will be the various aspects of holding a support group
  • A listener reports how her persistence in doing her work led to a wonderful shift in her healing regarding an old relationship, learning to put herself first and taking care of herself to raise her vitality and health
  • A discussion of how conflicting goals keep us from living our true purpose and how to keep focused on where we are going while we process through everything that is in the way of getting there
  • Doing the worksheet on self or an object – address the non-Being self as a third person because it is a neighbor to our true Being
  • Actuality versus our own reality (carbon based memory)
  • Tears at weddings, births, and while praying
  • The movie “Orphans” – an excellent way to trigger our issues of loss
  • Vitality levels
January 8  

  • A great story that illustrates our true wisdom
  • Quotations from David Bohm (physicist) about thoughts
  • Some visual images of how our CBM files and Rookha work
  • A caller tells of the delayed benefits of having done the work and the next level of healing that immerged
  • A discussion about the Creator supporting us by giving us our way
  • How releasing and forgiving our own reactions to the stimuli from another can free us and set up a healthy relationship for an expected baby
January 9  

GUEST HOST:  Dr. Tim Hayes

  • Great Story – Stepping off our ‘B-Leafs’ (beliefs) – that illustrates the value of functioning out of a past belief or out of direct observation
  • A discussion of how the tool of the Mind Shifter works to bring up our unconscious issues
  • Stillpoint Breathing and the importance of the breath
  • A listener talks about Tithing to where we get our spiritual nourishment as a spiritual practice rather than a requirement
  • Tomorrow – focus on the MindShifters Support Groups
  • Friday – Aramaic scholar Dale Allen Hoffman
  • Try it rather than just believe it
January 10  


  • The support group is a success even if you are the only one there because the work is really for you and your process so that you can hold the space of Love.
  • Usually good to use a church or a neutral public space rather than a home in order to avoid certain problems.
  • Info. at about where support groups are located and helpful ideas about starting and running a group.
  • When preparing for the lesson coming up, the facilitator usually has the opportunity to have the experience before the meeting.
  • Be aware that someone in attendance may want to take over the focus of the group and you need to be able to bring it back to the work.  “That’s wonderful, but this work is about learning to do the forgiveness process.”
  • Be careful of the goals you set up  – that being the active presence of Love is your only goal
  • Present the material in your way rather than trying to be like Michael.
  • Making an open invitation so people feel comfortable to come back after a lapse
  • Be aware that everything you still need to work on will be triggered in the group
  • Using the first hour for ½ of a DVD and the second hour for worksheets seems like the most successful format for many.
  • Having one person do a worksheet while the others work along, is a successful process for some groups.
January 11
January 12 It’s the weekend!  Please try another day!
January 13 It’s the weekend!  Please try another day!
January 14       GUEST HOST:  Dr. Tim Hayes

  • A new support group is starting tomorrow at Heartland, every Tues. 6:30-8:00 p.m.
  • A discussion of the importance of putting our conscious mind “on the shelf” while we do the part of # 6 on the worksheet that asks for “What I now see” so that we can invite and allow insight from a higher power.   Some people find it helpful to close their eyes at this point and make these statements or ask these questions:  “How am I creating my own pain?  I cancel my need to be right.  I cancel my need for anyone else or myself to change. Where am I? How old am I?  Who is there?
  • The importance of slowing down at #4 and # 6 is discussed
  • A story of studying rather than doing – stepping into truth
  • A caller offers the movie “How Do You Know?”as an excellent example of  how people who are in disagreement  can come together;  relates her own success with breathing in the face of hostility because she has been doing her own work; and receives a suggestion of how she can go even deeper
January 15
January 16
  • Special guest on 1/26/13, JoAnn Buckner, will talk about her new show
  • A report on the new MindShifter’s support group at Heartland
  • Commitment and just getting started
  • Dedicating a certain amount of time each day to doing our personal work
  • A discussion of how to know that we have actually embraced the belief that we are worthy of unlimited Love
  • A wonderful, in depth discussion about how parents can show up as the active presence of Love when their child shows up unlike Love
  • An eloquent description of the direct, physical experience of God and how to get it
January 17
  • Upcoming workshops are set up – check the website for dates and places
  • Giving up the need to be right
  • Holding on to an old belief or choosing a direct experience with the present ?
  • Asking to be shown how I am causing my pain
  • Lightening our loads so that we can experience the Love that we are
  • “He breathed them
  • A new forgiveness support group being formed around the events in Syria possibly on – more info to follow
  • Let it blow through you like the wind through a screen door” –Ghandi
  • Some deep work around the issue of worthiness
  • Have to be out of our minds to “think” clearly – intuition
January 18
January 19 It’s the weekend!  Please try another day!
January 20 It’s the weekend!  Please try another day!
January 21
  • A discussion of Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science Church) and the necessity of actually making  time to do your work
  • Blame and the “power person” – and how authority is related
  • The four reactions others have when you do you own work
  • Marcel Vogel, high energy waves, the psychic megaphone, and resonance
  • A working definition of denial
  • The Syrian support group is cancelled
  • The difference between decision (from the past) and choice (from our connection to Source) and how they relate to vitality – aliveness, delight, and joy


