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Archived Radio Shows September 2012

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Listen to MindShifter Radio with The Forgiveness Doctor, dr. michael ryce

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September 3


September 4


September 5


September 6


September 7


September 10


September 11


September 12

 How two or more people who are committed to doing their own work and supporting each other’s growth increase the vitality of both people, and their ability to access and heal deeper levels of their own issues…… our language regulates our feelings and behavior……Rookha, the elemental force that guides us if we choose to work with it.

September 13


September 14

 The “Why Again” Forum is now operating and has a variety of topics or you can initiate one of your own.    Discussions: How to follow your higher guidance;    the positive results of giving up your story and doing your work using a variety of the tools;   We must clean up our own grief or rage about the world not being peaceful so we can create the Peace we want to see.  

September 17


September 18

Processing the loss of a child;  guiding the healing process of old family patterns around heart disease;  use of the word “not” in A Course in Miracles and how it applies to what we hear.

September 19


September 20

Tapping using  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique);  the meaning of Love;  regulatory speech.

September 21

Death, the ultimate “leaving”, in response to our creative instructions;  what we look at is not the same as what we see because of the content of our minds;  eliminating the human concept of death by building new brain cells so that we can see the truth;  World Peace Day and our intentions for Ashland,OR and the world;  Dying to be Me, a book about “near life” experience and the complete healing of cancer.

September 24

 Personal code, goals, dissociated information, and forgiveness;  resistance to doing our own work.

September 25


September 26

“Forgiving” our power person and those who passed on their toxicity to us as children; developing and using our intuition.

September 27

 Wanting to correct other people as it relates to our own unhealed jealousy or other issues;  healing old sexual abuse issues will lead to attracting higher level love relationships which can create stimulus and support with other issues that still need clearing;  some ideas of how to support your children;  the mind wants to “figure it out”.  

September 28

 How gratitude for what we have allows our good to flow;  bringing the Forgiveness work into the Veteran’s community;  radiating Love through our bodily structure or suppressing our natural alignment; processing with our children with forgiveness instead of punishment;  “attuning” rather than “committing” to living a Human Life.









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