January 22
  •  “a little bit of hostility or fear” ? ?
  • Reasons for the worksheet being sequenced as it is in steps 1 thru 5
  • The synchronicity of the work we are all doing
  • There is no order of difficulty in issues
  • An explanation for “How I have violated” in step 6 of the worksheet
  • Ask and you shall receive”   –  the power of the resonance of our minds
  • Vitamin D3 between 11:00 am & 3:00 pm
  • Check “Event Dates” on the Home Page for new events in FL
January 23
  • Teaching takes our work to a whole new level
  • Breaking through the mental illness in family history
  • We are eternal energy systems but it is especially difficult to unlearn the fraud that we are disconnected from the Truth
  • Giving up your story (are you willing?)
  • Dreams open a level of the mind that we don’t normally look at
  • Doing a worksheet from a parent’s point of view to see another layer of parental messages for self-judgement issues
January 24
  • An excellent example of authority and propitiation (doing the right thing for the wrong reason)
  • The Hydra Effect –  a good example of how one issue can reveal many more in the worksheet process
  • JoAnn describes her new show starting on Sun.  (Beauty Shop for the  to  connect with her. Tune in at 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time and 8:00 pm Eastern on Sun.  Call the same number to connect with the Angel Network to find her show. 646-200- 4169
  • The matching tuning forks (resonance) of our genetic inheritance, how it affects us in the present, and a MindShifter to uncover the unconscious issues
  • “The Other Son”  – an excellent movie that shows we are all connected
  •  Prayer and fasting as it affects the part of the mind that holds the non-Being ego awareness
  • Check the website for the Purpose, Personal Power, and Commitment DVD and the Forgiveness worksheet
January 25
  • ARAMAIC FRIDAY: (See also the 5 Fridays in March 2012)
  • GUEST HOST: Dr. Tim Hayes
  • SPECIAL GUEST: Dale Allen Hoffman (Aramaic Scholar)
  • Michael is presenting in a prison today.
  • Aramaic words on a page and what we need to bring to them
  • The meaning of some sounds in Aramaic using Rakahma as an example
  • Sound healing, Jonathan Goldman, the biological affect on mitochondria
  • Sounds that have the same meaning in different languages
  • The origin of Aramaic
  • The CD “The Divine Name”
  • The I within the I
  • Toning “Ra Ma” and silent toning
  • The last Aramaic Friday for a while. Listen to the 5 Fridays in March 2012 in the archives and all of the Fridays this month for more.
  • Keep up with Dale’s toning workshops and other offerings on his website (, his Facebook page. And YouTube.
January 26 It’s the weekend!  Please try another day!
January 27 It’s the weekend!  Please try another day!
January 28
  • The results of rage and the video “Stress, Portrait of a Killer” on this website
  • A description of dissociation, projection, and the  forgiveness process
  • A different take on the concept of the unconscious
  • The issue of leaving in our society
  • See the “Event Dates” on the Home Page for new events just set up for FL and other states
  • Being clear with your purpose and releasing distractions
  • Brain Games” – video that demonstrates serial multi-tasking
  • A caller gives an example of distraction in her recent experience
January 29
  • In order to be supported I must make the choice to be supportable
  • Breathing through a tragic childhood memory, allowed a client to see how she used money to keep men away from her. 
  • Some thoughts the meaning of repentance: to rethink or turn our thoughts another way, towards the affirmative, through forgiveness. 
  • “I think, therefore I am”…perhaps rather could be,”I be, therefore I am.”
  •  The difference between forgiving and pardoning atrocities: When I cancel the goal for “them” to value human life…I get to see how I hold the energy in myself, that may contribute to what it is that they’re doing in the world. 
  • Using awarenesses gained from the worksheet in #6 where we look at how  we’ve violated our goal in #3, is an opportunity to create a MindShifter with the new goal in #7. 
January 30  

  • SPECIAL GUESTS: Mitzi, Rex, and David
  • Check the “Events Calendar” on the web site for the most recently arranged workshops – free and also fee based.
  • Rex shares his experience of his son’s passing as it has to do with our sadness, using the tool of  breathing, reaching out to others without judgment, seeing the teacher in everyone, making every interaction one of Love with the guidance from our hearts.   Friends have set up a place at  to connect with Rex and Mitzi and make a donation if you choose.
  • Mitzi expresses her grief, and gratitude to everyone for their support.
  • David shares his own experiences with losing his sons and recommends the book,
  • Life After Death” by Emmett Fox
  • A discussion of healing the fear, pain, and anger that most humans hold regarding death and how healing that could move us to the next level toward eternal life.
January 31
  • A discussion of truth in relationships, intimacy, John the Baptist, and blockage of truth
  • Please hold a space of Love for Dale Allen Hoffman’s movie project entitled “Rahkma” (a filter over the frontal lobes of the brain which is the gateway for Love to enter our being)
  • Michael will be doing the “Why Again Workshop” at Unity of Greater Lansing, MI at 1:00 on Sunday
  • A full description of how dissociation, projection, and the forgiveness process works
  • Now is the only time you can forgive the past and be the Love that you were born to be
  • The benefits of being in a trusting, supportive relationship to help us be aware of our blockage of truth
  • Gratitude for Mitzi and Rex for their sharing yesterday

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